tagGroup SexThe Girls at the Store Ch. 01

The Girls at the Store Ch. 01


Part 1 – The Party

I work as a checkout supervisor in a large chain grocery store. I had had a long career in manufacturing management, spending twenty years at a business owned by my in-laws. Due to some bad business decisions by my wife's alcoholic mother and brother, we had to close the business. Soon after that, our marriage collapsed. To make a very long story short, my wife moved her boyfriend in and me out, and took everything but my clothes and my car.

I found myself in a crappy little apartment, working at a low-paying job, but I found that I was actually pretty happy. I enjoy the work and the people I work with. Many are very young, but I've always been bored by middle-aged people, preferring the energy of the young. Plus, women my own age (mid-forties) just don't attract me.

Now that I'm single, I've had dates and flings with women between thirty and fifty years old. I'm often told that I don't look anywhere near my age, and I try to keep fit, so I don't have a lot of trouble attracting women, but I've found that young girls are what get my attention.

This story begins a few months ago. Three girls started working at the store as cashiers at about the same time, and each of them turned me on.

Carla was nineteen at the time, about 5' 5", with almost waist-length brown hair, almond-shaped come-fuck-me eyes, and 40DD tits on an otherwise trim frame. Everybody stares at her because of her huge rack, which can bother her, but when she goes out, she will sometimes wear a tight top or sweater that shows off all her assets. Amazingly, she hardly sags at all when she goes braless, probably because she's young and an exercise freak.

Tanya was also nineteen, only 5'2", with punk-cut jet black hair with highlights of silver, blue, pink, and blond. She has a very exotic appearance, being equal parts Black, Cherokee, Scandinavian, and Italian. When not dressed in her work uniform, she tends to wear jeans with "peek-a-boo" holes torn in them to show her tiny ass, and crop tops or tanks which show the often-erect nipples on her 32A tits.

Since Tanya only weighs 87 pounds, she can even wear naughty school girl outfits, and not really look very naughty until you spot her Monroe piercing, brow and lip rings, along with the "I'm up for anything" look on her face. If she had been a child of the '60's or '70's, she would have been a flowers-and-macrame hippie.

Julie was only eighteen when I first met her, but she may be the hottest of the three. She's 5' 6", with highlighted wavy brown hair that just reaches her nipple-line. She has a 36C-23-35 body, full pouty lips, milky-white skin, and eyes that can make you melt. She looks like the high-school cheerleader whose image fuels every adolescent boy's jerk fantasies.

Julie almost immediately started calling me Daddy, and she is a huge flirt. She knows very well how to use her charms to get men to do what she wants, even though she's actually pretty innocent inside.

The three of them quickly became friends both inside and outside work. Tanya is something of a druggie and a confirmed bi-sexual. Carla is a party girl who likes to drink. Soon after we met, she confided in me that she was bi-curious. Julie just wants to have fun, and being the youngest of them, was easily influenced to try what the others liked. She told me that she had never thought about sex play with another girl, but one drunken game of truth or dare with the other two changed all that.

All three of them started flirting shamelessly with me, hugging me hello and goodbye each day, almost from the beginning. When I would have to squeeze next to them at their cash registers to help them with something, they would sometimes let a tit rest against my arm or back, or rub their asses against my crotch. I found the sensations delicious, but none of us allowed ourselves to show a reaction. Thank God for the clipboard I often have to carry which I sometimes use to cover the bulge in my pants. I forced myself to believe that it was all innocent and unavoidable, considering the tight confines of a busy grocery store checkstand.

Tanya's parents were dead, Julie had never known who her father was, and Carla didn't get along at all with her minister father. All three seemed to see me as a father-substitute, using me as a sounding board about their feelings, relationships, and dreams, asking me to help them understand their friends and families, and sometimes calling me at odd hours to cry on the phone about their teenage problems.

Julie was the first to carry it any further. She called me one evening and asked me to pick her up so we could drive around and talk. We drove aimlessly for awhile, and then took a walk in the park. She had cheered up a lot, and she gave me a big, full-body hug. I held her and nuzzled her hair. I was a little bit embarrassed, since I was sure she could feel me getting a hard-on, but she kept holding on.

