The Freshman Ch. 08


"Lisa, please hand me the cameras and stand next to the wall, facing me, with your hands at your sides."

Lisa, her face still reflecting the amazement she actually had lost, quietly obeyed, as the three guys watched her. Jason and Ken were fascinated with Lisa's tall attractive body, but both of them had to be careful about looking at her too hard. Ken would have to contend with Mike's jealousy if caught eying Lisa. Jason would have a much worse problem to contend with if Cecilia caught him looking with too much interest at another woman.

The cameras went off, then the RA ordered her rival to turn around so she could take several pictures of Lisa's bare backside. Finally Cecilia ordered Lisa to step outside into the hallway, and took several pictures of her as she walked to the end of the women's wing and then back to her room. She sadly re-entered, wondering what Cecilia's "high stakes bet" would entail for the game's four losers.

Cecilia ordered Lisa and Ken to fold and stack the chairs and push the table to one side of the dorm room. She then told the four naked freshmen to line up and handed each of them an envelope.

"I know all of you've been jogging, so you ought to be ready for this." She passed out four pens and continued. "Once you have these filled out, pass them back to me, and I'll run 'em down to the dorm director's office first thing tomorrow. He'll be real happy to know you're gonna represent Huntington Hall in the race."

The freshmen opened their envelopes with very mixed reactions. Jason was elated, not having known the university sponsored a nude run every year. Cool! His heart jumped in anticipation, especially once he saw that the route would have him running naked past all the areas of campus he already was familiar with. This was his lifelong fantasy, a serious nude run, a real race in which he could enjoy the freedom of having his entire body exposed to the cool fall breezes of a late September afternoon. He was thrilled at the thought of being completely naked in front of 50,000 strangers. Also, the old competitive spirit from his high school track team experiences resurfaced, making him wonder if he had a realistic chance of actually winning the race.

Ken was somewhat more dubious about the whole adventure, but realized it would be possible to have some fun with it. His mind wandered to the thought of running naked among all those other guys, and suddenly he found the whole thing very erotic. He then checked himself, wondering about fantasizing about being in the middle of a bunch of other naked men and then felt guilty about his fantasy. His mind wandered back and forth, but finally decided he was looking forward to the run.

Mike was not thrilled at all. The thought of running nude in front of 50,000 people made him cringe. He was not a particularly modest person, but he certainly was not an exhibitionist like Jason. He looked at the run as an ordeal he simply wanted to get out of the way and was mad at having allowed himself to get dragged into doing it.

Lisa still was in shock. She couldn't believe she had let Cecilia win three rounds of cards in a row. Now here she was, stuck with this awful commitment that not only entailed placing herself on very public display, but also the grueling physical challenge of running a full hour without stopping. Oh how she'd like to see Cecilia having to do this! Yeah right! The RA probably couldn't even run one mile, let alone six. Yes, that would have been fun, seeing that Ghetto bitch naked, sweaty, gasping for breath, and holding her hands at her side from runner's cramp while struggling to keep up at the tail end of the race. And it could have happened that way, if she had just paid closer attention to the cards during that last couple of rounds! This was ridiculous...she was a good card player, actually slightly better than Cecilia, but still she had lost, because she wasn't paying attention and her rival was!

The four freshmen spent the next few minutes filling out their registration forms, which asked basic questions to ensure the runners were over 18, currently enrolled in classes, and in good health. There was a map of the route with a signature line to assure the runner understood the route and agreed not to leave it during the race. There was another signature line to make sure each applicant was aware that all clothing, with the exception of running shoes and athletic socks, was strictly prohibited and that wearing anything above the knees would disqualify a person from the race. Finally there was a question asking what university entity the runner was representing. Jason, Ken, and Lisa put down Huntington Hall. Mike decided to declare he was representing the political science department.


Following the card game, Mike, Lisa, and Ken decided to go out, while Cecilia asked Jason to follow her back to her room. Once in the room Jason undressed, folded his clothing, and then undressed Cecilia and folded her clothes. As she sat down in her armchair he knelt and followed the usual routine of massaging her feet, her calves, her hands, arms shoulders and neck. She then lay on her bed on her back, with her leg spread slightly and the exposed intimate area between her legs beckoning her boyfriend's anxious gaze.

