tagErotic HorrorThe Four Horsemen Ch. 04

The Four Horsemen Ch. 04


"Damn, did you see that?" Marcus said to his homeys, James and Antoine, as he whipped his head around to follow a red blur on the dark Atlanta Street. Both James and Antoine missed seeing the car that sped by. Marcus tripped over the leg of a smelly homeless man lying on the sidewalk. James and Antoine started laughing at him for his clumsiness. Marcus did not like being laughed at. His anger began to rise inside as his friends chuckled at his expense. He took his sudden frustration out on the man on the sidewalk. Marcus started kicking the man in the face, causing blood to ooze out of the now unconscious man's nose. James and Antoine watched as Marcus took out his rage on the old drunk. They joined in kicking the man over and over in the chest, legs, and arms. Marcus stopped kicking the bum and the others stopped also. He had a perverse grin on his face as he squatted down to spit in the bloody face of the broken man.

Within the shadows, Belladonna sat in her Black Ford Mustang. She pressed a button on the dash of her car. A holographic keyboard projected itself from an emitter within her car. She typed her access code onto the floating keyboard, fingers moving nothing but air. A virtual screen rose from the top dash of the mustang like a plasma screen suspended in mid-air and displayed the three men accosting the homeless man. The live video feed, labeled each of the men with a floating thought bubble, giving name and vital statistics of each subject. From her cars speakers Megs' voice began to speak.

"Belladonna, your target is Marcus Lee. The FBI has a file on him that is quite extensive and it all points to he is not a good man." Belladonna continued to watch the three men kick the homeless man. "Mr. Lee is usually found to be associating with James Williams and Antoine Simpson. They are to be considered secondary targets if you have the opportunity." Belladonna pressed a holographic button and the picture she was watching, zoomed in closer to the men. It centered on Marcus and she watched as he pulled out a 38 caliber revolver. A small window popped up within the screen, like a TV's picture-in-picture screen, displaying pictures and arrest records of the three men.

"That will teach you to be in my way, you dirty bastard," Marcus spit out. Marcus stood and pulled out his 38 and fired twice into the man. New springs of warm red liquid flowed from the prostate man. He did not move. His breathing was labored, but it continued for now. James and Antoine just laughed at the heap of flesh before them. Marcus put the gun away and started walking off with James and Antoine in tow. As they were waking off from the body, none of the men noticed the black Ford Mustang a couple blocks away behind them on the street. It had been there during the whole attack. The engine to this mustang started as the men started walking away. The engine had a low roar to it, as if waiting to pounce in a hunt. It began to move slowly toward the men.

"I don't really feel like no hoes tonight," James said to Marcus. Marcus looked at him; his eyes narrowed like a man crazed and possessed. Marcus seemed ready to beat James down. James saw the look Marcus gave him and did not back down. He thought quickly as he had seen this crazed look of Marcus' before and he did not want it directed his way. "Let's find some young thing like last week." He suggested to the group, turning his gaze from Marcus to Antoine, whom nodded his agreement to the new plan.

Marcus' lips formed a small grin at the suggestion. Last week the three of them had happened across a sweet black 18 year old walking on the street. They had followed her to some apartment where her grandma was living. They burst into the apartment and roughed up both women to submission and had their way with each of them, leaving them for dead. Marcus just grinned at the memory of those events. Marcus came out of his flashback and agreed to the new change in plans. Just as he was about to suggest a street they could go to for a good prospect, the black mustang rolled up next to the men.

The guys noticed it, stopped walking and tried to see who the driver might be. The windows to the mustang were completely dark, so they could not see who was in the car. The car stopped next to them and there was a hiss and the drives' door opened up as if the car were a bird about to spread one of its wings in flight. The driver got out and she was the most beautiful black woman any of the three had ever seen and she was smiling at them. She walked around the front of the humming car to the three men whose eyes looked as though they would pop out of their heads. She was wearing a black leather skirt that was just barely low enough to cover her ass. She had black leather strapless bustier on that covered the bottom of her breasts and her nipples. Her eyes were a hypnotic hazel color and her lips were red as blood even in the darkness of the night. Her hair was wavy and black as coal hanging at shoulder length. Her skin was brown and smooth looking as if made from the finest Godiva chocolate. She sauntered up to Marcus and put her hand on his shoulder.

