The G Spot


She wished the head nurse had given her a lift to this imposing college she now stood in front of rather than having to have made her own way here, the place looked huge, she had already waited long enough and with no sign of her superior, so maybe she was meant to meet her inside.

Just inside the main doors was the reception, the stern looking lady behind the desk looked her up and down, obviously assessing her in her own mind, speaking in a loud voice she said "hurry up girl, the headmaster started his class 10 minutes ago, he's waiting for you, straight down the corridor and its room 101".

Being reminded of her own school days, she did as she was told and quickly headed off down the corridor, not wanting to be told off by the officious looking lady.

Deciding to knock and enter right away rather than loosing her nerve, she went in at the same time as a deep voice said to enter.

Looking around the classroom she saw lots of eager young faces staring at her, all males, so she guessed either no girls were interested in whatever the subject was or it was a boy's only college.

The headmaster looked at her sternly and she felt herself stand up straighter, "here at last" he said "the young people of today have no sense of time, not like everyone here" he asked the room and was answered immediately, these boys had obviously had years of unquestioning obedience drummed in to them.

He continued addressing the class and ignoring her "now that all of you are 18 years old I have a very special class for you, no more diagrams or pictures but a real live specimen" he said looking in her direction.

If he was referring to her as the specimen she didn't like it one bit, but still didn't know why she was here, so decided to keep quiet for now.

He called her over and positioned her at the front of the room, "now boys, here we have a young female, white, in her early twenties, just over average height, I expect all of you to take notes, I will be asking questions".

She begin to feel a little nervous, not just being the only female in a room full of males but also apprehensive about what was going to happen, where was her superior, she was supposed to be here.

The older head teacher, probably in his fifties, reached over and took her coat off, he had some manners at least she thought, after hanging her coat up he turned back to her, looking a little surprised to see her in her nurses outfit, she wondered what he had expected.

He then took hold of her top and started to undo the buttons, she was so taken aback she just let him, he muttered under his breath that if she hadn't have been so late she could have undressed herself, but her was running late, he knew how long woman took getting dressed or undressed.

The boys were staring avidly, watching as one by one the buttons were undone, revealing her pale flesh and cleavage underneath, she was stunned, like a rabbit caught in a cars headlights, what on earth had her hospital manager promised this college.

It wasn't until the older man was tugging her top off that she started to react, he spoke to her quietly but sternly, to keep still and do as she was told, his air of authority made her feel that she was the one in the wrong, not all the others and what they were doing.

He unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the ground, revealing her long legs encased in black pantyhose, he muttered to himself, something about her not making it easy for him.

He undid her bra fastenings, while she tried to grab it to stop it falling he took hold of her nylon hose and pulled firmly down, it went halfway down her legs right away, In between her trying to hold onto her bra and not loose her balance he managed to get it down to her feet, she had no option other than to step out of them otherwise she would have fallen over.

In so doing she lost hold of her bra so ended up standing at the head of a class full of boys totally naked.

"Stop fidgeting" he told her "and put your arms down by your side, how else do you expect all the boys to see you properly". She didn't know why they should see her at all, but now she was naked she had no idea how to get out of this with any dignity so decided to just stand still and do as she was told for now.

He stepped back and addressed his class –

"As you can see, the specimen has larger than average breasts and for her height, her legs also look longer, the more observant of you may have noticed that even though the breasts are quite large they are natural as you would have seen by how they moved when she was loosing her balance".

Some of the boys nodded.

"To keep in with modern day teaching practice, we will also go thru the popular slang terms for the female body so as you know what is being referred to by other less educated people, no doubt many of you already have a large vocabulary so I'm sure you will be able to contribute".

"So, who is going to start with other commonly known names for the breasts, hands go up "Tits, sir" "yes, that is one, continue" "Boobs" said another.

Taking note that most of the boys were looking further down, he carried on "you can see that this specimen is shaved around the pubic area, this is not uncommon and for our purposes makes it easier to view the female genitals"

"Note, that you can see the lips of the vagina even though the legs are closed, now while I arrange the specimen on the table you can tell me the slang terms for the vagina"

With the boys delighting in shouting out "cunt and pussy" many times over, the headmaster steered his specimen towards and onto a table at the head of the room.

She was beginning to feel like an object herself, she thought maybe the best way to get thru this was to pretend it wasn't happening to her and to view it as if from a distance.

"Gather around, boys" they rushed forward to get the best viewing spots.

"Before we move on to the genitals, just take note of how the nipples have elongated, this is due to the cold after having the clothes removed and as you can see, they have increased in size greatly".

