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The Fountain of Youth


(AFP) Paris, May 14, 2021.

A new study released today reveals that male semen may significantly defer menopause if absorbed orally at least once a day over a period of years. It may also significantly slow the aging process in women between 25 and 60, although it does not appear to prevent menopause, or lengthen life spans overall.

The effect was discovered accidentally when a researcher into sexual practices in France noticed an anomaly in the data: a very small number of participants did not begin to undergo menopause until their mid 60s, considerably later than the median.

Correlating this with other data in the survey revealed that all these women practiced oral sex on their partners frequently, and swallowed the semen as a matter of preference. Researchers say that semen, if absorbed quickly, appears to interact with female hormones to produce the slowdown in the female aging process.

It is not yet known what effects additional amounts might have. Asked why wasn't this discovered a long time ago, lead researcher Eva Dornee said "No one did clinical studies. The effect is apparent only if the semen is absorbed daily for many years. This would have been extremely rare, and if it happened, no one connected it with delay of menopause." Further studies are planned.

(AP) Los Angeles, October 5, 2042.

Results of a long term study involving over 1000 females aged 25-70 confirmed a pioneer study conducted in the '20s which indicated that daily oral absorption of semen slows the aging process in middle-aged women, delaying the onset of menopause 10 years or more.

As a result of the earlier study, thousands of women volunteered to be included in the new research. It not only confirmed the earlier results, but revealed that as yet unknown catalysts in semen, if immediately ingested orally, interacts with female hormones to delay many of the physical aspects of aging. Volunteers remained slimmer, retained their figures, and showed little aging in facial and muscle tone well into their late 40s.

"They generally looked at least a decade younger than their peers," said researcher Angela Jennings. According to the new study results, women under 25 derived slight benefit, owing to their high hormone levels. Although semen taken over many years delayed menopause for approximately a decade, it appeared to have no benefit afterwards.

A still mysterious aspect is that semen only works when absorbed in the mouth, at least once a day. "We do not know the optimum amount, just the minimum. Attempts to save semen for later use all failed, as the active catalysts degrades rapidly. The potency disappears in a few seconds, so if it is administered other than directly by ejaculation, there is no benefit," said Ms. Jennings.

In addition to slowing aging, semen appeared to yield significant health benefits, including reduced rates of systemic disease as well as a notable increase in sex drive. Major pharmaceutical companies are looking into identifying the active ingredient to see whether it can be incorporated in a new drug.

Las Vegas, July 15, 2054

Spencer Robinson entered the Silver Roxy Club about 8:00 PM, conscious of the sexily clad women hanging about the well-stocked bar. He knew what they were looking for and was ready to provide it. There were no other males in the room. The women looked at him eagerly, one busty blonde with a big wedding ring pulling her dress up to display a black stocking clad white thigh and a glimpse of pussy, another brunette tugging at her low neckline to display her ample boobs.

Spencer approached the blonde, appreciative that she had welcomed a black man like himself.

"Hi," she smiled. "I'm awfully hungry this evening. Perhaps you can help me?"

"I think so," he replied. "I can give you what you want."

She walked over to a doorway covered by a thin red curtain. He followed her into a medium size room, with dim lighting and several low, comfortable looking couches around the walls. Two couples half undressed were in the room. One of them was engaged in a strenuous fuck, the large beefy looking man shoving his engorged prick into his pretty companion's juicy cunt, her legs wrapped around him.

The other rather petite woman, stripped to her lingerie, was seated on a couch, vigorously licking an older man's erect penis as he leaned back in obvious pleasure.

The blonde led Spencer to another couch and sat down. "You can fuck me if you want," she said. Spencer knew the protocol: the lady decided if fucking was included and the man was always to finish in her mouth.

"Yes, I would like that," he said, pulling down his trousers and pulling out his stiffening black cock. She pulled up her short red dress, exposing a panty-less crotch and nicely trimmed cunt ready to receive him. She bent back on the couch, holding her legs in the air. Spencer eased in his fat penis, feeling her wetness.

She grunted and then pulled him to her, encasing his whole cock in her slippery sheath. He began to fuck her slowly, enjoying the sensation of a new cunt.

