tagErotic CouplingsThe Girl at the Bus Stop

The Girl at the Bus Stop


Riding a bus from Pensacola, Florida to Seattle, Washington is exhausting, but nothing like a good fuck midway through refreshes a weary traveler especially one that is stuck in Texas at two in the morning waiting for the next bus to arrive. When a hot little brunette on her way to New York and horny for a quick fling, it makes the trip a whole lot easier.

Believe it or not, that's just what happened for me.

The bus had stopped in some middle of fucking nowhere town just outside El Paso. I was stuck there for two hours, so I decided to stretch my legs. The town wasn't worth a shit and the bus station was worse. I had to piss, so I decided to go outside rather than take my chances in the restroom. Just as I turned to walk out my eye caught her.

She had long, silky hair reaching down just past her shoulders. She wore a black leather jacket and a tight skirt. Her breasts were large and firm beneath a simple white t-shirt. She was leaning against a bulletin board with posters and other crap spread out across it. I decided it may be worth my time to stagger over in her direction.

"You don't look like someone from a shit hole like this," I said sliding up next to her.

She snorted and said, "Not even close."

"Didn't think so. So where are you headed?" I asked not really concerned with where she was headed and certainly not worried about where she was from.

"New York," she answered briefly.


"Something like that," she said with a smile. "Want to go outside? This place smells like ass."

I followed her around the back of the building to a bench. She sat down and her skirt inched up exposing her silky smooth skin beneath. I felt my cock stir in my pants.

"You know you kind of look like one of those cowboy types," she said obviously flirting with me.

"Oh yeah?" I asked putting my arm around her shoulders and pulling her in closer to me.

She gave no objection and didn't pull away. Her legs fell slightly open and I couldn't contain my hard on. She noticed right away.

"I feel like I've been riding the bus forever," she sighed, shifting so that her breasts poked out of her jacket. "I'm headed from Miami. I'm supposed to start a new career modeling for a magazine."

"That's awesome," I remarked, sliding my hand under her shirt and onto one of her breasts, rubbing her nipple with my thumb. Her hand disappeared under her skirt. Her arm moved rhythmically.

"My agent said it would be good for my career," she squealed.

"Of course," I huffed, sliding to the ground and kneeling between her legs. I lifted her skirt and watched her short fingernails rubbing her glistening, hairless pussy. Pushing my head into her thighs, I buried my face into her pussy and licked her sweet pussy lips. She spread her soft lips apart with her fingers and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. I dug in my tongue as far as it would reach into her and sucked her fat clit.

"Whip your cock out," she panted, licking her lips.

Frantically I unbuckled my pants and shoved my hard cock into her face. She stuck out her tongue and wiggled it from side to side. "I want to suck your cock so bad," she moaned, rubbing her driping wet pussy.

"Fucking take it then," I said.

I plunged my cock into her mouth. It slid down her throat. She took all of me in, massaging my cockhead with her throat as her tongue brushed around my shaft. She was incredible. My balls tightened and I gripped her head to slow her down.

"Slow down," I shuddered. "You're going to make me cum already."

"Oh come one then," she groaned, spitting out my cock and pumping it in her fist. "Fuck me then!"

She dropped her jacket to the bench and pulled off her t-shirt before sucking on one of her big breasts. I grabbed her ankles and lift them above her head and aimed for her smooth, pink pussy.

"Fuck yes!" she yelled as I plunged into her.

I pressed her calves against the sides of my head and pumped in and out. Her pussy was like silk. She shook her breasts in her hands and thrashed her head back and forth.

"That's it," she groaned. "Fuck me silly."

I hooked her ankles around my neck and I hammered her pussy like it was my last fuck. My balls tightened and I came at the same time as her. Her pussy shuddered around my cock as I shot my sticky, hot cum inside. I pulled out and toppled to the ground. Grinning, she finger fucked her pussy as I watched on and a squirt of her hot pussy juices arched through the air.

We dressed after that and walked back to the front of the building. She smiled at me as she threw on her jacket and walked toward her bus.

I won't forget that night as it got me through the rest of my trip, giving me something to think about along the way. Funny thing is I never got her name.

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