tagNovels and NovellasThe First Foundation Pt. 02

The First Foundation Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Trish was excited and apprehensive as she sat on the plane. She had visited her dad, Rudiger, four times in her child hood, during her one month school holidays. He was always very happy to see her and quite fascinated with her, she recalled. Each time they had met in a different city and he travelled around with her. Trish knew that he was wealthy, but busy and always in a rush, and half the times, when she was visiting, he left her in the care of other people. She had never been inside his home, they had travelled around and lived in hotels. As far as she and her mom knew, he was single. Trish was looking forward to spending time with her dad and finally getting to know him.

It was icy cold and cloudy as she touched down. Her dad was not at the Airport, but a handsome, tall, lean, athletic blond young man in a suit and tie waited for her, with a placard bearing her name. His name was Harald and he seemed in his mid twenties. He whisked her to a hotel and told her her dad was tied up and would see her the next day. There was a welcome note and cash form her dad.

Harald offered to take her out to eat and show Trish around. She agreed. She called home to say she had arrived safely, and called Dez' house, leaving a message for him that she was missing him already.

Harald took Trish out for a Pizza in town. Then he drove her around and showed her the harbour. He was gazing at her with fascination. Her German was faltering but Harald spoke English fluently. He told her he had graduated in business, something he was very proud of. He had been working for her dad for several months as an assistant. As they ate, Harald suddenly eyed her hard and said,


"What! My black skin?" Trish asked him.

"No! Its just that you look like a black version of Iris."

"Who is Iris?"

"Mr Schmidt's daughter."


"Yes! You really look like her."

"Well, that is not very surprising, considering I am his daughter too."


"Who did you think I was?"

"Well, eh, Mr Schmidt said you were some African girl that the firm had given a scholarship to," Harald blurted, looking confused. "Please don't say I told you."

"Can I use your cell phone please?" Trish said angrily. Harald gave it to her. She called but he didn't pick up.

"Tell me about his family."

Harald was beginning to look uncomfortable. "No! I have already said enough. Please, don't say a word to him. I need my job."

"Well, unless you don't want me to mention your name, you better tell me everything."

Harald told her that her that Rudiger had a family, with four children. He had started off as a doctor, then inherited his Dad's firm and was now a multi-millionaire. He was now in politics, campaigning to get a seat on Hamburg's Senate.

Trish was confused. She returned to her Hotel room and called her mom, waking her up. She told her all she had found out.

"Mom! I cant believe it. I have half brothers and sisters I have never known about. My dad lied to me all these years!"

"Relax Trish! He probably didn't tell his wife about you. Just be glad to be away from the war. Make him pay for you room and your studies, and by the time you are finished, hopefully, the war will be over, and afterwards, you come back home and find yourself a nice job. All right!"

"Mom, I wanna get to know my siblings. They are my flesh and blood."

"Trish! I will call him and handle this, all right? You just stay calm honey. Stay calm."

After Trish hung up, she suddenly laughed as she remembered the Oracle. She had been right. It seemed the only thing she had been wrong about was her pregnancy, for Trish's periods were just finishing and they had been as heavy as usual.

Trish met her dad the next morning, at the reception. Rudiger was a tall, handsome, straight backed, broad shouldered white man in his 60s. He had steely gray hair. He had sharp, pale, gray brown eyes. The sides of his face were shaved clean, and he had a trimmed beard and moustache around his mouth. His jaw was square. He had an aura of power and confidence. He looked good in a gray, pin striped, fine tailored suit, white shirt, tie and leather shoes. He smelled of rich, fine cologne.

The moment she saw him, Trish squealed and ran to him, to hug him tightly. She started crying, tears of joy, at the man who had given her half her genes. Rudiger smiled broadly and hugged her tightly. Then he disentangled himself, and took her hand firmly, chuckling,

"Gosh. You are a a full grown woman now. People will get funny ideas, like I am some old, lecherous guy preying on some young, sweet, pretty black woman. Lets get a bite..."

He led her by the hand and to the dining room, for breakfast. He ordered for her. Trish saw happiness, love and affection in his eyes. The same she had seen on the few occasions she had visited him. It was confusing for her. She had a feeling her dad loved her when he saw her, and forgot about her when he didn't. Out of sight, out of mind. joined her for breakfast. They hadn't seen each other for four years.

