The Gift Wife


Evans Richard was still regretting never having learned the local language fluently. It was not until after the ceremony that he even realized the chieftain had given his daughter to him for a wife. Sharra, a young lady who'd attended an English school as a girl, was more educated, spoke better English than the Elders and teased Evans' terrible language skills and failed attempts to participate with the tribe's daily activities. Sharra, a girl with dark eyes and dark skin, with a slow smile and a quick laugh, who danced with the other girls her age in her bare, dainty feet. Sharra, a girl who was sent by the Elders to the little house the University had built for anthropologists studying Sharra's tribe in the 50's, and had talked her way into his bedroom. She stood outside his bed curtains, striking poses he was sure were traditional dance forms for marriage, but his academic curiosities about the tribe's closely guarded marriage rites were outweighed by a nagging moral concern.

"Its wrong." He called to her silhouette.

"Wrong? You are saying before our ways are not wrong, but ours."

"Yes. But it's relative...cultural relativism, each culture has rules that make it..."

Sharra had stepped from behind the curtain, and Evans lowered his eyes.

"What are you wearing?"

She had pulled her hair back in thick braids, cinched behind her head with a gold band. Her face was mostly bare, only her lips stained red. Around her long and exquisite neck were heavy strings of pearls and a gold chain that lead to her waist, draped carefully between her full, firm breasts. The gauzy, colorful dress she wore was unnecessary, as Evans could see every curve and shadow of her body through it. Her nipples were darker and wider than he'd expected, and she had painted red rings of something that looked sweet and sticky around them. Against his will, Evans found his cock growing hard, guessing at their flavor, imagining his teeth pulling at her hardened nipples, his tongue swirling around. No.. He thought. Women are not property.

"It is ceremonial. Certainly, you have seen it..." She smiled, and stepped closer to him, hidden bells ringing on her tinnily. Her skirt was sheer too, made up of scarves similar to the ones that encased the bed, and he could see clearly the dark triangle between her thick, muscled thighs.

"No..." He stammered "No, the marriage rite is a secret, no unmarried "he still choked at the word. "No outsider has seen it."

She smiled broadly.

"A secret for you, a secret no man of your kind shall know" She held out her arms as if expecting him to move, but instead Evans crossed his legs and looked down. "You will not write about it, after this rite, will you? Not without our permission?"

"I will not do this rite." Evans sighed.."Look, let me send you to school back where I come from, or divorce ...

"I cannot divorce!" She panicked, her jewelry tinkling as her hands shook.

"Well, OK, its then, art school, dancing , teaching! You can whatever you like!"

She frowned.

" You don't like me." She said, dropping her beautiful head to her chest, raising her hands to cover her face and began to cry. " I am not beautiful enough?"

"No, No." He flustered, trying to stand and hold her by the shoulders to comfort her, but thought better of it. He was sure he'd betray himself if he touched her skin, sure that he would not be able to restrain himself and merely tear her vestments to shreds before throwing her to the mattress, and make the ceremonial bloodstain count. He stroked her hair, thinking it less dangerous than allowing his hands to touch her body.

"Its just, do you really want me? I mean, really? "

She bit her lip.

"Do you wish to be kind to me? truly kind?"

"Yes." he said, definitively.

"Then touch me, but a little. I can undo my vestments myself, so that it looks like you have, and stain the bed. Many of my girlfriends have taught me these things."

No...not thinking about that he thought, pushing images of her more sexually experienced girlfriends teaching her the tricks of faking virginity, perhaps other things...

Evans hesitated, and laid a careful arm around her, resting his hand on the small of her back. He felt the smooth warmth of her, felt his fingers slip toward one of the knots that made up the waist of her skirts. Sharra felt the move, and leaned to give him greater purchase. The front of her gauzy dress slipped, revealing one whole breast, colored like coffee, the sticky ring painted around her nipple hanging enticingly. Evans tried to look away and found he could not.

"See, I am not so ugly." Sharra smiled broadly, and leaned closer. He could smell the womanliness of her; underneath the sweet waters she'd smoothed over her hair, a smell he remembered from the dark dorm rooms of the few women he'd had in university, when he was student.

