tagLoving WivesThe Game Ch. 02

The Game Ch. 02


I wish to thank Literotica for allowing me to post my offerings. I am proud that some overlooked my poor editing skills and did enjoy the stories. I appreciate all those that offered encouragement and constructive criticism that helped me better see my mistakes. And I will thank those that expressed an opinion even if it was to say I am a bad writer. I value my experience here. I learned I can write a story some wish to read. A second lesson was I need to improve my editing skills so that others will read my work. And I learned that I can't please everyone. But no writer can, so I must accept what comments are offered, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks again for your support. I did try to edit this but am sure it has some mistakes. I am posting it for those that wish to know how the story ends.

Oh and one other note. I call myself WantABWriter.....not WantABEditor....


Monday Liz slept in. She had arranged for the day off. She had a project to complete and more research to do. Liz completed the file just a few minutes before noon. After a quick bite she went to purchase a component for the flat screen TV Jim had put on the wall in the bedroom. She also had a list of a few other things. With that done and put in place Liz began her research.

That evening Jim was surprised to see Liz dressed in a very revealing and tight outfit. She met him at the door and gave him a big kiss. She had prepared his favorite meal and waited on him hand and foot. As he relaxed in the den with a drink Liz went to run him a bath. She pampered Jim in the bathroom too, washing his back and feet. She dried him and led him to bed. Tucking him in early Jim hoped he would be getting lucky. He was a little disappointed when Liz brought him his laptop computer. She showed Jim the file she had made for him. It was displayed on the 42" flat screen on the wall. Jim was immediately aroused.

Liz smiled, "Since you enjoy pornography so much I thought you might like to see me in some. I have made this file for you and it contains all the photos you took as I played that horrible game. I believe you enjoyed seeing me humiliated and used like a whore. Now you have your own private collection and you have my permission to post them on the web. Maybe some other men will get a hard cock seeing me. It's only fair that you share, because you've seen their wives and girlfriends."

Jim looked at his wife. What had she just said? She reached under the cover and took hold of his hard cock. She already had a condom in hand and flipped the cover back to get better access. Liz said nothing as she placed the condom on him. As Jim explored the file Liz began to stroke him with one hand while she used her other hand caress his balls. All in all Jim lasted just under two minutes. Liz smiled and took the condom off. She held it with the content trapped at the tip. Liz bent and kissed the head of Jim's deflated cock. A second later she had engulfed him in her mouth and cleaned his manhood.

Jim was flabbergasted. Liz smiled at him and climbed off the bed. "I'll put this in the freezer. Let me know if you need my help with the next condom. I think I'll take a quick shower but I'll check back before I hit the hay. I've been busy and need to work tomorrow. I'll be sleeping in the guest room for the rest of the week if you want to finish the game."

Jim frowned. "You can't sleep with me?"

"Afraid not, but if you demand I, the game is over."

Liz slept alone and found she really missed Jim. She hadn't allowed herself to even sleep in the same bed with him in the last week as part of her plan. She felt herself getting horny but fought the urge to satisfy herself with masturbation.

The rest of the week was a repeat. Liz would give Jim one hand job before she went to bed till Thursday night. On Friday Liz sent a message to Jim. "Be home by 6 so we can start the next phase."

Jim was home in record time that Friday evening. He found Liz waiting by the door in a very sexy short black dress, heels, hair up and makeup fully applied. He liked what he saw. Jim hadn't had his wife in bed with him for almost two weeks. At 6 p.m. they were in the den waiting to see what the cards held. Jim wanted to take his wife in his arms and whisk her off to bed, but it was not going to happen. Liz explained that at 7 they would open the chest. Jim would total Liz's score for her completed tasks. Then after her score was determined they would open the second small chest. Jim would draw one of the envelopes and allow Liz to open it. If she had met or exceeded the score, they would be headed out on the town. If she had not met the total needed, there were instructions as to how she would be punished depending on her degree of failure.