Then she kissed me. It was a gentle, almost chaste kiss, but then she pulled back, looked deep into my eyes, and began kissing me harder. In seconds our tongues were wrestling, and my hands were working their way down to her sweet, firm ass. Suddenly, my senses returned and I told her we couldn't do this.

She started to pout, and asked me if I didn't find her attractive.

I said truthfully, "You're one of the prettiest, most desirable girls I've ever known, but I'm your supervisor and I'm more than twice your age! We need to cool this down." As I drove her home, her mood brightened again, and she seemed to have let the incident pass. She gave me a daughterly peck on the cheek when she got out of the car, but turned to see me staring hungrily at her ass as she walked up to her house.

That weekend the calls started. The three girls liked to go out drinking or would party at Tanya's place, and they would call me up at all hours of the night with fun obscene phone calls. They were never nasty calls. Sometimes they would just be naughty, drunken prank calls, and sometimes they would go into great detail talking about what they were or were not wearing, what they might do to each other later, or what they guessed I liked having done to me. I was always turned on, but never thought anything would come of it since they were all so young. I figured it was all just horny teenage fun, and I was fine with that. After all, they had all become my "daughters."

One day at work, Tanya told me that she was having a party and wanted me to come. She said there would be several people there, including Carla and Julie. I was to bring beer, and they would have liquor and maybe some pot.

I figured it could be dangerous, partying with some kids who were under the legal drinking age of twenty-one, but, since Tanya lives in the middle of nowhere, and since I had fantasized about them a lot during their phone calls, I decided to go.

Carla and Julie needed a ride, so I picked them up at Julie's house. They were both in a party mood, and they decided to share the passenger's bucket seat. Carla sat between Julie and me. The only way I could shift gears was to rub against Carla's thigh, but she didn't seem to mind, even when I just left my hand on the shifter for the last five minutes of the trip. They made out with each other a little during the drive, which almost made me wreck the car, and Carla kept caressing my neck and playing with my ear. By the time we got there, I had a lot of trouble hiding my boner.

We went inside, and found Tanya dressed in only a crop top and lacy boy-short panties. Although she is almost painfully skinny, she looks healthy, like a lean, young gymnast. There were a few couples there who appeared to be in their early twenties to mid-thirties, and we drank and smoked a few bowls. Soon, the others left to bar-crawl, leaving me with three delicious-looking, pretty fucked-up, young girls.

Tanya and Julie were kissing and hugging, while Carla and I cuddled each other on the couch and watched. I was very turned on, but had no idea what I could do about it.

Suddenly, Carla jumped up and said, "Enough of this shit. Let's give Daddy the party we planned!" I had no idea what that meant, but I was anxious to find out.

Julie changed the CD, and the three of them formed a line across from me and began dancing. Then they started to strip. Tanya didn't have much clothing to lose, so when she was naked she sat cross-legged on the floor between the others and began playing with her pierced hood. When the other two girls were nude, they all began fondling each other's breasts and kissing each other all over.

I had been fairly drunk and stoned before the show started, but I sobered up quickly watching all this. Julie was the first to come over to me. She sat next to me and began kissing me deeply. I thought, "What the hell," and started playing with her nipples. They quickly hardened, standing up tall and proud from her pale pink, quarter-sized areolas.

Then Carla came over and sat on my knee facing me, grinding her already-wet pussy on my knee and pulling my head down to her huge but firm breasts. I had never seen bigger tits anywhere but on the internet or in strip clubs, with thimble-sized nipples on perfectly round 2-inch areolas.

At this point, Tanya announced, "It's time!" The other two girls moved to the ends of the couch and started fingering themselves, while Tanya began undressing me. In her freak-child way, she was at least as hot as the others when I first saw them all naked, with very small breasts and small, dark, rock-hard nipples, and a narrow landing strip of short neon-pink hair contrasting beautifully with her light brown skin and leading down to her surprisingly puffy labia. When she had released me from my shorts, she said, "My God, Daddy's huge! This may be more than I bargained for."

