tagToys & MasturbationThe Fuckerware Party Ch. 01

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 01


Even now I can't believe I'm in the situation I willingly, no compellingly, put myself into. How long as it been? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? How much longer will I have to wait before I can cum? Will she show up to help me or was she just teasing me? Who is she? What does she want from me? Why is my body so out of control?

My name is Tina. I am 26 years old. I have been married for three years to Jim, also 26 a salesman at the same company I work for in marketing. We live in an upper middle class neighborhood in suburban Denver. Unfortunately we bought our house at the end of the housing bubble and just as the easy mortgage money was disappearing. We are not late on our mortgage, but the inflated payments make it a struggle with our other bills. Because Jim's income varies, some months are good and some are very tight.

Jim and I both ended up taking part time jobs to make ends meet. The result is we don't see each other that often. Our schedules are taking a toll on our marriage. It's not so much the companionship I miss, but the quality sex. I've always been a very sexual person. In college I took to the freedom of being away from home with vigor. I went through boyfriends on a regular basis. I kept the ones who really knew how to fuck around longer, but eventually I tired of them and moved on to a new conquest.

After I graduated I took my current job. I had a small apartment and was determined to concentrate on launching my career. My string of boyfriends continued until I met Jim. He was the most complete fit that I had ever met. He seemed to have an unquenchable thirst for sex. Although I had a rule to never bed a new man on the first date, with Jim I just fell into his arms and we have been together ever since.

Unfortunately as the money got tight and our schedules diverged, lack of time and energy meant our sex lives took a hit. We went from twice a day, once in the morning before work and once at night before going to bed, to just the mornings, to every couple of mornings to every couple of weekends. Worse yet, the quality of our lovemaking were also taking a hit. Jim, while generous, was treating our sex life as a chore to be endured instead of our previous celebrations of life. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. My dildo could give me a workout when I found the time and energy, but I needed a man's touch.

Of course I knew I could find a replacement for Jim easily. But I didn't want to cheat on him and as a husband he was a good man. I kept thinking that if we could just hang on, the economy would improve and things would be like they had been in the past. Fortunately when I was at my wits end, Jim had a huge sales month and his commission afforded us the opportunity for a getaway vacation. We were able to rent a small house just outside Rocky Mountain National Park for 5 nights. After the first couple of days of hiking and recharging our batteries, Jim and I were both like our old selves. We didn't leave the house for the next three days except to shop for food. Our romance was definitely rekindled.

Unfortunately the next month Jim's sales were down and we were back to struggling to make ends meet. Even worse, our sex life was non-existent. One night while I was home alone (Jim was at his second job) my neighbor Judy invited me over, an invitation I gladly accepted. Judy and Ron, her husband, were a couple of years older than Jim and me. They seemed to have an ideal marriage. We didn't know them that well, but we always got along with them when we interacted.

Judy said Ron was out of town and she was feeling lonely. She had a bottle of wine open and poured me a glass.

"I hate to drink alone," she said.

For the next couple of hours we drank and chatted like old friends. As the alcohol lowered our inhibitions, conversation turned more sexual in nature. Eventually I spilled the beans about my lack of sex problem. Judy just laughed.

"That's no problem. I can solve that," she commented.

My mind was a little cloudy, but I wondered if I just heard what I thought I heard.

"Listen Tina. Every woman needs a little help in the bedroom. Ron is great, but I still need to supplement him."

"What kind of supplement?" I asked hoping she wasn't talking about me.

"Sex toys silly. What did you think I meant?"

I stammered an answer that didn't make me sound like I thought she was cheating on Ron. She sounded like she didn't believe me. I was quick to change the subject and she was quick to open another bottle of wine. By the end of bottle two, my head was spinning. I told Judy I needed to head home. I knew Jim would be home in just over an hour and I wanted to get in bed so he wouldn't find me drunk. I stood on wobbly legs and started walking toward the door. As we were passing the stairs to the second floor, Judy not so subtlety pushed me toward the stairs.

"Before you leave I want to show you something."

In my wine fueled haze I was reluctant, but she was insistent and I found myself clutching the banister as she directed me to her bedroom. It was tastefully appointed and had a big walk in closet. There were three dressers, clothes racks and a large cloth covered recliner. I was getting nervous and I'm sure it showed. Judy commented on my obvious discomfort and told me to relax.

