tagGroup SexThe French Visit Ch. 07

The French Visit Ch. 07


Later that night, after Laura had taken herself, exhausted, to bed, Georges and Vivette were talking quietly in their tower bedroom. Both of them were a little upset at the thought of Laura leaving soon, and talked over the last few weeks and the times they had enjoyed with her. Vivette asked about the girl's family. She knew that her husband had studied in the old English university town under the supervision of Laura's father, but this had been several years before their marriage. She had met Laura's parents at their wedding, but Georges had told her very little about them.

Georges rested against the bolster, his arm around his wife's shoulders, and began to explain his relationship with Professor and Mrs. Cox.

He had been a graduate student, 24 years of age, and lived in the university residences. Professor Cox took a keen interest in his students, and they had struck up an unlikely friendship: the professor was many years older, well into his 40's but they had similar ideas and beliefs and enjoyed debating into the small hours over fine French wine and good food.

Georges had been invited round to the Professors house: on arrival he had been surprised by the presence of a little girl playing in the garden. She eyed him suspiciously at first, but he was fond of children and had charmed her quickly. Belatedly, Georges recalled that the couple had had an unexpected arrival, and that this must be their daughter. Laura had squealed in delight when he picked her up and swung her around; she was a happy child, but in subsequent visits to the house she had been sent off to stay with family and Georges hadn't seen her again.

Dinner that evening had been very lively: Mrs. Cox, Emma as she insisted on being called, was a vivacious redhead, her hair glowing auburn and her green eyes flashing with good humour. She was a little younger than her husband, but well beyond 40, although her creamy skin was translucent and virtually unlined, and the dusting of freckles across her nose made her seem younger.

Her figure was statuesque and womanly, and her flaring hips swayed as she walked. She dressed unlike any woman Georges had seen, a far cry from the elegant French women of his mother's era: her clothes were eccentric, a mish mash of scarves and wraps, lush textures and flamboyant colours that suited her personality. Despite the age difference between them, he found her very attractive.

He had enjoyed their company, and they had seemed to enjoy his; they invited him back the following week.

Dinner was informal, sitting around the kitchen table. Emma was wearing a smocked peasant-style dress, the low neckline gathered with a long tie held in a loose bow which soon fell undone, revealing a creamy cleavage. They had sat and talked, drinking wine and at one point, Emma had stood partly upright to lean across the table, steadying herself against Georges, her breasts pressing against his shoulder, her hand on his thigh. The touch had been fleeting, yet he could feel the pressure of her flesh against his for a long time afterwards, almost as if he'd been branded. He had felt rather young and gauche with the talented couple, but as the evening wore on, he became increasingly confident, and he realized that Emma was flirting with him. She touched him constantly-a light hand on his arm, a delicate pat against his cheek-and he wanted to respond.

Professor Cox sat chatting, seemingly unaware of the tension building up between his wife and their young guest, and then he suggested that they adjourn to the sitting room. Emma sat on the sofa next to Georges, and turned her body to his, almost as though she was excluding her husband. She laid a hand on Georges's thigh, and kept it there, slowing stroking upwards.

Georges head swam dizzyingly, and then he heard a quiet chuckle over the roaring in his ears.

'My dear,' said Professor Cox, "are you misbehaving again?'

She leaned over closer to Georges, and blatantly put her hand over his groin, cupping it to feel his growing erection.

'I don't think Georges minds,' she smiled, and pressed a little harder.

Georges didn't mind at all. A combination of the wine pleasantly buzzing in his head, together with a growing desire for Emma had worked to make him reckless: he wanted to take her, and her husband, sitting there watching them together, was forgotten.

Her heavy full breasts were firmly pressed against him, and her fingers were deftly unfastening his trousers. She released his cock and without another word, she leant over him to take him in her mouth, the heat and wetness of her engulfing him.

He threw his head back, closing his eyes in pleasure. She was well practiced at this, varying the pressures with which she sucked him, alternately licking and sucking, using her hand as well as her lips and throat to stimulate every inch of his cock.

He wanted to touch her, and tried to reach for her breasts, but she twisted her body from him, never stopping her manipulation of his thick shaft. She slid off the sofa to kneel in front of him, sitting between his spread thighs. He shuffled his bottom to the edge of the sofa and began to thrust into her mouth, driving his cock deeply into her throat. He was coming quickly, and his hands entangled in her hair, pulling her face towards him, moving her on his cock, fucking her mouth.

He panted that he was coming, but she kept hold, not letting him pull out and he erupted into her, his come sliding down her throat until she had swallowed every drop, continuing to milk him until he couldn't take any more.

Georges sighed at the memory of this, and Vivette understood his reaction-she could just imagine the younger Georges's excitement at the attentions of the older woman. That was the first time, Georges explained, but over the course of the next few months he had been a frequent visitor at the Cox's house. Little Laura was dispatched off to a relative during the visits, and Emma and her lovers were free to explore the possibilities of every room in the house.

