The Ghost and Bridget


Derek kneaded and pulled, while she squirmed and tried to wiggle away from what she couldn't see. However, her breathing become ragged and her fight became less determined fairly quickly. All the while, those around watched in confusion and growing hard-ons. He cut to the chase. The redhead was already wide open since she was trying to get off the lounge, so it was easy. He laid over her and adjusting his cock, plunged through the fabric of her suit and into her, finding her g-spot almost immediately. She gasped as he held her spot, no longer trying to get away. Then Derek pulled out, leaving her wanting more. He stepped back to watch his handy work. Her hands shot down under her suit and to her empty snatch pushing her fingers into herself while watching the blond about to be fucked by a third man. Derek laughed as she then grabbed another man who had wondered over to see what was going on and pulled him down on her. Soon there were two women getting the stuffing fucked out of them.

Derek didn't even have to work for the next woman. He watched the remaining occupants of the pool area migrate over to the group. The moans of sex drawling their attention. There were more men than women, so they began to double and triple up. He leaned back amid the balls slapping and the boobs bouncing and laughed. He had done this. He reached between a three-some who had one of the women sandwiched between two men. He pulled on her clit a few times, eliciting a wail. He stepped away from the writhing group, proud of his accomplishment. He looked up to the balcony where he knew Bridget lived and saw her watching. His eyes narrowed as he contemplated her. Toying with the blonde and this horny mob had been fun, but Bridget was the one he really wanted. A surprising wave a resentment washed over him. Why couldn't she have given me the time of day while I was alive? The only reason I'm even getting any from her now was because I took it from her. She didn't even know I was alive, let alone care that I'm dead. As he watched her, his resentment grew to anger. "You may never know who I am, but when I'm done with you, you'll never forget me."


For the first time in days Bridget didn't feel like she was being watched. She'd left the pool half expecting to be accosted again as soon as she got back to the apartment. Surprisingly, nothing happened. She got dressed and turned on the TV when she was drawn to the balcony by sounds of a commotion. Looking out over into the pool area, she was shocked to see a blonde woman being very publicly fucked, by one man, with others apparently waiting in line. When another woman attempted to find out what was going on, something seemed to come over her and she fell backwards onto one of the lounges, frantically trying to get away from something but was soon caught up in her own lusts. Bridget could see the hands on the woman's breasts. She was soon pulling the nearest guy down on top of her. By then, everyone who wasn't involved, had wondered over to see what was going on. The air of sex permeated the pool area.

Bridget watched some men come up to the remaining women and with little persuading, the women were removing their suits. She watched two of the men sit on the lounge chairs and as if twins, two of the women straddled them and began bouncing up and down on their cocks. They were soon pushed over the top of their guys and another cock went up each of their asses. She watched in amazement at all the cocks being sucked, pussies being pumped, nipples being pulled...that last visual made her a little wet.

She couldn't take her eyes from the sight below. What is going on? This is not normal. It's like they were infected by something. She wouldn't help but wonder if whatever it was that was effecting everyone, was in some way her fault. She had been the first to experience the mysterious touches as far as she knew.

Then she felt that she was being watched again, but it felt different, cold. The sudden change was unnerving and for the first time she felt more then a little scared. She returned inside and locked the balcony door. Not that she felt it would help, but she still felt compelled to do it.

The rest of the day was calm. No strange touches, no uncontrolled horniness. Even the feeling of being watched, at some point vanished. By the time she crawled into bed, she began to believe that maybe whatever it was that had affected her and the others had got bored and moved on. With a sigh of relief, she drifted off to sleep.


It was after 3am when a jolt woke Bridget from a restful sleep. Her eyes popped open and she looked around the dark, quiet room. She could have sworn that the bed bounced...frame and all. After a minute or so, with nothing to indicate anything wrong, she rolled over and chastised herself for being so jumpy.