With trembling hands Liz released her lock from the large chest. The two smaller boxes were taken out and carried to the kitchen table. With independent keys they unlocked the task box and totaled Liz's score. She had completed 38 of the 40. Jim had marked all with the number of points suggested. Liz began to cry. She knew she had less than a 25% change of winning the game. As she cried Jim asked what was wrong. Liz looked at him with tear-filled eyes and said she had not done even one of the tasks well enough to earn even one extra point. It was then Jim realized he could have given her more or less than the suggested number. He apologized but offered he might have scored her lower on some as well as higher. With the total score of 935 points Liz released her lock on the second chest. Jim did the same and opened the box. He looked in and saw the envelopes.

Jim took the six out and spread them on the table top. As he fingered each blank white envelope Liz's anxiety grew. Jim was feeling her strain and was amused by it. When he touched each one Liz would sigh and hide her eyes behind her hands. Jim felt there must be something really distasteful in at least one of them.

Liz held her tongue and didn't demand that Jim choose. It was past 7:30 and Liz knew she would need a little time to prepare but still she was not ready for it to happen. Finally Jim felt he could drag it out no longer. He picked one and handed it to Liz

She took the envelope like it had a bomb inside, holding it gingerly with two fingers. It took a second for Liz to build the courage to tear it open. When she did she took out a single sheet of paper and unfolded it. Liz began to cry again. She dropped the paper on the table top. Jim looked at her with just a little sympathy. He would have had more if it had not been for his erection.

"What's it say?"

Liz looked at Jim and shook her head. She picked the paper up and began to read between sobs. "You need to have earned at least 1025 points. If not, you did not try hard enough. To discipline you for your poor performance you will have to work your way thru one box for each 20 points. Even if you are 1 point over the 20, you will need to complete the next box. You have 15 minutes to report of the chest and begin!"

With that Liz pulled the 6 remaining folded sheets from the torn envelope and handed 5 of them to Jim. She took the 6th sheet with her as she left the table. Liz went to the guest room to prepare. She was sad but a little excited as she removed her dress. Jim looked at the folded page and opened them. The first was an explanation of box number one. Jim couldn't believe his eyes. Would Liz really do that?

Without reading any farther he headed for the master bedroom. When he arrives Liz was not there. She entered in just a few moments. She was naked with the exception of garter, hose and heels. Her makeup was heavy and she carried the box from the freezer. She looked sad.

Jim took pity on her. Liz you don't have to do this. Put your clothes on and I'll take you out for a night on the town."

Liz shook her head, "No, we have to finish the game. We started this because you seem to enjoy pornography more than me. I just didn't do well enough last weekend to cure you, so I must suffer all that the rules require."

"Liz I just don't know about this. I mean..."

Liz cut him off, "I'll do as the instructions say or you will have to work out another way for me to understand your needs! Believe me, I don't like it. But if we don't continue, all I did last week will have been for nothing. And I assure you that file I made will disappear. If it doesn't and I find you have kept it I'll leave!"

Jim hung his head and didn't say another word.

Liz took the box labeled #1 from the top of the boxes in the large chest. She looked at the clock. "Well Jim you can get the video and the digital cameras. It is time to begin."

Jim was back holding the cameras and Liz began to read the instructions in the box, "Liz you have been condemned to do a humiliating photo shoot. You will be photographed for 4 hours. You will duplicate all the poses that are depicted in the photos from the box. At the end of the session you will be photographed with each of the three signs hanging round your neck. If you are lucky the box from the freezer will not have many in it. But regardless you will use all the props. Your face will be visible in each photo and your will smile for the camera. If not, you will retake the photo till Jim is satisfied. To make this as enjoyable for future viewing you will wear all the outfits in the box, use the wigs to change your appearance and use all the items. Now get ready then set the timer for 4 hours. You will have to work hard to complete the assignment."

Jim felt himself stiffen in his pants. He didn't know what to expect but he felt he would enjoy. With the camera in hand he watched Liz head for the bathroom to prepare. When she returned to the room she handed him a stack of photos. Jim was a little embarrassed, for he had seen many of the photos before. Liz looked at Jim with a little grimace, "I think you enjoy photos like these, so I must make you some. I'll do my best but you'll have to help pose me. I don't see what pleasure you get out of looking at these women on the web, but you must. I found those on sites you frequent. Now what is the first one?"

