tagLoving WivesThe Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift That Keeps On Giving


"I'm just wondering what your fantasies are sweetie, it's not a trick question or anything, I know you are very happy with our sex life, and so am I" reaching across the bed Cammie stroked the wonderfully muscled chest of her husband of 5 years this December 30th.

"I didn't think it was dear, it's just a hard question to answer. Hmm let me think a moment." Maxx reached across the bed and stroked his beautiful wife's perfect breasts as he pondered her question.

"I think the coolest thing would be to be able to tell my partner exactly what I wanted her to do and have her obey without question. Just in the bedroom now and then. Kinda like a sex robot but with an amazing human body. Hmm...she should look just like you."

Maxx ran his hand slowly and lightly down her belly caressing as he moved closer to her and started nibbling her ear

"Mm" she moaned as she started rising to meet his caresses.

"See you like that idea" he leaned over and kissed her as he spoke.

"I never... mm... said that" she responded by kissing him back, passionately and without reservations.

Maxx shifted and started kissing down her body, going very slowly, just barely touching her, causing her to writhe beneath him. Moving further and further down, until he was right between her legs, he kissed her smooth inner thighs and just above her succulent pussy, never once touching it.

"Ahh. Please... lower." she begged as she arched her back in near ecstasy.

After another kiss to her inner thigh, Maxx stopped abruptly.

"No. I don't think I will. We have been in this bed long enough and need to get a start on the day. There is a lot to accomplish, don't you remember Sam and Maria are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. We don't even have a tree yet my love. Come on up and at em"

Slapping her on her ass quickly he jumped out of bed before she could retaliate and went to start the shower.

"Awwwwwww, that's not fair." Cammie whined as she rolled over looking at his sexy ass as he walked out the door.

"Come join me in the shower. It might save some time, then again...." Maxx called from the adjoining bathroom.

"No I don't think I will, after all there is so much to be done I should just get started" she replied sticking her tongue out at his back. She rolled out of bed and dug through her dresser for some comfy clothes she could shop in. She still needed to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few last minute presents before coming home to decorate the tree Maxx was supposed to be getting today after a quick meeting. She couldn't want to see her friend Maria tomorrow. It had been so hard to get together the last few months with both couples working so much.

"Suit yourself my love." Maxx replied refusing to rise to the bait. Soaping up he thought about her earlier question. It was hard to tell his wife that he thought about things other than what they usually did. It was great that she wanted to know but scary to wonder what she might think of him. The thought of being able to order her to suck his cock whenever he wanted and have her drop to her knees immediately without question was amazing though. In response his heavy, thick cock rose to show its support in the matter. Oh well he thought, it's gotta get clean somehow. Grasping his now throbbing cock, Maxx quickly stroked it maintaining the thought of Cammie on her knees sucking it as if it was her greatest pleasure in the world to please him. Long before he was ready he reached climax and suddenly came harder than he had in a long time causing him to grasp the handrail for support. WOW he thought if only it was real.

Later that day the couple met back up at home, Maxx with a huge Christmas tree and Cammie with almost everything they would need to entertain their friends the next day. She still hadn't decided on a present for Maxx though she did have a great idea and wanted to talk with Maria more and see what she thought. Maybe she would call her later when Maxx was finishing up the last of the work he needed to do for the week. She couldn't imagine what Maria was going to think of her idea. I mean, who just randomly talks about their sex life with friends. It was an odd concept to her but she really needed the input of another woman, especially one who had been with her partner for over 10 years. She must have some experience with sexual fantasies and what to do with them. Yup, definitely a great idea...she set about finishing her cleaning and organizing putting away all the thanksgiving and fall decorations and began pulling the tree decorations out of the storage under the stairwell. Sneezing she saw that she was going to have to go to yet another store since the lights seemed to be missing. Oh that's right, they broke last year when she and Maxx got into a tug of war trying to untangle them and only ended up wrapping her up in them when she tripped and fell. Oh my god! She remembered Maxx's comment when that had happened.

"Oh baby you look so hot all trussed up an completely at my mercy...what ever will I do with you now that you can't escape"

She had been so frustrated she had just barked back at him and killing whatever moment was creating in his sexy head. Goodness, what if he liked stuff like that. What if he was really serious? Could she... would she...oh my god she thought yet again. All of a sudden she realized she was soaking wet and it was seeping through her panties onto her jeans. Good lord what was wrong with her.

Standing in front of the now erect and straight Christmas tree Maxx couldn't help himself. He couldn't stop thinking about his wife sweetly submitting to his every sexual wish. All day long while he was in his meeting and at the tree farm his mind kept wandering and he kept having to hide his erection. That was not something that was easy to do in Dockers with a 7 ½ inch long 6 ½ inch thick cock, not to mention the almost constant stream of pre-cum.