"Wow! You are now a big woman!" he said. "A big, pretty woman."

"Thanks dad. You are looking good. I hear you are a politician now."

"I talked to your mom, or rather, she shouted at me. But we came to an agreement. I will pay an apartment for you, and your tuition, I will give you a generous monthly allowance, and you can study anything you want."

"I want to meet my family."

"Eh, that is not so easy. You can have anything else, but have to keep away from my family."

"And what am I? A dog?" Trish burst out emotionally.

"No. You don't understand. My wife would not be able to deal with this. And I am involved in an election. Something like this could really hurt me."

"Dad, I want to spend some time with you, get to know you. And I wanna meet my sisters and brothers. I will go and introduce myself, if you wont take me," Trish said defiantly.

"Tut tut. Patricia! I flew you all the way here from your impoverished, war torn country to give you a chance in life. Now don't bite the hand that feeds you like an ungrateful dog! All right!" Rudiger sneered, his voice and eyes going hard.

Trish broke into a loud wail and started sobbing heavily. The other diners turned to look at them. Rudiger was very uncomfortable. He took her hand in both of his.

"Come on Trish. Calm down honey. Papa is under a lot of stress right now. We will sort everything out once the election is over, I promise. OK honey!"

Rudiger tasked Harald with enrolling Trish in a language school and getting her a place to stay in a student's hostel. He also took her to a driving school. Though she had a licence, she would have to do two months and pass a driving test before she could drive in Germany.

Trish threw herself into the language course, polishing up her German for her mom had always sent her to German classes back home, insisting she learn the language of her dad. Trish was now glad.

Trish called home often, and talked for hours with Dez and her mom and siblings. Rudiger called often, but she rarely saw him. She saw him on TV and in the press quite often, for he was involved in a campaign for a senate seat. He gave her a generous allowance and she could shop and eat out regularly, something she had nothing against.

Trish's first impressions of Germany were very favorable. She couldn't believe how affluent the European country was. The streets were filled with new cars and people in fashionable, nice clothes. Anything you wanted, you could buy. People without jobs even got money from the state. The public transportation was punctual and efficient.

The only thing she hated was the cloudy, wet weather in Hamburg, for it was a cloudy, rainy and a bone chilling winter.

Chapter 2

Trish spent a lot of time with Harald for he dropped by regularly. He showed her around, took her to diner or the movies and helped her get stuff. She could see that the tall, handsome, young, blond, well groomed German was besotted with her. She found him attractive too, for she liked tall, athletic men. And he was nice and polite, if a bit humourless and reserved. She had never been with a white guy, so she found attractive in an exotic way. She would catch him gazing at her with fascination and lust. However, he seemed shy and reserved. He never shot game at her, unlike the African, Arab, Asian and Latino guys from her language school, who were always trying to hook up with her and seduce her and fuck her at the first chance if she would have let them. Trish always enjoyed flirting with them but never let them have it, for she was only thinking of her man, Dez.

After she had been in Germany for nearly four weeks, she received a call from Dez. The war was nearing the capital city, but he was still safe. Though he was worried, for several members of his family were in the fighting. Trish was very worried about him travelling through several unknown countries to reach Libya, where he would try and cross to Italy. But he was feeling adventurous, and looking forward to visiting all the African countries on the way.

Trish was feeling lonely and horny. She dirty talked him for a while, then he handed her to Paida. Trish spoke happily with her friend and dirty talked her too, asking her how the pussy was. Paida told her gaping and sore, for she and Dez had been fucking. Trish didn't mind, for she and Dez had fucked with Paida quite often. But now she felt envious and left out, all alone and feeling so horny, in Europe, while her boyfriend and her girlfriend, fucking their brains out, and here she was, 8000 kilometres away, lonely, and horny, without anybody to hug, hold, kiss or fuck.

After she hung up, Trish decided to get a white dick. She had always been curious anyway. She called up Harald and asked him if he wanted to take her out and show her some discos. Harald was twenty five and lived with his single mom. He was having supper with her when she called. He sounded very excited and said he would pick her up at ten.

