tagBDSMThe Gift

The Gift


I received a phone call from Master, saying to expect him home soon and that I should be ready to present myself to him. I panicked as he didn't say how much time I had to get ready. So I run to my room and leave a trail of clothing behind me. I jump in the shower and quickly wash the day off of me and then apply oil to my skin, to make it soft and lightly scented. I put on a white see-through silk baby doll that just covers my breasts and my sex. I swiftly move to the front door and stand in the hallway thinking it only took me 7 minutes, not to bad.

I take my place as I have been instructed before, in the entryway to the house, just at the living room opening. I stand proud, head high, my large breasts thrust out, legs parted, hips pushed forward and my fingers pulling up the edge of the silk to display my pussy. Then I wait and think. There is only one reason that he would ask me to present myself, he has been thinking about me and wants me. The thought makes me smile that after all this time he still wants me and the more I think about him coming through the door to me, it makes my pussy wet. The longer I think about what he may do to me when he gets here makes me even wetter. As I stand in presentation, the juices are building and I start dripping down my inner thigh. If only I could touch myself, slip a finger deep inside me or pinch my nipples, but this is off limits to me. My body belongs to him, and all pleasure will be given by him, and what great pleasure it is.

I moan thinking about the time he pressed up against the back of the sofa and.......

The key is in the door, and slowly it opens, and in walks the most beautiful man, my Master. Tall, with close cut hair and gray eyes, strong wide shoulders and a narrow waist. I moan again slightly at the sight of him smiling at me. Then my eye sees his hand, there is something in it, but it is behind him, I am confused and scared. Then I see another pair of legs, and he pulls though the door a young girl, about 25, slender, red head, perky breasts, slim hips, and a mouth that begs to be kissed.

I see her and she sees me and we are both taken back, as she literally takes a step backward. I would have but I know I can not move from my position until I am told to. The look on her face tells me that is as unexpected for her as it was for me. My fingers falter and the silk falls and covers my sex. Master looks directly between my legs and arches an eyebrow and I quickly pull it back up showing my very wet, glistening pussy.

"I have brought you home a gift, my girl," says Master, "Her name is Amy. She came to the store today and I thought she would be a great addition to the family." As these words are spoken two things happen at the same time. The girl takes a very large step back, although Master still has her hand, and he gives me a very knowing look, that this girl was for me to play with, that this truly was a gift for me.

I rock forward onto the balls of my feet slightly just enough that Master notices, "Yes pet, come forward."

I walk to the girl, smile and say, "Hello, I'm Zee. Very nice to meet you Amy. Come into the kitchen and help me get wine for all of us." I take her hand, while leaning up to kiss Master fully and deep on the mouth.

"Bring it into the living room, when you are done, my pet." Master says and slaps me on the ass. I lead Amy through our home to the kitchen in the back. It is a bright and sunny kitchen and always cheers me when I enter it. I can tell that Amy is still in shock by my Master's words and I smile warmly at her and ask her if she would like red or white wine.

"Do you have anything harder?" she asks.

"I have some vodka in the freezer if you want to grab it."

"Thanks." and she moves the the fridge and looks into the freezer to find the bottle hidden in the back and I take a moment to look over my gift. She is lean and beautiful. Master was so kind in bringing me home such a prize today. I start thinking if that skirt was any shorter I could tell if she was wearing any panties. Well I will find out soon enough and smile to myself.

Amy finds the bottle, and I hand her a shot glass, as I take out a bottle of Master favorite white wine. She takes a double shot of vodka and leans back against the counter.

"Better?" I ask.

"MMM yes thanks I needed that. When Mark asked me to come home with him to met you, I didn't expect all this. I was thinking he was inviting me to dinner or something."

"And why do you think he invited you here for now?" I ask, as I am moving about the kitchen getting glasses and a tray and making sure that when I am done that I am standing quite close to her.

"Well, I think he wants to fuck me. Holy crap he thinks I am going to fuck him. He was really flirty at the store and funny." says Amy as the thought sinks in, the look on her face starts to change slowly to panic and then to something else, something deeper. Then after a moment she turns to me and asks, "Do you think he wants to fuck me?" no longer scared, but almost, almost with a hint of a smile.

I lay my hand on top of hers on the counter, caressing it softly. "Oh Amy, I have no doubt. But, do not worry. He will not do anything that you do not ask for."

"Oh, alright." she says slightly confused, but I feel her fingers lift to my touch as I knew they would. My fingers softly travel up her wrist to her arm, caressing as I go, so softly as my fingers kiss her skin, and I see her lips part slightly, and I take a step to her. My fingers travel up Amy's arm to her shoulder, and she turns to look at it, my fingers find her chin and turn her face to mine and kiss that sweet mouth of hers. Soft butterfly kisses on that month I have wanted to kiss since she walked though my door, and she responds with her own kisses and they then turn from soft innocent kisses to ones of need, of desire. My tongue presses to open her mouth to me and she does, so sweetly obeying my wishes, and my fingers go from her chin to the base of her neck, then to her back, pressing her and those firm breasts against me.

I feel her move into me, her hands tentatively on my arms and then slowly with more assurance, she snakes her arms around my back and I feel her whole body relax and melt into mine. My kisses are getting stronger as I work my fingers deep into her hair, and I pull her head back to expose her neck to me. I work needfully down her neck, kissing, licking and biting the tendon and I hear her moan deeply and press her neck into my mouth. With my other hand I slide under her top and find those breasts, so perky and firm there is no need for a bra, and now it is my turn to moan, and I bite the base of her neck hard enough that she will have a hickey forming soon.

