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The Five - Witches' Brew


Witches' Brew

The Five

She was awoke on her sixteenth birthday with a strange feeling deep down in the pit of her stomach, something had happened, something had changed. She got up and went into the bathroom where she stood infront of the mirror in shock, her poker straight blonde hair had turned auburn, curly and she now had piercing green eyes from the baby blue she went to sleep with last night. As she stared at herself in disbelief her aunt came into her room to wish her a happy birthday, she also stood in disbelief at the bathroom door.

'Oh my god Nica, I thought it had skipped you, I thought you were safe from it!' she mumbled.

'What did you say? What do you mean skipped me?!' she turned sharply and stared intensely at her aunt Monica.

'I thought the gene had skipped you honey. I'm so sorry. I should had told you.' she stammered.

'WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!' Nica screamed at the top of her lungs.

'It's the family gene/curse, whatever you want to call it. It happened to mostly every female in our family around the age of fourteen, I guessed you had been spared from it but i guess your just a late bloomer.' she tried to explain as Nica was pacing back and forth infront of her pulling her hair.

'What do you mean curse??' she squinted at her aunt.

'Sit down Nica please, I have to tell you something very important and you need to sit down.' Monica said grimly.

Nica sat on the edge of the bath with her short night shirt on as Monica put the lid down on the toliet to sit on it, she placed her hands on Nica's knees reassuringly.

'Nica sweetie, we are witches.' she said with a blank expression on her face, waiting on a reaction from Nica.

'WHAT!?' she squealed.

'We are witches.' Monica repeated again.

'What do you mean witches? Witches aren't real! It's all hocus pocus, make belief and stuff! Isn't it Monica?' she said quietly.

'We are very real honey, we just keep it a secret because of how people react like you just did and you are one of us. Do you understand why everyone thinks it's make believe?' she asked quizzically.

'Better and easier to think something isn't real than to try and understand it?' Nica said sounding alot older and wiser than she is.

'Yeah Kiddo, much easier. But you have much to learn and I can teach you alot more than you can even begin to imagine. You have two years of catching up to make up for.' Monica smirked as she spoke.

Nica raised her arched auburn eyebrows high with anticipation, excitement and a little disbelief. Aunt Monica told her to go in a shower and left her a dress on the bed for when she got out of the shower with a note saying 'Come to the basement, ASAP M. x'

She picked up the little red and black shift dress and shook her head thinking this is defiantly not my taste but put it on respectfully and headed down stairs to see what her Aunt Monica was up to. As she approached the basement she could hear a bubbling sound like a pot of water on the stove.

'Aunt Monica?.........Aunt Monica?.......' she called out but nothing empty silence.

Nica opened the basement door to see Monica and two other women standing dressed in similar dresses, different colours but the same style. She was about to speak when Monica told her to be silent and enter the circle with perfect love and perfect trust. She walked in trusting her Aunt knowing she would never put her in danger, the three women looked at each other and nodded.

Each of the woman where beautiful and special in their own ways, Monica was of Italian/Scottish decent about fourty years old with long dark hair and beautiful tanned olive skin and dark brown eyes. The second woman was called Tasha she was of Polish decent with pale skin, ice blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes, she was twenty eight. The third was Nali she was thirty two and of African decent with the most beautiful glowing dark chocolate skin, she looked good enough to eat, with hazel eyes that could hypnotize anyone. Then there was Nica sixteen years old Irish/Scottish decent auburn haired, pale skinned with piercing green eyes.

What do these four have in-common? Why they are all witches here to help initiate the newest of their kind into their world of spells, incantations, potions, lotions, love and lust.

Nica was sat on one of four chairs around a very old round table in the center of the room, the other women proceeded to sit as well after lighting candles, spreading salt around the circle and placing a knife and a chalice full of wine onto the table. Each of the woman took the knife in turn to cut their hand letting the blood drip into the chalice of wine, once all had placed their blood in the chalice they each took a drink asking for a certain power or wish.

Monica asked for the power, Tasha asked for someone to love her more than anything in the world, Nali asked for the power to change, to shift and Nica well she may have been the youngest but she was the smartest, she asked to have the power over men. They all expected something to happen immediately, nothing, nothing but sheer disappointment.