"My name is Belladonna and I am looking for a good time tonight. Might you boys be able to help me?" Marcus was frozen by her touch. His mouth started to form a word and James spoke up.

"Damn, you are one fine sister; you think you can handle all three of us?"

"You have no idea what I can handle lover." Belladonna said to James locking him in her gaze. She stepped over to James and grabbed at his crotch and rubbed his already hard dick.

"Enough of this, let's go baby," Marcus said finding his tongue. Antoine reached out and cupped her ass and felt that she had nothing on under her short skirt.

They all got into the mustang with Belladonna driving. She did not drive for very long before they came to an older looking building that had been renovated into studio apartments. Belladonna drove her mustang right into the building through a freight elevator. Once inside the apartment they got out of the car and Belladonna led the three men into a studio apartment on the first floor. The apartment was very spacious and tall. It comprised of an open kitchen off to the right with a stainless steel island double sink. There was a long free standing bar in front of the access to the kitchen. Over the bar was a glass cabinet filled with many bottles of all sorts of alcohol. Absolut Vodka, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan Spice Rum, Hennessey, Jack Daniels were just a few bottles that the men recognized almost immediately. Marcus, James, and Antoine all headed straight to the bar.

"This is what I am talking about," said Marcus grabbing a bottle of Hennessey. He took a long pull from the bottle and passed it to Antoine whom also took a pull from it. James took the bottle of Crown and asked Belladonna if she had some pop in the fridge.

"It would not be much of a party if I didn't now would it?" She had moved to the side by side stainless steel refrigerator and pulled out a six pack of pop. James got a glass from a set that were sitting on the island near the sink and mixed up a Crown and coke. Belladonna slithered over to Marcus and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him tasting and sucking the Hennessy off his lips. Antoine took another pull from the bottle and watched as Belladonna kissed on Marcus. She began guiding Marcus toward a large sectional couch. Next to it was a king size bed. As she backed Marcus up to the couch she used one finger to gesture to the other two to come and sit on the couch. The three of them sat on the couch and Belladonna began to dance in front of them. She swayed her hips to the left and then right and moved her hands up and down the side of her body along her hips to her breasts. She unzipped her bustier from behind and it hung limp against her body as she danced and swayed. Her movements were silent and smooth. Her hypnotic rhythms captivated the men like no music could ever have done. She turned to have her back face them. She had a black horse tattoo on her right shoulder that looked like it was galloping through a field of chocolate perfection. She let the bustier fall to the floor. The guys could not see her heavenly mounds as she had bent over at her waist to reveal to James and Marcus that she did not have any panties on. Antoine just smiled as he looked at his hand that had already cupped that wonderful chocolate ass. "You guys look a little uncomfortable," she said as her leather skirt slowly inched its way down her ass. The men did not need a second hint. They each stood and undressed.

Marcus was a well built dark black man. Tight curly black hair, hard piercing brown eyes and broad nose gave Marcus the look of a worldly ex-con living day by day with the world revolving about him. He lifted weights daily, a habit he picked up while in the pen. His six pack rippled of muscular power. He proudly displayed his biceps and triceps that he worked on each day. Small curly hair covered his muscular chest. His cock, standing at full attention, eight and half inches, was quite a sight of black steal.

Antoine, the largest of the group, was not as well defined as Marcus. He had gone to jail also in his past but the experience did not impart to him the need to stay physically fit. He was a stocky man like a big football defensive lineman. He had played football in his past but was kicked out of school on drug charges. He lifted weights but not as much as Marcus did. He had impressive pecs and could flex them at will. Antoine was a light skinned brother, somewhat the shade of caramel. His hair he styled short on his head with fades. He had brown eyes that conveyed that he was a follower in the little group. His hard dick, at six inches, was not long but he had girth. His dick was a full three inches in diameter. He would joke to Marcus and James; he could stretch open any hole if he put his dick to the task.