He shook with how badly he wanted her, but it was still wrong. He could not own this woman, not like this. He kept his eyes fixed on a corner of the otherwise sparse room , anywhere that he could not see her prefect, sweetened breasts.

"No ma'am."

She smiled and cocked her head.

" I ask a favor of you, husband." She said, a tone of seriousness in her voice. He felt his cock swell at the word husband Cautiously, he raised his eyes to meet hers.


"A kiss. But a small one. Every girl dreams of her wedding kiss, I feel I have waited so long and would be so disappointed."

His cock raged, he was so hard it was painful. She stepped in front of him, . pressing herself into its hardness brazenly.

"It is fair, my husband, that you have done more than you thought possible by touching me...perhaps I can offer you some relief?"

He shook his head.

"Just a kiss. And don't call me husband."

She closed her delicately shadowed eyelids and leaned toward him, taking his face in her soft hands. He watched as her lips met his and felt his body relax as his cock grew thick and hard. Evans closed his eyes, feeling her mouth smile against his. Sharra angled her head to slide her tongue between his lips. Evans groaned softly, and was surprised to find his arms wrapped around Sharra's narrow waist. He pulled away, but a smiling Sharra pushed him playfully.

"No...I, can' should, choose..." He gasped, falling back on the bed.

His breath was ragged as she climbed onto his lap.

"I did choose." Evans looked at Sharra incredulously as she knelt on the richly carpeted floor. " Our marriage will bring our people together, for as long as you are my husband. I begged the elders to let me..." Sharra's head angled down so all he could see was the top of her beautifully braided hair as she untied the robe covering him. He did not move to stop her

"Well, if you begged..." A blow job would not be terribly out of line...they had different standards of affection, right? And he could return her to her father in the morning, virginity intact, to marry off to a local man. But still, he shivered in pleasure as she gripped the base of his member through his linen robe.

Sharra smiled, a smile of delighted surprise, when his dick sprang out of the folds of cloth. Has she never seen a dick? He wondered. He doubted his first assumption, as her full, strong lips sucked the full length of his shaft, as his whole thick cock disappeared into her throat. He stroked her hair, leaning back to moan.

" Oh, fuck...fuck, oh, but I don't want to own you, no...."

She sucked hard on the head of his cock, swirling her tongue.

"How do you think a man owns a woman? A woman owns a man? You have studied us, but not well, silly husband." She said, giving his cock a final, long lick, flicking her tongue at the tip. She rose and climbed into his lap, pushing him down in the soft bed. He showed no restraint now, hands searching her body desperately. They kissed frantically, as she bit his lip like an animal in heat. Evans pushed Sharra's head aside and sucked the soft curve of her neck as she pushed against him. Her fingernails dragged down his back as she laughed , a heavy , lustful laugh unlike the girly giggling of the other women he'd had, a joyful laugh. She pushed his head downward and he obliged, nosing her round, pert breasts from under her pearls and chains. He tried to lick at her nipples, but the chains impeded him. Unable to take the obstacle any longer, he ripped the jewelry from her body, causing a flurry of pearls to roll down her body and around the bed. She gasped and pushed his head onto her breasts and his hungry mouth found her nipple, licking the ornamental paste from them. It tasted sweet, like pineapple, and a fruit he did not recognize, but his tongue sought the taste of her, of the sweat and skin heaving under his breath.

"Ahhhh," Sharra moaned "Oh, you are removing this, a symbol...:" she shook with pleasure.

"A symbol?" He asked, surfacing , for a moment, from her chest but not unwrapping his arms.

"Like breaking a seal...they were prepared by tradition, the husband, he removes them, shows his ownership with his tongue..."

He laughed.

"Just licking your tits shows ownership?" He suckled the other breast till the sweetness flowed off it and only her own , natural salty skin remained.

"What if I licked...lower?"

He began kissing down her stomach, pausing to flick his tongue into her exquisite, pierced navel.

Sharra looked confused. He pulled her scarves aside, sliding a sly hand onto to cloth tied around her pussy. I was already soaked through , and he could smell her desire. He pushed his nose into it and she groaned.