They sat for an hour to see if anything would happen but sadly no it wasn't to be, they thought Nica would complete the circle but they were wrong. Nica didn't complete the circle she empowered it, she was the circle, she had the power and had not even realised until they decided to part ways until the next meeting.

Monica and Nica cleaned up after Tasha and Nali left disappointed they had been waiting for the day that the change happened to Nica but it hadn't happened when it was expected. When it had happened today their spirits were high with hope but again their hopes were dashed when the circle of power didn't work.

Nica went to bed early that night without dinner because she felt so exhausted and her aunt had told her it was to do with the change so never put anymore thought into it. The next morning she woke up and got ready to go back to school, she put on her usual clothes but realised her body had changed. Her little girl frame had disappeared, she now sported feminine curves with 36C breasts that appeared overnight and a tight little bubble butt and a small waist.

She tried to hide it under a jumper but there was no hiding those breasts so she decided to use her new body to her advantage, she went into Aunt Monica and asked to borrow clothes as she was still asleep she just waved her hand and mumbled yes. This gave Nica free reign of what to choose, she looked through Monica's closet and decided on a black pleated mini skirt, white fitted shirt with her school tie and black over the knee socks with pink lace panties.

She put the clothes on and stood infront of the mirror and thought to herself this will make the boys drool, maybe even a teacher or two. She giggled to herself making sure not to wake Monica up, she fixed her hair making sure all the curls were perfect and put the finishing touches to her make up with some black eyeliner to make her eyes stand out more.

Nica went into the kitchen and made some breakfast before leaving for school. She took a photo of herself on Monica's cellphone and left a note saying 'check out the photo on your phone, woke up like that, decided to use it to my advantage. Borrowed some clothes hope you don't mind. See you after school, Nica x'

Nica's bestfriend Sara picked her up in her car, Sara's seventeen and just passed her driving test, lucky for her she's daddy's little princess. He bought her a brand new car which means Nica get chauffeur driven to school, saves her walking or getting the school bus.

'What the fuck happened to you Nica??!!' Sara screamed with excitement.

'Don't asked, it's been a long weekend Sara.' i sighed.

'How are you gonna explain this at school?' she gazed at my new body.

'Whats too explain? I was overdue a growth spurt!' Nica got defensive.

'Don't shout at me, I'm on your side. Your gonna get alot more of this from alot worse people then me honey.' she hugged Nica as she looked at her not realising she was right.

'I hadn't thought about that, I guess i can't hide forever. Can I?' i asked already knowing her answer.

'Hell no! You need to show that body off. I would.' she boasted.

'Okay, let's go then but don't leave me today Sara. Please?!' I pleaded to her.

'Of course I won't!' she grabbed my hand.

She drove from my house to school which takes about 15 minutes, she never letting go of Nica's hand the whole way there. They have been best friends for the past twelve years since they first met in kindergarten age four. Nica had just moved to live with her Aunt Monica a month before hand when her parents were killed in a car accident were she miraculously survived against all odds.

When they reached school Sara parked her car, got out and went round to get Nica out the car only letting go of her hand to get out. Sara opened the door and reached her hand out and Nica place her hand in Sara's and squeezed. Sara rubbed her thumb against the back of her hand reassuringly that she was there for her no matter. They stood together next to the car as Sara locked it, people started to notice that Nica was no longer shy, boyish Nica that she was Nica the hottie.

'Are you ready for this? If your not we can just go! Drive anywhere you want to go, I'm with you Nica. Just you and me baby.' Sara grinned at Nica.

'I'm ready, as long as your with me nothing can go wrong.' Nica smiled.

They walked towards the main doors where everyone hangs around before school starts, they were met by wolf whistles and shouting. Nica closed her eyes and put her head down trying to make it go away when Sara pulled her close, tilted her head up and kissed her forcefully on the lips. Nica kissed her back slipping in a little tongue, the whistle and cheering stopped it was like they had gone deaf. Everyone was watching with open mouths shocked that this little shy girl became a hottie over night and is now french kissing her best friend infront of basically the whole school.

They broke their kiss to see that not only was it their fellow pupils that was watching but also some male teachers, the two of them laughed and walked into the school as the bell had went. Still holding hands, never letting go even as they sat in class next to each other.