James had a skinny, wiry body. His toned muscles attached to a thin body, made him seem like a stick with humps. His complexion was dark but not as dark as Marcus. James hair had a Gerry Curl in it. When he smoked from time to time, he was sure to pin his hair back so as not to be a living match. His dick was also at full attention. Seven inches when held straight; his dick bent slightly to the left mid shaft. It was not an extreme bend but his homeys would say he could fuck around a corner. Like James and Antoine he had been to jail on several occasions for car theft, drugs, and armed assault to name a few transgressions.

Belladonna had turned around during the men's' disrobing to reveal her boobs to them. They were the size of cantaloupes, her nipples the size of grapes and her areolas deep dark brown perfect circles of chocolate delight. She had a small triangle neatly shaved above her pussy. No hair at all on her honey pot. She walked slowly to the three men. She motioned them to come closer together around her and she kneeled before them. She started to lick the head of Marcus' dick. Her tongue swirled around his dick head and under the helmet of his shaft. As she swirled her tongue around his dick Marcus's legs began to quiver. He started breathing fast as her tongue was a blur around his dick. Belladonna brought her hand up and spit into it and began to slowly jack Marcus off. She then moved her mouth to Antonio and licked his fat dick. She opened her mouth wide and took his dick in. Antoine threw his head back and yelled out, "Oh God!" She deep throated his three inch round dick. She slowly raked her teeth on it as she pulled the fat cock from her mouth. Belladonna brought her other hand up and spit in it and slowly started jacking Antoine. James dick she took only the head of his dick into her mouth and sucked it like pacifier. James moaned in delight at the sight of this black beauty sucking his dick. She let James go from her Hoover like sucking.

Belladonna had Antoine take that fat black cock and fuck her from behind while she kneeled on the couch. She was leaning over the couch back and Marcus and James were both standing there with dicks in hand. She sucked one dick and then the other as Antoine kept a steady pace pumping her wet pussy. She sucked on Marcus' dick taking it in to the hilt and had her hand playing with his balls. She had bobbed on his dick a few times and the she would release it and turn to James bent dick while still jacking Marcus off with her hand. She sucked James cock into her mouth and deep throated him. She used her neck muscles to squeeze his bent dick straight. Her hand was pulling on James nut sack as she deep throated him. Antoine fucking her from behind was nearing his release and he slapped her ass repeatedly. Belladonna released James from her mouth and let go of Marcus. She had Antoine stop fucking her and told him to set on the couch and suck her tits, which he was glad to do. She had Marcus start fucking her from behind. He buried his eight and half inches into her in his first thrust. She gasped at the penetration and then rocked back to take all she could of him into her sopping wet pussy. As Marcus was pumping black meat in and out of her she told James to bring his bent dick to her to suck. She licked his cock underneath from his balls to the tip of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick. She then took his nut sack into her mouth and sucked his balls. Antoine sucked on her tits greedily. He had brought his hands up to knead them and gently squeeze them. He sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. If she had had milk he would have gotten a glass full.

Belladonna released James' sack from her mouth and told Marcus he needed to take her ass. Marcus smiled and took his dick out of her pussy. She sat up somewhat to kneel and straddle Antoine. She impaled her wet pussy on Antoine's fat dick. She began fucking him, covering her pussy nectar all over his dick. Marcus pressed the head of his wet shinny black steel onto her ass. Marcus spit some on her asshole to wet her bung hole. He pressed and started to pump her shallow going deeper into her ass on each down stroke. Belladonna then took James cock into her mouth. She wrapped her hands around his hips and had him start pumping her mouth. James caught on very quickly and was soon fucking her mouth for all he was worth. Antoine was buried deep in her pussy, Marcus was in to the hilt fucking her ass and James was stuffing his cock down her throat. Soon all three men began to moan and yell out they were going to cum. There was furious pumping going on as Marcus, Antoine and James fucked and pumped for all they were worth and came inside of Belladonna. Each man yelled out and spewed what seemed like gallons of hot cum in her ass, pussy and down her throat.

After each man unloaded into Belladonna they pulled out of their pleasure holes. Belladonna stood up, cum leaking out her ass and pussy. She had swallowed all of James cum but her lips were shinny with leftovers. The guys, though tired from the fuck-fest, to their surprise had not deflated. She told them to all lie down on the floor as she planned to ride them each. Marcus, Antoine and James each lay down on the carpeted floor cocks up. As soon as they were all on the floor Belladonna turned and looked at them. A smile appeared on her face.

