tagGroup SexThe Game Ch. 06 Pt. 02

The Game Ch. 06 Pt. 02

bySara and Ron©

Chapter 6: Pool Party (part 2)

Rachel swam back to the group of skinny dippers that included Molee, Ron, Michelle, and Tim. All of them seemed to admire her confident strokes as her nude body sliced gracefully through the water. I followed admiring both her skill and beauty from the rear perspective.

She was still grinning as she approached the rest of the group who was standing in a semicircle around Molee who obediently waited to be used. I again wondered who she was, but admired the depth of her commitment to her fantasy. Turning control over to Michelle took no small measure of courage.

Michelle seemed to be enjoying Rachel and as she finally stood next to her Michelle said, "So Rachel are you enjoying your evening thus far?"

Rachel beamed at her and said, "Well I have cum more times tonight than I have in the past month, I have had oral sex for the first time, and I have had your sex slave shave my pussy while my aunt, her boyfriend, you, and Tim watched. All in all it's been a good night."

Everyone laughed together easily including me.

Rachel continued, "But I was thinking that since this is a night for new experiences, I would like to borrow your slave to fulfill one of my fantasies if you don't mind."

Michelle raised an eyebrow at this. It seemed out of character for Rachel to be so bold about her fantasies. She was still relatively new to this environment, and I don't think anyone expected her to bring up one of her own fantasies. "What did you have in mind?" Michelle asked.

"Well" Rachel began, "I was thinking that this night seems to have centered around me and not Molee. I know she is your ‘property', but it's also her fantasy. So I think she needs to be used for more fun, as long as you are willing. After all she is your slut tonight so I want your permission to use her to fulfill a fantasy of mine."

Michelle was grinning now and no one else was speaking. Everyone stared at Michelle to see what she would say.

"Well what is your fantasy?" Michelle asked.

Rachel grinned back and said, "Well I want you to loan me Molee under the same conditions and rules you set forth earlier. I just want to be in control of her for awhile, and everyone is still bound by the same rules. Would you agree to that?"

Michelle thought for a moment wondering if there was a trap being set, but unable to see it.

For the first time in my life, I saw Michelle at a loss for words. "So what you are saying is you would have the final say over what she does, not me?"

"Yes.", Rachel replied.

I glanced at Molee and saw gooseflesh on her whole body. This night was taking an unexpected turn and she was visible excited and more than a little terrified about what might come next.

Michelle cocked her head and said, "Well why don't you tell me the details before I decide?"

Rachel just grinned, "I am sorry, but that would ruin my fantasy, but I understand your concern. You are afraid I will make something happen that you would not. So how about we make this deal. I get Molee for the next few hours, and I promise not to ask anyone here to do anything more than they have done and enjoyed tonight."

Michelle thought about it some more and could not find the loop hole Rachel must certainly have in mind.

"What's the worst that can happen Michelle? I mean the most anyone could do is fuck her, shave her, or lick her pussy. Isn't that what she is here for?", Rachel asked.

Michelle sighed and said, "Well if you promise that the only thing that you will make her do is fuck then I'm game."

Rachel's grin widened wolfishly as if she had just negotiated the Louisiana Purchase. Michelle was still confused as were the rest of us, but I knew enough of Rachel's word games that something incredible was going to happen. I just could not see it.

Rachel walked slowly over to Molee who was visibly shivering now. Her nipples were excited and looked like pink pencil erasers framed over milky white breasts. Rachel was smiling at her and moved closer to her until her lips were inches away from her ear.

"Relax, it's going to be soooo good." I heard her whisper seductively. This only heightened Molee's excitement and a tremor coursed through her.

Rachel moved slowly behind Molee who stood motionless in the water. We all stared openly at her waiting to see what she/they would do. Michelle stood next to me and I saw her draw deep breath watching these two beautiful women, naked and exposed before us.

Rachel continued talking to Molee in a voice that was just audible to the rest of us. "Did you hear that? You Mistress just gave you to me."

Molee said nothing but was biting her bottom lip.

Rachel moved her right hand around Molee's waist and gently drew her back against her until her back was pressed lightly against her body. Her hand slowly and gently caressed Molee's stomach and moved upward to her right breast. She massaged her nipple causing another tremor to go through the submissive Molee.

"Answer me." Rachel said a little more sternly.