Ugh he grumble to himself as his cock started to rise again. Shaking his head he decided to just forget the whole thing. She was the most confident and assertive woman he had ever met in his life, there was no way she was going to submit to him. He would just have to deal with it remaining a fantasy. The tree as erect as his cock, he went to finish the bit of work he had left, still shaking his head at the thoughts that refused to exit his brain.

Seeing that Maxx was in his office, Cammie ran to the bedroom cell phone in hand. Hopefully she didn't completely freak out her friend, but she didn't know what else to do. She spent the entire day thinking about this and had to change her panties 4 times already and it was barely 6 pm. closing the door behind her she made her call and almost held her breath.

Later that night when they were both in bed and the tree was ready to be decorated as soon as she got the lights, there was this weirdness between them, as if neither wanted to bring up that mornings conversation and what it had done to the both of them during the day.

"Good night sweetie... I'm so exhausted but still need to shop a bit more. I can't wait till tomorrow it will be amazing to see them again." With that Cammie turned over and pulled the blankets tight around her neck and attempted to sleep despite the intense heat in her nether region.

Maxx was left with a flutter in his tummy. Ok so she didn't want to discuss it anymore, but is it bothering her. He really hoped she was just tired. He laid down and scooted over putting his arms around her like they normally slept. She seemed to tighten a bit but didn't pull away. They both drifted off to sleep with what the other thought was sheer exhaustion but what they themselves knew was a ridiculous amount of pent up sexual frustration.

Rising with the alarm early the next morning neither Maxx nor Cammie interacted much with the other. Simply told the other person what they were up to for the day and made sure they knew when to return to have plenty of time to finish the decorations. Cammie had a few extra places to get to so she left first. Maxx stayed behind supposedly to finish pulling the rest of the decorations out and making sure there were enough hooks for the shiny balls. However, he found himself glued to the image on his phone from last year of Cammie all tangled up with Christmas lights. She had been so frustrated when he took the picture that he never looked at it again and had all but forgotten it existed until yesterday. This was almost killing him. He promised himself he would talk to her later tonight after Sam and Maria had gone. Ignoring his throbbing cock for the umpteenth time he got busy with untangling tinsel and wreaths.

Returning from her shopping about a half hour later than expected, Cammie snuck quietly into the house to hide her gift to Maxx. Hopefully he wouldn't look under the bed any time in the near future. Carrying the rest of the bags into the living room she noticed that Maxx had indeed succeeded in getting all the rest of the decorations laid out and ready. Hearing soft music from the kitchen she wandered in to see what he was up to.

"WOW honey you have been busy." She exclaimed when she saw almost all of the dinner preparations done.

"Well I just figured I would get started since I got done early with the detangling."

"I'm impressed, I guess you don't need my help, so I'm gonna go jump in the shower and finish getting ready if that is ok?" she waited a fraction of a second to see if he realized she asked his permission, before she scooted out the door and almost ran up the stairs to the bedroom.

Slamming the door behind her she slumped down to the floor and almost suffocated before realizing she had been holding her breath. She was never going to make it to dinner time if she didn't stop this. A cold shower was exactly what she needed. Jumping up she stumbled to the adjoining bath and turned on the water. Sighing with relief as she stepped into the luke- warm spray she started to relax. It would be ok, she would make it. Hurrying she finished dressing and putting on her make up when she heard the door- bell. Looking over herself once more, satisfied with the results she went to greet her friends.

"Oh my god Maria, look at that dress, you look simply ravishing and Sam what happened to your goatee, oh I can't believe you are both here finally" almost squealing with delight Cammie raced up to her friends enveloping Sam in a hug first and then Maria. Maxx was too busy shaking hands with Sam to notice the girls whispering to each other and sharing a knowing look before breaking their embrace.

"Dinner is all ready, please, let's sit and eat. We have so much to catch up on... would either of you care for a glass of Chianti?"

"Oh, yes that would be lovely" Maria responded with a smile

"Sure Cammie, I can't wait to get to this feast I'm so hungry" Sam replied while waltzing into the dining room.

2 and ½ hours later when all the food was cleared away and the dishes in the dishwasher, the two couples were gathered in front of the now completely decorated tree sipping a glass of eggnog. They were debating the relevance of the traditional opening of one gift on Christmas Eve.

"Oh come on Maxx its tradition and besides who can take this suspense any longer its killing me." Maria begged prettily even sticking out her lower lip a little bit.

"Aw alright, fine. Here Sam you go first, let's make these girls wait even longer." Tossing a small blue package to Sam Maxx sat back on the plush suede couch and smirked at Cammie who was practically bouncing she was so excited. Christmas was her favorite time of year and he always enjoyed voting no on the pre-Christmas morning opening of gifts just to make her squirm.

"WOW this is awesome, thanks guys." Sam exclaimed holding up a brand new leather bound sketch pad. Sam was an amazing artist and filled his books faster than he could buy them.