Trish showered, shaved her armpits and pussy, put on a skimpy, lace thong and matching bra, and slid into a cream, armless top with a dropping colour, that draped sexily over her breasts, exposing their sides, and revealing a strip of her belly, all the way down to her navel. She put on a knee length, tight black skirt, black mid thigh stockings and high heeled shoes. She combed her long, curly hair, put lavender gloss on her full lips and made her face up lightly. she dabbed some perfume between her breast and the nape of her neck.

She drank a couple of glasses of wine to calm her nerves for she was excited. She wanted to fuck that night. Harald arrived, dressed in a long coat, short blond hair combed slickly. She could tell that he had gone to lengths to look good, for he looked dashing, almost like Brad Pitt, whom she had always liked. He gazed at her with admiration and open lust. She welcomed him with a soft hug and a kiss on the lips. He almost jumped with nervousness. He was jittery. She handed him her fur coat, and he looked kind of confused. She told him to hold it up and he did it like he had never done that before. She slipped into the elegant, warm, ankle length fur coat her dad had bought her.

Harald took her to the Reeperbahn. Trish took his arm and leaned into him as they walked down the street, which was teeming with revellers. Trish started giggling. There were several sex shops on the street. The windows were filled with dildos, naughty under wear, dolls and covers of hard core porn DVDs and rags. Trish blushed, but the people were just walking by or stopping and looking like it was nothing. Trish wondered if these people had no shame at all, or if they were sex maniacs.

Harald took her into several pubs for drinks. Trish tried out several cocktails but he stuck to beer. He seemed too nervous to talk much but Trish was a chatterbox anyway, so she kept bubbling away as she knocked back the cocktails. Then she told him she wanted to dance.

They hit a disco which he said was in. They saw black men being taken out of the queue and Harald said they were drug dealers. The ultra modernistic Disco played Hip Hop music and was filled with young people, dressed in the latest styles and fashion. When he took off his coat, she saw that Harald was wearing a dark, silk shirt that stuck to his well defined chest and torso and made him look good. Trish felt the shivers. She removed her coat and saw him gasp as he gazed at her with desire. The excited young woman now became very horny. got drinks and perched on high bar stools, at a small table, before the dance floor.

She pushed her breasts out and gave him her dirtiest come on smile. She saw him gazing with fires in his eyes. However, despite the smoke signals, he didn't respond. Trish was used to the guys back home who took the initiative, but she realized after a while that if she just sat back, she would wait for a train that never came. She therefore took matters into her own hands. As they sat in the next pub, she sat very close to him and started to flirt openly with him. Harald blushed and started averting his eyes. She moved very close to him and pushed her soft breast into his arm and started stroking the back of his hand, whispering softly into his ear how happy she was to be there with him. He shivered and his face became red.

"Harald, I am beginning to have a feeling you don't really like me," Trish teased. She was now feeling like the hunter, and that made her naughty and cheeky.

"I really like you. Its just that I am a little eh, shy and stiff!" he rasped, blushing.

"Stiff, hmmm! Lets see!" Trish slid her hand under their table and stroked his thigh. She found a thick, long stiffness in his pants. He squirmed as she explored his cock, smiling naughtily at him. She squeezed his dick and he gasped. "I would say you were more than a little stiff. You are making me happy Harald. Now, take me to the dance floor Harald. I wanna dance with you."

His hand was shaking as he took hers. He led her onto the crowded dance floor. Trish noticed that some of the German girls could dance real well, but the rest and especially the guys, made her wonder what music they were dancing to. She had never seen such bad dancing. She started dancing before Harald but he couldn't dance worth shit. Trish put her hands on his shoulders and started to get down, riding the hip hop beat like a it was a big, fat wonderful dick. She rolled and popped her hips and made that ass clap. Harald almost stopped moving and stared at her like he was about to come in his pants. Trish put it on him, grinding into him, stroking his upper arms, chest belly and back, exploring his body as she rubbed her crotch on his hard dick, to the beat. Then she turned and put her ass on him, and pumped it on him. She took his hands and put them on her hips and he started stroking them. She jammed her ass into his dick and rubbed it in.

