tagGroup SexThe Girls at the Store Ch. 02

The Girls at the Store Ch. 02


Part 2 – The Awakening

Introduction: The morning after the night before

When I awoke in the morning after the party at Tanya's, I was pretty foggy. For a moment I didn't know where I was. Then I saw a picture on the wall of Tanya, Julie, and Carla dressed in their store uniforms and posing in front of the store where we all worked. I remembered taking it and giving a copy to Tanya, and from the weird decor of the room, I decided I must be in Tanya's bed. I rolled over and saw a young naked girl next to me, her face partially covered by her wavy, highlighted brown hair. Then it all came rushing back. I had partied with two nineteen-year old girls and an eighteen-year old, had fucked all of them, and had slept with the youngest, Julie, who had told me she loved me after our long, gentle love-making session. What had I done? Hell, I'm forty-four years old! I supervise these girls at work, and they all call me "Daddy." Sure, I had often fantasized about them, with them all flirting outrageously with me at work, and calling me at all hours of the night telling me about their sexual experiments with each other and teasing me about how they'd like me to join them, but I still treated them like daughters, repressing my dark desires.

It had been a wild night. What started out as a party of about ten people drinking and smoking pot had quickly thinned out to just me and these three sexy young girls. They had apparently had it all planned out. On cue, they had performed a strip-tease for me, and then played with themselves and each other. Julie had sucked my cock, I had eaten tiny Tanya's pussy, and then she had fucked me. When she was done, Carla and Julie licked me clean. Julie then used her mouth to clean up Tanya while busty Carla had given me the best deep-throating I had ever had. She and I fucked vigorously, at which point I thought I was done for the night, falling asleep on the couch with her. After awhile, Julie woke me from my nap and led me to the shower. We gently bathed and dried each other, then went to Tanya's room where I gave Julie the first orgasms she had ever had with a man. Remembering it all had me hard and leaking pre-cum again.

Still, I didn't know what to do. Now that we had all sobered up, how would we deal with this in the cold light of day?

Tanya is a wild-child, with her punk hair and piercings. She lives alone in a little house in the middle of nowhere that she had inherited from her parents when they died. She's a free spirit, openly bisexual, up for anything, and probably would have no feelings about it other than that it was fun. I was willing to bet she had done things this crazy before.

Carla is a minister's daughter, still living at home at age nineteen, in open rebellion against her strict up-bringing. She is a self-proclaimed party girl who had been bi-curious before meeting Tanya, and had since spent many nights at Tanya's place exploring her lesbian desires. Because of her incredible figure (40DD's on an otherwise trim frame), she has never had trouble getting boyfriends, but they have all been more-or-less her own age. We had talked a lot, and I was certain that a foursome with a man over twice her age was something new for her.

My biggest concern was Julie. At eighteen-years old, she looks like a swimsuit model, with a 36C-23-35 figure, flawless pale skin, pouty lips, and hypnotizing eyes. She was pretty inexperienced with sex, having only had one experience the night after her eighteenth birthday with a boy her age who had lasted about thirty seconds. She had been introduced to the pleasures of lesbian sex and to sex toys by the other two, but had still seemed almost virginal. After last night's love-making, which I had done as tenderly as possible to make sure that she experienced pleasure she wouldn't soon forget, she had told me, sobbing, that she was in love with me. I hadn't been prepared for that, even though I love them all in my own way. What was I supposed to do?

While I was thinking about all this, naked little Tanya came into the room. She's something to see, with her 5'2" 87-pound frame making her look more like a young Olympic gymnastic hopeful than the freak she really is. Seeing her naked for the first time last night, I had been instantly turned on by the dark, hard little nipples on her 32-A tits, her neon pink landing strip, her belly button chain, the tiny ring in her hood, and her full, smooth outer labia.

"Good morning, Daddy," she said. "I see that the sun isn't the only thing that came up this morning. Since the others are still sacked out, maybe I can have you all to myself."

"Who's still sacked out?" said Carla from the doorway, yawning, nude and luscious. "You got him first last night, so you sure as hell aren't going to have first crack at him today!"

