The Game Ch. 03

bySara and Ron©

When she was done she said, “Now me.”

She turned her back to me and bent over bringing her own hands to her cheeks and spread her ass wide for me. I admired the tight rosebud in the center of her ass and used a liberal amount of soap on her. I ran my finger between her cheeks and slowly pushed into her as she had done to me. She moaned and clenched tightly on my finger. It was an amazing feeling.

When we were thoroughly clean inside and out we both stepped out of the shower. She put on a robe and left me naked with only a towel. She took the towel from me and said, “Sorry hun. Naked is the only way you get to be today. It’s your fantasy.”


She led me back to the bedroom completely naked. We entered and she led me to the bed. Around the perimeter of the room there was now a row of chairs. Sitting casually and silently there were 8 people. Four men and four women sat alternating each seat. Each wore only a bathrobe and some of the men immediately made small tents in their lap as I entered the room nude. No one spoke as Michelle led me to the bed.

Two of our audience had video cameras and this time on the television was an image of me on the bed. Michelle put me in the middle of the bed as the two camera operators (one man and one woman) began filming me at different angles. I watched picture in picture the images of their cameras as my body was reflected to me in a way I had never experienced before.

I recognized a few of the people as Ron’s friends. God what must they think of me. Ron was nowhere to be seen.

Michelle sat next to me on the bed and positioned me in a spread eagle position that still allowed me to see the television. I found myself becoming aroused at my naked image. My pussy was open and wet in a way I had never seen it. Michelle ran her hands across my tits, playing gently with my nipples.

I shivered in anticipation as Ron entered the room. He was also naked and his cock was hard as a rock. He joined me on the bed as Michelle withdrew. He kissed me on the lips and momentarily I lost sight of myself on the screen, as my world slowly closed around me until there was only he and I. I forgot about our voyeurs briefly and just enjoyed the feel of his body against mine and his tongue in my mouth.

Slowly he kissed me lower. He licked my nipples that immediately became rock hard again. I opened my eyes to see myself again with this wonderful man licking my nipples and moving lower. He kissed my flat stomach. His fingers found my clit and worked me in the way he knew I loved. His mouth continued to move lower. The camerawoman zoomed on my wet pussy as his tongue found my clit.

My pussy lit up like a Christmas tree. Tingles rolled throughout my body. His tongue entered me and I could see him stroking his cock on the television although I could not see this directly. I loved the sight of us. It was incredible. I ground my hips against his face.

Then Michelle came into the screen. She came to my mouth kissing me gently. “Show me how good you can make me feel baby.”, she said as she straddled my face. Her fingers found my nipples and Ron continued to lick my pussy. I licked her pussy tentatively and then deeply. I sucked her clit into my mouth and used my tongue to bathe her hot button with swirling circles. She was dripping and tasted amazingly sweet.

As if on queue one of the men from the audience came behind Michelle. He began licking her ass as I continued to suck on her cunt. She was groaning with the feel of two tongues on her. Then the man kneeled behind her and I thought I would have to stop licking her to let his cock in her pussy. To my surprise he spread her ass cheeks and after lubing her liberally with KY, he slid his member into her ass. I watched him slowly enter her and begin fucking her ass, his balls only inches from my face.

He fucked her slow at first and I could hear her guttural moans and imagined what she must be feeling. I continued to lick her clit, enjoying the taste of her, as the man’s balls occasionally slapped my forehead. I was in heaven and could feel my own excitement building.

Michelle came quickly, flooding my face in orgasmic juices as she moaned out her pleasure for the man filming her. I watched as the unknown man’s balls contracted and emptied themselves into my friend’s ass. They both groaned together in orgasmic bliss. Slowly the man pulled himself from her ass with an audible pop. Cum oozed down her pussy lips and for a brief moment I tasted them both. Then they were gone to leave me to my own fuck.

My own pussy was soaked now and Ron now wanted to bury his throbbing cock inside me. I was only too willing. He stood at the edge of the bed and held my legs apart and entered me. He buried himself inside me with two strokes and I could feel the waves or orgasm starting.

I looked to my left and saw two men stroking themselves as they watched me. The two women on my left were naked. There robes around their ankles and their pussies spread wide as they rubbed themselves. This was hot. Jesus.

I looked to my right and saw the couple there. The woman was straddling the man’s lap and I could see his cock pounding in and out of her as she cantered on him. The other two were filming but the man was hard as a rock. The woman was also hot with lust but did not stop zooming in on my pussy that was being deeply fucked by Ron.

Ron stopped fucking me briefly and spoke to me for the first time. He sat on the bed facing the television, his cock pointing straight up and slick with my pussy juice. “Sit on me”, was his only words. I scrambled on top of him and faced the television also. I straddled his lap and slowly tried to lower myself down on him. His hands held my butt and inch away from the tip of my goal.