For the first time in many years, Georges began to recall the memories of that idyllic summer. Emma had been insatiable; she had the same desire to perform that Vivette had, and Professor Cox seemed to get more enjoyment out of watching his wife with her young lover than he did joining in.

Georges recalled the first time he had fucked her: she had insisted on staying in the sitting room, and had stripped naked for him as her husband had watched, a glass of whisky in his hand. Georges had simply released his cock from his trousers and had taken her on the sofa, bending her forcibly over the sofa arm as he thrust into her from behind, slamming his hard cock into her. He recalled Professor Cox gazing at them, watching the younger man's cock ploughing his wife's pussy, his own hand rubbing his groin.

Another time, they had made it to the bedroom, and Emma had allowed him to undress her, revealing her full breasts and rounded thighs. He had been a little hesitant about undressing in front of Professor Cox, but Emma's mouth on his cock had dispelled any fears that he had. She had wanted him to taste her, and spread her thighs for him, revealing fleshy lips and moist flesh, her clit eager for his touch. He could still remember that first taste, musky and mature womanhood, rich and succulent.

He had been concentrating hard on her, licking at her clit and probing her pussy with his tongue, revelling in the sound of her moans of pleasure, so engrossed in her that he didn't notice Professor Cox moving. Georges was kneeling between her spread thighs and suddenly he felt the mans hand touch his cock: the pressure of the older mans fingers made him jump. The feel of his cock being manipulated combined with the taste of Emma's sex on his tongue made him light-headed with pleasure, and he relaxed, allowing himself to be overwhelmed with sensations.

On his hands and knees, his tongue lapping rhythmically at Emma's erect clit, he allowed his cock to be milked by her husband. He was close to orgasm, and Professor Cox seemed to sense this, directing his cock so that Georges's come spurted over Emma's sex and belly, coating her in thick wads of creamy sperm. Georges was kneeling up, his eyes closed, breathing heavily with the violence of his ejaculation, and then looked down in amazement as he felt Professor Cox take his cock in his mouth, licking delicately to lap up the remainder of his seed, cleaning his cock. He watched as the older man then cleaned Georges's come from Emma's breasts and belly, finally tonguing her to orgasm.

Vivette sighed deeply: despite the day's adventures, she was still aroused, her mind full of images of her husband being caressed by an older man, his come spurting from his cock.

She reached down to touch her husband, and wasn't surprised to find his cock firm and pulsating. She stroked gently as he continued to reminisce, curving her fingers around it's increasing girth and rubbing gently around the rim. She wanted to hear more, and Georges recalled another special occasion where he hadn't been the only guest for dinner: there was a young man present, about the same age as him, a student that he had seen around campus, and who he vaguely remembered as being present in some of their tutorials. His name was Samuel: he was tall and blond, his hair growing long over his collar, unshaven with rakish good looks.

Sam had greeted Emma with a chaste kiss on the cheek, but Georges had noticed that Sam's hands had caressed her arms and shoulders in a very familiar way, and Georges realized that he hadn't been the only student to pleasure the older woman. That evening had proved to be one of the most exciting of George's life: Emma had been bustling around the men serving drinks, and her husband had forced her over the table, sweeping up her skirts. She was naked under them, and her full buttocks were smooth and pale. Professor Cox eased them apart, showing the young men the deep wedge of her pussy and the shadowed cleft of her anus.

They quickly moved to their bedroom, where Professor Cox demanded that Emma undress herself and masturbate for them, showing them how she liked to be touched. She lay back on the bed, her plump thighs spread exhibiting her inner labia and her clit for display. She drew her fingers over her pussy lips, dipping the tips of them into her pussy, drawing out moist juices that she spread lightly over herself. She flicked her clit, teasing herself, watching the two young men for their reaction. They had drawn in close to her, their breathing growing hoarse at her lewd display, and Professor Cox told them to go ahead and treat her as she deserved: they undressed quickly, both of their young cocks firm, their erections promising to stretch her well.

Professor Cox watched as the two men moved in on her, one on either side, and began to touch her. She was in ecstasy, four hands working her body, rubbing and kneading at her breasts, their mouths sucking on her firm nipples. She felt fingers probing at her pussy, sliding inside her, and then slipping out to graze over her anus and the sensitive flesh there.

Then Georges knelt astride her, moulding her breasts firmly together and inserted his cock into the tight channel between them. As he thrust slowly, the tip of his cock was temptingly close to her chin, and she tried to catch it in her mouth, wanting to taste him.

Sam was now kneeling between her legs, lapping at her pussy, probing her deeply with his tongue. Professor Cox decided that it was time that his wife was fucked good and hard, and ordered the men to take her. Sam stopped licking and spread her legs further apart, gripping her ankles. He thrust his cock into her suddenly, shoving roughly until he was buried deep inside her and she could feel his balls slapping against her buttocks. Emma could feel her pussy lips stretched around his firm meat and began to roll her pelvis, driving him in deeper.