The principle sent for Nica and Sara half way through second period they got up when the assistant principle came for them and walked out together still holding hands, they sat outside his office waiting to be called in. The principle called them one at a time Sara first meaning they had to let go of each others hands, Nica sat very nervously still unsure about her new body, family and life of being a witch. The door open and Nica stood up as Sara came out crying she opened her arms to hug her but she ran past her ignoring her. Sara had never done anything like that before, it must have been the principle he must have done something or said something to change her.

Nica marched in guns blazing to see Principle Brown sitting at his desk looking very pleased with himself, she was about to chance that.

'Hi Principle Brown, what have I done wrong?' she said sweetly.

'Well Nica that public display of affection was completely inappropriate! This is a school not a brothel. What has happened to you? You used to be such a good student why are you acting like this?' he asked me in an icy calm tone.

'I happen to love Sara and i don't think our public display of affection was any different than a boy and girl kissing on school property. Which does happen all day everyday Principle Brown! And as for what happened to me, i grew up I'm not a child anymore. I'm expressing my individuality that why im acting like this. What are you going to do about it, Sir?' she said sarcastically.

'Well there is a few things i would like to do to you but......' he stopped mid sentence.

'But what Sir?' Nica leaned forward on the desk flashing her cleavage.

'Nothing Nica. Forget i said anything. I didn't mean anything' he stammered.

'Oh but Sir i think you did mean something. I think you want to bend me over this desk and spank me till i scream, maybe more than that? Maybe get me on my knee's under your desk and blow you while your having your meeting's?' she giggled watching him squirm.

'NICA! That is a completely inappropriate conversation to be having.' He shouted as she walked to the door, locked it and put the key in her panties.

'Well, what are you going to do now Principle Brown? No interruptions just us two.' she raised an eyebrow as she sat on his desk facing him.

'Nica get out now! This cannot happen not now not ever!' he placed his had on her knee.

'Why did you make Sara cry?' Nica asked as she uncrossed her legs flashing the principle a little preview of her pink lace panties.

'I told her i would send one of you to another school if you didn't stop the public affection immediately!' he smiled.

Nica stared at him intensely hypnotizing him into a trance to do whatever she wanted. His hand mover futher up her thigh past her sock onto bare flesh feeling the tingle his touch gives her she thought to herself 'i might enjoy this more than i though i would'.

'Principle Brown...' she said in a low seductive voice.

'I want you to do as i say and whenever i command you to do so. In return you can have anything you want from me. Do we have a deal, Principle Brown?' she whispered in a seductive voice.

'We have a deal, Nica.' he replied in a zombie like voice.

'So Principle Brown, what do you want from me? Truthfully i want to know what it is you wanted to say earlier.' Nica said as she open her legs slightly.

'I want You! Oh i know your a tight little virgin and i want that cherry on my desk now!' he jumped up from his chair pushing between his crotch my legs as he held my arms.

'All in good time, Sir.' she whispered seductively putting him back in a trance.

'Now do as i say, leave Sara and i alone and you will have my cherry on your desk Soon.' Nica pushed him back into his chair.

Nica got down off the desk and straddled him on the leather chair wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth massaging his tongue gently as he came out of his trance. He realised what was happening and was bedazzled with the feelings knowing it was wrong but at the same time the lust that grew inside him was overpowering ever other emotion and logic.

' I need you now Nica!' he whispered with lust in his voice as he grabbed her ass and was grinding against her.

'Tonight, rent a room somewhere nice, call me to let me know where and what time, you don't want you wife finding out do you?' she said as she nibbled on his earlobe.

'Oh you fucking tease! Okay okay, give me you cell number and ill call or text you to let you know.' he hissed as he licked and nibbled my neck.

Nica pushed Principle Brown back on the seat as she got off him, he grabbed her ass and pulled her back as he nibbled a little on her uber sensitive nipples through her school shirt making them so erect they were impossible to hide. She pulled his hair making him release her innocent nipples from his sensual grasp she lent down and kissed his lips and walk away to retrieve the key from her panties. She unlocked the door then went back and sat opposite him on the other side of the desk taking a piece of paper and writing down her number and sliding it across the desk, he placed his hand ontop of hers as the assisstant principle came in she pulled her hand away leaving the paper in his.

