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The Forest Elf Ch. 01



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The forest was eerily quiet. The creatures of the night seemed to know that evil was amidst and stayed in their hidden lairs. The moon, full and luminescent, shone through the canopy of tall, wicked trees, casting long dark shadows like broken fingers across the wet, soggy floor. The air was cool and damp, a chill hung in the air. The outcast crept silently, save for the beating of her youthful heart. The forest floor was covered with moss and wet leaves, silencing her footsteps.

The moon slipped behind a dark passing cloud, erasing all but the dimmest light. The outcast's eyes adjusted quickly, her pupils opened wide. She stopped and listened for any sounds. She could not yet hear them. She sniffed the air. The scent of burning campfires loomed. At the least, she was certain that the Royal Alliance was nowhere near; not this deep in the forbidding forest.

The Royal Alliance Army was formed thousands of years ago by the Kings of Tlateott, to counter the threat caused when the Dark Sorcerers created the Vandark Army, a conglomeration of evil men, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, and many other forms of dark creatures. The Vandark Army, in the beginning years, was nothing more than meandering gangs of evil creatures who would prey upon the unwary and the weak. They would rob, murder, and rape their victims, sometimes even enslave them.

Over time, they organized into formidable combat units usually lead by Orcs. They created wicked weapons, trained in combat and mastered the arts of murder and torture. These units would assault the cities of the Alliance Kingdom, defended only by the City Kings' warriors. The small city militias were no match for the Vandark and they began to fall and their citizens killed and brutalized. Men were slaughtered after being forced to watch as their wives and daughters were raped by throngs of Orcs and Goblins.

The various Kings of the lands were helpless to stop the Vandark. Their cities were sacked and their subjects massacred. In the face of such brutality, the Kings convened and formed the Royal Alliance Army and a Senate to reign over the united realms. The Senate would be elected by the people of the lands and had the power to command the Royal Alliance Army. Kings of a member cities or realms would be protected by the Alliance Army against any threat from the Vandark.

The Kings, however, were obligated to financially support the Alliance and provide soldiers and support staff. The agreement was that a King must draft every able bodied male and female at the age of seventeen and send them serve in the Alliance. The males, if able bodied, were to serve as soldiers and the females and non-combat able males to serve as support personnel.

She continued her trek, carefully choosing her path. The moon had returned along with the thin shadows. The outcast was dressed in a thick, warm dark green hooded cloak at covered her head and obscured her face, hung over her small backpack and shoulders and draped to the ground. Under her cloak, she wore a light green blouse. The blouse was very soft, woven hemp, cut in a V which exposed a hint of her deep cleavage. Her black leather pants, cracked and weathered, hugged her hips and thighs, hinting to her voluptuous, hourglass figure and tapered down into her black knee high boots. On her thin waist a leather belt hung from her hips. A dagger and a razor sharp sword sheathed in a mud crusted scabbard were the only weapons she carried even though she was not skill in its use.

The outcast, Yersia van Clarva, was a Forest Elf, a sub-species of the true elves. Forest Elves, over the course of countless generations, developed traits unique to their kind. They retained the attractive, sharp features, hairless bodies, pointed ears, small hands and long fingers common to all elves. They do not have pale skin like the other elves, rather their skin is tan/olive toned.

Unlike other elves however, Forest Elves have larger eyes; eyes with reflective retinas that allow them to see in near darkness. All elves have very keen hearing and excellent sight. All female elves are carriers of the 'Elfish Effect' and this especially true of the female Forest Elves, whom are very strong carriers. As a whole, Forest Elves are a bright, very loving and attractive race.

Yersia was no exception. She stood 5'6" and weight no more than 120 pounds. She had long, full, jet black hair, bright florescent green catlike eyes, and a beautiful face. She had lightly freckled, high cheek bones with slight dimples which charmed her attractive features. Her nose was pierced with a tiny green jewel on the left side. Her small mouth and full lips added to her beauty and her thin curved body hinted at her youth. She was full and heavy in the bust and narrow at the waist with a smooth chiseled stomach. Her legs were long, sexy, well muscled and accentuated her full ass and wide curving hips. Her voice was soft, sweet and seductive. She was, by the measure of any species in the land, a sexy and beautiful being.

