tagMatureThe Fruit of Another

The Fruit of Another


Kevin kissed his wife, Julie, and made his way out to the car. The forty one year old executive had it all: good job; good family; nice home. Every woman between thirty and fifty that saw him at the health club bemoaned the fact 'the good ones are always taken.' As usual, he had little to worry about on this day. It was expected to be fairly quiet at work with the holidays coming and the big bosses gone. Maybe he'd be able to get some uninterrupted work in for a change.

Kevin rolled into his parking spot and walked the short distance to the office building. It was colder than normal and he lifted the collar of his jacket to offset the wind. Once inside, he acknowledged the receptionist and took the elevator to the ninth floor.

It was unusual for him to see anyone in the building prior to reaching the area around his office. But today, as the elevator doors opened and he stepped out, his eyes were drawn to a nearby female in a bright red sweater. Instantly, he knew it was Erica. He knew her petite figure and her blonde hair. She turned to face him and he knew the blue eyes, the nose, the mouth.

"Oh, hi Kevin."

"Hello, Erica. It's awfully early for you, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Kind of. Mr. Emmons had work for me."

"Good. It will keep you out of trouble."

Erica gave him a playful finger and Kevin smiled. He'd never cheated on his wife. But if he could pick one woman...one temptress...it would be Erica.

In her early thirties, he guessed, Erica was everything he'd ever dreamed of in a female since his teen years. Fly-away blonde hair. Great little tits and ass. Long legs. A little facetious.

Erica would always be the dream girl for Kevin because he could never have her. Until today, that was equally his choice and hers. They joked with each other, but never more. Never even a simple touch on the arm. Until today.

Kevin got settled into his office, turned on his laptop, grabbed his coffee cup and sought out the coffee machine. He turned the corner of the hallway leading to the small kitchenette and nearly ran into a step ladder. Erica stood on the top step, reaching high above her head for some files on a shelf. Kevin's eyelevel was about even with the back of her thighs, which were amply displayed under a short, tight skirt. A few inches of bare skin separated the top of the skirt with the bottom of the red sweater that caught Kevin's eye earlier.

Erica groaned and stretched out one leg behind her, bending it slightly at the knee as she snatched hold of a file folder. It took all of Kevin's willpower not to sneak a peek of the luscious ass barely covered by the back of her skirt.

Just then, Erica shrieked and dropped the folder. She appeared to be in the process of tumbling from the ladder and Kevin instinctively reached out for her, letting go of the coffee cup at the same time. Amid the crashing of paper and cup, and high-pitched screeching, Kevin found himself clinging to Erica's leg as she steadied herself again.

It was the awareness of the hem of her skirt sliding across the top of his hand that finally made him let go.

"Oh my God! Kevin, you saved my life," Erica said dramatically.

"Well, maybe a few broken bones at least," he said, watching her climb off the ladder.

They simultaneously bent down to pick up their respective property. This time, Kevin was presented with a view of the front of Erica's legs, nearly up to her pussy, as well as a quick glance down the front of her v-neck sweater. His level of discomfort was maxed out and his nervous grin had to give it away.

"Thanks, Kevin. I'm sorry for keeping you from your coffee."

"No problem," he replied. "Be safe. Worker's comp doesn't pay well."

Erica giggled and Kevin proceeded to the coffee machine where he spent the next thirty seconds trying to erase from his mind the sensation of Erica's leg in his hands. In his office, images of her thighs, abdomen and cleavage swirled around his head. As a final reminder, his cock twitched involuntarily.

'Get to work,' he scolded himself silently.

In Erica's two years at the company, she never intentionally pursued a man. Especially a married man. She had plenty of dates to choose from without stirring up the pot at work. But for the past few weeks, Kevin had been on her mind. Sometimes she enjoyed the hunt for a man as much, or more, than the actual capture. And since he was married, Kevin was a particularly inviting prey.

Erica was self-confident to an extreme. She didn't take 'No' for an answer and she loved getting her way. The prospect of having a good-looking man who ostensibly belonged to another woman intrigued her.

Worse yet, she had a plan.

It was close to noon when Kevin saw Erica again. She presented herself at his office door and strolled in, her only invitation being Kevin's welcoming smile. She closed the door, walked over to the couch against the wall opposite his desk, and sat down.