Jason massaged Cecilia's thighs, all the while looking longingly at her relaxed vagina her partially shaved pubic hair. Cecilia left only a very small strip of pubic hair when she shaved, because she liked having a clean bikini line for her favorite thong underwear. As Jason's hands massaged her upper thighs and closed in on her most intimate areas, Cecilia spread her legs and clasped his head with her hands. She directed him to begin kissing the insides of her thighs. As Jason began his task of satisfying her desires, Cecilia directed him by guiding his head with her hands. Eventually he began kissing the soft shaved area between her legs, gently biting and licking her labia and inserting his tongue into her vagina.

He would have liked to insert another part of his body into that secret opening, but unfortunately for Jason, tonight that was not to be. He already understood his place in the relationship. He could enter her only when she was in the mood and gave him permission. She would tell him when that would be; it was not his place in the relationship to bring it up.

Finally Cecilia directed Jason to kiss and lick the area around her clitoris. For a very long time she gasped and shuttered as he performed his duty in satisfying her need that night to have a nice orgasm.

Cecilia smiled, squeezed his hand, and flipped over on her stomach for the second part of her massage. Jason, his face tired and sticky from servicing Cecilia's sexual needs, continued his task of relaxing her. Beginning with the soles of her feet, he worked his way up her legs, kneading and massaging her muscles. He was rewarded by getting to his favorite part, her lovely dark bottom. He spent a very long time exploring those lovely mounds of tantalizing flesh, massaging and caressing that intimate part of her body. To have those lovely buttocks in his hands and under his care was his reward for his efforts to make her happy. After he massaged her bottom, he spent a long time kissing it, even venturing between her bottom cheeks. He was rewarded by a happy sigh and a supportive comment from his love:

"Hmm...that feels good. I like it when you do that to me."

He finished massaging her upper back and, as usual, covered her up before leaving her room.


Cecilia insisted that Jason spend most of the following Saturday studying, given that he was not likely to have much time to study the following weekend. She ran into Ken in the hallway and "strongly recommended" that he join Jason as he reviewed for the first midterm in Burnside's class, as well as midterms in a couple of other classes.

Cecilia, meanwhile, went to the gym with Lisa. Fortunately her companion had recovered from the shock of the previous night's Poker game and was resigned to running the following weekend. To prepare for the run she changed her workout, explaining to Cecilia why the altered workout was better for a person preparing for a 10-K run. Cecilia followed Lisa's lead and decided to add jogging to her exercise routine.

There was the usual theater and dinner date Saturday night, with Jason appropriately dressed in a new suit, new shoes, and conservative tie. Cecilia, as always on such outings, wore her Danubian dress, which was the only article of decent clothing she owned.

That night Cecilia led Jason even further into the world of high culture, by asking him to take her to a production of the famous opera "Madame Butterfly". The production was located in downtown Chicago, which involved a 40-minute drive into the center of the downtown area. Jason had to spend most of Saturday morning scrambling to make arrangements for getting himself and Cecilia from the university to downtown and back again. Cecilia wanted to see "Madame Butterfly" and she expected to be taken to see "Madame Butterfly". The details were Jason's problem, and he was expected to make whatever arrangements necessary to comply with her desire. It was that simple. In the end Mike came to Jason's rescue by lending his car and showing his friend the best way to get to the downtown theater. He also knew of an expensive downtown restaurant close to the theater, which solved Jason's other problem, where would they eat.

Once downtown, Jason took Cecilia to what turned out to be a very elegant restaurant before taking her to the opera. He treated her in a proper and respectful manner, seating her, opening doors for her, and doing everything else he could think of to make her experience more pleasant. After dinner they walked arm-in-arm to a theater production that had been written a century before by someone her had never heard of, in a style of music he never listened to. As always, what Jason might have wanted didn't matter. The night belonged to Cecilia.

Cecilia's reaction to the opera surprised Jason. While he tried to hide his boredom as best he could, she really got into the production. As the final act ran its course, Jason glanced over at his girlfriend to notice tears running down her cheeks. She truly was moved by the desolation of the main character's downfall from happiness to despair, fully understanding the very thin thread that kept her own life from returning to the dark world of despair from which she had emerged. How difficult it is to escape; how easy it is to fall back in! She rested her head on his shoulder, thinking about the bleakness of not only the opera's depressing ending, but also of her own life and the dysfunctional society that had produced and then exiled her.

As they left the theater to return to Mike's car, Cecilia showed her gratitude to her boyfriend with smiles, by holding his hand, and cuddling up to him. He was the one man in her life who seemed to understand what she needed, and more importantly, was willing to give it to her. She was genuinely grateful for the attention he was giving her, fully realizing that what she wanted from him was completely unreasonable. In her own way, after only a month of being with him, she was falling in love.

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