Just as she drifted back to sleep, she was jerked awake again. This time, she was sure that she felt the bed raise and fall. She laid there, waiting for it to happen again, her heart pounding. It didn't take long before the bed bounced a third time. This time it continued longer. She shot upward until she was against the headboard, holding the covers. "Stop! What do you want?" She felt a chill to her bones that terrified her. In a panic, she moved to scramble from the bed when something grabbed her foot and pulled her flat. She struggled to get off the bed, only to be pinned flat on her stomach. She fought for a minute but realized that there was no getting away. It looked like she was going to get fucked again. She screamed in exasperated resignation. "You're pathetic and a coward. Get it over with!" The recent sex had been undeniably incredible but she was getting frustrated with her lack of control. She had always been the one in control. Sex was always on her terms. She had to figure out how to stop this. First chance she got, she would...

All thoughts of control were driven away when rough hands grabbed her hips and lifted them high. With no foreplay what-so-ever, she was impaled with more force than had previously been used. She let out a yelp at the rough entry, and tried to move away but was held secure. It was very different then the pool. The pounding was hard and bruising. Angry. Where before there was at least a pretense of caring about getting her off, now it was as if she was just an object to be used. She tried to relax knowing that it would hurt more if she tensed.


Derek was surprised how angry he had become. He didn't go back to the apartment once she'd left the balcony, thinking it would calm him down, but he found that thinking was the last thing he wanted to do. He found it harder and harder to control his needs now that he was able to feel the flesh he was fucking. He wanted more and nothing could stop him. Screw Bridget and the fact that she would never care for him like he had cared for her.

He had wondered about the complex, letting his anger stew. He followed and spent half an hour bending a drunk resident over a chair in her apartment. He didn't remember most of the encounter, only that he filled his desire and felt so good. He laughed hysterically at the faces of all the women that he'd groped as he passed them in the halls. One woman actually turned and slapped the stunned man behind her for grabbing her ass. Still his desire and anger grew. Eventually, he found himself standing over Bridget's sleeping form. He wanted her again. "Why couldn't you have wanted me?!" He kicked the bed and saw that he had woke her. Saw her look around, sleepily for a few moments, then rolled over and drifted back to sleep. "No! Don't you ignore me!" He picked up the end of the bed and dropped it. This time she woke up with a jerk and laid there, eyes large and waiting. "I'll show you!" He shook the bed long and hard, satisfied at the fear he saw in her eyes as she scrambled to the headboard.

Her plea to stop made him laugh. "Stop? Oh no, bitch, I've only just started." When she made her move to get off the bed, he grabbed her foot and pulled. She spun to crawl away, but he pinned her down flat on her stomach. He contemplated tearing her tank top and baggy shorts off her but he could wait. He would have laughed at her efforts to fight him if his anger hadn't soared at her insults. "I've taken you to pleasures that you've never reached before and you just didn't appreciate it." He pulled her bottom up and creating a penis larger than anything that Jake guy could get up, he pushed through her shorts material and deep into her cunt. The part yelp, part scream, that was forced from her spurred him on. He dug his fingers into her hips and buried himself over and over. Growing, shifting, driving. Her screams didn't matter, she didn't matter. All he wanted to do was fuck.


Whatever was ramming into Bridget's cunt was huge. She tried to relax and take it but it was too much. She screamed, her face buried into the bed by the position she was in. She tried pushing up on her arms but was just plowed back down again. When she thought that she'd finally adapted to the stretching of her hole, the invisible cock would just get bigger. This went on a long time. Whoever it was that was doing this to her, was mad. This was beyond horny like before. It was violent and she just prayed that she made it through.

She felt her hair being pulled, so she once again attempted to get up on her elbows at least. The pressure left her hips and the sound of tearing reached her ears. Her clothes fell to the bed in shreds, exposing her breasts which were promptly grabbed by giant hands. "Shit! No!" Their squeezes were as rough as the pounding. Painful pulling and pinching left her body unsure of how to respond. She was having a hard time catching her breath and she watched as the sweat ran down her chest in rivets. Her body wanted to cum but just when she thought she'd go over the edge, she would jerk in pain.

Now something was crawling toward her ass. "No!" This is unbearable. Then that something was shoved up her ass. She struggled but she knew it was useless. The pain became all one and at the same time she was reaching new heights of arousal.