They chatted for a minute before Erica said, "I may not have broken any bones this morning, but I have a hell of a bruise."

Her legs were crossed and she pulled the bottom of her skirt up even higher and looked down at the side of her leg. Kevin certainly didn't see any signs of a bruise, but the prolonged glimpse he got of nearly her entire right leg up to her hip made up for it.

"Do you think you'll live?" Kevin asked.

Erica rubbed the alleged injury, letting her fingers extend down practically to her ass. "Probably. If you hadn't been there..."

She looked up at Kevin and he promptly averted his eyes from any further staring at her leg. Still, he couldn't miss the little tug on her skirt as she attempted to put it back in place.

"You're welcome," he said. "You owe me a chore next time I need something done. How's that?"

"Deal. Anything you want."

She slouched back on the couch as they continued to talk. Kevin tried to concentrate on anything besides the throbbing between his legs. He listened, but his eyes shifted from her tits to the tops of her legs. It was becoming agonizing the longer she stayed.

Erica judged that the time was right and she rose from the couch. Kevin prayed she was about to leave. Instead, she was walking toward him, around the corner of his desk. He swiveled in his chair to face her as she approached him from the side.

"I still hurt a little," Erica said in a whiny voice.

She turned so her hip was closer to him and lifted up the skirt.

"Maybe if you kiss it for me it'll be better."

She had the skirt high enough that the strap of her thong and a hint of her ass were visible. Kevin looked up at her and frowned.

"It looks fine," he said.

"No really. I think it will help. Please."

Now she sounded like a teenager wanting the car keys and Kevin was fighting the urge to look back down with every ounce of self-restraint that he owned. She inched closer.

"Just once."

Her thigh was inches away from him. The soft curve of her ass beckoned him from under the tiny skirt. Kevin's cock pushed against the inside of his pants and his pulse quickened. He couldn't take his eyes of her body.


Kevin leaned forward and, without ever touching her with his hands, put his lips on her leg. A second later, it was over.

"Now, how hard was that?" she asked. "I feel better already."

"Good. Don't you have to go now?" Kevin said.

"Not yet. I need to find out how hard something else is."

Erica bent over and put her hand squarely in Kevin's lap. He attempted to pull away but she said quietly, "No, don't."

Her palm was rubbing the obvious erection that was starting to form. Kevin was staring at her luscious tits and she provided him with ample proof that she was not wearing a bra. He saw everything but the nipples before looking up.

"Erica. Stop it," he begged.

"I owe you more than a favor, Kevin."

Her fingers were wrapping around his cock, stroking it the best she could through the pants.

"I want you to touch me. Anywhere. Just touch me," she pleaded.

"I can't do that, Erica."

"Yes you can. Who'll ever know? And you want to. I've seen you look at me, Kevin. I can feel how hard you are. Please touch me."

He wanted to slide under the desk and disappear; make Erica go away. But she was so close to him. He could smell her and see every curve under her sweater and skirt. Her skin looked so soft and smooth.

Kevin reached out and put a hand on the side of her ass, on top of the skirt. He slid his hand up just an inch or two, stopping before becoming a full-fledged grope. Erica tightened her grip on his cock.

"Touch my skin, Kevin. Put your hand inside."

He was just staring at her ass, unable to make any logical decisions. Her voice was like a recorded message, commanding him to do what it said. He put his hand on the back of her leg and reached higher. It was under her skirt, touching the crease between the bottom of her ass and the top of her leg. He still didn't feel any panties.


"Erica, you've had enough fun..."

She reached back and took hold of Kevin's wrist, forcing his hand onto her ass. "Do it, Kevin."

His fingers spread apart and his hand covered almost the entirety of her cheek. Finally, he felt the strap of a thong as he approached the crack in her ass. He closed his hand around a large portion of her ass and massaged it gently. When Erica returned her hand to his cock, she found it twice as hard and long as before.

"That feels so good. I want you to touch my tits now, Kevin. Touch them just like you did my ass."

Kevin shook his head as he withdrew his hand.

"No, Erica. That's all."

Erica scowled at him. "But your cock says you want more. C'mon, Kevin. Just this once."

He tried to back away from her, but Erica just moved with him and, once they were settled again, she began to lift her sweater with one hand.

"Erica, the door," Kevin said with alarm.

"It's locked."