"Here, look at this," she said. "This is how we keep our bed fresh and I keep my pussy satisfied."

Even drunk I was shocked that she mentioned her pussy. I watched as Judy slid open the bottom drawer of the dresser. She pulled out a beautiful piece of lace lingerie.

"This is for when I'm sweet."

Then she shut that drawer and opened the next. It was filled with lingerie also, but it looked like leather and maybe even vinyl. She pulled out a stiff bra with holes cut out of the center.

"This is for when I'm naughty."

Shutting that drawer she moved onto the next. It was filled with all manner of dildos, vibrators and a short cylinder with nubs on the end a little bigger than a AA battery.

"This is for when Ron isn't home or can't get it up. I'll be in this drawer later tonight."

Finally moving onto the fourth drawer she showed me a collection of cuffs, blindfolds, a paddle, a crop and a thick black strap-on dildo.

"And this is for when I'm feeling extra kinky."

I just nodded my head not sure of what to say.

"All I'm saying is I'd rather have Ron's dick, but that isn't always possible. Even when he is home, I cum much better with the aid of these."

She picked up the short cylinder and held it up for me to look at. Go ahead and take it silly. She turned the base and it sprung to life. I held it in my hands. Its vibrations were powerful for its small size.

"You hold it perpendicular to your clit when your man is taking care of you. He'll feel the vibrations and it will drive you wild. I guarantee it. The only problem is it eats batteries. I had to buy recharables for it."

I turned off the devilish little toy and tried to and it back to her but she wouldn't take it.

"Keep it. Try it when Jim gets home and tell me what you think tomorrow. I've got plenty of options for tonight."

If I was sober maybe I would have refused. That would have been the safe thing. But I didn't. I took my new friend home and headed to the bedroom. I hate to admit it, maybe it was the wine, but watching Judy describe her toy collection had turned me on. I was desperate to try the tiny vibrator. I stripped off my clothes and jumped in my bed. Reaching down my fingers confirmed what I already knew. I was wet. I opened the drawer in my bedside table and retrieved my dildo. I usually used it only after Jim fell asleep if he hadn't made me orgasm. Occasionally I used it when he was working late, but I always felt guilty. Tonight I didn't feel remorse, guilt or any other hang up as I slid my dildo into my dripping pussy.

Oh, it felt so good. Jim hadn't given me his cock for at least a week and who knew how he would feel when he got home. I didn't want to chance he would be too tired for me so I began fucking myself in earnest. When I was good and worked up, I turned the small vibrator Judy had given me back on. My clit was engorged and peaking out of its hood. Its first contact with the tiny buzzer was almost shocking, in a good way. I buzzed myself several times, each time removing the vibrator quickly although holding it on my clit longer each time.

Finally my body adjusted to the sensation and I was able to hold it directly over my clit while I continued to bang away at my pussy with the dildo. Judy was right. It was heavenly. I had used a vibrator a couple of times in college but I forgot what having a powerful toy could do for me. Soon I was thrashing on the bed and then gloriously cumming. It was the best climax I had since we went on vacation a few months earlier. I lay in the bed glowing until I heard the garage door open.

Damn, I had forgotten about Jim. I jumped up and put both toys in my drawer. I grabbed a robe out of our bathroom and wrapped it around my hot, naked body. I ran downstairs and found Jim in the kitchen. I purposely left the sash of the robe open so he would have easy access to my body. With the robe blowing open and my breasts flapping, I ran into the kitchen and wrapped him in my arms.

"Take me to bed or lose me forever!" I shouted.

I pushed him against the wall and planted a passionate kiss on him before he could react. Fortunately the story doesn't end with him rejecting me. He did take me to bed and he did make love to me. I used the little vibrator on my clit while he was inside of me and he was inspired by its sensations. I came twice more before he deposited his load. I had to get one of these toys for myself.

The next morning Jim was up and out of the house early. I had a few minutes before I would have to drag myself to the shower in order to make it to work on time. As a result, I enjoyed another fine round of self pleasure with my new friend. My life attitude was definitely improving.

