tagGroup SexThe Game Ch. 02

The Game Ch. 02

bySara and Ron©

Chapter 2: Ron's Stripper Fantasy

March 1st fell on a Monday and my alarm went off at 6AM as usual. I stretched and got out of bed and stumbled to the shower to start my day. I was unusually horny this morning because Ron and I had an amazing sexual experience last week and agreed to fulfill each other's fantasies on a monthly basis. He got odd months and I got even months. We agreed that on the first of each month we would give each other a letter outlining the fantasy the other was to fulfill. Today was the first day of the first month of the game.

Part of me wondered if he would go through with it, but only a small part. I was anxious and found it difficult to concentrate on my daily routine of work not knowing when I might get his letter. We had only been dating a few months and I found the game a thrilling way to get to know him better. I knew about, and fulfilled one of his fantasies that he had never shared with anyone. And I got off on the intimacy and sense of power I felt from sharing a secret of his that only I knew. I hoped that today would allow me to feel that same high I felt then.

I dressed for work and left the house at 7:00 AM. The weather was clear and sunny although it was customarily chilly for a crisp Chicago morning. I walked quickly to my car and made the short commute to the train station where I would catch the 7:20 train downtown to my job at an advertising agency.

I parked and grabbed my purse from the passenger seat and noticed a blue envelope taped to the glove compartment door that I had not noticed before. I froze for a moment staring at the envelope wondering how Ron must have gotten it inside my locked car. I plucked the envelope off the dash and held it, feeling that at any moment it would evaporate and that I would realize that I had only fantasized its presence. I was vaguely aware of my excitement and despite the cold; I was sweating slightly and had familiar butterflies in my stomach.

I put the envelope in my purse and hurried to my train. The train was not crowded and I was able to secure a seat to myself on the second deck of the train. I sat all the way in the back and my mind wandered often to the letter. Did I dare open it now?

After a few minutes curiosity got the better of me and I found myself taking the letter in my hands. There were no markings on the outside to identify it as anything special. I laughed silently to myself thinking, "What if it's not from Ron? Wouldn't you feel ridiculous?"

Suddenly I felt an uncontrollable urge to open the letter. I tore the top off and slid out a single piece of paper with handwriting I immediately recognized as Ron's.

Inside was written on small paragraph. It said:

Dear Sara -- Thank you for thinking of this game. I love the idea of sharing my fantasies with you, but I am also afraid of how you may react to some of my sexual desires. I hope you find this as exciting as I do, but I understand if you don't wish to go through with this. Please remember these are just fantasies and I would not do anything to hurt you, but since you did ask I have decided to be completely honest with you. Anyway enough of the BS. One of my deepest fantasies is to fuck a stripper. I have had this fantasy since my first trip to a strip club when I was 18. I will let you decide if you really want to go through with this.

I read and reread his letter, vaguely aware that I was tingling with desire. I was not sure how to react to this fantasy and immediately pictured Ron fucking some sleazy whore that danced naked for money.

I found myself aroused rather than appalled at the idea, but I was not sure how to make this fantasy happen for him. It would take some thought. My train arrived at work in record time, or so it seemed. My mind kept wandering to strippers and Ron. I had no idea how to make this happen, but I knew who would. I had thirty days. This would be fun.


I began my day with a phone call to my friend Michelle. Michelle is what I call my wild child friend. She has been around, and passed around and is definitely not afraid to admit it. If anyone would know how to make this happen, it would be her. I dialed her direct line and she answered on the third ring.

I told her that I needed to see her and would buy her lunch today. She said sure, but asked me if I was ok. I told her I was fine and needed her advice about something personal. She giggled and asked me if it was about my new boy toy. She must have been able to hear my blush, because she just cackled and told me to meet her downtown at her office at noon.

At 11:45 I was waiting for her in the lobby of her building. She emerged from the elevator with a handsome man in his mid 40's. Michelle is 27 years old and so gorgeous that she has been chased by men all of her life since puberty. She is 5' 10" tall, skinny with long blond hair and 36C tits. Her complexion is perfect and she has an outgoing, self effacing personality that makes her a great friend. She is very open minded and the most sexual person I have ever known.