'Come along Nica, we have to go find Sara before getting you two back to class' she smiled sweetly.

'I think i know where she will be, i can go find her myself you don't have to come looking aswell, i know you are so busy these days Mrs Brown.' Nica smiled sweetly as she charmed him with her newly found powers.

'Only if your sure my dear?' she chirped.

Nica nodded and headed out of the office as noone was around she ran as fast as possible to their secret place and there was Sara, sobbing her heart out crying. She spotted Nica and ran towards her as they got closers they flung their arms open and hugged each other tightly. They sat down stil hugging, Nica trying to calm Sara down as she had been here herself whilst she was in the office with convincing Principle Brown to let them stay at the same school.

Nica explained to Sara the plan was to seduce the Principle to get him to sign the form permitting them to stay and she would do anything to get that form signed, of course Sara was more than eager to offer a helping hand or two. They left school early and went to Nica's house, Monica was a work so they decided to rifle through her sexy clothes, underwear and toys. As they were looking at some toys Sara found a book, a very old book, she handed it to Nica as they both looked at one another with intrigue. They opened the book to find it was a book of spells and potions for lust and control over the desired one.

'What the hell Nica? Is Monica a witch?' she asked shocked by their finding.

'Erm.......well, promise not to say to anyone?.......... We both are witches aunt Monica and I, I only found out yesterday that's why i changed because it was my time to turn.' Nica babbled uncontrollably.

Sara stared at her blankly unable to comprehend what she has just been told and the fact they had been best friends for twelve years not knowing this about Monica.

'I'm also a witch Nica, my mother is Nali. She told me there was a newly turn witch but never even mentioned it was You! I turned early at the age of thirteen when it wasn't noticed as much as you were.' she whispered.

'What do you mean your a witch? Why didn't you say Sara? Why keep it a secret from me? We don't keep secrets.' Nica sighed in disappointment.

They both knew what they had to do tonight all they were waiting on was the call or text message to say where and when, Principle Brown was in for a shock of a lifetime when he realises he is getting two for one to sweeten the deal. They both packed a bag with things they might need and took the book down to the kitchen to make a little love potion to make sure everything went to plan.

They huddled around the island in the middle of the kitchen with a pot on the stove heating up liquids and melting solids as they chanted the words from the book over and over until it was ready. They poured it into a hip flask and added some rum to disguise the taste. Nica's phone buzzed as she received a text message saying 'Hilton Hotel, room 203, after 7pm.' she read it out to Sara, by this time it was 6pm they decided to freshen up by getting into the shower together for a little girl on girl rub down.

They both pinned their hair up to save time restyling as the shower heated up, they both helped each other off with their clothes in sync. Nica removed Sara's jumper, tie, and shirt before kneeling infront to unbutton her skirt sliding it down over her tight ass straight to the floor. She stared up at Sara looking at her gorgeous body in a bra and panties set. Sara placed her hands out and pulled Nica up and returned the favour by pulling her close and taking her tie off then her shirt and skirt. She reached around Nica's back unhooking her bra letting her newly found C cup breast jiggle free, she walked around to her back running her hands down over her shoulder's to then cup her pale milky white breast and running her thumbs over Nica's rose coloured nipples.

She took Sara's hand and walked to the shower opening the door, sliding her panties off and removing Sara's underwear for her before stepping into the shower and pulling Sara in behind her. The hot water cascaded of over their young bodies as they held each other close in a deep embrace, passionatly kissing one another as they let their hands roam over each other naked bodies, as they touched, caressed, rubbed and enjoyed each other. Nica got down on her knees and push Sara to the wall spreading her legs apart as she started to lick her clit and rub her lips at the same time making Sara moan gently. As Nica sped up her tongue motion she slipped two fingers gently inside Sara making her arch her back and lower herself onto her fingers more, Nica picked up sped with her hand being more intense as she was fingering her with three fingers now as she licked and rubbed her clit. As they were getting into it Sara heard someone downstairs, she was trying to tell Nica that Monica was home from work but she couldn't as she was in the middle of cumming and Monica walked in on them in the shower a Sara was cumming.

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