By this time, our talking had woken Julie. She brushed the hair out of her eyes and stretched, her pale pink nipples erect. "You guys may have had him before I did, but I think he saved the best for last. I can't believe how incredible it was. I lost count of the number of times he made me cum before he even was inside me. Daddy did such incredible things to me, that I can't even describe the feelings. Daddy, I love you so much! I want to make love to you forever!"

Tanya said, "I think we all do."

Then Carla said what I had been thinking. "Wait a minute, guys. I love Daddy and both of you, but we have to think about how others will see this. We could all lose our jobs if anyone found out about last night, and Daddy could lose his job or go to jail, screwing girls her supervises and drinking and smoking pot with minors. We have to be discreet."

I finally got a word in. "To be honest, before last night I always tried to think of you three as my daughters. It was very difficult, and I admit I pleasured myself more than once thinking about you all. I've had vivid sexual dreams about each of you, and several times I've cum playing with myself during your late-night sexy phone calls. I guess I've always been attracted to young girls, but I never dared to dream that I would get to do the things with you all that I did last night. For God's sake, I really am old enough to be the father of all of you. Carla's right. We can't say anything to anyone else about what happened here."

"Which doesn't mean it can't happen again, right now!" said Julie, who had started lazily playing with herself while we talked. "And don't any of you treat me like I'm a stupid child who doesn't know the boundaries. I knew all these things before any of you said them. But I also know that I love Daddy like both a father and a lover, and I don't see a problem with that. I think we should all try to fuck him as often as possible. It will be our secret, and we can never share it with anyone outside this room. I loved Daddy before last night just for who he has been to us, and I know you all did, too. Now I just love him in more ways."

Carla said, "OK, since we're all on the same page, let's have some fun. You three have the day off from work, and I called in sick before I came in here, so we have plenty of time to get our licks in, if you know what I mean. But right now, I'm starving."

Tanya agreed, saying, "I'm a little hung-over, and I'm still a little sore from last night. I never was with a man as big as Daddy, but I'm sure I can recover after a good breakfast. I'll start omelets if you guys will take care of the rest of the stuff. But, in my house today clothing is pretty much forbidden. Whoever fries the bacon can wear my full-length apron, but that's it!"

The girls scampered out to the kitchen, and I followed, my cock still standing at attention. Tanya gave Julie the apron, kissing her deeply before helping her put it on. The sight of lovely Julie, covered in front by a frilly apron but with her luscious ass naked in front of us all, was a sight we all appreciated. Carla started taking milk, juice, butter, and jelly from the refrigerator and handing them to me. The cold air from the fridge made her responsive nipples harden, and I almost drooled looking at them. She seemed to spend an awful lot of time with the door open, bending over to look for stuff and giving me a great view of her ass and pussy. Every time she turned to hand me something, she gave me her sultry "fuck me hard" look, which had my dick throbbing. When she had found everything she needed, she started toasting bread and making coffee, while I set the table.

The food was good, and the setting would have seemed very domestic, if it hadn't been for the fact that we were all sitting there naked and horny. When we were done eating, Tanya said, "I have an idea, something I bet none of you has ever tried." With that, she smeared some jelly on her one nipple and a little butter on the other. "Who wants to clean me up?"

Julie and Carla were immediately out of their chairs, licking and slurping at Tanya's cute little tits. When they had her clean, Julie took a dollop of jelly and spread it on Carla's huge breasts, then ground herself against them so that both their chests were smeared and sticky. "Daddy," Julie said, "we're dirty for you."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I got up and went over to them, and licked the sweet goo off four delicious breasts. While I was busy, I saw Tanya cut a small bit of butter from the dish and rub it in her tiny hands. Then she got down on her knees and slowly greased up my already swollen dick with it. She then proceeded to lick and suck the butter off my shaft and head until I blew my first load of the day in her mouth. Rather than swallowing or spitting it, she grabbed Julie and began to kiss her, transferring some of her mouthful of semen. Julie then tongue-kissed Carla until they had all swallowed a portion of my cum.

"I want more," said Julie. She began fondling and kissing my poor, over-used pole, getting it hard again.

Tanya had cleared the dishes while Julie was on her knees in front of me, and Carla sat on the edge of the table. Tanya began working on Carla's pussy with her fingers and tongue. She said, "Julie, he looks ready, and Carla certainly is. I feel a little bad about making Daddy cum, since I agreed that Carla should have had him fuck her first today, but I bet he can make up for that now."