I tried to lower myself, but he held me up just an inch. He slid me forward slightly and then lowered me so that the tip of his cock rested not against my gaping and willing pussy but against my very tight virgin asshole. I understood and was both aroused and afraid. I wanted it, but didn’t. Jesus.

He whispered in my ear, “Tell me you want it.”

I responded decisively by lowering myself harder against him trying to relax my ass enough to let him inside me.

“Say it,” he said still holding me.

“I want it.” I said in a whisper.

“What do you want?”, he asked. “I want to hear you say it. I want everyone to hear you say it.”

“I want you in my ass. Fuck my ass baby.” I said seductively in a loud voice.

He released me and his hard cock pressed with increasing pressure against my tight sphincter. Michelle’s words came back to me, “Push out to let it in.”

I relaxed and pushed. I lowered myself and he entered my ass for the first time. Stinging pain and pleasure unlike anything I have ever contemplated filled me. Both the man and woman filming zoomed in and I watched the television in awe as my ass stretched to accept Ron’s cock. The eroticism of the visual imagery drove me to slide down on him further. The pain slowed and was replaced with a feeling of fullness so complete that my pussy was oozing with heated desire.

Michelle was then there with her face between my legs. Her tongue licked me and I felt her finger enter my pussy. I could feel her finger on Ron’s cock and he moaned in pleasure. She was masturbating him through the wall of my cunt. Holy fuck. She lowered her mouth and licked his balls while I watched the scene unfold in front of me.

Our voyeurs were all now naked and fucking themselves or each other. Two women were to my right using toys on each other while two guys jacked off over them. I turned in time to see the first one cum spraying his milky white jiz across the women. This spurred the women to orgasm together as hot cum covered them.

Across the room the other couple was watching us having already completed their own initial orgasm. The woman was on her knees licking a semi-soft well glazed cock while he watched me.

I was almost ready to cum myself feeling the mini-orgasms hit me over and over again, building toward an incredible climax that only anal sex can produce. Michelle finished with my pussy and I groaned as she withdrew. “Oh you want more in your pussy?,” she asked teasingly.

“God yes. I need my pussy fucked.” I said expecting her to return to me.

Instead she took the camera from the man that was filming us. I examined him closely for the first time. He was black and muscular. His crew cut was tight against his head and his cock was hard. It was at least 8 inches long and seemed to be growing by the second.

He stroked himself and came forward and bent down close to me. I could smell is lust and need as if it billowed off of him like smoke from a forest fire. I could not believe what was going to happen. He moved forward and put his tip against my pussy. Ron was grinding in and out of my ass and this sexy black man was about to fuck me at the same time.

“Tell me you want it you little white slut.”, he said to me.

I heard my own voice groan and say, “I want it. Give me that cock.”

He entered me slowly leaning over my body. Two cocks in me together. I could feel them. My lover was in my ass and this stranger was in my pussy. I held onto his shoulders as he entered me deeply. Ron was supporting my back and as I looked at the television screen, I could see Ron and this black man’s face were separated only by my own.

The other camera was capturing the impossible penetration going on below my waist. My pussy was filled with black cock. My ass was filled with Ron. We slowly got into a rhythm together and I could see and hear their balls slapping together as they fucked me.

I closed my eyes and let go. The orgasm started as a slow rolling wave in my stomach and grew and grew until I was screaming, “God yes.”, at the top of my lungs. The men pumped me with more urgency. Each of us reached our own climax, but we were also cumming together as one.

I exploded when Ron erupted in my ass. The force of his orgasm filled my butt with what felt like a gallon of hot sticky semen. The black man was grunting and I watched from two angles as his cock erupted inside me. My pussy gushed again spraying my wet sticky juice over four balls. I was screaming in ecstasy and grinding myself against them madly. I held the strong black shoulders for balance until my orgasm peaked and dropped me limply on top of my lover, Ron. He held me close as his cock softened in my ass.

The black man withdrew from me and the camera zoomed on my pussy. I watched my gaping cunt as it oozed its creamy contents all over Ron’s balls and down to the sheet below.

I lay contented and sated in Ron’s arms as the eight people put on their robes and left the room. Michelle was the last to leave and before closing the door she turned to us and said, “My God you two are incredible.”

Ron held me until my breathing returned to normal and his cock slipped out of my ass. He whispered to me, “So was that ok for your first fantasy?”.

We both giggled like children and I kissed him. “I love you.” I said and meant it.

“I love you too. Now how about a shower?”, he asked.

“Only if after we can order a pizza, watch the video we made, and fuck like rabbits all night.” I replied.

“Deal.”, he said and we both walked on wobbly legs to the bathroom.


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