Her wedding ring glistened on her left hand. Spencer had seen a lot of these. The married women wanted their daily dose to keep their youthful glow and Spencer was happy to oblige. Some men were doing it for money, in some cases a lot of money. Spencer had not gone this route. He wanted to pick his sexual partners and he liked the idea of giving the lady what she wanted. The blonde began to groan with pleasure. He increased the pace, feeling that he could bring her off without much trouble.

A few minutes later he felt her body shudder with her climax. She gripped him hard so he nearly came himself. He pulled his cock out of her wet pussy and put it to her mouth. He felt her tongue on his full erection along with expert sucking as she tickled his balls. He took his time, letting her pleasure him.

Spencer appreciated the expertise of her technique, an expertise he found widespread among women of a certain age. After about 20 minutes of the most delicious tongue teasing he pulled her head a bit toward him and unleashed his load of hot sperm. She ate it eagerly, sucking him dry before pulling away.

"Thank you," she smiled.

"You're welcome," he smiled back.

Rockford Illinois, May 2, 2072

Nina called the familiar number on her phone, as was happening more often in the summer afternoons. She tried to keep her evenings free for her husband and sons, though they did not mind when she had "visitors" in the evenings if need be.

"I need a man to come by my house around 4:30pm if possible. Do you have anyone free?" She waited a bit for the answer.

"You're in luck. We have very good young man available. He's 19 years old and gives complete satisfaction. $150 and no tipping expected."

"That will be fine," said Nina, relieved that she had found another source for the day. Often she could count on her friends in the neighborhood to send around their sons home from college for the summer. She returned the favor, sending her college age sons to her friends. This morning her friend Colleen had sent her boy Ned over, her first time with him.

Ned was just 18, having just finished his freshman year. He was easy to please, and she did her best, hoping he would become a regular, at least on his visits home.

She had dressed in her best "elegant slut" outfit, popular and very fashionable with middle-aged women in public. It emphasized her ample bust and bottom, with a very tight fitting mini skirt, long black stockings and garter belt, platform 6" pink heels and her must alluring perfume. At 51, Nina looked at least 15 years younger, with a youthful face and round, flattering figure. She had gone to great lengths to maximize her daily Semen intake, nearly always managing to get two loads a day.

If it was to be just one, she made sure it was from a big cummer, like Norm Benson, a 72-year old widower who lived down the street. Norm could only do it once a week, and Nina devoted a full two hours to her visits to his small, neat house on Thursdays. He required a lot of teasing, but, like many older men, once fully aroused he produced a huge load.

Nina teased him with the sexy lingerie, leather boots, and striptease shows he enjoyed, giving him hours of the cocksucking he loved. In return she always got a huge mouthful of fresh cum.

She had employed some of the same treatment on young Ned. Not that he needed it, but because she hoped he might favor her through the summer with frequent visits. She knew most of the other women in her neighborhood employed similar enticements. Her specialty was to be extra raunchy with the young men. A half an hour of this and they usually needed to cum.

That morning she had employed her sexiest striptease moves, shaking her buns in front of Ned's nose, punctuated by playing with his good sized prick. She tickled his balls and flicked his hard penis with her tongue for a good lone time. Then she masturbated him a few minutes until he spurted his hot cum into her mouth. She gripped his cock tightly in her lips to prevent any deadly oxygen from ruining the precious seminal enzymes that would work their magic.

Next time she would fuck him, if he wanted it.

Her husband Tom was a tremendous help. He was able cum five times a week, sometimes more when particularly aroused. Like many modern wives, Nina found it helpful to arrange swap parties and orgies to stimulate and excite her husband. She kept up with the advice columns on how to sexually titillate middle-aged men. Still, she was worried about the future. Demand for fresh semen was increasing rapidly and far exceeded the available supply.

More and more women were compelled to pay male prostitutes, or "donors" to get their daily requirement. She expected her sons to go pro this summer as well, as the money was quite good. She had read that many women were resorting to visiting military bases, colleges, and even the dwindling number of prisons to get free semen, or, increasingly, paying for it.