Julie moved her aside, saying, "I told you he felt big when I kissed him in the park. She then began kissing me, first on the face, then on the chest and belly, then moved to my knees and started working her way up. She avoided my cock at first, although she got some pre-cum on her cheek while kissing and licking the tops of my thighs. She then began stroking my penis very lightly with just the tips of her fingernails, almost a tickling sensation which was driving me wild.

Finally, she looked at me with her hypnotic eyes and smiled a lusty smile. With just the tip of her tongue, she began at the base of my dick and started slowly licking her way up. When she got to the very tip, she licked her lovely lips and started to slowly inhale me. She could only take about half of my length in her mouth, so she began stroking the base of my shaft with the fingers of one hand while playing with my balls with the other.

Carla knelt behind Julie and worked her legs apart so she could lick her pussy from behind, which made Julie gasp and suck me faster.

Then Tanya climbed up on the couch and straddled me so I could lick her twat. My God, did she taste good. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I played my tongue on her hood ring and quickly got her clit to become very engorged. I took turns sucking on her firm clit and working my tongue into her center. She shook, let out a strangled scream and nearly drowned me in her juices.

When Tanya recovered, she said to the others, "If I'm ever going to take him, it's gotta be now."

Julie and Carla began to sixty-nine on the rug in front of me, while Tanya squatted down and grabbed my throbbing meat and started working herself down onto it. She was so tight that it would have been almost painful for me if she hadn't been dripping wet, and I nearly came as she struggled to get comfortable, but I managed to contain myself as she finally got most of me inside her and began a slow, twisting, gentle rhythm, moving up and down and front and back as she did.

I could barely get my tongue onto her nipples at first, but then she leaned forward so I could suck hard on her tiny but gorgeous breasts. Soon, she started taking faster and longer strokes, moving almost off me before dropping down hard again. As she began to moan, I started thrusting upward. I said, "I'm going to cum soon."

She whimpered in my ear, "I'm on birth control, so fill me with your cream, Daddy!"

I was very close now, so I began to thrust upward hard. She stiffened and cried out, as I blasted off deep inside her. She dug her long nails into my shoulders and shrieked, drenching me with her nectar.

I don't know when Carla and Julie had stopped their fun, but they lifted Tanya off me and helped her to a chair. Together, they licked me clean of all of Tanya's and my juices. That was enough to have me mostly hard again. Julie moved over to Tanya and lapped up all that was still dripping from her tired little pussy.

Carla then said to me, "My turn. Lie back and let me have you." One look at her body and her sexy eyes convinced me that the best may be yet to come, so I stretched out on my back on the sofa.

Carla went to work on my manhood again with her tongue, and then just swallowed me. I have had my share of blowjobs in my day, but I had never been deep-throated like this. Since I had partied pretty hard earlier in the evening and had just cum a gallon in little Tanya, I wondered if I would be able to cum again any time soon, but I really was enjoying this phenomenal blowjob.

Then Carla stopped giving me head as suddenly as she had begun. She told me to get up, and she took my place lying on the couch. I quickly climbed on the couch and to work on her amazing jugs. I fondled them, palmed the nipples, kneaded the impressive fullness of her breasts in my hands, tweaked and pinched the nipples with my fingers, and sucked and bit on those fabulous nubs.

By this time Carla was starting to thrash and sweat on the couch, so I started to work my way down. I kissed, licked, and nibbled my way around and down her smooth abdomen to her shiny clean-shaven crotch. Using fingers and tongue, I began to work on her to get her off for the first time with a man that night.

Panting like a dog on a hot day, she said, "I knew this would be good after what you did to my tits, but I've never felt anything like this before. Don't stop, don't stop, DON'T STOP, OH SHIT I'M CUMMING! Oh God, Daddy, I'm on the pill too, so please, please get inside me and fuck me hard."

I knelt between her legs, lifted her hips off the couch and pushed myself into her wet velvet tunnel. With her moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I began to piston in and out. I knew I would probably last a while, which I did, but eventually we were both drenched in sweat. She had cum three more times from our vigorous fucking by the time I was ready. I just buried myself in her to the hilt and shot what felt like another quart of baby-shake in her. After this, I collapsed next to her and we both fell asleep.