"Oh, no...that's not clean! Men don't do that!" She tried to close her legs, but he held them back.

"Well we don't own women, but I'm making that concession" He laughed, and felt her push against his hands. There was a strength to her thick, tanned thighs, and he was certain she could have fought him off, if she wanted to. He peeled away the wet cloth, relishing the scent of her. Untouched by a man, her hair was thick and curly. He tugged gently on a handful of it and Sharra sighed. Evans had to trail his fingers through the thick hair, pushing her mound upward, to find the sweet, pink bud of her clit. He kissed it carefully, gaging her reaction, before licking against it. Sharra moaned, bucking upward. He caught her hips and held them fast, sucking her pussy lips, pushing his tongue inside her, rubbing his rough face in her cunt. She laughed merrily,

"Ah, that tickles." She giggled, feeling his prickly beard against her soft skin.

"I apologize, my love." He sucked long but soft on her clit and she moaned.

"My love?"

Evans nodded and kissed back up her body, his face slick with her wetness.

"How can I lie? You can feel it, can't you?" He said, rolling her under him.. His cock was harder than he'd ever felt it, rubbing against the inside of Sharra's thigh.

"Since the first day...but the university would have my job...but you're my wife, now."

"Not yet." She said, a sly smile playing on her full lips, eyes ringed with kohl cast toward Evans' hard cock. He thought of being chivalrous, of telling her they could wait, but she seized it with considerable strength.

"Please." She pleaded. "Please, don't make me wait any more. I've wanted you so badly, and for so long." She twisted to move cunt closer, "Please, tear this maidenhead, make a woman out of me." Evans felt his cock tip brush her lips, felt her wetness drip onto it. "Make a wife of me." She said, as they surged forward together. Sharra had been told to expect pain, but felt none. Her husband had prepared her well. Evans, for his part, had never had a virgin, never felt a cunt so perfectly molded to fit him.

Sharra moaned and spread her legs wider.

"Deeper, my husband!" She shouted. He was astonished at how wet she was, could feel it gushing over her thighs and onto his testicles. He felt his cock get harder, twitch, his balls tighten as she called the word "husband".

"Say it again!" He groaned, pounding her deeper into the soft bed.

She moaned, unable to speak. He thrust harder. Husband. She said it like he did own her.

"Say it, wife, say it!" And yet, the word wife felt like a spell, like he'd been cast into bondage himself.

"Fuck me, husband! Make me the vessel of your lust!"

Evans thrust hard, once more. He wasn't going to be able to hold himself much longer. Sharra's full tits were bouncing with the force of his thrusting, sweat appearing in fine beads that he licked off like a mad man.

"Come for me wife, come hard!"

Sharra moaned and ground her pussy against his pelvis, for a moment the hair of her mound met his and they looked connected.

"Come so I can fill you!" He shouted. Sharra writhed and nearly screamed, shaking against Evans. He watched, shocked, as a fine spray of wetness spouted from her cunt. A virgin, a virgin squirting. Evans could not hold back any longer and lurched forward, spraying a load of cum into Sharra's waiting pussy. He had not touched himself since he had arrived six months prior, and the spray seemed to go on and on.

Sharra, exhausted and satisfied, encouraged him, tilting her hips up so nothing spilled from her hole.

"Yes, yes, husband...don't waste any. All inside me." Orgasm had made her sleepy, Sharra's eyes fluttered and she dropped her arms. Breathing hard, Evans pulled his cock out of her, trailing a string of cum. Looking down at her, even as sex ravaged , sweaty and tired as she looked, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; the drip of semen seeping from her cunt making her all the more lovely. Evans collapsed next to her, rolling his face into her sweet-smelling hair. Sharra turned lazily and smiled, pulling her legs up to her chest and holding them, as if she were trying to keep his seed inside her. "Are you happy, now, that I am yours?"

Evans nodded raggedly. " A finer wife I could not imagine. But I don't own you. No more than you own me."

Sharra smiled, resting her head on Evans' shoulder as he kissed her hair and forehead in softly, affectionately.

" I believe, then, that we shall make a fine pair."

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