At 4:30 the doorbell rang and Nina admitted a tall, pleasant looking young man who introduced himself as Nick. He was home from college and earning some money for a planned trip to Europe next year. Like the others she had paid when necessary, he know what he was doing.

"Hello," she said. "Thanks you for coming on such short notice."

He smiled. "I'm rather good at cumming on short notice."

They both laughed at the pun.

He dropped his jeans and presented her with a nice big cock, already semi hard.

"I'll fuck you if you want it," he said, without embarrassment. Nina knew that some women liked to be fucked before sucking a man off.

"I don't need to, but would be happy with a fuck if you would like it," she replied. Truth be told, Nina did want it. A pleasant side effect of the semen regime was that it preserved, if not enhanced, female sexual desire. Nina had the sexual appetite of a healthy, lusty 35 year old.

" I think I would," said Nick, looking appraisingly at her slutty outfit. While quite common on the streets these days, the slut look rarely failed to give men the urge to copulate. He slowly inserted his long prick into Nina's wet vagina. It felt smooth and slippery, like the dozens of cunts Nick had fucked in the last few months. He fucked her lustily, feeling her rapid response.

He knew she would cum quickly. She groaned and whimpered as the climax swept her body. Nick enjoyed giving older women orgasms in the afternoon. Nina liked them too. As he emptied his balls she sucked his cum greedily, swallowing it with relish.

Nina paid Nick $150 in cash. After he left she worried about how she was going to manage the next day. She couldn't count on her present sources whenever she needed them, nor could she afford to pay for it regularly.

Cleveland, August 8, 2077

Jenna drove along the dark street in a bad part of town, watching for a good spot. There were several heavily made up middle aged women standing on the street corners, wearing high heeled pumps or boots, tiny miniskirts, and revealing blouses. Several decades ago any such women would have been whores. Instead they were customers of male prostitutes who sold their precious potion.

Women like Jenna were in search of young black men who preferred white women and would give them their semen for nothing, or, increasingly commonly, for a modest cash payment. A few decades ago this would have been too dangerous, but crime rates had fallen dramatically. It was widely believed that frequent sexual release on the part of young males had a lot to do with the decline.

Jenna parked the car on a nearly deserted corner. She walked slowly up the street, allowing the street lights to capture her figure. She was wear 7" platform spike heeled red shoes, with a jangly red band around her ankles. Her long legs were clad in black fishnet stockings, which rose almost to her crotch and were secured by a red vinyl corset with garters.

Her bright red mini skirt was also vinyl and the short cutoff black top showed her big tits off splendidly. In her mother's day, such an outfit would have been considered fit only for street sluts who roamed the streets.

Now it had become fashionable. Jenna had even seen women wearing much the same thing at upscale parties. Certainly the fashion magazines were full of more extreme outfits, which were also the rage in Europe.

Jenna had been having luck in this area for the past year, usually finding a man within an hour or two. But it was becoming more difficult, and usually ended up costing her a bit of cash. She knew of wealthy women who were paying over $500 for a single swallow of fresh semen.

Some were reputed to buy three loads a day, with magical results, though to date this had not been confirmed. A new study was said to be in the works to demonstrate whether ingesting semen more than twice a day would make a difference.

It looked like this night she would be in luck. A large black man approached her from the shadows and looked approvingly at her scanty outfit.

"I can give you what you want, but it will cost you $50," she said. Unlike most of the males she had encountered in the area, he was considerably older than she was. Jenna knew that it might take a bit longer to bring him off.

"OK, she said."

"Come this way." He led her into an alley and produced a small pillow.

"Kneel on this," he said, placing it on the ground.

Jenna knelt on pillow, grateful for the comfort it afforded.

The man pulled down his trousers and pulled out his long, thick black penis. Jenna took it in her hand and began to stroke it, fondling his balls with her other hand. She did this expertly, concentrating on the sensitive tip and underside. Slowly it stiffened, until it was ready for her mouth. She took it in and sucked it hungrily, twirling her tongue around the penis head and then licking up the underside. Her other hand stroked his big balls, more firmly now, as he began to respond with heavier breathing.