She waved to me and pecked the man on the cheek dismissively and headed my way. We hugged cordially and I asked her who her friend was.

"Just the flavor of the month, hun," she said as she smiled coyly. "He's a trader downtown who deals in oil futures; and if how he drills me is any indication of his trading skills, he will be a millionaire in six months."

I laughed at her entendre and told her I knew I picked the right friend to talk to.

"Oh my now I am curious," she said and we went across the street to a Mexican restaurant that served authentic food and awesome frozen Margaritas. I never drank at lunch, but after Michelle ordered a Grande Margarita, I felt that one probably be appropriate for this discussion.

After our drinks were served and we both had a long pull on the short straws of our drinks, Michelle turned to me and said, "Okay spill it. How is Ron, and what has your panties in such a knot that you are drinking on a Monday?."

I laughed and blushed at the same time. Leave it to Michelle to be blunt. I turned to her after another sip of the Margarita and proceeded to tell her all about Ron and The Game we had invented. I told her all about the blowjob I had given him; the tapes I had found, and the cum bath he gave me; and the game it inspired.

When I was done, Michelle stared at me with her mouth hanging open for about ten seconds and said, "Damn girl that is fucking HOT. I can't believe I never thought of something like that. Ron must agree with you. You are getting sex crazy, and it's about time if I may say so."

We laughed again together, and if felt good to share some of these feelings I have been having with a friend that understood me. Of course Michelle being Michelle had to have all of the dirty details (i.e. the size of his cock, how much he came, if I liked it, etc).

When I was done, I explained to her that we had decided to make The Game a monthly event. Her eyes sparkled at this news and she seemed to drink in every detail as I explained to her that even months were mine and odd months were Ron's. She immediately checked the date on her watch and saw that it was March 1st.

"So did he tell you his fantasy yet?" she asked anxiously.

I smiled and slowly reached into my purse, torturing her, as I extracted the single piece of paper from my purse. She immediately snatched it out of my hand and I had another drink from my Margarita as her eyes raced over the words on the page.

When she was done she handed the paper back to me with a look of concern on her face. "Well he certainly has raised the bar with this one hasn't he? So what do you think about all this?"

I was confused by her reaction expecting her to be all for this adventure, but perhaps if I had offended Michelle I should rethink this whole game. "Er well I am kind of excited by the idea actually," I stammered wondering if maybe I had made a horrible mistake in telling her this. She could think I was crazy or a freak. I never expected her reaction to be negative.

Immediately her complexion changed and she beamed at me. "Really?" she asked. "Holy shit that's great. I thought you wanted me to help you get out of this game of yours."

"Well actually I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to make it come true for him." I replied feeling the relief flow into me.

Michelle squealed with delight. "Fuck yeah I'll help you. I think this is the hottest thing I have ever heard of a woman doing for a man." She immediately picked up her cell phone and pushed speed dial. After a few seconds someone answered and Michelle spoke quickly into her phone, "Hi Sally, this is Michelle. Listen I have a bit of a personal emergency and I am taking the today and tomorrow off. Please tell Rick. Thanks."

She hung up and handed me the phone and told me to call my office and tell them I'm sick or something. I stared at her stunned; not expecting this to happen so fast. I took the phone from her but hesitated dialing. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Helping you to find a stripper to fuck your boyfriend of course," she said smiling at me, and motioning me to start dialing.

"Today?" I asked stunned again.

"Hell yeah babe. I could not work anymore today if I wanted to. And neither could you and you know it. Make the call and let's get this show on the road. And don't worry you will be back day after tomorrow."

I shook my head in disbelief, but found myself calling into work for the first time in two years. Michelle lay 25 dollars on the table for our drinks and lunch and was putting on her coat by the time I hung up.

I put my coat on and followed her out the door not knowing what the hell was going on, but feeling very excited at this turn of events. We crossed the street and went down a set of stairs into the parking garage. I got into her car and we pulled into light mid afternoon traffic. She headed south on Lake Shore and got on the Stevenson Expressway.