Jim didn't know what to say. He had looked at many of the photos and visualized his wife Liz in such a pose. Now he was going to get his wish. He was even harder than before. Jim just held up the first photo. Liz tried to strike the pose. When Jim was satisfied she held it as he snapped the photo. There were 100 photos in the box. Liz had them arranged to where 25 were in the bed room. She would then change to the desired costume before moving to the den for 25 more. Then third set of 25 were in the kitchen wearing a different outfit and a wig. The last would be the most difficult for her. They were in the bathroom.

It was 11 that night when Liz prepared for the last shoot. The first 15 were not too bad but on the 16th one of that set Jim was astounded to see the women covered with cum. Liz did her best to smile as she went to the bedroom to retrieve box that had been in the freezer. She opened it and wanted to cry. The box held Jim's cum filled condoms. She knew to expect 5, for Liz had put that many in the box. But looking down it was apparent Jim had been busier than she would have guessed. When Liz looked up at her husband he blushed.

"Liz you made that file for me to look at and I... then you helped me once ever night... you just looked so sexy I couldn't help myself," he tired to defend himself.

With mouth opened Liz asked, "How many?"

"I don't know, I had to get some more. You even had me horny enough to do it at work!"

Liz began to sob and dropped to her knees. She looked up and held the first condom by its tip and let the contents drip on to her face. Then placing the condom aside she did the second. All in all there were 37 in the container. When she was finished she opened her eyes as best she could to look at Jim. He was red faced but had a bulge in his pants. Liz tied to smile as Jim took three photos of her. As she posed she held a sign that said "Sluts Facial". Next was a photo of Liz cleaning her face with her finger and sucking it clean. After cleaning her face Liz posed with the empty condoms draped on the body with her sucking cum from the only one full one she had left. The sign this time read "Cum Dump". After disposing of all the condoms in the toilet, Liz posed with a flesh colored dildo in her mouth. The caption on the sign was "Cock Sucker Trainee"

Liz looked at Jim. "I'll need your help for the last four. She held up a sign that said "Cock Sucking Slut". I need your cock as my prop. I'll let you photo me with your cock in my mouth twice. Then I will suck you off till you cum in my mouth. I'll give you a shot of your cum on my tongue. The last will be me swallowing and showing a clean tongue. Think you're up to that?" Liz asked looking at his swollen cock trapped by Jim's pants. She hoped he was about ready to cum so it wouldn't take long. Liz had never liked oral sex, well not having to perform that is. Now she had to let Jim cum in her mouth then show it. It was all she could do to follow thru with that last act.

When all the photos were taken Liz stood and took the camera. "Well that's the first box down. I have 4 more to work thru." Her voice began to quiver, "But at least I don't have to that number six! I'll sleep in the guest room again. We'll start box #2 at 8 tomorrow morning." Liz gave Jim a peck on the cheek and slipped by him. In truth she had to exit the room or she would have fucked him right there on the floor. Liz was more turned on by the photo shoot than she wanted to admit to even herself.

Jim was still horny and lay in bed with his laptop, going thru the file Liz had made for him yet one more time. Since he had gotten the file from Liz on Monday night, Jim had not wanted to surf the web. After pleasing himself twice he finally drifted into sleep. The photo on the screen was Liz holding the panties she had stolen.

Liz had a hard time going to sleep also, but she didn't indulged herself. That too was part of her punishment.

At 6 a.m. Liz took coffee to Jim. He was still asleep. Liz sat on the bed looking at her husband. She questioned why she was doing these things? Was it because she found that Jim was on the internet viewing such photos or was it more? In the years they had been married neither one ever opened to the other about their sexual desires and needs. If Liz had, what would she have said? She wondered. Would Jim have confided in her what aroused him? If he had confessed, how would she have responded? As she sipped her coffee Liz looked as Jim lay sleeping. She loved him with all her heart. Her original anger came from the fear Jim tiring of her. She never wanted to lose him, so she had devised the 'game' and made it almost impossible to win. What Liz realized now was she enjoyed what she was 'having to do' in a strange way. Was it 'being forced' so to speak or the humiliation? The thoughts that Jim might share the photos with someone on the web brought a tingle between her legs.

