tagGroup SexThe French Visit Ch. 03

The French Visit Ch. 03


The next day was Friday, and Georges was due back from Paris. The two women had gone to the local market to collect groceries; the cook had the weekend off and Georges was a celebrated amateur chef, Vivette told Laura: he would want to cook dinner for their guest himself.

The man that came home that evening was not who Laura was expecting. He was tall, almost gangly, his body slim and fine-boned. He wasn't conventionally handsome, but his gentle mobile face and his soft bright smile were appealing. He was several years older than Vivette, and his sensitivity seemed to balance her liveliness.

Dinner that evening was fun: Georges demanded an audience as he cooked, and the two women sat at the large farmhouse table in the kitchen, drinking red wine as they watched him chop, slice and marinade his way to a superb cassoulet, and a feather-light roulade.

The conversation was equally light, Georges keeping them entertained with tales of his youth. He had been a post-graduate student of Professor Cox, and had fond memories of his time in Laura's home town.

As the wine was drunk, the conversation turned headier. Georges reminded Laura of the times he had visited her home many years ago. She had only been a small girl, but thought that she could remember a charming young man twirling her up in the air in exuberant greeting.

As the memories returned, she realized that Georges's visits tended to coincide with her trips to visit her father's older cousin for the weekend. As a child at the time, she had resented this: cousin Nellie was a pleasant lady, but childless and her house wasn't a particularly jolly place. Later, Laura thought that maybe her parents, their marriage childless for so long, had grown used to time alone, and that her trips were an attempt by them to recapture a bit of piece and quiet. Now, aware of Georges and his wife and learning a little of their sexual nature, she wondered if there had been another motive.

Georges caught her speculative glance and smiled at her.

'Your mother was a very beautiful woman, cherie, and very passionate,' he grinned lasciviously, and raised his glass in salute.

Laura was shocked: she couldn't imagine her parents involved in any way with this vibrant couple, the thought of her parents as sexual beings a rather alien notion.

The wine was going to her head, and she felt ready for anything, but she was taken aback when Georges pushed his chair back and excused himself, explaining that his long day had tired him out and he needed sleep.

The household slept, except for Laura. She tossed and turned in bed, anxious for something, but not too sure what, knowing that this evening had had a very disappointing end for her.

Georges, on the other hand, was pleased. His wife had told him of their houseguest in a great deal of detail, and he was looking forward to seeing his wife's tongue on the English girl's pussy. Laura's figure was striking; she was a sturdy English peasant in comparison to his slender wife, but her curves were inviting, lush womanly hips and softly rounded thighs that he had wanted to bury his face between. Her breasts hung heavy, swaying as she had walked, and he wanted to hold and caress them, knowing they would be firm but pliable, luscious to the touch.

Laura slept late the next morning, having eventually fallen into an exhausted sleep in the early hours.

The house was empty when she finally made her way to the kitchen, and a short note explained that the couple had gone to see Georges's elderly relatives. She was to have a pleasant day and they would see her before dinner. After eating a light lunch, she found herself wandering aimlessly, not knowing what to do with herself, and eventually she was drawn back to the master bedroom and the pile of videos there.

Choosing one at random, she slipped it into the machine and settled to watch.

The scene opened with a view of the bedroom sofa. Paul was sitting there, his bottom close to the edge of the seat, his muscular thighs spread. He had a vaunting erection, his hand was holding the shaft firmly, and he was slowly wanking it, smoothing his fingers over the soft skin, reaching to cup his heavy balls then rubbing his thumb over the slit at the head of his cock. The camera roamed lovingly over his body, then focused in on his cock. It was clear he enjoyed performing: he was thrusting his hips forward to exhibit himself, wiping pre-cum from the bulbous helmet and sucking it from his finger.

Then the camera pulled back and another figure settled in front of him, kneeling between his spread thighs. The angle changed, and a side-on view showed Georges's profile, his mouth opening as he leant down to engulf the younger man's cock. Paul continued to wank, his cock too large for Georges to take it all, and Georges's hands began to play with his own cock. The camera panned down for a moment, giving a close-up of his masturbation, his fingers encircling his sturdy cock, jerking rapidly. He wasn't as large as Paul, but his cock was shapely, the tip in proportion to the width of his shaft.

Laura knew that it must be Vivette operating the camera, and wondered how she could watch her husband with another man. Then she realized that she herself was finding this intensely erotic, her pussy growing wet at the thought of seeing this for real.

Both men were rock-hard by now, their erections straining. The camera stopped for a moment, then the image reappeared, and the action had moved to the bed. It had been fixed in position, and the two men lay on the bed together, Georges's hand wrapped around Paul's cock. Then a slim figure joined them; Vivette had come out from behind the camera, apparently unable to stop herself joining in.