Finally I asked her, "Where the hell are we going Michelle?"

She looked at me grinning like the devil and said, "St. Louis."


Six hours later we were crossing the Mississippi River into St. Louis. I ogled at the size of the arch framed against a partly cloudy sky that I had previously only seen in pictures. I had questioned Michelle at length about the nature of this unscheduled trip, but she had only told me that it would be more exciting for me to just go with the flow.

This frustrated me, but she was right. My imagination was running wild with possible scenarios.

She directed the car off of the expressway and into an upscale hotel's valet lane. We got out and she handed the keys to the bellman. We each grabbed our overnight bag that we had hastily packed and checked in.

Our room was very elegant with two queen sized beds. Michelle began unpacking and told me to do the same. She told me to relax it was going to be a few hours. I was dying of curiosity, but did not pursue questioning her anymore. I unpacked as she suggested as she ordered a bottle of wine from room service. She immediately stripped to a pair of panties and a t-shirt and lounged on the bed closest to the window channel surfing on TV.

I smiled at her lay on the bed adjacent to hers. The wine came and she answered the door in her underwear. After signing she returned to the room with two glasses giggling, "I think the room service guy approves of my ass."

I laughed with her and we enjoyed the wine and caught up on some events of our lives, not talking about the one thing I was dying to know. What was coming next? What had she planned? Had she planned anything? What was she up to?

After another bottle of wine and a club sandwich again from room service I was feeling a bit tipsy, and in an up for anything state of mind. I suspected this is exactly what Michelle was waiting for. She knew me pretty well and I suspected was plying me with alcohol to prepare for the nights festivities. Michelle was still in nothing but panties and a t-shirt and I found myself admiring her long sexy legs. I could see the outlines of her nipples through the t-shirt, and I wondered if she knew she was giving quite a show to the room service people. I also noticed the pronounced absence of any kind of outline of pubic hair. I found myself tingling as I looked at her.

"Jesus get a hold of yourself Sara," I thought to myself as I caught myself openly staring at her legs, pussy, and tits.

I shook off the moment, and she must have noticed because she looked at me grinning and said, "Would you like to see my ass too?" She immediately turned over and pulled her panties down mooning me briefly and erupted into a howl of laughter.

I was blushing and cringing inside at the thought of her knowing I was almost drooling over her body. I stammered out an apology feeling very self conscious.

She just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it Sara. I'm flattered. Besides you're just a bit drunk and horny as hell." I blushed harder as she finally told me, "Hit the showers babe. We leave in an hour. And no masturbating in there." I smiled still blushing and rushed to the bathroom.

I exited the shower wrapped in a towel and Michelle was laying clothes out on the bed. I noticed that on my bed were a set of clothes I had never seen before. There was a very tight fitting t-shirt, a blouse with a plunging neckline, a very very short skirt and a pair of thong panties.

She grinned at me and told me that she was dressing me tonight and not to argue. I could not believe that these clothes would fit me. Michelle darted into the bathroom leaving me to dress.

An hour later we departed our room dressed in the sexiest clothes I have ever worn. I was both aroused and self conscious, but another glass of wine tipped the scales more toward aroused. We looked like two sluts ready for a party, and perhaps that is exactly what we were. I still had no idea where we were going.

As we exited the hotel lobby a limo was waiting for us. I was shocked. I knew Michelle made lots of money, but this was crazy. I felt a little bad about her spending this kind of cash on me. When I told her this she waved me away dismissively telling me this is the most fun she has had in years.

I got in the back of the limo and Michelle immediately poured us two stiff drinks from the mini bar. The driver was smiling at us, definitely pleased to be chauffeuring us around rather than their usual dry middle aged business men.

The driver introduced himself as Rick. He was a 20 something black man with broad shoulders and a mischievous smile. He had short hair and was built like a Nubian god. He was in a word "SEXY," and I wondered if Michelle had also arranged for the driver to be so sexy.

Michelle handed the driver a slip of paper with an address on it. The driver looked at Michelle and then me and then again at the paper. He smiled knowingly and pulled out into traffic.

