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The Flooring Guy


"Debbie, are you certain that these are the cabinets that you want in the kitchen?" Todd asked.

"Yes Todd, for the last time, these are the ones," Debbie answered in a rather perturbed voice. Oh, how her husband could annoy her. We had been looking at kitchen cabinets for 2 months and it looked as if this might be the cabinets that I wanted. We placed the order and made plans to locate an installer for the flooring.

One of my friends recommended a fellow that did flooring. Barbie told her, "Deb, you'll be so happy with the job this guy does for you." Barbie is her best friend.

"Thanks Barb, I'll give him a call."

"Hello," The voice answered the other end of the line.

"Hi, I'm Debbie Kramer, a good friend of Barbie's," Debbie said. "Barbie recommended you for a kitchen floor installation."

"Sure, I can look at your job. How soon do you need it done," Frank asked.

"The cabinets will be delivered in 6 weeks, so sometime before that."

"Debbie, why don't I stop by tomorrow and look at what you have? Is there a good time to stop?"

"I'll be home all day tomorrow and my husband gets home after 5:00 pm, if you need him to be here."

Frank seemed to read something in her response about if the husband was needed. "If you feel he might have some questions for me I'll stop after 5pm, if not I'll be there at 10 am." This would tell him if she wanted hubby there or not.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you at 10am, Frank." Debbie hung up. A slight warm feeling was beginning to develop between her legs.

Frank thought to himself, "This just might be one of those very rewarding installations. I think I'll call Barbie and get an idea of what Debbie's like."

"Barbie, this is Frank, how are you doing?"

"You bastard, the last time you screwed me, you left in the middle of the night and never said a word. And then of all things you never even bothered calling me the next day."

"Barbie, I told you I had things to do the next day. I had to leave."

"Alright already, but if you think you're going to come over now for a quick ride between my legs forget it. I have a date with a really nice guy later."

"Actually, I'm calling to ask about a friend of yours, Debbie Kramer. She said you had recommended me for a flooring job, and I was wondering what she was like?"

"Debbie is my best friend. We've known one another for maybe 15 years. I met her at work originally."

"Yea, but what's she really like."

"I know what you mean now. I would doubt if you'll be able to screw her the first day of the job or any day, for that matter, if that's what you mean. Deb and I go out 2 or 3 times a month. Shopping is what she tells her hubby, and in so many words that's exactly what we're doing, but for men. I've never known her to let another guy fuck her on our night outs, but I know for a fact she's sucked their cocks and given them hand jobs. She has told me how much she enjoys pleasuring men with her mouth. She's 5" tall, 100 # or so, and very cute. Now, does that satisfy your sexual fantasies?"

"Very much so, thanks." And he hung up, his cock already swelling in his pants.

Right at that moment, Debbie was also thinking about Frank. She said to her husband, "Todd, I spoke to Barbie's friend Frank about the floor and he's stopping tomorrow at 10am to look at the job."

"Wow, that was quick." Todd was a bit surprised about how fast she got Frank to come over. "Debbie, I know how much of a flirt you are, I hope you don't plan on teasing him right here in our house. Do you? You know I like your, oh how do you say it, "harmless teasing", but right here in the house without me here, might not be a good idea. It might give him the idea that you're fair game. You know I love you showing guys your stuff and the flirting with them when we're out, but not at home, especially if I'm not here."

"Heavens no, Todd, you needn't worry about that. I know you like it when I tease, especially when I tell you that a guy comes on to me, but the kitchen is all business. Maybe when the floor is done I'll show him a little skin."

"Debbie, damn it, no messing around at the house."

"Okay, okay." What a grouchy bastard.

The next morning Debbie waited for Todd to go to work before she showered and dressed. She couldn't decide what to wear. God, how she loved teasing guys. Especially if they tried to get her to be naughty, which she was from time to time. Todd loved hearing the stories of guys hitting on her. Although he wouldn't like her going to the next step, the physical one. He would croak if he knew that she had sucked cock or given hand jobs to guys. He never understood why she came home so horny after a night out shopping with Barbie. But he was always glad she did. He was on the receiving end of her arousal.

Debbie thought "I'll stay a little conservative today. I don't want Frank to think I'm going to be easy, and I don't even know for sure if he's cute." She opted for a regular pair of shorts and a loose fitting top. She'd still be able to show a little titty that way.