"Well, boys I think it is time for a little pay back for your past transgressions."

Each of the men got a frown on his face. Each tried to sit up but found that they could no longer move a muscle. "It is no use in moving or yelling your time has come to an end," she said to them as she strolled to James. They each tried to move an arm or leg or something. Belladonna could see the straining in each of their faces from exerting energy to move. She waved her hand past each of the men and they were instantly able to move their heads and necks. They tried to talk, moving their mouths but no sound would come out. Belladonna just smiled at the site of three men with rock hard cocks, mouthing curses and obscenities, as if they were mimes. Belladonna walked over to James and straddled his dick. She took hold of his member and rubbed along her slit. Then she slid down his pole in one quick stroke. She held his head to the side and leaned over and kissed and sucked on the skin behind his right ear. She sucked hard and long while his cock was deep in her. No scream escaped from his mouth, but his mouth was wide open as if in terror. If he could have screamed he would have. The sucking behind his ear hurt like hell. His cock was deep in her and it felt like she had clamped a vice down on his shaft. She finally stopped sucking on him leaving a black horse tattoo behind his ear. She then started to fuck him hard. Marcus and Antoine had turned their heads to watch the spectacle. They could not believe what they were seeing. James had started crying. Tears were flowing from his eyes. Belladonna was pounding his dick now. She was fucking like she was riding a horse at full gallop. James could not move except for his mouth which continued to form silent screams. She just watched him as she fucked him, her pussy clamping down on his dick. She began to moan as her climax approached. She sped up her fucking if that seemed possible pounding his cock, her ass slapping his balls. Then she came all over his dick yelling out a loud "AHHHH." Her pussy juice coated his cock but instead of it being clear or milky it was black as tar. Her dark pestilence coated his dick as she slowly rose off his still hard cock. James, still crying, looked at his dick covered in the tar like substance. Both Marcus and Antoine looked and watched in horror as the black substance seem to come alive and spread over James from his dick. It was like watching the blob cover a person from that movie of old. They could tell James was screaming but they could not hear a thing. They could only see his body slowly disappear under an oil slick like covering, as Belladonna stood over him grinning. She then turned and moved over to Antoine. He was shaking his head furiously as if that would stop her from what awaited. He too mouthed silent pleas and curses as Belladonna lowered her pussy over his fat cock. She held his head to the side and leaned over and sucked on the skin behind his right ear. When she finished sucking, Antoine was crying from the pain. She fucked Antoine just as she had James, hard and fast. Then she came again on his fat dick and it too was covered in the black tar of death. The pestilence covered him fast and soon he was nothing more than a body covered in an oil slick.

Marcus had watched his two friends die at the hands or pussy of this bitch. His mind was running with anything he could do to stop what was moving to him. He tied to gather spit in his mouth to lob up at her. Belladonna stood over him, her pussy dripping black tar on his body. Each drop that hit him burned as if the spot was on fire. He could not move. He could not scream. She was lowering her pussy over his dick, the pain was ungodly. It felt as if layers of his dick were being peeled away as she started fucking him. She took hold of his head and he let loose the spit he had collected in his mouth. It hit Belladonna in the face. The grin that was on her face instantly washed away.

"That was not very nice Marcus. I have something special for you, just like that girl you and your friends violated and left for dead."

He could not believe his ears. How could she know? Who was this bitch? Why couldn't he move? All this ran through his mind as she held his head once again and began sucking on the skin behind his right ear. Pain shot through his head the likes that he had never felt in his life. His mind envisioned hundreds of needles in a bundle going in and out of his skin over and over again as if he were fabric in a sewing machine. His eyes began to water from the pain of her sucking behind his ear. He concentrated on the pain and blinked his eyes many times in an attempt to hold back the tears that wanted to flow from the pain. She finished sucking on him and then sat up still holding his head. She then bent done again and started kissing his eyes. She kissed one and then another and then all of a sudden she was sucking his eye and

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