I don't know how much later it was when Julie woke me up. Tanya and she had partied some more and played with some toys while Carla and I napped, but Tanya was now passed out in her chair and Julie was still horny. She led me to the bathroom and we got in the shower.

After the night I had already had, all I thought I wanted was a shower and a good night's sleep, but Julie had other ideas. She bathed me lovingly, shampooing my hair, massaging my back as she washed it, and then started on my front. Looking at her beautiful face and swimsuit-model body quickly brought the dead back to life.

I proceeded to gently wash her like she had washed me, paying special attention to her sweet young tits, ass, and pussy. We dried each other off and walked hand in hand to Tanya's bed.

Sex with Julie was different from the others. I knew from our many talks that she had been on contraceptives for a while, but she had only had sex with one other guy, a classmate the day after her eighteenth birthday. He had had no idea how to please a woman, and apparently had not cared. She had had orgasms from masturbation and playing with Tanya and Carla, but had never been given one by a man. I wanted to change that.

Even though my hard-on was raging once again, I wanted this to be all about her, so I made love to her gently and lovingly. First, I kissed and cuddled her. I started with her mouth, her eyes, her ears, and her cute little nose, all the while slowly playing with her hair.

I had spotted on Tanya's bureau and had grabbed it before we had gotten in bed. I started stroking Julie's face and neck with it. I continued ever so lightly when I moved to her arms, so that the fine hairs stood up with the stimulation. I then had her lie on her belly and started working on her shoulders and back, working my way down over her buttocks, over the backs of her thighs, and all the way to the soles of her feet.

Then, I spread her legs apart and worked my way up the insides of her calves, knees and thighs. When I finally got to the back of her pussy lips, she was quivering and moaning. I spent a lot of time there, enjoying her pleasure, and then rolled her over gently on her back.

I started at the little depression at the top of her breastbone, taking long strokes down the center of her chest, then working up her sides. Slowly I worked my way inward toward her nipples, circling just beyond the edge of the areolas. Each nipple then got its share of attention, which had her writhing and moaning. I then went to her stomach, playing with her navel, and made a path down toward my goal. When I reached her pussy, she spread her legs and let me tickle her precious outer labia until the feather was too wet to use.

I discarded it and started on her throat with my lips and tongue, gently kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling on the same path I had followed before. When I got to her nipples, she had her first orgasm with me.

After it had passed, I began my fun again, finally arriving at her glistening pussy. Slowly, gently, I worked my tongue around and started sucking gently on her clit. That quickly brought another shuddering orgasm. Then I finger-fucked her gently, teasing her G-spot.

After she had cum again, I propped myself on my hands above her, and let her guide me inside. I moved carefully, gliding slowly inside until our pubic bones touched. I then began to stroke in and out as slowly as I could, trying to angle myself so that my shaft worked on the good parts. When she came again, I stopped and slowly withdrew.

"Daddy, why did you stop?" she asked.

"Because I want to give you more pleasure," I replied. I rolled her over and had her get on her hands and knees so I could caress her buttocks. Then I entered her doggy-style, as gently as I had done in the missionary position. This time, though, it was easy for me to reach around and work her clit with my finger.

She began thrusting back in the same slow rhythm I had established, so that my balls were slapping lightly against the top of her pussy. When she began to twitch and moan again, I simply held myself deep inside her, letting her pulsating vaginal muscles bring me to another huge orgasm.

Completely spent, we lay together spooning as I gently stroked her belly and tits. Then she started to sob. Confused and concerned, I stopped and held her, cuddling her like a little girl who had had just lost her puppy.

Through her tears, she said, "Oh Daddy, I never knew what love-making was before tonight. I always thought it could be beautiful if I found a man I could truly love, and now I have."

I hugged her tightly, and we drifted off into deep, blissful sleep.

to be continued....

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Just a great story! Im hoping for another chapter, but since I don't see one showing in the side panel my hoped aren't high :( I'll check the folder though!

'Daddy' wasn't over used, the reader just wasn'tmore...

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