She sucked and tickled his prick for a long time, feeling the climax slowly build in his aging frame. Finally, after another long time, he grunted hard and she felt the warm spurts of sperm flooding her mouth. She carefully let it swirl around in her cheeks before swallowing it all, making sure not to let any air into her mouth until it was well down her throat.

Jenna rose to her feet and got out a $50 bill.

"Thank you," she said. "I come here often. Please look for me."

He nodded, still breathing heavily from his orgasm. Jenna knew he probably wouldn't seek her out again, because there were so many women on the streets from which to choose, many more slutty looking than she. It was going to be very difficult to find her daily allotment.

(AP) Cambridge, Mass. November 14, 2079

The pharmaceutical world was stunned today by a scientific breakthrough at the McAnn Bio-Genetic Research laboratory connected with Harvard University. After decades of fruitless research all over the globe into isolating the "Fountain of Youth" catalysts found in male semen, the McAnn Lab reports that it has found a way to splice a gene, derived from cattle, into the human male which increased semen production by a factor of two to six, depending on the individual.

"It is known that human males produce seminal fluid continuously in small amounts. When sexually aroused, the male produces more seminal fluid. The total amount depends in part on how long between ejaculations and in part by how much and how long the male is sexually stimulated. Typically these proportions are about 50% each.

The new gene therapy increases both factors, particularly the latter. If greatly aroused, a genetically treated male can readily produce four to six times the amount of semen he would otherwise produce," the lab stated.

As yet unverified reports say that males who underwent the gene therapy reported much stronger climaxes. "The feeling is totally awesome," said one participant who did not want to be identified. "It's keeps building and building to a tremendous orgasm. It's like the difference between a hill and a mountain."

As the research was funded with public money, the results will be posted on the internet for any drug maker to produce the gene therapy without patents, making it quickly and widely available. Women's groups around the world hailed the announcement. "If true, this will make up for the severe semen shortage worldwide which has caused great hardship for so many women," said Felicity Maidstone, spokeswomen for the Seminal Research Foundation.

New York, June 3, 2099

Tom Robinson looked at the time on his phone display. It was nearly noon and he had just finished three hours of exams at NYU. It was the end of the Fall term, and he felt he had done rather well for a freshman. He left the lecture hall and made his way to the busy street outside. He was glad he had chosen an urban school.

It offered a lot more excitement than a rural campus. He was feeling very horny, having not cum for nearly 24 hours, much longer than normal. The long hours of studying for the exams had interfered with his usual practice of cumming three or four times a day.

In a few minutes Tom was entering one of the many "Coffee Houses" that served the thousands of students attending the university. They were all similar, catering to male students mostly and frequented by women from their late 20s to early 60s in need of a mouthful of fresh semen. The light inside was dim, but he could make out the small tables were the women were sipping coffee and chatting with one another. A couple of male students were talking with two of them, obviously about to make their choice.

Tom walked up to an attractive blonde woman wearing long black vinyl boots with prominent spike heels, and silver studded stockings. Her close fitting top revealed a pair of big boobs. It was difficult to guess her age. She could be anywhere from 40 to over 60; it depended on how much semen she consumed.

"Hello," she said. "I'm Nina. I'm sure I can give you some relief. Perhaps you would like to come into a booth?" The interior of the Coffee House was surrounded by about a dozen small rooms furnished with lounging couches big enough to lie down on. He followed her into a booth where she sat on the edge of the couch. The room smelled of her perfume.

"How old are you," she asked.

"Almost 19."


He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Nina took it in her hand and began stroking the length.

"You have a beautiful penis."

"Thanks. I haven't cum in a long time," he told her. "I've been studying for exams."

"How long?" she asked.

"Almost 24 hours. I'm feeling very full in my balls."

"I understand. I'll take my time to be sure we get it all out."

She gently tickled his scrotum with her fingers until he was fully erect. Then she took his long prick in her mouth and began licking and sucking it, expertly teasing the tip and then the shaft. His breathing grew more rapid as he felt the pleasure surging into his loins. He could cum very quickly. Nina knew that by teasing him lightly, varying the pressure and easing off as he neared orgasm, she could both prolong the pleasure and increase his load by a factor of two or three.

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