tagInterracial LoveThe Girl From the Elevator

The Girl From the Elevator


I was on a business trip, staying at the Best Western in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I don't know what it is about Florida, but the women there don't seem too concerned about letting it all hang out – big girls, fat girls wearing tight t-shirts, half shirts, halters or swim-tops. I guess their thinking is, "Hey, it's hot and I'm going to be comfortable – so what if I'm fat and my belly is showing."

Anyway, I had checked in and dropped my stuff in my room when I realized I hadn't brought a razor. A quick trip down to the lobby and I'd be all set.

My room was on the 5th floor and I was alone on the elevator when it opened on level 3. An older couple, older than me anyway – I was 24 at the time, was arguing at the elevator door. They were African American and the guy looked very angry. He was yelling at the woman while she held the door open.

The woman was overweight, some would call her fat, but she didn't seem to mind. She had a large towel wrapped around her ample waist and was wearing a brightly colored bikini top. Her breasts were huge and, in the colorful top, looked like twin beach-balls sitting on her protruding belly.

I was getting uncomfortable when the buzzer sounded loudly. The man shoved the woman onto the elevator with a, "Go ahead, get away from me!"

Angrily, as the door began to close, he reached in and yanked at her bikini strap, pulling it off her shoulder, revealing her left breast. It looked tremendous; round, firm and wonderfully brown. Her nipple was puffy and almost solid black.

"You okay?" I asked, trying to look her in the eye, but failing miserably as she stuffed her smooth flesh back into its silky cup.

"I'm fine," she said softly, adjusting her strap.

You sure are, I thought to myself, but didn't say a word. We both got off at the lobby and went our separate ways – she toward the pool and me to the front desk.

A little bit later, I was back on the 5th floor, outside my room trying to improve my cellphone reception, looking down at the cool blue water in the hotel's pool.

The woman from the elevator was wading slowly back and forth in the pool. She was the only person down there, but she wasn't really swimming. She was walking a bit and occasionally lying back in a semi-float, her breasts and stomach pushing skyward. I stared admiringly and marveled at how graceful she looked.

She noticed me at the railing and I gave her a silly salute. I watched her for a few more minutes before, grudgingly, returning to my room.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon unpacking and preparing my materials for the various meetings I had scheduled, but I couldn't get those colorful tits off my mind.

A knock on the door startled me and I peeked curiously out the adjacent window. It was the woman from the elevator; she was wearing a large t-shirt, the same towel and looked like she had been crying.

I opened the door a bit hesitantly.

"I'm sorry," she told me, "Can I come in?"

Unsure what to say, I gestured her in.

"Thank you," she said, swinging her purse nervously. "You seem so nice."

Her shirt was a mess, something had been spilled on it and her face was wet and shiny.

"Can I use your restroom?" she asked, before explaining, "He threw his beer on me."

"Sure," I said, finding my voice, "G'head."

She stepped into the small bathroom without closing the door behind her. I jerked the front curtain shut as she pulled her wet shirt over her head. She was still wearing the rainbow colored bikini top and her breasts bounced firmly as the shirt came free. She proceeded to vigorously wash her face and upper chest with the tiny bar of soap. Her tits and belly jiggled nicely as she did and I couldn't help but stare.

"Can I use a towel?" she asked, turning suddenly and catching my rude gaze.

"Sure," I fumbled, "I've got plenty – use as many as you need."

She laughed and wrapped a crisp white towel over her shoulders, draping it across her golden chest and cleavage. The white of the towel stood out in stark contrast to her brown skin.

"Can I get you something?" I asked. "I've got water and a Coke."

"Water," she answered. "Thank you."

I got her a bottle from the mini-fridge and she sat on the worn couch. I pulled out the stiff wooden desk chair and opened the Coke.

We spent the next hour or so talking; awkwardly at first, but soon it became more casual. Her name was Tamara and the guy she was with was her latest loser boyfriend. They had come to Florida to start over, but weren't having much luck. He was unemployed and unmotivated. She was tired of the whole adventure and just wanted to go home. Maryland was home and she told me she was going to get a bus ticket back there first thing in the morning.

While we were talking I continued to admire her large breasts. They were magnificent and spilling out of her top. The towel around her waist did little to hide her dramatic legs – thick thighs tapering to thin calves and ankles. Her stomach was round and full, but also smooth and sexy. Her hair was shoulder length and combed straight. Large, almost purple lips and a wide nose balanced pleasingly with her green eyes.

Somewhere in the conversation, I volunteered to drive her to the bus station and told her she could spend the night in my room.

When our conversation had finally wound down, she decided to try to get some sleep. She would have to sleep in her swimsuit because I had nothing for her to wear – all my stuff was too small. That was fine with her – and me, to be honest.

I tried to appear uninterested and busy, but watched eagerly as she removed the towel from around her waist. Tamara's wide ass looked incredible. The thin line of brightly colored material trying to cover it didn't stand a chance. Her smooth, brown cheeks took my breath away as she climbed into bed.

She was asleep by the time I had shaved and jumped into some sweats. I decided not to hassle with unfolding the sofa-bed and dropped tiredly onto the couch. As I drifted off, I found myself staring at the shape under the blankets and imagining what it would be like to touch her, to rub her, to make love to her ...

... I don't know how long I had been out, but I must have been sleeping soundly because I woke up to find my erection in Tamara's hot mouth!

As the fog in my head cleared I watched my cock disappear between her thick lips. She was still wearing her bikini and I could feel her breasts pressing against my thigh. I started to sit, but a hand on my chest kept me on the sofa.

