The German Sub


"Of course," he said. "I am happy to help."

"You will do more than just help," she said as she beckoned him to follow her.

Mary led Georg through the house to her bedroom where he watched as she opened a wardrobe and pointed.

"Choose something to wear and then meet me in the kitchen."

As she left the room he went to the wardrobe and flicked through the clothes that were on offer. At first he had expected that she had some men's clothes. Perhaps she was a widow who still had some of her previous husband's clothes, or perhaps she was unmarried and her father's suits would be on offer!

His hopes were dashed as he inspected the contents. Silk slips, church dresses, skirts, bloomers and women's jackets. Not a single pair of trousers in sight!

Ten minutes later, when Mary returned to find out what was taking him so long, he was still going through them all to find something, anything, that suggested masculine attire.

"It's all I've got," she said with finality. "Wear something or go naked, it's all the same to me!"

"But," he said. "None of these will fit!"

"Stuff and nonsense, Georg. You are as small as me and they will fit! Pick a nice skirt for yourself and pretend that you are a Scottish Laird. Even my shoes will probably fit," she said with a laugh. "You have pretty small feet, or maybe small pretty feet."

She chuckled at her little joke and put her hands on her hips.

With a resigned shrug he pulled on a blouse and noticed that the buttons were on the wrong side. Then he found a skirt and pulled out the hanger.

"It's too cold to go without underwear," she commented, so he picked a pair of knickers and drew them on.

'This is ridiculous,' he thought as he buttoned the skirt and found a pair of brogue shoes that did not pinch.

"That's better," she said with a laugh. "You look quite sweet in that skirt. All you need is this jacket..."

She pulled a jacket from its hanger and handed it to him.

"Follow me," she said. "I have loads to do today, the wood needs chopping, while its wet, and the pigs need their feed. You, on the other hand, can start here!"

She led him to the cupboard under the stair and pulled forth a duster.

"All you need is here, Georg," she chuckled. "Start on my bedroom and don't leave a corner untouched."

He looked doubtfully at the duster that she had handed him and gave her an enquiring look.

"You are going to give the house a spring clean in the next week," she said. "Dust pan and brush are here..."

She pointed to the cupboard.

"If you do a good job then here will be something of a reward," she pouted and blew a kiss. "I will teach you how to do a proper job and you will help me get the house in order."

Georg looked down at the skirt and hoped that she would not notice the bump on the cloth that showed that he was ready for far more than housework. She followed his gaze and laughed.

"That will come later, my little helper. We will take the afternoon off and practice some other activities that I also need help with!"

"I'd better get started then."

"Begin in my bedroom," she said seriously. "You have the whole morning to get it cleaned up, change the sheets, dust and take down the curtains. If you do it well I have a small surprise for you."

With that she turned and began to pull on her boots. She slipped the cape over her shoulders and left Georg to do her bidding.

Georg resigned himself to being her maid for the moment and began to clean. In true German fashion he was thorough and exacting. It was not difficult, just boring really. Dust lay on every surface and needed a damp cloth so he went to the kitchen to find one. As he did so he heard her re-enter the house and join him.

"Not too wet," she commented as she made him wring the cloth. "Now go and finish up for an hour and then we'll have some lunch.

He went up the stairs, being careful because the hem of the skirt was narrow and demanded small steps.

The next hour dragged as he wiped down every surface. That left just the bed to be stripped and the curtains to be taken down. Dust, thrown into the air by the duster, settled slowly on every surface making his work with the damp cloth wasted effort.

At last she came to survey his work.

With a critical eye she tested the surfaces and noted all the dust.

"It's not good enough, Georg. It's just not good enough," she said with hands on hips. "You have had four hours in this room and it is scarcely better than when you started! The bed and curtains are not done and there is still dust everywhere. I know that I may seem that I am demanding, but I do have the right to expect that you can do the job properly!"

"I'm sorry, Mary. I did it in the wrong order and the dust got everywhere again."

She smiled at his apology and then turned to leave the room.

"Now for something to eat!"