Two minutes later we were across the river again in the middle of nowhere. I was definitely confused as to why we were heading out of St. Louis. The car ride went on and on down a country road for about 20 minutes until we came into a small town that reminded me of Las Vegas only smaller.

Immediately there were strip clubs on both sides of the road, covered in bright neon. The stark and immediate contrast from dark farmland to neon signs of strip clubs was intense. I stared out the window taking it all in. I had no idea places like this existed.

"Where are we Michelle?" I asked.

She smiled back and said, "Oz baby. I found this place a couple of years ago when I traveled down here on business. The guys wanted to go out and we ended up here."

I continued to stare out the window with neon signs proclaiming things like, "Live Nude Girls" and "Massage Land." After a minute, we turned off of the main road and into a dark parking lot behind one of the smaller buildings.

My stomach was doing flip flops at the thought of going into one of these places. Michelle sensed my nervousness and squeezed my hand. The driver opened our door and let us out. He was grinning ear to ear as he saw our short skirts up close and his mind must have been reeling lecherously at the thought of us going inside.

"Be careful ladies," was all he said.

"Would you like to come in and protect us Rick?" Michelle asked him grinning.

"Are you serious?" he asked obviously torn between professionalism and the thought of going inside with the fun.

Michelle leaned into him closely letting her body almost touch his and whispered into his ear, "Very serious Rick." And then she did something I will never forget. She quickly licked his earlobe. I would have missed it if I had not been standing right there, but the message it sent was clear.

Rick immediately took off his driver's jacket and threw it in the passenger seat. "Lead on ladies," was all he said.

Entering the club was an assault on the senses in every way. The lights were dim and the room was smoky. A bar ran the length of one wall and 6 stages were set up in the center of the room. Disco lights blinked everywhere and the music throbbed through the room. The main stage was at the far end of the building and at the time we walked in a beautiful brunette was dancing in nothing but a g-string as a group of men fed her dollar bills.

The other stages were also filled with women dancing in various states of undress. Loud music blared as a DJ encouraged the guys to get one on one dances in the VIP room. I lit a cigarette (something I rarely do) and followed Michelle to a table off in one corner of the main room.

Rick followed us, but Michelle asked him to sit across from us so that we could talk without being overheard. He was more than happy to sit anywhere we liked. I sat down on a chair and immediately a waitress dressed in stockings and a tight corset asked us what we wanted. Michelle ordered us three vodka tonics.

She was smiling watching my reaction to the new environment. I leaned over and said, "Holy shit this place is crazy."

"Yep, but wait it gets crazier," she said.

I watched in amazement as the woman on the stage closest to us stripped off her clothes. She was probably no more than 20 and stunningly beautiful in a slutty way. As the music progressed she slowly revolved around the stage taking off the bikini top that barely contained her tits. She continued to dance, occasionally leaning down to pluck dollar bills from the men surrounding the stage with her boobs.

My mouth was dry and I was mesmerized by the shear sexuality of this woman. I watched her continue to increase the intensity of her dance by spreading her legs for her patrons and touching the tiny triangle of fabric that covered her sex. More money came out of the men as she continued her dance.

Michelle placed her hand on my forearm and squeezed gently. I glanced at her and she too was watching the stripper. She nodded for me to watch her closely. As the song wound down she slowly and teasingly pulled at the strings on her hips that held up her g-string. My mouth fell open as her g-string fell away and she stood completely nude on stage, much to the joy of her male patrons. Rick was drooling. I was mesmerized. And Michelle continued to gently squeeze my forearm.

The stripper lay on her back on the stage rubbing her tits and hard nipples as the music throbbed. Her legs parted and she completely exposed herself to everyone in the room. Her fingers moved lower across her stomach. Her pubic hair was shaved in a perfect heart, and her clit was clearly visible. Her fingers found her clit and worked in small circles. Her hips bucked as dollar bills showered her. As the song began to wind down her body convulsed and shuttered in orgasm.

Rick's cock was visible through his trousers and my own clit was on fire. My panties were drenched, and I wondered if Michelle was enjoying this as much as me. I glanced to her and saw her rocking on her chair sensuously.

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