"Yes.", Molee instantly replied.

Now Rachel pinched her nipple tightly between her thumb and index finger. Give a slight twist she took Molee to the edge of pain and said, "Yes what?"

"Yes Mistress.", Molee said with a cracking voice.

Rachel immediately released her nipple and Molee relaxed slightly. We all stood gawking at the scene before us. Never before had I seen anyone exhibit more self confidence or control than Rachel did now. The two of them together were like Yin and Yang. Control and Obedience. Master and Slave. It was awesome.

"And do you give yourself to me as you did to Michelle?" Rachel asked.

"Yes Mistress," Molee responded quivering as she said it.

"Very good." Rachel said. "And would you like to hear about what is going to happen in the next few hours? I believe they would." Rachel whispered and for the first time acknowledged the rest of us.

I looked over to Ron who stood next to Tim. Both of their dicks were hard watching this exchange. I was also aroused and noticed my own nipples were erect and tingling, as were Michelle's.

"Yes Mistress," came the breathless reply from Molee.

Rachel was smiling at us over Molee's shoulder. Rachel reached completely around Molee with both of her hands now and took her nipples in her finger and began to massage them as she spoke.

"Well Molee I think you are not the slut that Michelle has played you up to be. In fact I think all of this is as new to you as it is to me. But I also think you want to be slut and indulge all of those fantasies that roam around inside that sexy head of yours. I think you are loving all of this but you need someone to ‘make' you do them so you don't feel guilty."

Molee trembled at the intensity of Rachel's words, and revealed the truth of her voice. Her body was aroused, but she was also slowly being stripped emotionally with Rachel's help.

Rachel continued, "I bet deep down you have fantasized about getting fucked and sucked in every way imaginable, but you are too afraid to act on those feelings. I bet you wonder, ‘What would my mom say? What would my husband say? This is dirty and I shouldn't feel this way.'"

Molee was shivering now and tears slowly trickled out of her eyes as Rachel forced her to face the truth of herself. The psychology of her fantasy laid out before her while in the context of her role as Molee visibly affected her. Her knees were weak and threatened not to hold her weight. Rachel held her up as she spoke to her as if they were alone.

Rachel was whispering now and I strained to hear her, "So you found a loop hole. You gave control to someone else and now everything that happens to you is their responsibility not yours. But deep down you really want to be the slut, but you are too afraid."

I was surprised at how cruel Rachel seemed. Michelle acted as if she might intercede, but I grabbed her by the elbow gently and stopped her. I wanted to see what Rachel would do, and I didn't believe she would intentionally hurt Molee.

Rachel continued, "So now that I own you, I think I will give you exactly what you want, but first I want to hear you say it. Tell me you're a slut." Rachel paused still rolling Molee's nipple between her fingers.

"I am a slut." Molee said in a whispered voice that cracked when she spoke.

"Say, ‘I love to fuck'," Rachel continued.

"I love to fuck." Molee said bolder now, but still with tears welling in her eyes.

"Say, ‘I love to lick pussy'."

"I love to lick pussy." Molee echoed.

"Say, ‘I love to suck cock'."

"I love to suck cock," the cadence continued.

Rachel paused but continued to roll Molee's nipples gently between her fingers, heightening her arousal.

We all watched with bated breath to see what Rachel would do next. She clearly was in charge here, and she played the role of puppet master well.

The sexual tension was intense and I felt like we had all just stepped through the looking glass.

Rachel spoke softly in her ear now, "Well I am going to give you exactly what you want, but you must enjoy it. Do you understand? You get to be the slut you dreamed of tonight. You can let go of everything except the sound of my voice and your desire to please me and yourself. You will do everything I say. You have no choice. You can let your fantasy be my fault, and you can live out all of those dirty little things you want to do. All you have to do is fulfill my fantasy. Will you do that Molee? Will you fuck anyone and everyone I ask you to, but no others? Will you let me have my fantasy through you?"

Rachel stopped abruptly and waited for her answer. I was aware that I had stopped breathing. Everyone had. This was intense. What was her fantasy? What would she do?

"Yes Mistress. I will fuck anyone you ask and no others." Molee replied speaking as softly as her new Mistress.

Rachel moved pulled Molee closer to her yet and slid her tongue across the back of her neck erotically. Molee shivered and I was reminded of the moment in St. Louis when Michelle licked our driver's ear. It was quick, subtle, and incredibly erotic to witness.