Finally Liz shook Jim. "Wake up sleepyhead, we have a lot to do today! Coffee's on the night stand. Up and at um!" Liz left the room before Jim could grab her. She didn't want to stop till the game had run its course.

At 7:30 that Saturday morning Liz opened the second box. "Liz you must have been very unlucky or you didn't try, for now you have to complete another photo shoot. You will feel tight ropes on your body and let the world see you helpless. Hope you don't care about the costumes for they will be rags. Now get to work! You have 4 hours to do 10 bondage positions. You photographer will chose the order." Liz looked at Jim and handed him the ten photo sets.

Jim thumbed thru them. One was a school girl tied to a post. The second was a business woman tied in a office chair. The third was woman in her panties and bra bound stretched out on a couch. The forth was a woman tied over a kitchen table dressed in a house coat. The fifth was a woman in a body suit hog tied on the floor. Number six was a woman in shorts, tied standing in a garage. The seventh was a woman wearing a jump suite in leg irons and cuffs. Number eight was a woman spread eagle on the bed in a gown. The ninth one was a naked woman in the shower bound to the plumbing. The last was a real treat, maybe the favorite for Jim. A woman tied on her knees, legs spread wide and her head pulled back by a rope in her hair. What she was looking at was a noose hanging from the ceiling.

As Jim had looked at the photos Liz had gone to the guest room to get her costumes. Each was in a plastic bag much like a cleaners would use. The box was filled with all the needed equipment for Liz's bondage. She was naked and looked to Jim for instruction.

Jim looked at Liz, "Let's start with this one. We can do the shoot in your office." Liz nodded and said, "if you remember, you can tear or cut the clothes off me as you make the shots. I'll get dressed. There is a timer in the box as well as scissors and a knife. You'll have 20 minutes per shoot. That is to bind me and all. That gives me about 4 minutes between each shoot to dress and do make up. Are you ready to get started?"

At 8 sharp Liz was dressed in a business suit being tied to the chair. Liz didn't care about any of the costumes, for they were all purchased at a thrift shop. And this particular suit didn't fit all that well.

Jim tied her and began the shoot. He took a photo of her with a frightened look then began to cut the clothing off her. Jim had time to take 20 photos of his wife in various stages of clothing removal. Liz wouldn't have admitted it but it was fun for her. She had enjoyed purchasing the items and now having them cut off.

One by one she was tied and stripped naked. Jim had that large bulge in his pants the entire time. The school girl was fun and so was the being tied to the post. The couch was comfortable and Liz found it pleasant but it was not as arousing as she wanted. The shorts in the garage had a thrill. Liz was glad she got to change clothes often, for if not she would have exposed her excitement with wet panties. Spread eagle on the bed was frustrating because she could see Jim's arousal. Unfortunately Liz was gagged and couldn't beg to be fucked. The shower was one Liz didn't like and just barely got a tingle from. The jumpsuit and leg irons we ok but Liz was not big on it. Over the table was a thrill and Jim told Liz her pussy was wet and shiny. That added humiliation and more excitement. Then Jim hog tied her on the carpeted floor. Liz bucked and rubbed her sex but only excited herself more. She at that point wouldn't have cared if she had orgasmed in front of Jim. The last one drove Liz over the edge. She was tied kneeling and looking at the noose. Just thinking about what might happen make her cum hard. Jim noticed but since she was gagged he assumed she was just struggling in frustration.

The shoot ended at noon. Liz was exhausted. But she still cleaned up the mess made and got a long drink of water. Liz went to look for Jim and found him in bed asleep. She sat beside him on the bed and wanted to crawl under the covers with him. Liz wanted Jim more than she had in several years. Maybe even as much as she did on their honeymoon.

Liz woke at 1:30 that afternoon. She had fallen asleep on the bed in the guest room. She wanted to lay down with Jim but had been afraid she would slip under the cover and ravish her husband. Liz knew if she did that she wouldn't finish the other boxes. In the moments just before sleep over took her, she questioned if that would be all that bad.

After a quick shower and dressing in a tight pair of shorts and a tee shirt Liz went to wake Jim. He was not overly excited to be awakened but he remembered there was more to come. And he didn't want to miss it.

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