Yersia was born to a loving middle class family in the Clarva Forests, the ancient home of the Forest Elves. In the Clarva Forests grow the Giant Avdark Trees. These trees grow to over 800 feet tall, trunks over 100 feet wide with massive, wide spread branches and smooth bark. It is in the huge hollows of these trees that the Forest Elves make their homes. Some of the hollows in the Avdark trees can be as big as houses and the Forest Elves used them for that purpose. The Forest Elves, over the centuries, have built huge communities in the Avdarks. A network of rope bridges and platforms interconnect the various houses, shops and taverns.

Yersia was raised by her beautiful, caring mother and her strict father, who worked in their small family orchard, growing and selling fruit to the Alliance Army to provide for his family. He taught her, and her three brothers, how to hunt, track prey, fish and live off the land. She spent her childhood helping her father in the fruit orchards and her mother with her profession; making soaps, toothpastes, shampoos and hemp dental floss. Her mother taught Yersia how to grow and harvest the plants and herbs required to make these items and how to produce them perfectly.

She was a happy and cheerful child, full of vigor and joy. She was sheltered from the chaos of the war between the Alliance and Vandark. She never had to experience the death and brutality of the world. She and brothers never went hungry as children and they were raised to respect all around them. The importance of family, discipline, complete personal hygiene and femininity was instilled in her at an early age.

When she turned 14, her body began to change. Her hips, once thin and narrow, like that of the boys in her village with whom she played and climbed trees with, began widen and curve. Her once flat chest began to grow full like that of her mother's. She was changing into a woman elf and it scared her. She saw that men began to notice her in ways they did not before. They would stare at her and look her up and down, making her feel uncomfortable. Some even tried to talk her into their beds. Yersia never liked this unwanted attention and shied away from it. And, to make things worse, all of her brothers had left home, drafted into the Alliance Army.

On her seventeenth birthday, she too was drafted into the Alliance and sent to serve in the City of Serronia, about 300 miles east of her home village. She was assigned to work as a nanny to several Officers of the Alliance. Most of her days she spend helping their wives care for infants and young children. She greatly enjoyed her duties as a nanny because it gave her extra time to make her favorite soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. She shared them with the families she worked for and they were very kind and thankful to her.

Her time passed quickly but things were changing. Corruption had taken hold in the Alliance. Soldiers were no longer held to the high standards that were established in the past. Instead of fending off the Vandark, the Alliance began to suffer defeats; soldiers started deserting and moral fell. Rumors had it that the Vandark began to build encampments deep in the nearby forests. She often thought of home and she missed her family greatly.

Yersia, being young and beautiful, was always harassed by the men of the Alliance. She endured their staring, comments, propositions and harassment. Her commanders would often order her to clean the barracks where she would be taunted by the young soldiers. They would walk past her and drop their towels, exposing their nudity, just to see her shy away. They walked around naked, teasing her and requesting favors of her. She hated them and their treatment of her. She never gave in and never allowed them to have her. She just did her duties and kept to herself.

On her 18th birthday, Yersia was treated to a night out on the town with her friends. They took her to a nice dinner and then to a classy tavern which was frequented by the City's well to do. She and her friends danced and sang. Yersia loved to dance. She danced gracefully and seductively; they way she moved her hips to the music was mesmerizing to the men who watched. Dancing was a release for her but she had to be careful; dancing caused the 'Elfish Effect' to influence her thoughts and libido. Many times she came close to making regretful decisions, but her caring friends brought her back to reality.

She danced, socialized and forgot about the troubles of the world. She would have had a wonderful night had it not been for a young Lieutenant that continually hounded her and bought her drinks which she politely refused. His advances continued and when he realized that the beautiful elf girl would have nothing to do with him, he called her a conceded bitch and stomped off.