She had the sweater pulled high enough to reveal a very small segment of one tit. Kevin could not take his eyes off it. She stopped, teased him for a second or two, and showed him some more. With a wry grin on her face, Erica pulled up the sweater until the nipple was in view.

Kevin marveled at the perfection of that portion of the tit that he could see. The shape, size, and flawless skin was a combination he'd never seen before. This was the most perfect breast in the world, within easy reach.

"Touch it, Kevin."

She had the sweater high enough to expose the entire tit. His hand was drawn to it like a magnet. Kevin touched every inch of it before concentrating solely on the nipple, squeezing it and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. The bright pink bud grew as they both watched. Then Kevin massaged her entire breast again, in awe of the perfect firmness.

"Please lick it. Suck on my nipple until I can feel it in my pussy, Kevin."

Kevin shook his head slowly. But Erica put a hand behind it and pulled him to her. Kevin didn't put up nearly enough resistance. His lips touched her tit and his tongue felt her skin. She repositioned herself so her nipple could not be avoided. Kevin's lips parted and before long he had as much of her tit in his mouth as he could fit.

Erica's moans grew louder as he sucked on the nipple and bit on it lightly with his teeth. Erica leaned forward and Kevin instinctively grew more frantic in his assault. His hands pushed up the sweater and soon he had access to both tits, which he sucked and licked in sequence.

Somewhere in the craziness of the next moment, Erica yanked the sweater over her head and stood topless while Kevin assailed her tits. She straddled his legs and sat in his lap while he finished. As soon as his senses returned, Kevin sat in stunned silence.

"Wow. That was fantastic," Erica moaned. "Now it's my turn."

She slid backwards and got on her knees between his legs. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. Kevin watched, unable or unwilling to stop her as Erica pulled his dick out. It was long and hard and throbbing.

"God, Kevin. You're huge. Why have you been hiding this from me?"

She stroked him a couple times and kissed the head of his cock. Erica licked him from the base all the way to the tip, then down and back up again. She felt the cock twitch just as she put her lips on it and took the head into her mouth. As if in slow motion, she lowered her head until the entire erection disappeared.

Kevin felt it hit the back of her throat. Then he felt her tongue. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Erica sucked on the thick shaft like it was her favorite candy and her intent was to make it last all day while still enjoying every bit of it. The pressure she applied with her lips was just right—tighter than a pussy, but not enough to hurt. Experience with younger guys was paying off with the man she wanted at that moment.

Any half-hearted attempts Kevin made to stop Erica were long forgotten as he reveled in a sensation that he had not felt for far too long. All the times he had looked at her in the hallway and imagined 'things' now seemed trifling. The reality of his cock inside her mouth trumped any fantasies that came before.

He thought about when he touched her leg on the ladder, and touching her bare ass in his office. He thought about her tit coming into view and the taste of it in his mouth.

And suddenly, he was about to cum.

"Oh Jesus, Erica. Stop! I'm...I'm...going to...ahhhhhh."

She took the cock in her hand and fondled it furiously. She aimed it at her face and waited with glee. Just then, Kevin's phone buzzed. He knew it was his secretary on the intercom and ignored it, as if he had a choice.

The orgasm was on him so quick he could only clutch at the arms of the chair and let the first gush of cum spew onto Erica's face. Immediately, a second spurt spilled more white cream all over her. More shots caused streams of cum to slip off her chin and onto her tits. Kevin's groans, which came loud and fast at first, grew less frequent as his cock emptied.

Then they heard the office door open.

Kevin looked at Erica in complete panic. "I thought you said..."

"Oops. Guess not," she shrugged.

In the doorway, Julie muttered an unintelligible gasp upon seeing the scene behind the desk. After a moment frozen in time, she pivoted around and slammed the door shut on her way out.


"No, I don't believe that was the first time, Kevin," Julie sobbed. "But why? After eighteen years. How could you?"

"I swear, Julie. It never happened before and it will never happen again. How can I convince you?"

Negotiations between the couple went on for another fifteen minutes, with Kevin gradually getting Julie to forget the thought of divorcing him. In the end, she had the last word.

In a tone of complete finality, she said, "If I ever find you with her again, or any woman, that will be the end of this marriage and your career. Understand?"

Kevin understood.