Georg followed her to the kitchen to find piles of potatoes and vegetables lying on the table.

"Peel them all, not too much taken off, mind," she said. "Chop the vegetables and light the range. "I'll be back to supervise you in a few minutes."

With that she left the kitchen and Georg heard her leave the house.

'I'm turning into a maid or butler,' he thought as he started his task.

Mary returned and looked with disapproval at his work.

"I said that you should not peel so deep," she said as she hefted a potato in her hand. "Why did you chop them up? I don't remember telling you chop them, really!"

"I thought," said Georg, "that was the right thing to do."

"What I tell you to do is the right thing to do," she said crossly. "Look at the mess that your skirt is in, now that will need to wash this too in the afternoon."

Georg looked at the floor and wondered if he could do anything right.

"Well we'll just have to make do," she said as she took down some pans and filled them from the well bucket.

Under her instruction Georg prepared their meal while Mary sat and watched him work.

"It's so nice having a man around," she said as he served the food and cut the bread the way that she told him to. "It will make my life so much easier."

He was about to start eating when she held up her hand.

"You eat when I am finished, then you clean up and join me in your bedroom," she ordered. "Make sure you do a proper job, mind, and put everything back in its place before you come up."

Georg watched her eat.

Slowly and neatly with seeming enjoyment at the taste of the plain repast. Finally she was finished and laid her fork neatly by the plate.

She stood and stretched and then said: "You can eat now, when you are ready, come upstairs!"

Georg ate. The dry starch of the potatoes and the bland vegetables filled but there was no pleasure in the meal. What sustained him was the thought that Mary was waiting upstairs on his bed for his attention. With a sigh he stood and then cleaned up the kitchen to her rigorous instructions.

Finally he took off his skirt and shook it to rid it of all of the dust before putting it back on and heading to his bedroom.


Mary was waiting for him.

She lay on the bed like a cat that knew that the cream was about to arrive. Her legs spread wide to make the lips of her sex pout through her pubic hair and the stockings and girdle that she had put on were a clear indication that she was looking forward to something more than mere housework from Georg.

When he arrived she sat up and cupped her breasts in her hands.

"I hope that I will find the kitchen spotless," she said with a grin. "Please undress for me."

He looked at her tempting form and started to undress.

"Not like that, " she said crossly. "Slowly. You are supposed to be tempting me, not getting ready for a fast fuck in a brothel in Berlin."

He took off his shoes and slowed to doing one button at a time. The skirt fell to the floor with a rustle of cloth and the blouse slipped off his arms with a single shrug of the shoulders. Finally he stood waiting, his cock stood like a pointer towards the object of his lust, the woman who commanded from his bed.

"That's better," she cooed. "Now you are ready for me!"

Her finger pointed at her thighs and she lay back with a sigh.

Georg crawled onto the bed and slid his head between her thighs just as the fingers of her right hand opened her wide for his attention.

"Lick me like you did last night, take me with those lips."

He settled in and tentatively probed her with his tongue. As he did so she moaned and allowed her fingers to strum across the bud of her clitoris. As he worked, her forefinger pressed to strip her clit of that small hood and she grabbed his hair with her other hand to direct him to the place where she wanted his attention.

"Slowly, it's got to be slow," she mumbled as his tongue lapped at the few square millimetres of exposed flesh that was the centre of her pleasure. "Use your hands, I want to feel your fingers in me."

He pushed a finger into her and then another as his lips sucked her exposed clitoris. This was not what he had expected at all. Georg was a man whose prick was the centre of all a woman's pleasure. Never had he been asked to make a woman climax without using it. Now it lay ignored under his thighs as she sucked him in and orgasmed with a series of small sighs that turned to cries.

Her thighs trembled and then lifted around his head to close him in a grip from which there was no escape without her assent. He was hers and she climaxed again as she forced him to take her to the third and final climax.

"More," she cried as he kissed and lapped at her.

His fingers probed and massaged the inside of her cunt as she clenched her thighs with extasy. She screamed with gratification as he sucked that bud between his lips and massaged it with his lapping tongue.