"Turn it over Sam" Cammie said, relishing the look of pure boyish delight that Sam had when he saw the monogram on the cover done in gold.

"This is too much guys." Sam breathed still glued to the book in his hands.

"Suck it up dude it was Cammie's idea and there is no way we are taking it back, she has practically been dying to give that to you ever since we got it done. Enjoy it!"

"I don't know what to say, oh my god... thank you so much" with tears in his eyes Sam hugged both of them.

"Ok Maria your turn next, here sweets I hope you like it." Cammie handed Maria a large purple package with a bright silver bow on it.

"Goodness its heavy." Maria exclaimed as she took the package. Carefully opening it she nearly squealed with absolute delight. It was a rare 1st edition leather bound book that she had had her eye on finding for ages.

"Cammie... I mean... where did you... I love it. Oh I think I'm going to cry." Throwing her arms around Cammie, Maria hugged her tightly.

"It was nothing; I found it ages ago and was waiting for the right time to give it to you."

"Well it's amazing I will treasure it for always."

"Alright love, I know you are probably dying to open on of your own, your turn." Maxx said as he moved to grab a nearby package.

"No my love, it's your turn next, I can wait. I have been planning this and simply can't wait another second. However I will need Sam and Maria's help if you don't mind waiting here, it's rather heavy?" she waiting this time for him to reply with permission before heading out of the room.

The 3 left the room quickly going to the master bedroom and closing the door. Maxx sat on the couch in utter confusion. He couldn't imagine what she would have gotten him that was too heavy to carry. Though thinking for a moment he did hope it was that new LCD flat screen TV that he had his eye on at the store the other day. That would be amazing to watch the game on. It seemed to be taking them a long time. Looking at his watch he saw that it had been nearly 15 minutes since they left. Standing up getting ready to go see if they were ok the bedroom door opened and Sam and Maria came out struggling under the weight of a huge bright red sparkly box. Cammie was no- where to be seen. They set it down in front of him and stepped back.

"Where's Cammie?"

"She wanted you to go ahead and open it; she is working on the second part of the gift. Go ahead" Sam said.

"Are you sure?" looking around for Cammie Maxx walked over to the gift and grasped the bow on top, untying it quickly. Truthfully he was incredibly excited to see what this was. Carefully lifting the lid off and setting it to the side without looking in the box, he realized the box was way bigger than what it looked like originally. Peeking over the edge he was startled when the paper moved. Stepping back he stared open mouthed as the sides of the box collapsed and the paper moved aside. Cammie was there in the center of the box kneeling in the same way he had seen in his head a million times in the last 2 days. Wearing the most beautiful red silk negligee that covered almost nothing. By her feet was a piece of paper, without looking up she grasped it delicately and handed it up to him without breaking position. He looked at it incredulously, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"With this contract I give Maxx complete control over my body, the choice of what to do or not do with it. The power to make sexual demands and expect them followed without hesitation. I give my obedience to him in all sexual matters until next Christmas when we will review the terms and conditions of this contract. With the power of choice, I give said power to Maxx without stipulation or contest."

It was already signed by Cammie and dated all that remained was for him to sign and a witness and it would be official. Maxx looked up at Sam and Maria and actually saw them for what seemed like the first time. Maria was standing just a bit back behind Sam and always looked to him for direction and he always seemed to be so in control at all times. He remembered how when he offered them a second glass of wine at dinner she had looked to him and there was the briefest of looks between them and a small nod from him before she answered. Could it be that they had something like this between them?

"Yes Maxx, Maria is my slave; she obeys my every command and lives to please me." Sam answered the unasked question in Maxx's head.

"But. Cammie isn't... I mean I didn't think." Looking down at Cammie he thought she was the most beautiful girl on the planet. He could see Cammie trembling and a bit flushed. He realized his cock was rock hard and that two of his best friends were standing right there.

"Come on Maria it's time to go home, say good bye to Maxx and we will be on our way." Sam said as he shrugged on his coat.

"Good bye Maxx, enjoy her, she is ready for this and wants nothing more than to please you."

They left quietly and it seemed like there was nothing in the world accept his beautiful wife, kneeing in front of him waiting for his instructions. He felt like the luckiest man on the planet. Picking up a pen he signed the paper that was laying on the table where he had laid it after reading it. He didn't even realize that Sam had signed it as he had been so stuck on the beauty kneeling before him. As soon as he laid the pen down, Cammie looked up for the first time since the box had fallen open.

"Merry Christmas my Master, how can I be of service?"

With a big grin on his face Maxx opened his fly and felt like he was going to explode.

"I love you with all my heart and soul, this was the best Christmas ever and I will cherish this gift above any I ever receive."

"Now suck my cock girl, suck it until I cum and don't miss a single drop when you swallow it all down my beautiful girl."

"With pleasure my Master!"

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