Julie reluctantly removed me from her mouth, and led me by the cock to Carla. She and Tanya guided me inside Carla, who was soon clenching her fists and beating on the table with her first orgasm of the day. With Julie rubbing her breasts against my back and grinding her mound into my ass, and Tanya giving me a good show of devouring Carla's tits, it didn't take me long to be ready to blow. I said, "I'm almost ready to cum, and Julie said she wanted it." Julie said, "Go ahead and fill her, Daddy. I'll just lick her clean when you're done."

I couldn't have gotten away from Carla by this time anyway, because she had her athletic legs locked around me. I came wad after wad inside her, and she screamed, "Oh God, I can feel every shot as his cock pulses inside me!" She came hard, and then used her powerful cunt muscles to milk the last drop from me. Spent, I pulled out and collapsed into a chair.

Julie was on her like a thirsty dog, lapping and sucking every drop of our mixed fluids until Carla was as clean as she could be.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to sun ourselves on Tanya's secluded little deck. With Tanya's mixed heritage (Italian, Native American, and Black to offset the Scandinavian blood in her), she didn't sunburn readily, but that was not the case with the rest of us. Julie has especially fair skin, and Carla and I aren't much darker. Since the girls had all sunbathed there before, they had a big tube of sunblock that they kept in Tanya's kitchen. While Tanya got towels for us to lie on, the rest of us started rubbing the lotion on each other. Carla and Julie took care of each other, probably spending more time than was necessary to work the lotion into their skin. They then worked together on me. I had never tanned without trunks before, and I was a little concerned about getting a burn on "virgin" flesh. This amused the girls a lot, and they set to work rubbing a large portion of the cream onto my tired cock and balls. This, of course, had the desired effect, and soon I was standing at attention.

Carla said, "Well, he won't have to worry about having an odd-looking shadow mark on his sack or legs!" Julie, meanwhile, was busy reading the fine print on the sunblock container. "Damn it," she said, "this stuff isn't edible, so Daddy will have to go in and wash before I can taste him again, which I really want to do."

Tanya, who had just come outside with the towels, said, "Easy, girlfriend. Let's let Daddy rest up so we can all have some fun later. I saw how Carla deep-throated him last night, and I think you and I should both take some lessons. In fact, I have an idea!" With that, she ran into the house and quickly returned with some of her toys. What a collection! She had even brought out a two-headed dildo, which I was anxious to see them use. "It's time for you to conduct a training seminar, Carla," Tanya said.

Carla picked up a realistic looking device with a fat 8-inch shaft and a pair of huge balls, all molded in flesh-colored, slightly flexible vinyl. She began by rubbing it over her tits, getting her thimble-sized nipples to stand up from her 2-inch areolas. She then tit-fucked the thing for awhile while playing with her twat with her free hand. "I sometimes have to get myself good and worked up before I can relax my throat enough to swallow a dick or a dildo," she said. She then began to tease the thing with her tongue, licking up and down the shaft and running her tongue over its scrotum. She then puckered her lips like she was going to whistle, and slowly began to work the head of it into her mouth. Soon, she had about half of it inside, and began to stick her tongue out to lick the underside of the shaft.

She then pulled it out and said, "I know you girls can both do what I've done so far, and I know Daddy loves it. But here's where it gets difficult. You have to overcome your gag reflex and learn to relax your throat. I've seen you both straight-throat beer and wine, so I know you can do it. And if you love Daddy as much as I do and want to give him a truly great blowjob, you have to concentrate on his pleasure. We all found out last night how well Daddy can play our bodies to make us feel good."

Julie interrupted, "Daddy ate and fucked you both to multiple orgasms last night, and it was beautiful to watch. But you should have seen what he did to me. He used one of your feathers, Tanya, along with his hands and mouth, to stimulate me literally from head to toe. I came so many times I thought I would pass out. It felt like an hour and a half before he even entered me, and then he made love to me both missionary and doggy-style for what seemed like another half-hour before he came. It was all so loving and gentle, and so intensely erotic. I'll do anything to be able to pleasure him like that!"