Then with the monster cock still pushed inside her, she was flopped over onto her back. The pounding resumed. Her breasts were accosted from the front now. Her nipples pulled and pinched hard, and it felt like someone was alternately biting, then sucking, on them. The whole breast would pull up and twist. Her back arched as she struggled with the need to get away and the overwhelming urge to cum as hard as she was being fucked.


"Yes!" This was what he desired. The control, the omnipotence. No one could stop him. He could take what he wanted and there wasn't a thing anyone could do. He pulled her hair and got her to her raise her chest off the bed, then ripped her shirt and shorts off and grabbed hold of those amazing mounds and squeezed them until he thought they would pop. He loved being able to feel, and boobs were the best.

He felt Bridget relax many times and almost cum but this time it wasn't for her, so he'd adjust himself until her face would scrunch in discomfort. Going for her ass was fun to watch. He didn't think that she'd had anyone up there before. He pounded both for long minutes, before deciding a change of position was in order.

With not a little effort, he was able to flip her over onto her back. Now he could watch his cock pound her and had full access to her amazing tits. While he fiercely squeezed one, his mouth formed a huge suction cup and latched onto her other. Suck, bite, suck, bite. Sweat plastered her hair and her breathing was coming in gasps. The sounds she made were primal and he like it, so he pounded and squeezed and sucked and bite harder.

Suddenly her eyes grew wide and it appeared to him that she was looking right at him. Then with a few gasps she stopped struggling, her eyes closed and she went limp. He could tell she was still breathing but must have passed out. He continued his ministrations, but without the screams and interaction, it just wasn't as satisfying. In disgust, he pulled out of her and with an almost audible pop, released her breast to fall to her chest. Leaving her half naked, spread on the bed and without a look back, he left the apartment. He needed more.


Bridget slowly woke about an hour later and groaned at the soreness of her body. The events of the night filtered back to her with a vengeance. Her fist slammed into the bed. "That Bastard!" She scooted to the edge of the bed feeling sore, disgusted and used. She hated that. Hated that feeling of helplessness. She also knew that she had a way to regain control. Right before she passed out, she could have sworn she saw him; his mouth pulling at her tit. She'd looked at him and she saw him look back. She saw his face for just a moment before a hard pinch to her nipple drove her into oblivion.

She now knew what he looked like. Her "little boy ghost" was that jerkoff who would stare at her at the bar. He was a glass washer or something. She even danced with him once, but she really had no interest in him. He'd asked her and was a distraction until Jake was available. After that she'd catch him staring at her in a way that made her uncomfortable, but she'd just ignore him as if he wasn't there. Then a few weeks ago when she went to the bar to see Jake, she was relieved to see that the creepy guy wasn't there. She didn't care why, all she knew was that she didn't have to avoid the stares anymore.

She got up and headed to the bathroom. Her one day off was over and she was supposed to go to work. If he didn't know where that was, maybe she'd be safe there. Feeling stiff and not very rested, she stumbled into the shower, washing without really feeling. After showering, she reached for a towel to dry off and caught the image of herself in the mirror. Her breasts had dark bruises on them, her nipples rubbed raw, were flaming red. On her hips were purple hand prints. She put her own hands over the prints, anger swelling inside. It's my body, no one had the right to do this!

She quickly finished drying herself and got dressed, relieved that she had yet to sense any angry presence. She didn't take the time to eat breakfast, hoping to get out before that changed. She almost made it out of the apartment complex when she heard moaning coming from the recreation room. Peeking through the door window that separated the room from the hallway, she saw a female laying on her back on the pool table, her shredded running shorts on the floor. Sliding between her legs was a pool stick. Invisible hands shoving it in and out of her writhing hole. Her own hands had pushed up her shirt and were pulled at her large tits. She was obviously beyond caring about how she was being fucked.

With a frantic urgency, Bridget bolted from the complex. As long as he was busy there, maybe she could get somewhere and figure out how to get rid of him.