"Ah, the doorbell," she thought. "Why am I so frigging nervous. I feel like a schoolgirl going on her first date."

"Hi, you must be Frank. Come in and I'll show the floor samples and the kitchen." What a stud. What a body, and very handsome, too.

"Hi Debbie, Barbie told me so much about you." But not that you looked this hot. What a body.

"I've got the samples laid out on the floor," she said as she knelt down on the floor in front of him. Frank took the hint and also knelt down facing her. With her kneeling and leaning over he got an eyeful of tit.

"Let me know if you will have any problems laying any of the samples in front of you." She looked up and saw Frank's eyes staring down her top. "Frank, the samples that I'm referring to are here on the floor." Debbie couldn't believe she had said that. She had just sounded like such a slut.

"Debbie, you're blushing. Please, I need to apologize for being so unprofessional, staring at you like that. I'm sorry." Todd wasn't really sorry at all. Debbie had a fine pair of tits for her size. He normally preferred huge tits, but Debbie's tits were very tight and firm looking. "I can install any of these samples. You pick the one you like and get it ordered. It will take 3 to 4 weeks to get it delivered. You're running out of time before the cabinets are delivered. Plus you folks have to get the old cabinets and the old flooring out and do any patching that is needed. You need to get busy."

"Wow, you really know what you're talking about. Thanks for the advice and we will be getting this ordered. Frank, would you care for coffee and a muffin?"

"I have some free time before I need to go. Thank you."

They sat at the kitchen table for awhile, visiting and gaining more comfort in each other's presence the whole time. Finally, Frank glanced at his watch and got a surprised look on his face. "Debbie, we've been chatting for an hour and I really must go. Thanks so much for the hospitality. I'll be sending you a price on the job."

"Please Frank, the pleasure was all mine. It's nice chatting with a fellow as interesting as you." she reached over and put her hand on his hand and said, "Thank you."

Todd was glad the removal of cabinets and flooring went as smoothly as it did. He would be able to call Frank and get him started on the flooring as the cabinets would be coming next week.

"This is Frank; leave your message after the beep."

"Hi Frank. This is Todd Kramer. We have the kitchen ready for you to install the flooring. Call us back and let us know when you would like to start."

An hour later Frank called back.

"Hello." Debbie answered.

"Hi Debbie, this is Frank. I can start your floor tomorrow if you like. My helper and I stop for coffee at 7am and can be there by 8am. How does that sound?"

"Frank, I planned on getting some Danishes and setting the coffee pot up in the dining room for you guys. Please just come here and have your coffee."

"Debbie, how could a sane man turn down such an attractive offer from such an attractive woman?" Frank wondered if he was laying it on too thick, but he knew that women just ate that gooey stuff up.

"You are such a flirt. I'll see you two at 7am. No wait; make it 7:30am as Todd will be gone by then. Okay." It seems I'm getting sluttier acting as I get older. I just love teasing men.

"We'll see you at 7:30 Debbie."

The next morning, Todd asked, "Are you getting dressed this morning? I certainly hope you're not going to meet Frank and his helper in your robe."

"Now you know better than that. I planned on getting dressed now, if you must know." For cripes sake, Debbie thought. What a control freak. He should be a little nicer to me. What a tone of voice to use at me, especially when I'll be spending the rest of the day in the house, alone, with two men. Debbie slipped on a regular pair of shorts and top and of course a bra and panties.

Debbie was still steaming when Todd came to kiss her goodbye. "Deb, don't get angry with me, it's just that we don't even know these guys or what they may be like. I just wouldn't want you to be raped or even worse."

"I know Todd, but I told you I wouldn't tease or flirt with them."

"Okay Deb, I'm sorry. Give me a kiss."

Debbie gave him a deep kiss and told him, "I love you and have a nice day." Because I sure plan on it, Debbie thought.

Todd stepped out the door for work and Debbie headed for the bedroom to put on a shorter pair of shorts, take off her bra and put on another one of her loose fitting tops. I'll let those fellows have a little peek anyway.

The door bell rang and she yelled "Come in, I'm getting the water on for the coffee."

"Good morning Debbie," Frank said as he entered the kitchen. "I'd like you to meet Timmy. He's a senior at Wilkins College. He's the star shooting guard for the basketball team. He's my helper when he's not in school."

"It's very nice meeting you Timmy." Wow, if only to be 20 years younger. This boy is a knockout. He must be 6' 6''. Oh, what I'd like to do to him. But he's way too young to even look at for a woman my age.