Finally it was over and Mary relaxed with a small sound of pleasure.

"Good, Georg, you have done well." she purred as her hand stroked through his hair.

He felt a little pride in her thanks and kind words and wondered if now he could fuck her. While she was still wet and ripe for his raging prick. But, his hopes were dashed by her next words.

"When you have finished the bedroom you get your little moment of pleasure," she said as she lifted his head to look into her eyes. "One good turn deserves another and a little wait will make you all the more ready for what I am going to do to you!"

Mary rolled off the bed and pulled on her skirt.

"That's not fair," said Georg as he felt his erection fade.

"Fair is what I decide," chuckled Mary as she pulled on her blouse. "You are in my house on my sufferance; make sure that you keep on my better side!"

Georg stood and watched her do the buttons on her blouse, hiding those perfect breasts with casual movements of her fingers.

"Last night," he said in the hope of stirring her to action.

"Last night was then, this is now!" she replied as she slipped on her shoes. "Now put on a fresh dress and finish the room. Afterwards there is the washing to do and then we shall see what we shall see."

Georg went to her bedroom to select a dress.

'A dress she said, not a skirt.' he thought as he looked at those available.

He remembered that there were several dresses, a floral one, a long one and maybe one or two others, but all he could find was a black dress with a fixed pinafore that looked so much like a maid's uniform. Once again he flicked through the hangers until his hand once again rested on the black and white dress.

"That one needs a petticoat," said Mary's voice from behind him. "put it on and then the stockings that are tucked in the wooden box at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Georg turned to find Mary with a look of pure lust on her face as her hand slipped inside her blouse and toyed with her breasts. It was clear that she was playing games with him for her own amusement.

"The girdle is in the box as well," she added as her other hand slipped under her skirt to find her pussy. "I will help you this time if you like, but after that you are on your own."

Georg felt a wave of resignation sweep over him as he laid the items on the bed.

"The girdle goes on first of all," she panted. "Do the middle buttons first before you slip it on and then you can do the others later."

He did as he was told and then reached for the thick cotton stockings.

"No," she said. "They go on after the petticoat."

He slid the crisp cotton over his body and let it hang over his erection.

"I can see that you're enjoying this, my little sailor boy," she said. "Now you can put on the stockings for me and finally the dress.

When he had finished she sighed as she came. A delicious subtle orgasm that came from the depths of her control rather than from the hands that slid through her soaking cunt.

"Turn around," she murmured as she got him to show him the effect from all angles.

"Now there are just two things missing," she said. "The shoes..."

He reached for the brogues that he had worn before.

"Not those, silly," she said in a strict tone. "That outfit needs heels, and your legs need a bit of shape."

Mary went to the wardrobe and selected a pair of Oxfords with belled heels of about three inches.

"These," she said as she watched him struggle into them.

"Now put one hand here and one hand here," she instructed as she moved his hands to the front and back of the hem of the dress. "Pull the hem up a little and bend your knees."

George curtsied and Mary squealed with delight.

"You are ready to finish this room now," she said as she handed him the duster. When you are finished come to the living room and I will show you what I can make that cock of yours do for me!"

A Glass Of Cream Sherry.

The house was an old one, formerly with a staff of maids and butlers that served a family that had farmed the whole district. On the third floor were the servant's quarters, filled with the uniforms and cots of a Victorian establishment. Mary had decided that she had a maid, just like the old days, and that maid would serve her in proper style.

All she needed were a few additional bits and pieces and an attitude that brooked no disobedience.


Georg knocked on the door.

'Why knock?' he wondered.

The answer was that it just felt like the correct thing to do!

"Come," came Mary's voice.

He entered the living room to find her with a small wine glass in her hand, sipping a sherry.

"Come to me now," she said.

It was more of an order than a request.

He stood before her and wondered what other chores he would have to do before she would allow him to fuck her.

Her left hand reached out and burrowed under his petticoats to find his prick. It gripped him and pushed to make him groan.

"See, that's better," she said in a soothing voice. "You have finished your chores for the afternoon and now comes a little time just for you."