That night I had to work my second job so it was late before I was heading home. I stopped at 7-11 and picked up a package of overpriced batteries. I figured it was the least I could do for Judy. I didn't get home until 11 and all the lights were out in the house. Jim must have already been asleep. I looked over at Judy's house and several lights were still shining. I contemplated returning her toy but decided it was too late. I also didn't want to risk having to explain myself to her husband in case he was back from his trip.

I went into my house and up to the bedroom. Jim was snoring fast asleep. I went into the bathroom and peeled off my dirty clothes. I took a quick shower and then crawled into bed warm and naked. I thought of my dildo and of the vibrator, but sleep overtook me before I chose to act on my urge.

The next night Jim and I both worked our second jobs, but they sent me home early because they were slow. Seeing Judy's lights on I decided to stop over. She appeared happy to see me and I thanked her for letting me use her wonderful toy. I was secretly hoping she would let me borrow something else, but instead she invited me to a toy party at her house on Saturday.

"What's a toy party?" I asked. I had visions of women sitting around using toys on themselves and I really wasn't into that scene.

"Actually I got all my toys from the same place. There's a woman I know who sells sex toys door-to-door."

"Really, door-to-door?" I said with disbelief.

"Well not really. She has a website and she also sells via hostess parties like I'm having Saturday. It's kind of like a Tupperware party only we call it Fuckerware."

"I'm not sure I understand," I said.

"Suzy, my friend, brings samples of what she sells on the website to somebody's house. That person invites some friends she thinks will be open to and benefit from the subject matter. You get great pricing because she doesn't have a retail location requiring a big mark-up and you get to look at the toys in a non-threatening location."

"That all sounds innocent enough," I commented.

"Just to warn you, it's not all innocent. Not that we're going to force you to do anything, but sometimes a woman wants to test the merchandise. Suzy brings a few 'demo' models and sometimes either lets you borrow one in the privacy of a bedroom or even demonstrates on herself."

Things were starting to get weird, but I told Judy I would attend. After all I could always leave and Jim was working anyway. The rest of the week I thought about the party and how I would react. I was certainly sexually open and I really liked her little vibrator. I knew I wanted to at least buy that one, but what else would she bring? Would the other women in attendance be 'normal' or was Judy inviting a bunch of degenerates? Is that what she thought of me? No, I was normal and Judy seemed normal enough. I decided it was just a gathering of liberated women who wanted pleasure. At least that is what I told myself.

Saturday finally came. Jim had to work from noon to 8. The party was at 2 so I figured I would have plenty of time to try out my new toys. I debated what to wear to the party. It seemed like I should wear a skirt in case I was inspired to try a toy, but I didn't want to seem too obvious. I decided on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. At the last minute I almost changed my mind, but at 2pm I walked next door. There were at least 8 cars parked in front of Judy's house. I rang the door bell and she let me in.

"Thanks for coming Tina," she said and gave me a big hug. "Let me introduce you."

Judy walked me around the room introducing me to a series of women. Most we around our age and had wedding rings on their fingers. I've never been good with names but I made it a point to remember Suzy, the sales lady. I was also introduced to Faith. She lived a few houses to the north of Judy and Ron. I had seen her in the neighborhood but we had never met. As she shook my hand I was struck by how firm her handshake was. She was solid like an athlete. She wasn't curvy and she wasn't classically beautiful. She struck me as powerful and I wondered if she lifted weights.

Judy said there were two other people expected so we stood around and chatted until they arrived. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was definitely casual. Judy had several bottles of wine open and everybody had a couple of glasses except Suzy. When it was time to get down to business, we formed a circle around the living room. Suzy began with a description of her company and her philosophy on women's pleasure. Her theory was that for too long women had suppressed their own sexual pleasure and sex was something to be celebrated not condemned. Whether alone or with a partner, a woman should be able to do whatever she wanted to find her pleasure zone. Of course that met with great satisfaction to the assembled group.

Suzy lifted a large case onto the coffee table and opened it up. Inside were about 6 dildos and vibrators neatly held in high density foam. I also spied the little vibrator Judy had let we borrow, the one thing I knew I wanted to buy. All of the women leaned forward and began to pay more attention. Suzy picked out the first vibrator and began to talk about its quality construction for years of dependability. She went on to describe each toy in detail and passed them around the group. The women were examining the toys like you would examine a fruit or vegetable at the store before you bought it. Some were weighing them in their hands comparing the relative merits of the models and speculating on which would was better suited to their purpose.

