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The Gift Certificate


My husband Bill is a sexual adventurist and is always asking me to go out riding around without underwear and exposing myself to him so that he can take pictures! We have done this many times and I always insist that he delete them afterward. I must admit that I find it extremely exciting as well and he is aware by how wet I get at these times. Of course I take it for granted that he does get rid of them but you never know. He always says he wants to print one for his wallet which makes me very anxious. I wouldn't want him showing his pals or losing his wallet for a stranger to find!

We also use many toys in our lovemaking like vibrators & dildos. I love the feeling of being stretched and penetrated deeply and I know he enjoys seeing me being opened up and on display. He teases me that people are watching or participating in my defilement which adds to our mutual excitement. The thought that he would consider to allow others to partake in these activities both scares and excites me while in the moment. For his part, he says he would like to see some man (or men) use me for their sexual pleasure. We role-play that I'm being screwed from both ends while he watches or joins in. Once I

have my orgasm he jumps right on and adds his seed to the imaginary load(s) already inside my pussy. We really get off on this type of fantasy and use it regularly to heighten our sex life.

Knowing how much he gets turned on by this type of activity, I decided to give him several "Gift Certificates" that promised him unlimited access to my body for whatever activity he wanted. The certificates forbade me to say no to any request from the bearer / redeemer. It was decorated with a summer pic of me in a revealing bathing suit that had been taken from behind, slightly bent over, smiling over my shoulder back at the camera. This is a very risqué pose and pic from my point of view and hopefully very suggestive for my husband.

I presented him with the certificates on his birthday, thinking he would want a private photo session very soon. I teased and taunted him to use his imagination for whatever would turn him on and stressed I would do as requested. I pleaded with him in a mock gesture not to use it to expose me to his friends or even to let them have me as their slave. As I was honor bound to do as instructed I would have no choice if he wanted me to blow them or allow them to fuck me. I asked him if he would "let them fill my pussy with their cum or spray all over my face and body". He joked that if it suited him he would certainly encourage It!!...... and take a few snap shots as well.

Bill and I had great sex that night speculating as to what he might have me do. He did not redeem a certificate however and nothing more was said for a few days. Every now or then, I would ask him when he was going to use one but he always put me off. Just talking about them though would open the door to another fun night of sexual activity.

Eventually the excitement died down and they were all but forgotten for a while.

Then one day I got a call from one of Bill's friends. It seems that Bill had lost his wallet

while out fishing one weekend and Jim found it in his car. That was a relief as we were about to cancel his credit cards. Jim said he would like to drop it by in the evening so I

thanked him profusely and shouted to Bill the good news. Then he surprised me by saying that he would like to redeem one of the certificates he found in the wallet! Bill had stashed them there for safekeeping and forgot all about them. I can't tell you how embarrassed I was as he kept joking about all the fun he was going to have collecting!

I took it as a joke and told Bill what happened and he had a slightly concerned expression on his face. When I asked him what was wrong, he confessed to having a compromising picture or two of me in his wallet. So, not only did Jim have pictures of me in revealing poses, he could also make sport of us about the certificates.

We decided to handle it as a joke and sheepishly took the wallet and ribbing from Jim. He didn't let up while he was there suggesting some exciting ideas to Bill about the sexual favors I could perform. Not knowing what else to say or do Bill went right along with it to

try to scare me. Later that night Bill and I talked about the whole incident and I asked him the particulars on the pics from his wallet. He told me one was of me sitting with my legs spread, sans underpants, and the other was a picture of my ass from behind with cheeks open wide. I was mortified (also a little excited) but more concerned when I learned that Jim didn't return the pics or one of the certificates. What I learned next was more worrisome.

Jim told Bill that he really wanted to use one of the certificates in return for the pics from the wallet. Bill wasn't sure how to handle this new problem but didn't want Jim showing everyone those pictures. So he asked Jim to hold off doing anything with the pictures and said he would speak to me about collecting on the certificate. Although confused and upset about the situation I was also excited about the prospect of following through. I was honor bound to Bill regardless should he want to follow through and the certificate did state the "Bearer", in this case Jim, could also redeem one. It looks like I was going to have little choice so I resolved to accept my fate. I told Bill that I would honor the certificate under his direction if that's what he wanted and we could get the pictures back. To my surprise, Bill was not upset but rather enthusiastic about the prospects.