Faster and faster her head bobbed on my manhood. With one hand clinging to the couch, I cupped a large breast in the other, squeezing and enjoying its weight. I could feel myself building and tried to warn her, but she just increased her pace.

I exploded with authority and felt her gag momentarily before resuming her manic sucking. She pulled greedily at my cock with her mouth and managed to swallow every drop.

"Holy, shit," I exclaimed with a gasp. "I thought I was dreaming."

"You ain't dreaming, Sweetie," she told me, finally releasing my prick. "You've been so nice to me and ..."

"Nice?" I asked. "If this is what I get for nice, I'm going ..."

"C'mere," she cut me off and pulled at my hand, leading me to the rumpled bed. I pulled off my sleep clothes and dropped onto the cool sheets.

Tamara stood over me and with a smile, slowly reached behind her back to unclasp her top. Her breasts bounced into view as she dropped the colorful material to the floor. Next were the bottoms. She bent over, slowly again, giving me a fantastic view of her dangling tits as she shimmied out of the tight panties.

She proceeded to do a little dance that had all her parts in motion. I stared in wide-eyed lust as her tits bounced on her swaying belly and her thighs jiggled with abandon.

"You like?" she asked, already knowing my answer by the stiffness of my revived cock. I nodded, too excited to speak.

Tamara crawled onto the bed beside and I was on her immediately, not able to wait another instant. My hands groped madly at her firm tits; my fingers pinching her stiff nipples. I kissed and bit at her neck and shoulders while my hard cock pressed into her soft warm hip.

Soon, my mouth drifted from her shoulders to her breasts and, with my active hands, I presented them to myself. They looked absolutely delicious; each about the size of a bowling ball. Her soft brown skin was smooth with the exception of a few tiny stretch marks where her tits met her chest. I let my tongue start in those small clefts, licking slowly and softly. I lifted her breasts slightly and my mouth explored the undersides, tasting her sweet salty sweat.

When I finally reached her taut nipples Tamara moaned. I pulled the dark knobs, one after the other, into my greedy mouth. I nibbled on them and sucked them deeply. I mashed her tits together and took both nipples in my mouth at once; she moaned again, her hands rubbing my back, shoulders and hair.

Almost reluctantly I left her breasts, shiny with my saliva, and continued southward.

My hands were rubbing her sides, her hips and her belly while I left a trail of wet kisses down the center of her protruding stomach. I dug my tongue into her navel while I shifted my position on the bed. I could now put my head between her thighs, while my chest rested against her lower belly.

She had a wild, unkempt bush. Her black curls, tangled and thick, were nestled between two soft, almost flabby thighs. My fingers dug in, trying to find her wet gash. Her crease was as dark as her nipples and slick to the touch. I didn't hesitate and plunged my tongue into her at once. She gasped.

I sucked and licked wildly, pulling as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could. I pushed my tongue into her as fully as possible and lapped at her pudgy, stiff clit. She tasted wonderful – salty and sweet at the same time.

Pressing her thighs apart with my forearms, I inserted a finger from each hand into her dripping slit. My tongue was still working crazily when I pushed two more fingers inside her.

With a moan, she pushed and tugged on my hips until she had access to my stiff cock. Her mouth engulfed me as I continued to pleasure her puss.

We sucked each other ravenously; our bodies jerking to our mixed rhythms.

I pulled her gap wide and rammed my tongue in. Her thighs clamped onto my head as she exploded into my waiting mouth. Her juices spilled across my face and I erupted into her throat a second time.

Wiping my dripping face on the sheets, I changed positions again; this time kneeling between her sloppy thighs. Wrapping my hand around the base of my semi-hard cock, I started slapping it against her wet bush. As my prick returned to life, I pressed it into her hair and gap. Not letting myself enter her, I rubbed my hard-on back and forth across her thighs and slit.

Tamara took her mammoth breasts in her own hands and squeezed them vigorously. She flicked at her nipples and craned her neck to lap at herself briefly. The sight of that drove me wild and my cock jumped in my grasp.

Without warning I jammed my throbbing cock into her. We both groaned happily as I pulled out and repeated the thrust. Again and again I pushed into her, watching her tits bounce and sway with each violent shove. My hands sunk into her fleshy thighs, pressing them further apart as I increased my pace.

I watched my penis sink repeatedly into her dark hole and I liked the way her black pussy clung to me when I retreated. I felt my ass tighten and shoved myself in completely, anticipating my orgasm. Tamara started to shudder and we burst together with howls.

As we lay panting I knew there was something I had to do.

"I have to fuck those tits," I told her huskily.

We kissed and touched each other passionately. It took a little while, but she rubbed my spent penis back to erection and I climbed on top of her. With some effort, due to her large stomach, we found a comfortable position and she mashed her tits around my raw cock.

I started slowly, but rapidly increased my pace. She was tugging at her nipples and lapping at my prick every time it peeked out from her cleavage. Her belly felt terrific against my ass as my dick glided back and forth between her tits. I shot another load and was surprised by just how much spunk I had left to unload. I left a wet, white line across her neck and chin while leaving a healthy puddle on her chest.

We fell asleep naked in each other's arms and slept soundly until morning.

Remembering my various appointments, we rushed to get dressed. She still had only a towel and bathing suit, so we had to make a stop at the local Target (she was adamant about not returning for her clothes or belongings) before heading to the bus depot.

I missed my earliest meeting, but I wasn't complaining – Tamara gave me a wonderful hand-job in the parking lot while we were waiting for her bus to arrive. When it did, we kissed and hugged a bit awkwardly and off she went.

As I was driving away I realized I didn't even know her full name ... but she knew mine and that, in turned out, was going to make things interesting ...

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