Then she took Molee's hand and led her closer to us and said, "Molee has agreed to let me live out my fantasy by letting me direct hers. Since we have all agreed to participate in this "Game" (I shuddered involuntarily at that word) I have decided to let Molee be the slut she seems so desperate to be. I am going to take her in the house and blind fold her and tie her up. She will be our sex toy for the night."

Molee was trembling with anticipation at Rachel's words. She seemed aroused, eager, and hesitant all mixed together. I imagined how she must be feeling. I think she was anxious to get to the house because she involuntarily took a step toward the pool ladder, but Rachel pulled her back.

"However there is one other restriction." Rachel began. Her came the catch. I knew it. I bit my bottom lip involuntarily in anticipation.

She continued, "I want Michelle to watch Molee tonight." Rachel moved closer to Michelle who was equally eager to ‘get to the fucking' (a phrase she often used). Rachel moved in close to Michelle until her lips were less than an inch away from hers.

She spoke gently and erotically as if only to Michelle. "You see I want you to watch your slave have her ultimate fantasy lived out, but you must not touch her, or any of the rest of us. You are just going to watch tonight."

Rachel's wet lips inches away from Michelle's was an incredibly erotic visual effect. Her voice was sensuous and Michelle expected to lean in to kiss her. Instead Rachel turned her head slowly and brought her hand up toward Michelle's hardened nipples. She did not touch her, but acted as if she might, further driving Michelle's erotic anticipation. Her hands were less than an inch away from Michelle's skin, but she did not make contact. Michelle must have been dying with desire.

Rachel continued, "This is the closest any of us will come to you tonight. You get to be our ‘fly on the wall'. I want you to watch Molee perform for you. You get to be the audience for her show. I don't even want you to touch yourself. Just watch."

When she finished Rachel licked her own lips gently, but did not touch Michelle's. Michelle's lips were still only inches from Rachel's and I could almost feel the sexual desire burning out of Michelle. Michelle was always the one to push limits not to have them imposed.

With that she slowly backed away from Michelle and took Molee's hand. She led her willingly out of the pool and into the house.

We silently watched her leave in the moonlight; each of us contemplating our own desires and wondering if Michelle could abide by her word and let this fantasy happen without joining in.

Michelle for herself stood transfixed and frustrated. She was speechless at her predicament. Ron was the first to move and with a smile and a glance at me, made his way out of the pool. Tim and I followed him and Michelle brought up the rear.


When I stepped into the relative light of the downstairs, I saw Rachel pushing Molee gently onto the couch. The warm glow of the overhead lights highlighted the tight curves of Rachel's body. The vision of her nude and in a sexual situation with another woman was intense. My stomach tightened and I was once again aware of my own nudity. The reality of the moment hit me hard, but it also excited me beyond words.

Tim and Ron were obviously aroused and slowly moved toward the slave and mistress, uncertain as to their role. Michelle stood silently and watched intently as Rachel focused all of her attention on Molee. She gently pushed Molee's arms to the back of the couch where she was told sternly to keep them. Molee complied without hesitation.

Rachel pushed Molee's knees gently apart opening her glistening, shaved pussy. Molee was biting her bottom lip in anticipation. Then Rachel reached into a small tote bag next to the couch that I surmised was Molee's. She removed a blindfold and gently placed it over Molee's eyes.

"Mmmmm" I heard Molee whimper.

Ron and Tim took up a position on the love seat across from the couch and watched intently. I took a spot between them while Michelle merely stared as she stood transfixed.

After securing the blindfold on Molee's eyes Rachel grinned at us and moved across the room and retrieved a bar stool from the wet bar. She placed it about 6 feet directly in front of Molee's spread pussy and motioned to Michelle. "You sit here please and remember the rules."

Michelle was not pleased, but said nothing. She sat naked on the stool as instructed.

Ron's cock was hard and I could almost see his pulse in the tip which I estimated at about 120 beats per minute. Tim was in much the same condition. I myself was hornier than I had ever been and I fought the urge to touch my own clit knowing I would cum immediately.

Rachel then stood before us, ignoring Michelle completely. She silently approached Tim and took his hand. She glanced at his huge, hard cock and smiled. Ron watched both excited and somewhat disappointed he was not chosen. Chosen for what we did not know.