"Hello Mrs. Kramer, It's very nice meeting you. You have a very nice home. And you can call me Tim." He said in an almost bashful manner.

"Timmy. First, I'll call you Tim if you will call me Debbie. How does that sound."

"Sounds okay to me Mrs. Kr . . . oh, I mean Debbie."

Wow, this woman is as good looking as Frank said she was. Too bad she's the age of my mother. She looks like she'd make a good lay. And Frank said his friend Barbie told him she really likes to suck cock. Well, maybe Frank can get lucky.

"Come into the dining room fellow's and sit down, I think the coffee is just about ready. Help yourselves to the Danishes. I'm trying to watch my figure so I'll just have coffee."

"Well Debbie, would you mind if Timmy and I also watched your figure." Frank said in a sexy voice.

"Frank, you're so bad. It's looky and but no touchy." And she giggled.

Both men were looking down the front of her top as she served them the coffee and Danishes. Debbie was very aware of this and enjoyed it so much. Especially the idea of Tim peeking, such a handsome young man finding her attractive really turned her on.

"Well Timmy boy, its 8:00 A.M. and time to get going. I'll go out and get the tools; you help Debbie put the dishes where ever she is washing them at."

"Tim you take the dishes and I'll grab the Danishes. We have a small kitchenette in the basement; we'll just pile the stuff down there."

Tim couldn't take his eyes off of her ass on the way down the steps. "Debbie, do you want me to put them in that sink?"

"Sure, that will be just fine."

Tim frowned. "Frank makes me so mad when he calls me, 'TIMMY BOY.' Who does he think he is?"

Debbie could tell he was upset. "Tim, come here." He walked over to her, still upset with the degrading way Frank always treated him. Debbie put her hands on his shoulders, which required her to stand very close. "Tim, you can't let things like that bother you. Just roll with it and don't let him get under your skin, okay." Debbie smiled.

Tim looked at her for a moment and wondered what his chances were of getting a kiss from her. Debbie seemed to sense those thoughts from his look and said, "Okay Tim, back to work before Frank wonders what I'm doing to his helper in the basement."

Debbie started up the stairs first with Tim's eyes locked on her ass following her. On the way up the steps Debbie purposely stopped and bent over to adjust the knot on her sneakers. She hoped he was looking. Tim was beginning to feel his cock getting firm in his sweatpants. He was hoping against hope that the front of his sweats wouldn't tent out. But they did.

Debbie kept checking in on them from time to time, mainly keeping herself busy outside. She would ask some stupid questions bending over by them, giving them a little titty show. She could see Tim's cock bulging in his sweatpants whenever he stood up. That poor boy had to be so uncomfortable. Frank, well Frank at this point just wanted to get the job done, so he was paying little attention to her.

"Fella's, it's lunch time. I bought some subs for the two of you."

"Thanks Debbie, I guess it's time for a break. What do you think Timmy boy?"

"Sure, I'm starved."

"Go get washed up and come into the dining room." As Debbie served them their subs and pop, she bent over in front of them, once again showing some titty to the guys. Now Frank was paying attention, along with Tim. She did like the attention.

"Well Timmy, the breaks over. Help Debbie take the dishes downstairs and I'll start back to work."

"Tim, you grab those dishes and I'll take this stuff. Follow me big guy." Tim gladly followed her downstairs.

She put her stuff down and turned to get the dishes from Tim. She sat those down, turned back around and Tim was directly in her face. "Oh, Tim, that's all, we can go back up."

He was staring at her again. Debbie knew the look on his face. She had seen it so many times on other men's faces. The look a guy gets when he's ready to kiss a woman that he doesn't know very well. The look of being slightly unsure if the kiss will be welcomed or rejected by the woman. Tim pulled her close to his body and kissed her. He was so strong, holding her so tightly. His tongue was at her mouth and she momentarily opened, allowing his tongue entry into her mouth.

I can't let this happen, Debbie thought, "TIM, what are you doing? I'm married; I can't let you kiss me."

"Debbie, you liked it. You let my tongue in and kissed me back"

"Tim, go upstairs now or I'll scream for Frank."

"I'm sorry. I completely misread everything. Please, I'm sorry."

"Okay, but don't let that happen again." Oh, another second and I would have let him between my legs. Now I have to be horny the rest of the day until Todd gets home.

