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The Girls From Next Door


The best description of the last few months of this year would be boring.

My work at the Massage therapy College where I teach is mostly preparations for the fall semester. It is always a struggle to get enough signups, I need at least 10 students to fill a class. Sometimes that isn't easy to do.

So when Kathy and Lisa, the daughters of my new next door neighbor, Donna, booked for the season, I was grateful!

Now I had 10 students, and that meant I got full pay, as I earn commissions for the classes.

Plus the fact that both of them are simply drop dead beautiful didn't hurt things at all, either!

I was sitting at the house on a late August Sunday afternoon, when a knock came at the door. I was wearing an old robe and nothing else, planning on going out and sitting in the hot tub for an hour or so. I opened the door, and here was Lisa and Kathy!

"Hi, Teacher Ted!" they chimed in almost in unison. I had noticed that before, when one spoke, the other would say pieces of the sentence, almost like twins will do. But these weren't twins, just sisters.

I ushered them in, conscious of my being stark naked under my housecoat, but they breezed by me with a matter of fact attitude that I was slowly getting used to.

"Mom says she will buy us each a massage table" They piped up, almost in unison again, "So we came to ask what kind to buy!"

"Oh", I thought, so I ushered them in and showed them the solid Oak Hunter table I use in my home office.

I like them, they are a bit too heavy to work as a portable, but they last almost forever. That plus the strength comes in handy, since I have a few female clients in the 300 pound plus range..

Lisa bent over to look at the way the pegs mount in the table legs, letting her halter top fall open as she did so. This afforded me a clear peek at her right nipple. I always get a rush when I get an "unintended" peek like that, and she took her time before she straightened up.

She looked at me and noticed where my interest lay, and gave me a huge smile. Kathy meanwhile had hopped up on the table and stretched out, mentioning how soft the table felt. I use a big natural sheepskin on the table, it makes it soft and warm, clients seem to like it.

I watched Kathy squirm around, she had on a loose blouse and a pair of snug shorts that I swear were nearly painted onto her bottom!

I felt the beginnings of a boner, so I took a deep breath and looked away. When I glanced back, she was looking right at me with that same huge smile.

We went out on the deck, Lisa plopped down on one of the deck chairs, propping her leg up carelessly. This gave me a clear view of the crotch of her shorts, pulled up tight. Kathy went over and stuck her hand in the hot tub, saying something about it being hot. I went and got some ice water, and sat the pitcher and glasses on the table.

Kathy asked me if she could get in the tub, I told her sure. At that, she pulled off her blouse, and hopped in, suddenly bare to the waist.

What a pair she had, full and round, no hint of sag at all, and no bikini lines, either.

Lisa said, "Me, too!" and suddenly I had two half-naked teenagers in my hot tub, as I sat there in nothing but my robe.

"Come in, Teacher Ted!" they called. I mentioned something about not having on a bathing suit, and they just looked at me and giggled. "Oh, come on!" They said.

I got up and went over to the tub, taking a deep breath, trying to get my rapidly building erection to go down a little.

Finally, I just slipped the robe off and lay it over the back of one of the deck chairs, and climbed in.

Two sets of eyes locked on my half hard penis, I slid into the water as calmly as I could, and was greeted with two huge smiles again.

We sat there for awhile, Lisa looked at kathy and said, "This isn't fair, we should take off our bottoms, too!" Kathy giggled, and reached down, in seconds I was sitting in my tub with two stark naked teenagers!

I had taken the time to check the application forms, so I knew that Lisa was 19, and Kathy had turned 18 just a few weeks earlier. So I had no concerns about that, but I was wondering where my wife, Lee, was at the moment. She had left to run to town a couple hours earlier, and was due back about any minute.

I lay there enjoying the two sets of almost perfect breasts bobbing just above the surface of the water. I could get used to this, I was thinking.

Just then Lisa stood up, climbed out, and went over to the table to get the pitcher of ice water and glasses. She came back, and took her time filling the glasses.

This afforded me a perfect view of her pussy, hairs only lightly trimmed, pink peeking out between.

Then she sat directly across from me on the edge of the tub. "Well, what do you think?" she asked.

"Uhhhh.." was all that escaped my lips, she giggled and slid into the water. "Your turn!" she said to Kathy. Kathy hesitated, I swear she almost blushed, but she got up, sat on the edge of the tub and opened her legs slightly.

She was nowhere near as blatant as Lisa, but still. I just sat there, my brain was beginning to cloud over a bit.

Lisa slid over next to me, reached down and took my penis in her hand. "Oh, BIG one" she squealed.

"What are you DOING!" exclaimed Kathy. "I am jacking off Teacher Ted!" Lisa said with a giggle.

I just sat there in shock, as her hand slid up and down my length.

She didn't stop, either, I was now hard as a rock, and enjoying the touch.

"Hop out" Lisa said, the tone of her voice had taken on a change, she was almost demanding, husky sounding.

I did as she asked, she lifted up out of the water, pressed her breasts against my chest and then started sliding downwards. She got lower and lower, and I felt the warmth as her mouth opened and engulfed me.

She began to suck, licking with her tongue at the same time. This wasn't one of those deep-throat expert type blow jobs, this was an amatuerish suck and lick on the head type. Her hand came up to wrap around me, and in just a few simple strokes I was done!

I blasted off, expecting her to stop, but she didn't. She kept right on as I pumped and pumped my seed into her mouth.

I looked at Kathy, her eyes were big as silver dollars, her mouth was hanging open as she stared at her sister working me.

As I began to wilt, Lisa looked at Kathy and laughed. "Now you know how to get good grades!" she said!

Just then I heard Lee's voice, saying, "That looks like fun!"...I looked up, she was sitting at the deck table, I had no idea how long she had been there. But it was obvious from her grin that she missed nothing!

I lay back with a groan...This semester is going to be one hell of a year....

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