After showing everything in that case, Suzy pulled out a catalog. "Of course I can't bring everything I represent with me, but I can get you whatever you need."

I didn't have a toy in my hand at that moment so I gestured to get the catalog. I had never seen such a selection in my life. There was every size, shape and color imaginable. I had no idea how somebody was supposed to choose. I was engrossed in looking at the catalog and not paying attention in the least when one of the women asked Suzy for a demonstration. I looked up just as Suzy was opening another case, also filled with vibrators.

"I keep these as demonstration models," she said. "They all get cleaned after each party so you don't have to worry about hygiene."

A woman, I didn't remember her name, picked a large vibrator and walked up to Judy. She whispered something in her ear and Judy said "up the stairs" and pointed out of the living room. The woman casually walked out and the demonstration continued.

Suzy opened a third case. This one was different. I wasn't even sure what all the things were. As Suzy explained about the items I learned about nipple suckers, clit suckers, magic wands, Ben WA balls, chastity belts and more. I'm sure I was not the only one who found this arousing. I know that because just as the first woman was returning with the borrowed vibrator, another one of my neighbors, Lisette, I think, a young blonde who had just moved into the subdivision, grabbed a different model and walked out of the room.

My pussy was starting to feel very warm and I now regretted wearing the jeans. They were very tight and the crotch was rubbing my pussy every time my weight shifted in the chair. Like the dildos and vibrators had been, this case of toys was passed around for inspection and another catalog followed. The room seemed to be getting warmer as Suzy asked for volunteers to model some lingerie.

I looked around the room and only one hand was up. It was Judy's. Suzy excused herself and walked out with Judy and a suitcase. They disappeared upstairs and the rest of us sat silently. The only sound to break the silence was Lisette returning to the room. She definitely had the look of someone who had been masturbating.

"This thing is incredible. You girls have to try it," she said.

About that time Suzy returned. "Judy will be down in a minute. I wish somebody else would volunteer so you could see more, but we'll be fine."

Suzy busied herself passing out lingerie catalogs and then I saw Judy descending the stairs. She was dressed in a black merry widow, thigh high stockings and 4" stiletto pumps. She looked incredibly sexy. I didn't remember ever thinking of another woman that way. Maybe it was the tension in my jeans or maybe it was the entire atmosphere of being around the toys, but I felt my pussy gush a little when she entered the room.

Judy toured the group while Suzy described why her lingerie was superior to what you buy in name brand stores like Victoria's Secret. What she was saying made sense, although when I looked at the prices in the catalog, I questioned whether it made that much sense. The group of women seemed apprehensive about having Judy model in front of them. I wondered if it was because they were all having the same feelings between their legs that I was having or whether it was something else. Judy modeled 4 other outfits that afternoon and by the end of the show all I could think about was getting home and getting my hand in my pants.

I tried to estimate how much money Suzy took in that afternoon. It was considerable. Most of the toys she had "in stock" in her SUV as well as some of the lingerie. The rest she had to order with a promise to deliver within a week. I felt I needed to apologize that all I could afford was my new small sleek vibrator to replace the one I had borrowed from Judy. Suzy told me not to worry about it. If I wanted to host a party I could earn more toys and if I wanted to model, I could do better still. I told her I'd think about it, but I really intended just to save my money. I didn't think I could show myself off like Judy had done.

I walked back home. I wanted to run but I was afraid somebody from the party would see me. Once inside the house, though, I made a beeline to our bedroom and quickly shed my clothes. My orgasms were quick to arrive and quick to depart. I knew I wasn't satisfied but with Jim due home, I figured I'd have to wait. After a light dinner, I practically raped Jim. He performed well, but my mind was on Judy modeling the lingerie. I didn't know why that was what I pictured, but I was imagining her taking off her lingerie and beckoning me to come to her. Jim and I both climaxed at the same time, but I had to wonder what he would do if he knew I was thinking about my sexy neighbor while I did.

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