But Erica was not part of the debate nor did she agree to anything. The rush she got from the liaison with Kevin in his office, and the resulting look on Julie's face, only strengthened her resolve. It took a week, but eventually she had another plan. And the stakes were increasing.

It was a cold, snowy Saturday afternoon when Kevin unexpectedly heard the front doorbell. Julie was shopping and would have come in through the garage. So he trudged to the door fully expecting to find a kid trying to sell something or a religious zealot trying to save him.

He was more than a little surprised to find Erica smiling back at him on the porch. She wore a full-length winter coat that made her small frame look even smaller...and more adorable. Light snow covered the coat and the top of her hair.

"Hello, Kevin. Can I come in for a second?"

Pure habit, and Erica's abrupt step forward, caused Kevin to let her in, against all common sense. As if to hide her from view, he slammed the door shut.

"Erica. You can't stay."

"Relax. It will only take a second. You're alone I take it," she said.


"Good. Then we can talk," Erica said. "I wanted to apologize."

"It's a little late for that," Kevin said with disgust. "But if that's why you are here, I accept. Now please leave."

He started for the door and Erica's hand reached for the buttons on her coat. She had the first two opened by the time his hand was on the doorknob. When he saw the skin under the coat, and then the indication that perhaps all she had on was a small, red bra, he kept the door closed.

"Erica. Get out."

The next two buttons confirmed the bra on top and what looked like a matching red thong below. Erica grinned as she completed the job and let the coat hang open by itself.

"What I did in your office was really uncalled for. I mean I teased you mercilessly and didn't once let you fuck me," Erica said in her child-like voice. "But now that I've seen your incredible cock, it's all I can think about, Kevin."

She moved closer and Kevin dodged to the side. "Erica, I swear I will physically throw you out of this house."

"You wouldn't do that, Kevin. All I have on is a bra and a thong."

She pulled the coat open to substantiate it.

"You want me. You want to fuck me. And now we can."

Erica put her hand on his crotch, feeling the thick cock she fully expected to feel.

Kevin's anger, and fear, boiled over. Thoughts of a ruined marriage drove him to the brink and, despite all self-control, he lashed out at the young woman. Kevin forcefully slapped her hand.

"Owwwww," she shrieked.

Instantly, and without warning, Erica slapped Kevin in the face. The echo had barely subsided when he reacted.

Kevin grabbed both of Erica's arms and shoved her against the nearest wall with enough energy to shake the photos of Kevin and Julie that hung nearby. They looked at each other with shocked expressions. Kevin practically hissed with rage.

Erica forced a tense grin.

"You bitch! Don't you EVER touch me again," Kevin growled.

Erica's arms were spread out and above her shoulders. The entire front of her body was exposed to him under her luxurious coat. She arched her back so that she and Kevin touched from the chest down, but particularly at the waist.

She never spoke. Instead, she got on her tip toes and threw her mouth upon his. At the same time, she ground her pussy against his hard cock. She was able to make it last a couple seconds.

Then Kevin backed away and slapped her again.

Erica took the opportunity during her momentary freedom to fling the coat off her shoulders. It hung on her arms as she reached for his cock once more and made another lunge at his mouth. They came together. One of Erica's arms came free from the coat and she used her hand to hold his head in place while they kissed harder.

Kevin shoved her back against the wall and tugged on the coat until it came off the other arm and fell to the floor.

"Fuck you!" he screamed.

"Yes! Do it, Kevin. Fuck me now!"

She was pulling on his zipper and somehow got it open. She could feel his erection. Suddenly, it was Kevin initiating the kiss, driving his tongue into her mouth while his hands clutched at every inch of her body. He yanked on her bra straps and had them down her arms in an instant. Kevin's mouth fell to the newly exposed skin and nipples.

Erica pushed out her chest, leaned her head back, and moaned sensuously while Kevin engulfed one tit and then the other with his mouth. She frantically groped for his cock and pulled it from inside his pants. It got trapped between them and Erica could feel it against her body.

Sensing that one last slap might be necessary, she feigned trying to escape and hit his cheek with her hand.

The look on Kevin's face confused her. It contained anger, fear, and untamed lust. For a moment she was afraid that he might, indeed, hurt her.

Then she felt his feet kicking at her ankles, forcing her legs apart. Next, one hand was pulling aside the front of her thong and Kevin's cock took its place.

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