Yersia arrived back at her dorm late; she was tired and missed her family. She opened the door to her room and was suddenly shoved inside. She fell to the ground and her attacker slammed the door behind her and jumped on top of her, ripping at her blouse.

She tried to scream but the assailant covered her mouth with his hand and placed a dagger to her throat. He threatened to kill her if she screamed. Yersia was terrified and completely overpowered by her attacker.

"Scream, and I will kill you, Bitch," a voiced threatened from behind her!

He tore off her blouse and bra and grab at her breasts, hurting her. She could smell a strong odor of whiskey on her attacker and gagged when he licked her across the neck. He man-handled her and forced her to roll over as he grabbed mercilessly at her breasts and crotch. She tried to fight him off but she was too small and not very strong. She felt both of his hands grasping at her soft thighs. She looked for something to fend him off with and noticed that he had laid his dagger on the floor, next to her head. She reached for the dagger, taking it by the handle, holding it tight. Her attacker yanked her panties off her hips, down to her knees and forced himself between her legs. Yersia knew that he was going to rape her and without thinking, she plunged the dagger deep into her attacker's neck.

He immediately grabbed at his neck, and pulled the dagger out. Blood spurted from the open wound and spattered the floor and walls. He stood up and looked at his victim with wide open eyes, as if to plead for help. That is when she recognized him; it was the persistent Lieutenant from the tavern. He must have followed her home with the intent of having her charms, with or without her consent.

He stumbled to the door and escaped into the hallway, leaving a thick spattering of blood on the walls and floor. He clutched at his gushing neck. He tried to scream for aid but only a deep wet gurgle escaped his lips. He made it about 20 feet before collapsing on the floor in a heap; he died shortly after, all the blood draining from his cooling body.

Yersia was soon taken into custody and interrogated about the incident. The unfortunate circumstance for her was that the investigators happened to be friends with the slain Officer. They covered up the attempted rape and made her appear as if she was a whore and lured the poor Lieutenant to her room with the intent to rob and kill him. In the end, she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. To her great fortune, the jail was over crowded so the guards placed her in a holding cell, but the guard forgot to lock the cell door and she was able to escape.

She snuck away from the jail in the dark of night and made her way to the edge of the city. She realized that she had nothing save for a jail jumpsuit. Having been a nanny for some of the wealthy city folk, she knew where to get clothes and supplies. She crept to the back of a Colonel's house, for which she worked for, knowing that he and his family would be out of town. She climbed through a window and grabbed clothing, food and some other supplies. She took some of the soaps and herbs she gave to the Colonel's wife and stuffed them into a small pack. Once dressed and fed, she made her way out of the city and escaped into the forest.

She was alone now; at the mercy of the wilderness and the creatures that inhabited it. She knew that she would not survive out here alone and she knew that she could never go back home. After hours of walking, she climbed into a tree as morning approached. She wrapped herself in her cloak, listening to the night creatures and their evil, shrieking calls. She was alone, frightened and cold; she wrapped her cloak around herself, lowered her head and cried until she fell asleep.

She spent over a week in the forest, living off the food she had taken. She was fortunate that her father taught her to live off the land and to survive in the forest. She had no trouble finding fresh fruit in the trees and fishing the streams and rivers was simple and productive. She traveled at night, using her exceptional night vision to guide her. While wandering through the forest, she came upon a rouge camp.

She hid in the dark forest, careful not let them see her. The rouges appeared to be human, their faces lit by their campfire. They had a male elf hanging by his arms from a low branch in the middle of their camp. The elf was dead; disemboweled with his intestines hanging from a grotesque wound. She panicked and ran away as fast as she could, terrified. The human rouges, too drunk and stoned, never knew she was there.

The sun was near rising so Yersia climbed high in a tree and sat in a hollow, sobbing. She knew it was only a matter of time before she would be captured by the Alliance, Vandark or worse. While she was hiking, she spotted several goblin tracks on a trail and troll droppings near the entrance of a cave she planned on sleeping in, but thought it would be best to keep moving. Sleeping high in trees was her safest option. Goblins and Trolls she knew are dangerous and she would have to avoid them at all costs.