"FRANK, its 3:45, how long do you plan on working?"

"Probably until 5 or 5:30. I need to get these last seams done and a few loose ends so I won't have to bring Timmy boy back with me tomorrow. Why?"

"I just wondered." Damn, I have to get a bra and my frumpy clothes back on before Todd gets home or he will have a fit. Gosh, what will the 2 guys think seeing me changed into different clothing. Well, I haven't any choice, I have to change now.

Just a short time later, Todd walked in. Debbie said, "Hi honey."

"Hi Deb, hello fella's, that floor is coming out great. Wonderful job. I hope Debbie didn't get in your way. ha ha."

Before Tim could say something stupid Frank added, "We just wanted to thank you for getting those subs and pop for us. It was very generous. Thanks."

"Yes, Thank you Mr. Kramer," Tim added.

"It was my pleasure guys." Todd said. He wondered what pleasures Deb had today. He couldn't imagine her not changing after he left so she could give these boys a little show. He would probably never know.

"That's it for today Todd. I'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 A.M and finish up. Maybe 3 hours of work left."

Todd and Debbie both thanked them for the fine job thus far.

"Well Debbie, did you change after I left and show the fella's your cute little body?"

"Todd, don't be a pig. I will admit that both of those guys were very handsome and they did look at me quite a bit. They were always making jokes and making me laugh and giggle. So, if you don't get your wife's HORNY little body in bed real quick, I know two guys that would gladly fuck me. Would you like to see two guys taking turns with your pretty little wife?"

"Debbie, you little slut, you know how it turns me on when you talk dirty. And the thought of those two guys taking turns between your legs really turns me on."

"Well, come to bed with me big boy and show me how a real man treats his innocent little wife."

Debbie led Todd into their bedroom and sat him on the bed. She slowly lifted her top and over her head.

"Do you like my tits Todd?"

Todd nodded.

"Would you like me to take my bra off so you can suck my little tits? You know how I like my tits sucked."

"Take your bra off Babe. I love your tits."

Debbie slowly undid her bra and removed it. She walked over to Todd and raised her knee and ground it into his groin, letting him suck on her tits. She then pushed him away and stepped back away from him.

"Would you like to see your wife's bald pussy now? It needs something that you have."

Debbie turned around with her back towards him. She bent over slightly and slowly slid her pants over her butt and let them drop to the floor. She looks at him teasingly and asks, "Would you like to see more Todd."

"Damn it Debbie, my balls are going to explode if you don't hurry."

"I'll take that as a yes." She slowly shimmied her panties down. She once again bent completely over, spreads her legs wide and ran her fingers around her anus and bald mound. She loved teasing Todd this way, it's something she always longed to do for another guy, but just couldn't bring herself to let another guy fuck her. Debbie turned around and walked over to Todd, kissed him and had him slide back on the bed, lying on his back. She rubbed the inside of his legs and then moved to his cock and balls, working them hard.

Todd was starting to buck his hips and Debbie moved her mouth down onto his cock head.

"Oh Cripe Debbie, I'll explode if you don't stop that. Roll over and let me kiss your titties and eat that tasty pussy."

"Todd, I need you in me now, I mean RIGHT NOW." Debbie mounted Todd and guided his swollen cock into her pussy. She slid down onto his shaft.

"Todd, it feels so good. You are so fucking big and hard tonight."

"Well, I have been fantasizing about you teasing those two guys and then treating them to a blow job and your pussy. That's why I'm so horny."

"Would you like me to tell you I fucked and sucked them? Then let them come in my mouth?"

"YOU LITTLE SLUT, aaaahhhhh, I'm cominnnnnggggg, ooooohhhhhh." He was wasted, spent. "Debbie that was an incredible orgasm."

"You bastard, I haven't even come yet."

"Roll over and I'll eat your pussy. I'm really sorry, but that story of you doing them really excited me." Todd thought for a moment, "Deb, you didn't really do that for those two guys did you??"

"Todd, you know I didn't do that. But start licking my pussy so I can get some relief."

Debbie rolled onto her back and watched her husband's head get in position between her legs. "Ohhhh, much better. Work it harder and faster. Yes. ahhh uugghhhhh oohhhh. That doesn't even measure up to the orgasms I get from your cock but it'll have to do for now. You owe me a few, you know."

"I know. But, how many times over the years have I come prematurely?? Not many. You just really had me worked up with your slutty talk about those guys."

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