Derek left the rec room in search of more ass. The woman on the table had cum hard a few times with the stick but he'd left her on the capable cock of some guy who walked in on them. He'd watched the two until the guy came on her tits and she rubbed it all over. Now he was bored and wondered if Bridget was awake yet.

With a thought, he was back in her apartment. It was so quiet, he figured that she must still be passed out. He rubbed on his cock as he went to the bedroom to get her to wake up, only to fine the bed empty. With a growl, he searched the small apartment. "Ahh!!! Where are you!" With hardly a thought, the lamp next to the couch flew across the room and shattered against the wall. The glass coffee table went next. He needed her, wanted her. His anger whipped through the rooms of the apartment. Anything that wasn't part of the building structure was demolished and thrown around the room. When there was nothing left, he willed himself around the complex, thinking that she may still be there, somewhere. As he looked, he noticed people leaving for work and it dawned on him that that was where she probably went. He knew enough about her to know that she loved her work. That's why she would come into the bar for Jake. She didn't have time for a real relationship. A picture on the complex's wall went flying. "Damn!" He never did find out where she worked.


Bridget typed frantically on her computer to find everything she could about ghosts. Until yesterday, she'd never given them anymore thought than the goofy shows she'd watch on TV. She was surprised with all the claims from others who had been used sexually by entities, but soon came to find that there really wasn't a standard to get rid of them. Some were exorcized. Others were kept at bay with spiritual talisman such as crosses or incense and other items. There were so many, it only confused her. She didn't have time to try all of them. Even if she could decide on one, how could she handle this by herself? She couldn't ask any of her girlfriends. She'd feel terrible if anything happened to them. She didn't really have any guy friends. Well, maybe one.

Making an excuse of being sick, she left work and headed for the bar. She really didn't think that Jake would be there during the day, but she couldn't go home. She wouldn't go home, no matter what. If she thought her ghost was mad before, she knew she'd never make it til the next morning if he caught up with her again.


Derek was livid. And the longer he looked for Bridget, the more insanely angry he became. He searched through her scattered belongings for anything that would tell him where she worked. It took a while but she finally found a pay stub with an address on it. "Got ya." He knew where the building was, so he willed himself to the location. It wasn't a large building so it didn't take long to go through it and find that she wasn't there. He did find the cubicle containing her desk, though. With a swipe of his hand, he brushed a stack of papers from it. "Where are you!" As the stack of papers moved, they bumped the computer mouse and the screen saver went off, showing Bridget's last search item. "You think you're so smart." He sneered at the screen. "When I find you,I'm going to make you sorry." Another shove of the mouse sent it tangling from its cord. The commotion attracted the attention of one of Bridget's coworkers, who came to investigate the strange sounds from the other cubicle. "Come here, slut! I need now!" As the coworker entered the work area, he tripped her and she went down on all fours with a squeal.

"Ow...what the..." She didn't finish her phase. Something had just grabbed her hips and was pushing against her.

Derek ground himself against the unsuspecting woman's ass. His hands stretched around the front of her thighs and against her soft crotch to hold her to him. He let her get her hands up on the edge of the desk, but only because that would allow him access to her firm breasts. She struggled a little, but he could tell she was more confused than scared at the moment, so he made his move.

His hand sunk into her folds and she took a quick gasp. "Oh my..." The fingers elongated. Two finding her clit the other pushing their way into her hole. Once in, he began circling her insides more aggressively. She stopped fighting and opened her legs farther.

"That's right, I knew you were a slut." His fingers worked her cunt hard and she was quickly grinding her hips. Her hands went under her shirt and she pulled it and her bra above the top of her tits so they could bounce freely. Her one hand working a nipple while the other holding to the desk. He pulled her closer to him and replaced his fingers with his cock. Or rather, cocks. He split into two, one sinking deep into her, the other tantalizing her aching button. With his hands now free, he used one to hold her tight and the other to grab the boob that wasn't already being tugged on. He pinched onto the nipple and pulled it down toward the floor and wiggled it, making her moan louder. He could tell she was coming. Could feel her tight muscles contracting around his cocks. He just kept pumper her.

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