tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe First Night Ch. 02

The First Night Ch. 02


Lacey stepped out and for a second, neither of them spoke. They just stood and took in each others bodies. Her heart was pounding so hard she could feel it in her ears.

"You two look like it's love at first site!" The sound of Kathy's voice made them both jump, then giggle, then laugh! As she stepped around the corner of the house where she had been hiding, Lacey took in her as well. She was very tall, over 6 feet in the spiked heels she was wearing. She had long deep red hair down to her waist and long slender legs. She was a personal trainer so there was nothing on her that wasn't firm and hard. She walked up, swaggering sexily. She was a wearing a black dress that was so tight very little was left to the imagination and so short you could nearly see her ass. She smiled broadly as she walked up to Lacey and hugger tightly. She could feel her large breast push into her and could even feel her nipples through both of their clothes. Lacey's mouth was so dry she couldn't speak. Kathy merely smiled and whispered, "you look lovely, tonight is going to be wonderful". into her ear.

She quickly turned and said "Let's go ladies!" She grabbed both of them by the hand and they began to walk down the sidewalk to where the black SUV was waiting with a back door open. She first let Sara slide into the back seat and over behind the driver seat. "Pull your skirt down, honey", she chided playfully as the friction from the seat had made it slide up, exposing the tops of her stockings. She quickly grabbed the hem and pulled it down and replied with a coy "yes ma'am". She then turned and held her hand out to Lacey, offering her the seat next to Sara. She awkwardly accepted her offer, used to being the one to help someone in.

She slid herself into the seat, paying close attention to the hem of her own skirt. "Good girl, Lacey!" Kathy's response made her feel good and she smiled shyly.

Kathy gave the door a quick shove and walked around to the drivers seat, climbed in and started to drive.

The inside of the SUV was very nice. Full leather with tv's in the back of the headrest. Lacey found herself looking around to keep from being nervous, afraid to look over at Sara. She had never been in this situation before and was very unsure about what was going to happen next.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Sara asked quietly from the opposite seat.

"Yes, I think so...how about you?" replied Lacey.

The answer was just a very shy, nervous smile from Sara.

"Tonight is going to be one to remember, I promise!" Kathy said from the front seat, smiling so wildly her eyes sparkled.

Lacey asked Sara, "Do you know what we will be doing before?"

"No! She won't say and it's driving me mad!"

Lacey looked into the rearview mirror and could see Kathy's eyes. They were so mischevious! The anticipation was sooo intense!

The arrived in front of a dimly lit bar in the downtown section of town. Kathy got out and opened up the back door for the other girls to get out. As they slid out, both were so shaky they could barely walk in the tall heels they were both in. This is the first time in public for both of them.

As they walked up to the front door, Lacey noticed a little rainbow stripe above the handle and sighed a little bit of relief. This meant "alternative lifestyles" would be welcome here.

They walked in and found a table. The whole bar was very low lit and this eased the comfort of all of them.

The waitress came over. She was clearly very pleased with her new clients. She smiled as she asked for their order and served them like they were regulars.

The next hour was a blur. The alcohol eased the tension of the awkwardness and they were able to talk as they did in the hours they spent online together. They found themselves flirting with each other, and making comments about how tired they would all be in the morning. Before they knew it, they were giving each other seductive looks and acting like schoolgirls.

"Looks like it's time to go ladies." Kathy said as she looked at how comfortable they were all getting.

She paid their tab and thanked the waitress, then all three walked out on the street like they had been this way for their whole lives.

Getting back into the SUV was similar as before but this time skirts were lifted to tease and Kathy smacked Laceys bottom as she lifted herself in. Instead of sitting across the vehicle from each other, Lacey and Sara sat so close their legs touched each other.

Lacey stared down at Sara's leg as the car pulled away from the curb, then slowly reached out and ran her fingernail just below the skirt hem. Sara visibly jumped at the touch, but with a slow breath out just reached down and took Lacey's hand in hers.

"Where to now, ma'am?" Lacey asked Kathy.

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