"Baby," I said, "watching you learn about real love-making by a man who cares instead of the quickie you had with that kid you gave your cherry to was so intensely gratifying to me that I probably would have cum a dozen times if these two hadn't drained me earlier. You don't have to do anything different to make me a happy man till the day I die."

"Or until we wear his dick down to nothing," laughed Tanya.

"That sounds like a challenge," said Carla. "You two girls each grab a toy and follow my lead."

The students and teacher worked on their lessons for quite a while. Eventually, everyone was satisfied that they were ready for me.

"It's getting pretty hot out here, and I'm afraid I'm going to start to burn my junk," I said. "I think I'm going to go in and take a shower."

Everyone agreed that they had had enough sun for one day, so we went in. Tanya and I shared what was supposed to be a quick shower while the others started lunch. Seeing Tanya glistening wet in front of me was too much for me, however. I couldn't keep my hands off her. I took the washcloth from her and lathered her up, playing with her little girl tits, then turning her around to work on her tight butt. I then turned her around again and got on my knees to I could carefully inspect my work as I washed her pussy. Somewhere along the line, I had dropped the washcloth, but she certainly didn't seem to mind as I massaged the lather into her groin. Taking the detachable shower head, I rinsed her thoroughly, and then directed the spray against her mound. She began to shiver, and spread her legs wide so I could stimulate her tight pussy with the strong spray. Just as she looked ready to cum, I turned off the water and licked and sucked her clit. She came hard, wailing as she did.

The noise and the time we had spent made the other girls come to investigate. "Hey, you two," Julie said. "Don't use up all the hot water. It's our turn. Get out of there and go have some lunch. We got it all made, and decided to eat, since we got tired of waiting for you. You'll find sandwiches and iced tea in the fridge." As Tanya and I dried off, Julie looked at Carla and said, "You don't have a shower massage at home, do you? I'll show you what it can do."

Tanya and I ate lunch to the sound of much giggling, thrashing, and moaning coming from the bathroom. When we heard Carla scream, Tanya began to laugh. "Don't worry, Daddy. Julie just taught Carla how great a shower can really feel."

After our showers and lunch, we realized how tired the sun and last night's sex marathon had made us. We all went into the living room and cuddled up on the rug. It wasn't long until all three girls were asleep. I smiled to myself, thinking how amazingly lucky I was to be blessed with three beautiful, nubile nymphs to call my own. Soon I drifted off too.

I woke with a start to a tapping sound. It was Carla, tapping a stick on an end table like a schoolmarm using her pointer to bring her class to order. She was laughing as we all woke up. Then she said, "Girls, you have been good students, but now it's time for your final exam. It's time for you to deep-throat Daddy!" I liked the sound of that, and looking at these two gorgeous pupils and their hot teacher all naked in front of me had me starting to stir. "As I said this morning, it sometimes helps to be stimulated so you can really get into it and perform as well as possible. With that in mind, I have a procedure that we are going to follow. Daddy, please sit on the couch and observe. I want you to watch closely, and you may critique and give suggestions to the students as they prepare themselves for you, but please, refrain from touching anyone, especially yourself. I want the girls here to have you be fresh and ready to cum bucketfuls. Girls, I've selected some toys from Tanya's collection for us to use. Each of you, please choose a dildo from the table and start to work on yourselves with it."

"I want to use my new vibrator," Tanya said.

"No, that's for me," Carla replied. And you'll share the two-headed dildo later if you want."

Tanya and Julie both chose their weapons and Carla took the vibrator. "Follow my lead," she said, sitting cross-legged on the floor and beginning to work on her tits. The others followed suit, first stimulating their nipples, then working on their pussies, and finally taking the dildos into their sweet mouths. Slowly, they managed to get them into their throats, though they both struggled with them.

Carla said, "OK, I was afraid of that. You're not into it enough, and you're not relaxing enough. Let's try this. Take that two-headed monster and start to play with it together."

The girls did as they were told, each playing with her clit and lips before starting to insert the device into themselves. Of course, to do this they had to face each other and slowly move closer together. Carla said, "Let's get into it, girls. Kiss each other, play with each other's tits and clits. I want you both to cum, hopefully at the same time. You'll have to concentrate on the signs your partner is showing you so you can give each other the most pleasure."

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