He grunted as her hand slipped to his balls and took them in the palm of her hand.

As she sipped her sherry she massaged them and then took them in a firmer grip.

"You realise that you are now my little maid?" she cooed. "Just what a widow needs to keep body and soul together."

"I have begun to understand!"

"That's excellent, my dear."

The hand under his petticoat left his balls and traced the interface between stocking-top and thigh before it crept to the root of his raging prick.

"There will be so many chores for you to do for me, many of an intensely personal nature, and I am obliged to repay all that service," she continued.

She sipped at her sherry and looked up at her maid with a smile.

"Does that sound fair?" she asked.

"It does."

"It does, Madam," she corrected. "Always address me as 'Madam', I like the sound. There is something else that I like as well... Can you guess, or do I have to tell you!"


"Of course obedience! That goes without saying, but it is a good guess."

"Please tell me," he answered as he felt himself being slowly massaged.

"Please tell me, what?"

"Please tell me, Madam."

"That's much better," she said as she rewarded him with a few harder strokes.

Her hand came up and she offered him the glass.

"Fill it now," she ordered.

He looked at the hand that was slowly wanking him and then at the decanter on the other side of the room.

"My pleasure always comes first," she snorted. "You have to understand that basic fact quickly if you are to be the perfect maid. Now get me a sherry!"

He pulled from her hand and filled the small glass half full. As he passed it to her a small sly smile came onto her face. Once again the hand burrowed through the starched cotton to resume his reward session. The small cost of teaching him to respond in the way that she wanted.

"So, you haven't answered me," she said. "What is the second thing that I want from you?"

The hand pulling him to climax distracted his thoughts and made him dizzy with hope.

"I don't know. Madam!"

There had been a slight hesitation before the title, but she ignored it.

"A curtsey every time you greet me," she said as she finished the under filled glass.

There was a brief pause as this new information soaked in. Gradually she brought him closer and closer to a peak. She slowed a little to be able to interrupt at the moment when it would be most devastating. There it was, that slight clench of the balls, the small sign that he was just before his climax.

She stopped and held up the glass again.

"This time fill it full," she said.

"Yes, Madam," he said as he stumbled to the decanter and his climax receded into nothing.

'How can I have been so foolish as to think that she would want just half a glass,' he thought without realising that, full or empty, his climax would be delayed.

He handed back the glass and awaited her hand, but it did not return. Now his prick was demanding completion from him and she was ignoring his need.

At last she turned to look up at him.

"You filled it full, that was good, but where was the curtsey?"

He tried to be graceful, but the curtsey was as stiff as his cock. The shoes were so difficult to walk on and the short trip across the room to the decanter had rubbed the tip of him against the starched cotton to make his legs tremble even more.

"Better," she said. "But, you have to be punished for mistakes. How can we move forward if you never learn? You have to learn that a maid in this house, under my guidance, is a perfect maid. So what are we going to do now?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know... Madam."

"Show me how you can pleasure yourself," she chuckled. "Then you can be satisfied and I will not have transgressed against my principles."

"Now? Madam.

"Of course now! The sin of Onan is one that you will often be performing for me under my guidance. When you are flawless I will be the one to reward you, when you are less sufficient you will do it. If, of course you are insufficient, you will be punished like the trainee maid that you are!"

Georg took his prick in his right hand and lifted his skirt with the left. As he began to perform for her she lifted the sherry glass to catch the inevitable emission. The scene was so bizarre as Mary licked her lips and moved to catch the splashing come in the glass.

For a moment the panting Georg thought that she was going to drink the sherry with its creamy addition, but she proffered the glass and said: "Wash it and then start on the evening meal for us. You will prepare a Kerry Hotpot with the sausages that you will find in the larder. I have to prepare your bed and then we will relax with a little light reading before bed."


She ate her portion of the sausage stew that he had made with relish and complimented him on his cooking before he was allowed to eat. She ate so slowly that his bowl was cool by the time that he started, the congealed fat forming a white crust over the sodden mess of potatoes and vegetables.

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