Trish gazed around and saw that many of the white guys were staring at her with lust and the girls were casting her the evil eye. She snorted and put on a hot, dirty show for she was drunk and she could move. She did the nasty, dancing around and on lucky Harald, winding and going down to her haunches, staying down there making it roll and pop, then shooting up, throwing a leg up, hooking it around his waist and leaning back as he held her hips and she rolled them like she was fucking him. Harald now gazed at her with fiery eyes, like he was undressing and fucking her right on the floor. But he wasn't falling all over her like a brother would have long done.

Trish started to feel hot and they took a break to have drinks. Some German girl that knew Harald came over to join them. She was tall, slim and blond and looked hot. She seemed to have a thing for Harald. He introduced her as Moira, his work mate. Trish greeted her nicely but Moira barely shook her hand and gave her a dismissive look. Moira asked Harald to dance. He looked at Trish and she smiled and nodded. Trish nearly laughed herself to death as Moira tried to put it on Harald. She couldn't dance worth shit. They returned. Harald sat besides Trish and the girl went and got her drink and joined them. She leaned into Harald's side and was trying to monopolise him. Trish smiled, stood up and sat on Harald's lap, putting her big ass on him. And then she started rolling it. Harald gasped and put his arms around her waist. The German girl soon left. Trish turned, cupped Harald's chin, looked into his eyes, mesmerising him and kissed him softly on the lips. He tried to tongue her and she darted back, then kissed him softly, again and again.

She went to the bathroom. Moira must have followed her in. She walked up to Trish at the sink and gave her a mean smirk.

"What are you, a stripper? I think you are at the wrong address here." Trish gasped.

"What is your problem. What have I done to you?"

"You are disgusting! Why don't you just go to a street corner and whore! Harald is too good for the likes of you" The girl snarled.

Trish smiled meanly. "Look, I saw you dancing, you are not bad, its just that you move like a stiff little giraffe. Go practice some moves, all right? Envy is a bad thing."

"Nigger whore!" Moira exploded.

"Wait a second!" Trish said and dried her hands. She didn't like rude, cheeky, manner less girls, be they black or white. And she was drunk and feeling wild.

Moira kept saying some shit for she thought Trish was just a nigger whore and couldn't do shit. Trish suddenly grabbed Moira's long blond hair and reached back and smacked her across the face, making her head snap back. Moira gasped in shock and started to scream. Trish grabbed her by the throat, chocking her and shoved her against the wall. She raised a black fist. Moira cringed and her lips worked with no sound. Her face became very pale.

"Do you want me to hit you, bitch?" Moira shook her head frantically, shaking like reed. "Then learn some manners. Trish released her and pushed her away.

"I am going to tell security, you African cunt! You will be kicked out!" Moira wailed.

Trish smacked her across the forehead. Moira staggered out. Trish fixed her hair and then went back to Harald. She told him that Moira had attacked her in the bath room and called a nigger.

"That stupid cunt! She has always had a thing for me. Ignore her!"

"I smacked her!"

"What! You hit her! Violence is no solution Trish!"

"If some stupid cunt calls me a nigger, I smack them!"

Then Moira came up with two huge, beefy, short haired, Nazi looking security guys. She hid behind them, pointing at Trish and sobbing, saying the black girl beat me for no reason.

"Hey! Why did you hit her! This is not Africa! Don't act like you are in the jungle!" One of the guys sneered.

"She called me a nigger so I taught her some manners."

"You cant hit the poor girl, just because of that! You have to go! Out!"

The music had now been killed and a large crowd had gathered around them. Trish saw pure hatred in the eyes of the security, Moira and the rest of the people. She saw that they didn't care what happened, they were just on the side of the "poor" blond girl. The situation suddenly reminded her of a tennis match she had watched, between Serena Williams and Kim Clisters, in Australia. Williams had won and the white audience had booed her out.

Trish looked at Harald and was looking confused and hesitant. Then one of the Germans put his meaty hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me! I am not your woman!" Trish snarled and bared her teeth to bite him. He gasped and jumped back, his square, Nazi face darkening. The guys backed off.

"She is cheeky! Lets grab the black bitch and throw her out!" one of the security guys snarled. The crowd murmured in approval. They smirked and looked like they were planing on bashing and dragging her out.

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