Georges decided that he wanted more stimulation, and was overcome by the desire to ram his cock into her mouth, wanting to feel her lips on him, sucking his juices. He knelt at the side of her and fed his cock to her, his hand to her throat as she swallowed him down: he could feel her throat stretch under the pressure. Her body was twisted awkwardly, so they decided to turn her onto her hands and knees, breasts hanging down. Sam knelt behind her again, his cock quickly resuming its position buried in her sex, and Georges began to fuck her mouth, forcing her head back with his hand pulling on her long hair.

They decided to swap ends: both men wanted a go at her juicy pussy, and Georges was engulfed by her heat, the muscular walls massaging his cock. Then Professor Cox sat forward in his chair wanting a closer view of his wife satisfying both the young men.

'Put your cock up her arse,' he demanded, rubbing his groin firmly as he watched Georges comply. Georges tried to loosen the tight muscles with a finger, using the juices of her pussy to help slip it in. Then he grew impatient: his cock was demanding attention, and he pushed against the tight hole, forcing it to accept his bulbous helmet. She gave way, her groans of pain muffled by Sam's cock still lodged in her throat. He pushed slowly, stretching her until she felt full, stuffed tightly with his firm meat. Georges began to rock against her, and Emma pushed back against him, urging him in deeper. She couldn't decide on what to concentrate; fucking the cock buried in her rectum, or sucking the one in her mouth.

Both men were close to coming, and Professor Cox wanted to see them come over her. Like a scene from a porn film, he asked that both men kneel beside her. Both were jerking off, their cocks angry and purple in their fists. They began to roughly massage her breasts, pulling at the nipples, kneading the flesh. She brought up a hand to help them, squeezing and wanking their cocks until they were ready to come, and almost together, both shot warm come over her, streams of milky seed falling onto her face and in her mouth, in her hair, catching in her eyelashes. Professor Cox demanded that she clean them up, and she obediently lapped at their semi-hard cocks, sucking off the mingled juices there.

She hadn't come herself yet, and finally Professor Cox joined in. He told Emma to lie back again, and pushed her thighs apart, gazing down at her well-fucked pussy. He held a vibrator, a large life-like rubber cock with a clitoral stimulator. Holding her pussy lips apart almost clinically, he pushed the vibrator into her pussy firmly, ramming in hard, forcing the clitoral head against her. He switched it on at high speed, and the sound of manic buzzing filled the room. Maneuvering the vibrator in her tight pussy and against her erect clit, he brought her quickly to orgasm, watching dispassionately as she sobbed and moaned, her body writhing, her hands cupping her breasts, playing with her nipples.

Vivette was breathing hard herself at this point, her mind full of images of Georges and Sam double fucking the older woman whilst being watched by her husband: she well understood the thrill of being on display. Her husbands cock was firm under her hand, and as she rubbed her fingers over the tip, she felt pre-come gathering there. She knew that he was as excited as she, and bent her head to take him in her mouth.

She drew her tongue lightly over the tip of his cock, licking at the sweet juices gathering there, and gently drew back his foreskin with her fingers, exposing more of the engorged purple head. She licked around the crown of his helmet, flicking at the sensitive undersurface of his cock, then nibbled lightly at his shaft. She returned to lick again at the slit at the tip of his cock, pointing her tongue to ease down inside slightly. His cock engorged in her hand, the shaft stiffening. Then she eased her mouth down, taking the whole of him into her so that her face was nestling at his scrotum, breathing in the man-smell of him. She could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat and held his hips with her hands to stop him thrusting into her mouth too soon. His rigid cock filled her, rubbing against the inside of her cheeks and she could taste the sweet saltiness of his juices. She pulled back up again, sucking firmly at him as she almost released him, but kept the tip of his cock between her lips, licking at the glens and using her hand to gently and slowly squeeze the pulsating shaft.

She caressed his balls, lifting them away from his thighs, stroking and squeezing gently. She could feel them tense and firm under her fingers. All the time she continued to play with his cock, slowly jerking him, using his pre-come as lubricant, moving her hand over his glans to collect the oily fluid, and then spreading it lightly over the thick shaft. She used her tongue to milk him, pushing him against the roof of her mouth so that his engorged helmet was stimulated by the roughness here. His hips were beginning to buck now, and he started to fuck her mouth. He was groaning and Vivette knew he was about to come.

She felt the shaft of his cock began to pulsate and his scrotum puckered and tensed. He pressed her head against him, and bucked hard. Her mouth filled with hot cream-rich come, spurting and spurting again against the back of her throat.

He held her firmly in place until he'd emptied his balls into her, waiting until his sperm had slid down her throat, then released her, bringing her up to exchange a deep kiss, their tongues entwining. He could taste his come in her mouth.

They slept soundly after that, both satisfied by their long day.

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