Goblins are short, squat, nasty creatures at eat the flesh of even their own. They are not large creatures; most males stand no taller than five feet and usually 100 pounds or so. They have scaly, reptilian skin and pointed ears and fanged teeth. They have long pointed noses that are usually covered with warts and they stink terribly. They are not bright as a species and will never accept an elf as a partner. They have been known to rape female humanoids but usually kill them afterwards. They never travel alone, usually in groups of at least 5 or 6. They make up the largest number in Vandark. They are not very strong and bravery is a rarity among them.

Trolls are also nasty ape like creatures; Hairy, filthy and hideous. They are the least intelligent species of the Vandark; they just assume kill an elf and eat them than to bargain with one. They are covered with course hair and sleep in their own waste. They are smaller than Goblins and not much of a threat by themselves. Never has it been documented for a troll to rape a female elf or human. They tend to live in dark places like caves and crevices and will attack creatures that travel alone.

Ogres are another vial creature of the Vandark. They are huge beasts, standing 10 feet tall and over 800 pounds. They will squash an elf before realizing what they had done due to their rudimentary thinking. They live in small bands and are rarely found this deep in the forests. They are temperamental creatures and not easily tamed. Only the Orcs can control them.

Orcs are the smartest and most dangerous creatures of the Vandark. Orcs are powerful and creative. They are large humanoids; larger than humans. An average Orc stands well over 6 ½ feet tall and over 300 pounds. Orcs have round, broad faces with flat noses, small red eyes, fanged teeth, undershot jaws and long forked tongues. They are thick in the neck and skull and have keen senses. They have dark green, almost black leathery skin and thick heavy bones. Broad and thick at the shoulders and narrow in the waist and hips, they are imposing beasts. They have massive trunk like legs, the stamina of a horse and the strength of three men; they are foes to be reckoned with. They can kill a man with a single blow and they are cunning and cleaver. Only the brightest, fiercest and most powerful of the Orcs become leaders and once a leader, they will impose their will on all who submit to them. And those who do not submit will be conquered, tortured and even killed.

Yersia, hugging her cloak tightly around her body to keep warm, cried, wondering if she would ever see her family again. She knew the Alliance would be watching her village, waiting for her to return so that they could arrest her. She could never go back. She knew that sooner or later, someone or something will eventually find her. And, when they did, she was afraid of what will happen. Rouges will rob, rape her and kill her. Trolls and Goblins will eat her. Ogres will simply crush her into the ground. The Orcs....

"What would the Orcs do?" She thought. She learned in the Alliance that Orcs are very organized militarily. Does that mean they have rules when it came to surrendering elves? What if they found her? She was not sure if they would kill her or keep her as a prisoner. What if she surrendered to them? Would they treat her as if she were a spy? Would they kill her on the spot?

She heard stories of high ranking Orc officers keeping human and elf woman as pets, using them as their personal concubines. She did not want to die and she did not want to risk worse in this dark, forsaken forest.

Not knowing that her naive and inexperienced mind was getting the best of her, she gave in and decided to track down the Orcs and attempt to persuade their leader to take her as a pet. She knew if she succeeded, she would become a concubine. She bit her lip thinking about the challenges ahead of her. If she were to be a concubine, she needed the 'Elfish Effect" to help her.

The 'Elfish Effect' is a condition unique to female elves. When a female elf reaches puberty, a very small gland at the base of her brain begins to develop. Upon sexual maturity, around 15 to 17 years of age, this gland begins to function. When the female elf is sexually stimulated, the gland releases hormones into her body.

These hormones cause her skin to release pheromones that have a fresh, pleasant floral aroma that causes sexual excitement in males and other females as well. Also, the hormones released from the gland create a powerful intoxicating effect on the female herself, greatly increasing her own sexual arousal and reducing her sensitivity to pain by converting it to pleasure. The feeling it creates has been compared to being under the influence of marijuana and cocaine. The effect increases the sensations created during intercourse and even fellatio, to the point of creating oral orgasms.

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