She climbed onto the bed between them, and their hands began to play with her, stroking and massaging. Their fingers rubbed over her small breasts, rolling her nipples, pulling them to erect buttons. Vivette drew her legs up, her knees falling outwards exposing her pussy, and both men began to delve there, working a finger each inside the warm haven of her sex. Their fingers worked her unmercifully, rubbing at her clit with brutal precision until she was writhing under their hands, holding onto her husband's wrist as he pumped his fingers into her. Laura was fascinated: the mens fingers stretched and pulled at Vivette's cunt, exposing it to the camera and Vivette was shameless, pushing herself closer to allow a better view.

Then Paul removed his fingers, and rolled over onto his back. Georges helped Vivette mount the gardener, the younger man holding his own cock as the lady of the house was lowered onto him. She leaned forward and kissed Paul passionately. Her husband's hands began to play with her buttocks, and he parted them gently, showing the camera the deep cleft between them, and the sight of Paul's fat cock drilling into her as he lifted his hips.

Georges probed, and a fingertip slid into her dark entrance, rotating inside her, massaging the muscular walls. Laura watched as Vivette looked over her shoulder, her lips moved and she was obviously giving instructions, for Georges's finger immediately speeded up, massaging more vigorously, beginning to pump hard alternating with the thrusts of Paul's cock.

Laura couldn't watch any more. She was desperate to come herself, to rub her own taut clitoris to orgasm, but she hoped that this evening would bring her pleasure, and decided that a little self control now would help her.

She went to her own room to rest, but couldn't rid her mind of erotic images, her fantasies of the coming evening getting wilder.

Vivette and Georges had deliberately left Laura on her own, knowing that she would be working herself into a frenzy. As soon as they arrived home, Vivette went to check on the videos and was gratified to find that she had understood the girl completely. The pile had been disturbed, and there was a video in the machine.

Vivette switched it on out of curiosity, and was rewarded with the sight of herself riding Paul's cock, her husband pumping his finger deep into her anus. She smiled: this had been one of their first filmed sessions, and the first time she had been taken by two men. If Laura had watched for a few minutes more, she would have seen Georges ease his cock into Vivette's ass in place of his finger. Vivette could still recall the intense feeling of fullness, almost pain, that had shot through her pelvis and lower belly. Sandwiched between the two men, her body being stimulated, four hands working over her, she remembered her explosive orgasm, coming until her legs were weak and she was panting in exhaustion.

Dinner that evening was taken in a state of tension. Superficially, the conversation was light and playful but there was an air of anticipation hovering. They took their after dinner brandies in the lounge, and Vivette sat close to Laura on the large sofa, Georges facing them in an easy chair.

Laura sipped at the fiery spirit, unused to the flavour but enjoying the warmth searing down her throat. As she lowered her glass, she felt Vivette's hand brush her cheek, the woman running her finger over the downy softness of her cheek. The older woman moved closer, her arm extending along the back of the sofa behind the English girl, who automatically leaned towards her. Vivette kissed her on the cheek, whispering that they had missed her that day, and they would make up for leaving her.

She trailed kisses down the girl's cheek, and her tongue began to dance over her neck and around her ear, tickling and teasing. Vivette's arm slid from the sofa back to fall around her shoulders, caressing her skin, and easing down the straps of the simple vest top Laura was wearing. Her fingers slid under the girls top and she caressed her full breasts.

Laura turned fully to face Vivette, wanting to kiss, wanting to feel the woman's tongue exploring her mouth, and Vivette did so, hearing in the background the sound of Georges shifting in his chair. He had leaned forward to get a closer view.

Vivette pushed Laura gently back in her seat, and with a purposeful movement, she slipped the vest top over the girls head, and reached around her back to unfasten the girl's plain cotton bra. Her breasts, released, fell forward, full and warm, topped with rosy nipples that hardened under the gaze of the older couple. She had a fleeting sensation of shyness, but their obvious admiration and interest overcame this, and she pulled her shoulders back, pushing her breasts forward.

Vivette briefly lowered her mouth to kiss the girls breasts, her tongue lightly flicking over the erect tips, but she moved swiftly on to helping the girl undress, unfastening her plain cotton jeans and slipping them off. Laura was wearing simple white panties, and Vivette could see the dark hair of her pussy through their translucency. There was a spot of moisture already beginning to appear at her crotch; the girl's excitement was palpable.

Vivette knelt in front of Laura, easing her panties over her full hips, and the scent of her arousal was apparent. She helped Laura slide to the edge of the sofa, and spread her thighs for her, pushing them out so that both she and Georges could enjoy the view of the virginal pussy tucked away shyly in the dark hair. Vivette could sense Georges moving closer, wanting to see his wife's tongue on the girl's taut clit, and she extended her hands to the pussy lips in front of her, parting them delicately, pulling back so that they could both see the inner lips and her clit peeking out, and the dark warm cave of her vagina.

