tagErotic HorrorThe Four Horsemen Ch. 01

The Four Horsemen Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Assignment

"The humans have grown evil in their deeds my sister."

"Yes, I have observed the evil in their hearts. It is time for me to leave this plane and become mortal again. This time I will take the servants of destruction."

"Will you be able to control them?"

"I will channel our energy as Furies through them. That will insure that they punish but not bring forth the end."

"That will give them a great deal of power Megeara. What if they break free?"

"I will bind them with a mark and I will bind those marks to me."

"Megaera, must this be done? If they should get free...you know what could happen."

"I can see no other way to deal with the growing tide of evil deeds."


"Agent Cameron, I would like to see you in my office," said a thirty something brunette out to the few of agents within the FBI Atlanta field office.

Agent Tobias Cameron looked up and nodded his acknowledgement to his field commander as he jotted down some notes from a case he had recently closed. Tobias is one of the commander's more senior agents. He had been with the agency for 5 years now and was looking forward to many more years. His commander lingered a moment at the nod of her agent. She did like to look at him when she got the chance. Meg Lawson had always had a thing for well built black men. Tobias was no slouch in the man candy department. There were a few times she had worked out with him in the agency gym. He had powerful biceps and abs that would put a six pack to shame. She would watch him spare with the trainer. He would wear tight workout shorts during his sparing sessions. The outline of his endowment generated an excitement between her legs. When she would watch closely she could make out that his dick had to be 7 or 8 inches. Meg could see that he knew how to handle himself in the ring but often wondered how he would handle himself in another arena. His bald head particularly turned her on. Something about touching a smooth chocolate head going down on her wet honey pot got her juices running to the point that she had to make sure and wipe off every workout machine she had been using. She was the boss lady and an office romance was at best a difficult proposition. Besides she did not even know if he even liked white women. With a lustful silent sigh she retreated to her desk to await his arrival in her office.

Tobias finished jotting his notes and looked around at the office. A few other agents were on the phone or pounding the keyboard looking for that one bit of evidence which would break the cases they were working on. It was not too odd to find this many of them in the office on a Sunday. Crime never seems to take a break. He got up and walked to Meg Lawson's office. Tobias never minded talking with the commander. She was quite a bit of eye candy in his book. She had brunette hair surrounding an oval face. She had the look and features of maybe Greek decent. The few times he had scene her smile at a joke or comment her dimples accented her brown eyes. Her body, as some of his friends might say was tight. For a thirty something woman she had an ass that was well sculptured, even for a white woman. Tobias knew she worked at it. He could not remember how many times he had seen her working out in the gym on the stair master. Her ass cheeks just flexing and shaking, like a Beyoncee dance routine, often got his attention and admiration. When she did work out he would also notice her breasts. She would wear a sports bra but that did not help the movement he would witness. When she would get on the treadmill those beautiful C-cups would bounce with all their glory. Sometimes after watching her workout he would need to hit the showers early for the remedy for his hard member. During one workout session she had been on the upper body machine working her pectoral muscles. She had both arms up and in an L-shape gripping the weight machine. Her arms would come together and press her boobs close. Then she would release and they would jut out from being restricted. Then she would do it again and again. That day he had almost gone to her to ask her out for a juice or something, but thought better of it and hit the shower.

Tobias knocked on her door and heard her grant him entry. She was standing behind her desk when he came in. Agent Lawson was wearing a business skirt that hugged her ass nicely. Her plain white blouse might have been a little too tight for her boobs as it seemed the buttons that held her blouse closed might release their goodies at any moment.

"You wanted to see me," Tobias said as he closed the office door and moved to the chair in front of her desk.

"Yes, Tobias, I have a new assignment for you." She handed him a thick folder from the top of her desk. "This is an ongoing serial killer that has started up again. The bodies in there have been marked with a tattoo of a horse behind the right ear." Tobias shuffled through the file of papers and paused at a few of the autopsy pictures. Bodies were pretty gruesome, mutilation, bullet wounds, and even one partial decapitation. Boss lady got up from behind her desk and moved closer to Tobias to bring attention to the fact that each body although having a horse tattoo, the horses were different colors. There were four reoccurring colors; black, red, white, and green. She got unusually close to Tobias bending over his shoulder looking at the file and pointing out key points. Tobias' mind and eyes wandered to the gap in her blouse. He could see that she had a white lace bra on and it seemed to be straining to hold the flood gates closed. Catching a brief glimpse of her covered, white, mounds his cock began to rise for further investigation. Luckily the file was over his lap so she never noticed the bulge. "These bodies were found recently in the Atlanta area, but this is an old file. There have been many bodies over the years related to this case by those tattoos. The last agent handling this believed it could be a copy cat of some sort. One other item of interest is that each of the victims has had some sort of criminal record. So this one is yours now, keep me informed." Slowly sliding away from Tobias she opened the door to her office. Tobias got up and left with the file in hand. At his desk, Tobias called the city morgue. One of his friends worked there and many times an investigation starts where the bodies end up.

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