I left it to Bill to make the arrangements with Jim. They settled on the next Saturday night after 7:00 PM. I overheard several calls between them and I was aware that Bill was very excited about what was to take place. I began to think he was in on it with Jim from the start but what did it matter. A deal's a deal and I couldn't say no. And I didn't want to. I was becoming extremely aroused at what may happen and had resolved to

enjoy it as much as I could. When Saturday arrived I was primed for action.

Bill had me shower to get ready and picked out what clothes I was to wear. He bought a black corset I was to put on under a white blouse. There was to be no bra or undies, just some black stockings attached to the corsets garters and a knee length pleated skirt. He got out our collection of toys and spread them out on one side of the bed. He explained all would be used until they were ready for some fucking & sucking. Any and all my holes could be used however they wanted and would take several loads of cum. That was just for starters. The game plan could change as the night progressed.

Bill had me kneeling at the end of the bed when 7:00 rolled around and waited downstairs for Jim to arrive. I jumped when I heard the doorbell, suddenly afraid of what was to happen. My husband of 25 years was about to give my body to a friend for his sexual enjoyment. I listened as the footsteps sounded on the stairway and the bedroom door opened. Bill announced "Here she is" and calmly walked up to me and lifted my skirt. My ass and pussy were on display. Next he invited Jim over and spread my ass cheeks, imploring him to examine me closely and start in with the toys. Jim went for my clit and found I was very wet. Next he picked up a thin dildo and pushed it gently up my pussy. I was aroused beyond belief as my husband and Jim watched it going in. Then a thin butt plug was gently pushed up my ass. I was feeling full and really horny. I wondered what Bill was thinking watching his wife displayed in this manner?

Then Jim announced that bigger objects needed to be inserted to "Open Her Up". The slim dildo was replaced with a realistic looking black plastic cock that was smeared in some type of lube. Jim rammed it in slowly allowing me to adjust to its length and girth. Bill commented as my pussy lips stretched to accommodate it. Then I heard a camera clicking and saw a flash as Bill started taking some pics. I wasn't expecting him to take pictures but hoped he would get rid of them after this was over. It wasn't long before some other devices were used but the boys quickly tired of them. Jim said he needed release and it was time to fuck me good. The last dildo was removed and I felt his cock at my pussy entrance. Bill held me open as Jim thrust himself inside. He told me later how fascinated he was when Jim entered me bareback and began thrusting quickly. After a few minutes Jim erupted and sent a load of cum up my womb. It was very hot and I felt his cock pumping for a while. Bill watched as he withdrew and saw his cum leaking from my pussy. He grabbed the camera and got a few shots of it and then entered me himself. Meanwhile Jim moved around to my face and asked me to taste him and lick him clean. I took him into my mouth and had my first taste of another man's sperm.

Bill fucked my hot pussy using Jims cum as a lubricant. He commented how hot and wet I was and didn't last long before adding his sperm to Jims. Then he left the room and let me work my mouth on Jim's cock. I had cleaned up most of his cum when my husband returned. He wasn't alone however. With him were two other friends of his and Jim's and they were immediately invited to join in. I heard them shuck their clothes and one moved around behind me while the other took Jim's place in my mouth. My husband was using me for a gangbang. I sucked on the new cock for about five minutes while the other "Pal" was busy in my pussy. I could barely feel him I was so stretched but the erotic nature of what was happening had me losing my mind with lust. Bill was rubbing himself off and taking pics of the newcomers at each end. When the guy in my mouth erupted, Bill got a pic of his load in my mouth and on my face. When the guy in my pussy went off Bill got some shots of the creampie. All this time the butt plug was still up my ass giving me additional thrills. Once everyone got off, they removed the plug and allowed me to lay down exhausted.

Bill then asked the boys to get dressed and ushered them out the door. Then he returned to me and began rubbing me down ever so gently. He told me how magnificent I had been and we cuddled for a while. He said they would be back soon when he was going to redeem the other certificates!

He kissed me gently and I told him I really didn't have the massive orgasm I was expecting. Then I asked him for a special favor. I needed release and asked him to give me a good licking. I wasn't sure he would because I was so full of other men's sperm but he lowered himself and began licking my clit. I was so turned on I ground myself onto his mouth so that his tongue could go right up inside. I know the sperm inside was draining into his mouth but he stayed with it. He was tasting all of our combined fluids and it drove me over the edge. I was in convulsions and my legs were like a vise around his head. Bill lapped & sucked till I calmed down and was too sensitive to be touched any longer. We cuddled some more and fell asleep in each others arms.

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Just totally sick.

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