"Now onto the main subject of today's class, the female reproductive organs, parting the legs so, you can see it in entirety"

She could see all the class peering between her legs, she felt a blush creep up her body, her face reddening, but no one was looking at her face to take notice.

"From the pictures you have already seen you know that the outer lips can vary in size, these in front of you are fairly small, but when the female gets excited they do start to open, as that won't be the case now, I will open them for you".

She felt his rough hands on her sensitive pussy lips; she had to resist the urge to slam her legs tight shut and to keep pretending it wasn't her laid out on a table top exposed to all.

"Well, this vagina is actually already moist inside, some are, but most are usually dry before they are stimulated, note the clitoris covered in its hood of skin, we will now stimulate it so that it enlarges for you all to see, now watch closely".

He made his finger wet with saliva and began to gently stroke her clitoris, "please assist" he spoke to the nearest and pulled the students arm nearer; hold this specimens vagina open while I stimulate the clitoris.

The eager young man was happy to oblige.

She was biting her lip trying to think of other things as he was stroking her sensitive clitoris, it didn't help that she hadn't cum for a few days, so busy had she been with her studies.

Her pussy was betraying her and starting to lubricate as well as the clitoris getting hard.

"There you can see the clitoris has behaved as expected, you can see it has now increased in size so that it pokes thru its covering of skin, you can also see that the surrounding lips have become wet, you can see it glistening in the light".

"It still has some way to go to become wetter, you, boy, pointing to the next nearest; continue to stimulate the clitoris while I rest my fingers".

"Sir, piped up one of the braver students, can we use the slang terms to describe the specimen", with a glower from the headmaster, he said "very well, it is near end of term, so in this one instance only".

"You may discuss the specimen between yourselves".

The older man moved away but kept a careful eye on his students, she heard them discussing her like she wasn't there saying things like, "look at that cunt, how wet it is and that they wished their own girlfriends got that juicy".

They were encouraging the boys holding her pussy open and rubbing the clit, to work it and make it get soaking wet, to her further embarrassment, she felt her pussy juices drip out of her and down her legs, the boys spotted it immediately, saying " look at that, its dripping on the table".

Hearing those words the teacher stepped nearer and looking at her pussy closely advised the students, "yes, the cunt, as you wish me to call it, is ready, the reason I arranged this display is to show you something many men take years to discover, if at all".

"Some of you may have heard the term, the G Spot, well today, I am going to show you how to find it and what effect it has on the female".

"Now look very closely", they were so close she could feel their hot breath on her legs and even between them.

Sucking his middle finger to lubricate it, he told the boys to continue to hold the cunt open; he inserted his finger deep inside her, making her gasp with a quick intake of breath.

"Now, you need to insert the finger in all the way and feel up inside the cunt, having it so wet assists, usually just a few inches up inside the cunt, there may not be anything to feel as such, but you will know from the females reaction as to whether you have found it" he said with what he considered was a joke.

Not only having to contend with the thought of all those eyes staring at her lubricating pussy, she could hear it making wet squelching noises as the headmaster moved his finger inside her.

If they were looking for a reaction they certainly got one when her legs tensed as he found what he was looking for, she didn't even know where it was herself or even if she had a G Spot.

"There, see that" he said, the boys nodded "now watch this" he began working his finger in and out faster, the boys watching intently, not noticing her biting her lip and trying not to moan.

"Keep taking notes, the clit enlargement, the increasing wetness of the cunt and the tensing when the G Spot is found, if you keep quiet you will also hear moaning coming from the specimen".

"As we are late, I will bring this to a close" working his finger rapidly in the pussy, the boys hearing it squelch together with her moaning.

"Its almost there, watch and listen".

She couldn't hold back any longer, with an arching of her back and a loud groan she orgasmed in front of over 20 young men as well as their middle aged teacher.

Withdrawing his soaked hand, he took out a handkerchief to wipe her pussy juice off his fingers, telling his class that he expected them to have today's lesson written up ready for marking by the next day.

The boys excited the room quickly, one even stealing her hose and another her bra on their way out, the head teacher looked back at her as he also left the room, requesting she leave quickly as the next lesson was due very soon due to her arriving late and making his class run overtime.

Trying to come back to reality, she quickly dressed and headed back the way she had come, seeing her senior colleague as she approached reception.

Her colleague greeted her with angry words asking where on earth had she been, she had to set up the colleges medical room all by herself with only minimal assistance from some young blonde girl that had met her saying she had been told by her modelling agency she had a job here and would be given instructions what to do once she had arrived.

The trainee nurse thought it best to keep quiet and hope her superior didn't notice her lack of hose and her bouncing bare breasts under her uniform.

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