I cup her right breast in my hand feeling the weight of it. I have to see it, to taste it, and before I can pull off her shirt, she is yanking it over her head in a motion so fast there is no doubt that she is also thinking the same thing. Pulling at her hard little nipples, I let go and they snap back into place, as she gasps. I roll one of the nipples between my fingers, and listen to her breathing quicken. I kiss her breast and feel her giving into me.

"Amy, what do you want?" I ask the gasping girl.

"Touch me, taste me, fuck me. Oh God yesssss." was her reply.

I was only to happy to give this girl what she wanted and begged for. Slowly I work down her the tight flat stomach and find the edge of her skirt, tongue slipping into her navel and I hear her gasp. I can feel her hips moving forward into me, smelling her sweet honey. I grab her skirt in both hands and pull hard as her panties come with it. Leaning into her scent I drive my tongue into the girls dripping sex, and feel her buck under me. Damn she tastes as good as she looks.

She leans back and parts her legs, I see her beautiful pink pussy, completely bare with a small red rose tattoo near her lips. My tongue finds it and I moan as drive two fingers in her dripping hole. She instantly gasps loudly as her hand hits the cupboard door slamming it shut. My tongue heads right for her clit, making small circles around it. Amy's hips are bucking under me as I then bite that clit and suck it hard into my mouth. My fingers working in and out of her tight pussy, as I listen to her heavy breathing. I stand up, as I slide another finger into her, and feel her move against me. Her mouth finds mine with raw, passion filled kisses, and she moans into my mouth.

I want this girl and want her now. I turn her and push her down on the table then grab my double dildo, so nice to have a fully equipped kitchen, and slide one head into my slippery, hot pussy and then walk to her. Watching Amy as she is panting slightly with that look of slight fear and excitement in her eyes is my greatest pleasure, seeing a girl's face change and the desire grow and burn in her eyes.

Again I ask her, "What do you want?" I want to hear her answer, to hear her say the words, listen to her try to get them out, to admit them to herself. She is panting and making a pretty puddle on my kitchen table as I draw small circles around her clit. The poor thing is humping air and trying to get my fingers to closer to her pussy.

"Oh shit, fuck me, just fill me." she almost cries out as the other head of my dildo enters her pink pussy lips. I start to push it in slow and deep, filling her to the depths of her soul. The chorus of sounds coming from that perfect pink mouth leads me right to it and I cover hers with mine. Kissing her as deeply as I fuck her, probing and searching. My fingers find her breasts and slap them both. I release her from the kiss as I feel the scream escaping her at the same time I slam the cock hard into her and my moans join her screams.

I let my own pleasure build as our pussies rub together and filled with cock, my eyes catch a movement and see Master standing in the doorway watching with a smirk on his face. "You just couldn't wait could you, Angel?" He moves into the room and grabs the girl's head and pulls it over the edge of the table. In doing so he pulls me with her and I am kneeling on the table over the girl, the dildo stretching and pulling on us both. I hear Master's zipper open and see my candy slap the pink perfect mouth of the girl. "Open." Master says and she obeys. I smile as his first command is followed.

Master meets my eyes and kisses me as we both move as one, using the girl for our combined pleasure. He bites at my lip and quickly places on my chain weighted nipple clamps with swift knowing fingers. Damn he always comes so prepared. I gasp in my shock and as the pain flows through my breasts. Then smile widely as as the chain rocks and stretches my nipples while I am fucking the girl under me. We start a hard and deep pace, both together as one. I watch as my candy is swallowed over and over again by a mouth that is not mine, and feel my pussy clamp down in response. That perfect kissable mouth of hers wrapped around thick dark cock. I watch and am mesmerized by it. My pussy feeling it's own thick cock and wanting it harder and harder still. I thrust over and over into the girl, leaning down I biting her right nipple as I twist and pull the left. The poor thing is arching off the table, moaning and trying to gasp for air. I look up and Master is playing with her like a toy, plugging her nose and shoving cock down her throat. The grin on his face as he watches her is pure pleasure.

I am so close to the edge, as I bite down again, feeling the nub in my teeth swell and her back arch. Master grabs me by the hair and pulls me up to his lips. His mouth devours mine in complete ownership, hand on the back of my neck holding me, possessing me. I am kissing a man and fucking a woman, this thought passes through my mind and I moan loudly in to his kisses. He pulls back and I swoon in my thoughts and trying not to cum. He looks at me with a grin crossing his lips and he spanks my right boob hard. The shock and pain from the clamp fire through me and I open my mouth to scream when I hear him say "CUM". The scream turns into a cry of pure pleasure as the orgasm rocks me. I am cumming deep inside feeling the waves crashing over me. Then I feel Master is continuing to beat my breasts, which sends me over the edge again and again. Screams escape me as my pussy floods and gushes with juices. The girl on the table vanishes and it is just Master taking what is his from his angel. There is no give and take for it is all his. In my white haze I can hear Master and watch in dreamy eyes as he cums over the girls face. Is she crying or moaning? I can't really tell as I cum again and my eyes close as my toes go numb and the world melts away.

I come back to myself and I am sitting on the edge of the table, Amy still laying on it, curled up as one does after a good fucking, with a smile on her face. Master walks over to me and brushes the hair from my face. I smile up at him and say, "Thank you Master. May I keep her?" He laughs, his eyes sparkling and with a hit of evil.

"Yes my pet. You may keep her. Clean her up and put her in the guest room then come to bed. I am not finished with you yet. You have a punishment coming for starting without me." I smile and jump off the table and almost drag my new toy up the stairs, as I hear that happy evil laugh again behind me.

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