She leaned forward and touched her tongue to Laura's clit, a feather-light angel's kiss that set the girl squirming. Georges came and sat beside the women. He reached out to play with Laura's breasts, and they were as pleasurable as he had dreamed of, full and weighty, the flesh pliable, the nipples responsive to his touch. He watched intently as his wife lapped gently at the girl's pussy, her tongue roaming over the pink, glistening crevices and folds, probing the teenage virgin cunt that he would soon be ploughing into, bringing the girl to a peak of pleasure.

Laura was very wet now and Georges could hear the moist sounds of her juices. Vivette pushed a finger inside her cunt, and they both saw Laura's reaction: she rocked her pelvis as if to force the finger deeper inside, riding it desperately.

'I think she's ready for you, my darling,' whispered Vivette, and Georges agreed. The couple rapidly disrobed, Vivette wearing only a simple tunic dress that she pulled off to reveal her nakedness.

They helped the girl to the floor, where she half-lay, half-sat against Vivette, her back to the woman's small breasts. Vivette had stretched her long legs to either side of the girl, and Laura could feel the heat from the woman's pussy radiating against her lower back. The woman's hands were around Laura, almost cuddling her, playing with her breasts, lifting them in turn to Georges's questing mouth. He sucked gently on her nipples, and it was though there was a direct connection to her pussy, spears of excitement shooting through her at his touch. His cock was erect, and he knew she wanted him.

Vivette held back the girl's thighs, spreading Laura's sex lips for him, her hands playing with the soft hair, probing the girl's clit. Georges placed the broad head of his cock against the entrance to Laura's sex, and then eased in slightly, teasing her. He sank in slowly, and she gasped in excitement. She had expected pain, but she was so slippery with longing that he was admitted entrance easily. Pulling back, he could feel her tight vaginal muscles clamping down on him. She was tight, and the heat of her was incredible. He wouldn't last long, he knew: it had been a long and busy week and he needed release, he needed to shoot his come into a welcoming pussy.

Vivette watched as her husband slowly drove his cock into the girl, and she could feel how wet the girl had become. Vivette continued caressing the girls breasts and nipples, kissing her neck and shoulders, occasionally reaching down to finger her clit. Georges watched as she did this, marveling that his wife, who preferred her caresses and sex to be vigorous, almost rough, could have such a delicate touch with others.

He felt his orgasm rising; his scrotum tensed, and Vivette saw his expression change, his eyes narrowing, and she knew that he was about to pump his come into this girl. Laura felt his thrusts change, and then heard him groan. He slipped out from her, and hot come oozed from her pussy.

Laura hadn't come as yet, and Georges lowered his mouth to her, flicking at her clit as Vivette had done. He could taste his own seed mingled with her juices, a heady mixture of salt, musk and sex. Laura had been very close, and only a few caresses were needed before she felt her own orgasm begin, a wave of pressure rising in her, making her catch her breath. She came in a rush, pushing her pelvis down, grinding her clit on to his tongue again and again.

Georges sat back on his heels, his mouth glistening with her juices, and looked down at the young girl leaning back against his wife, her legs still akimbo. Her eyes were closed in pleasure, and Vivette still played with the girl's breasts, moulding them and rolling the nipples between her fingers causing after shocks and tremors to shudder through the girls body.

Vivette needed to come; she had been so aroused at the sight of Georges taking the girls virginity that she wanted to join in. She helped Laura lean against the sofa, and sat on it herself, spreading her thighs, reaching for her clit. Her delicate fingers stroked and rubbed, and she pulled her thighs back further, knowing that Georges and Laura were both watching.

She worked her clit slowly, knowing that the others would soon recover and she wanted them to help her. Sure enough, Laura moved closer, watching Vivette's fingers playing. Laura wanted to taste her, to lick at her in the way that she had been pleasured, but she didn't know how. Georges saw her hesitation, and he smiled.

'Didn't we say that we would teach you whatever you wanted to know, cherie?' he murmured, and with that, he demonstrated to Laura where she needed to place her tongue.

Laura leaned forward, and for the first time, she tasted another woman. Vivette's clitoris was firm, almost rubbery, and warm. Her juices were tangy and salty, smooth against her tongue. The erotic lesson continued, Georges explaining how to lick steadily, keeping an even pressure, then to suck at Vivette's pussy lips to tease her. Laura's tongue worked its way down to the cleft of Vivette's cunt, and she dipped inside slightly, finding a pool of creamy white moisture there. Then she returned to nibble at the older woman's clit, feeling it engorge and rise to a peak under her inexperienced but eager caress.

Vivette was reaching her orgasm. Her husband had been massaging her breasts, pulling at her nipples roughly in the way he knew she enjoyed. Suddenly, she felt Laura thrust a finger into her pussy, pushing against the sides, rotating it deeply into her, whilst she kept her tongue firmly on the woman's clit. This pushed Vivette over the edge, and she came hard, her pelvis moving rhythmically, keen to have Laura lap up all her come.

Georges watched as his wife rode the young girl's tongue, both of them enjoying this. Laura was obviously open to new experiences, and he knew exactly what they would teach her whilst she was staying with them.

To be continued…

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