Rachel smiled at us, and I had a moment where the surreal events of the moment hit me. Here I was naked, with my boyfriend who was also naked and hard, watching as my niece was about to either fuck Tim or watches him fuck Molee, all while Michelle sat silently naked on a barstool.

Rachel seemed to read my mind and whispered to us, "Relax Aunt Sara, it's all good."

And then to Ron: "And don't look so sad, you get sloppy seconds."

Ron grinned and I noticed his cock oozed pre-cum, as my pussy tingled with excitement. I reached over and rubbed his cock with my hand slowly up and down using his ooze as lubricant.

Rachel led Tim to the quivering, horny slut on the couch and made him kneel before her. Rachel kneeled behind him and once again reached into Molee's bag. This time she came up with the bottle of KY lubricant and liberally drizzled it onto Tim's cock. Tim sighed at the feeling of the lube gently coating his thick hard member.

Rachel slowly began stroking Tim's huge cock that was inches away from Molee's gaping pussy. She spoke to Molee. "You want a big dick in you, slut? I have a huge cock in my hand right now and in a few seconds it's going to be in you. You don't even know whose dick it is, but it's going to fuck you. You want it don't you."

"God Yes Mistress." Molee replied in a voice thick with lust.

Rachel positioned the tip of Tim's thick slippery cock at Molee's wet oozing cunt. "I bet that feels good doesn't it?" Rachel teased.

"Oh God…. Oh God Yes." Molee responded quivering in desire.

Without warning Rachel pushed violently on Tim's ass pushing his cock into Molee deeply.

Molee came immediately screaming out her pleasure in her violation. "Oh Jesus fuck yeah," she cried as her body went into a rolling spasm of orgasmic pleasure.

Tim began pumping in and out of her. I watched mesmerized as Tim's ass cheeks clenched and relaxed as he fucked Molee hard. Rachel reached between his legs and grasped his balls gently and began to rub them.


Molee was rolling from one orgasm to the next and Tim was grunting with each thrust and he seemed to race toward his own orgasm. Rachel pushed gently on his balls increasing the intensity of his pleasure.

Ron's cock was spasming in my hand and I slowed the tempo of my strokes to prevent him from cumming all over himself and me. I knew he wanted to fuck Molee, and part of me was curious as to how that would play out. My own role in this fantasy was still uncertain and I was equally uncertain about what I would allow to happen. The only thing that I was certain about was that at some point I had to get fucked again. I needed to cum so badly it was almost physically painful. I wondered if I was feeling a female version of "blue balls" and smiled inwardly at the thought.

Suddenly Tim grunted and I recognized the tell tale loss of control that signaled male orgasm. Rachel ran her fingers gently across his balls as he thrust into Molee in deep purposeful strokes.

Rachel was talking dirty to him as he came. "Fuck that's it. Fill her pussy with your cum. Empty those big balls into that dirty whore."

This went on for about 15 seconds until Tim collapsed on top of Molee. Both were heaving and panting in post orgasmic exhaustion. Rachel let Tim have a brief moment of rest before pulling him back from Molee. His cock slid out of her and Molee groaned at its absence. Rachel did not let Tim speak but merely led him back to our couch. His cock was beginning to wilt but it was still impressively large and covered with Molee's juices and KY jelly.

Rachel then walked slowly over to Michelle. "Wow that was hot huh?" she teased. Michelle refused or could not speak. Rachel moved closer to Michelle until her lips were a mere inch from hers. I thought she might kiss Michelle and watched her intently. Instead she only said, "Watch your slave be my slave and love it."

Then she turned to leave Michelle to stew in her own juices of burning lust (both figuratively and literally).

Rachel approached the love seat again and was grinning at me. I smiled back at her, but it was like looking at a different person. She was in control here like I never could have imagined, and part of me liked it.

Then she went to Ron and whispered, "Your next."

Ron was a little uncertain, but I nudged him and he willingly moved forward. I was not about to deny him this moment. I knew he fantasized about Rachel from our tryst earlier in the bathroom, and I knew his excitement would come as much from Rachel's presence as Molee's pussy.

Ron took up a position in front of Molee much like Tim had done. Her pussy was absolutely covered in a mixture of Tim and her own secretions. She was trembling from the intensity of her own orgasm that still had not fully run its course through her body.

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