tagGroup SexThe Girls' Locker Room

The Girls' Locker Room


John gives his story.

All persons are over 18 years in age.

In my junior college we had a fairly primitive locker room and changing area for sports. The locker room was a free standing building with an entrance at one end for boys and at the other end for girls. Of course there was supposed to be no way between the sections. The teachers didn't like the place and so hardly ever came inside.

I hated Physical Education classes, so I avoided it as much as possible. One day, right after my eighteenth birthday, I simply stayed in the locker room when all the other boys went out to do forward rolls or run uselessly around the oval. I discovered that the cleaner's closet door was left ajar. Inside, there was a steel ladder leading to the interior of the roof. I climbed up, and found there was a symmetrical ladder on the other side, leading into the cleaner's closet on the girls' side!

John Infiltrates

There were no girls in evidence, so I sneaked in. The smell was a lot nicer than on the boys' side. I found an extra large locker within which I could crouch. I hoped it was positioned so that I could see the girls preparing to shower. After waiting in the cramped space for an interminable time, perhaps ten minutes, I heard voices. They had been playing hockey and came in complaining about various shots and the lazy coaching by their PE teacher. I could hear showers being turned on but I could not see much from my hideout. I could see one girl pulling off her tunic but then she moved before I could see more.

The Spy Faces Capital Punishment

I must have moved the door too much in my attempt to see underwear, because suddenly the chatter dropped to silence. I heard agitated whispers. Then the door was flung open. I was caught!

"Hey, we got you little twerp!" boomed Peggy. She was one of the older, more experienced girls. Two of the Hockey thugs grabbed me and pulled me out into the locker room. There were girls in every stage of undress, I just gaped.

"This kid has been spying on us. He must have got an eyeful!" said Peggy. "We should call the teacher and get him booted out of school!"

The girls, now hiding behind towels, echoed with cries of "The nerve of him!" Then Peggy, with a smirk, said "However, perhaps we should have some fun with him instead?" This got equal support. "He wont be able to say a thing, what ever we do to him!"

They dragged me into the shower room and held me under the shower. I was still wearing my traditional school uniform with blue blazer and wool pants. Once the clothes were soaked, they pulled them off and threw them in a soggy clump in the corner. They even pulled down my underpants. I was now naked, still being held under the shower.

"Lets make sure he is really clean." The girls got soap and rubbed under my arms and all over my back. One girl poured shampoo on my head. I felt soap being run over my backside. Other rough soap rubbed around my limp penis and pubic hair. They cleaned me all over and then threw me a towel.

As I dried myself, Julie commented "He might be seeing more than we are out this, lets blindfold him!"

Another said "Yes, with a blindfold he won't know who did what to him."

Everything is on the Table

Securely blindfolded with my school tie, I was led to stand at the edge of a table and pushed to bend over.

"Feel his buns!" cried Mary. "All these boys love to stick their hands down our fronts and squeeze our breasts. This is our chance to give him a taste of his own medicine." The girls, about 15 of them, gathered around to get their hands on my buns. I was squeezed, stroked, pinched and poked. They loved to inspect and poke my anus.

"I had a boy friend who loved to pulls the hairs on my breast" said Julie. "This one has hairs around his hole."

After that, they all had to pull the really-short hairs and see me flinch. I feel a pen being pushed in and then it was pulled out. Some of them stuck theirs hands between my legs to feel my balls.

Peggy said, "OK, lets turn him over, the cock side is a lot more useful".

I was made to lay on the table, with my legs apart and my crotch full exposed. "Just like at the Doctor" laughed Peggy. "He should learn what we have to put up with just because of our anatomy."

The girls, pulled, pushed, poked and stroked my cock. They minutely inspected the tip and foreskin. Each ball was cradled and squeezed, thankfully they were surprisingly gentle.

Playing Dolls

"He has great hair, it is long, black and bushy. I wonder if it would looked better if it was permed?" asked Julie. "Lets take the blindfold off, so he can see our instruments and the final creation."

They played dolls with me. Somebody found some curlers and created tight curls around my cock. One girl had a bottle of hair spray. They made me stand on the table and walk about to display my goods.

"Wrong color, needs to be brighter. Lets make him a red head" said Julie.

They dyed my pubic hair red and again arranged it around my cock. The delighted in squeezing, pulling, pushing my cock as they gave me the 'do'. "You will have to suffer in the cause of beauty" they said. I had to parade on the table.

Rough Treatment

"It is a little bit like a volcano with red lava and a tall spire. Lets see if it can shoot off?"

I was made to lie down and my pubic hair was carefully arranged. Suzy produced a camera with a flash and started taking pictures.

"This will be our insurance."

Peggy got some oil and stroked my cock. Despite the humiliation and rough treatment, I had been very hard for a long time. The oil was very comforting. She also pushed one hand under me to oil my backside. She was trying to stay out of the way of the camera. She slid her hand smoothly on my cock and squeezed. Then she took both hands to rub my cock.

"Don't, hog him Peggy! Let us each have a turn!"

The girls took turns to massage me and hear me moan. Some were very gentle and caressing. Others were very vigorous. "I want to squeeze him the same way boys squeeze by boobs." The really hard pressure was a turn-off, but in the hands of one more gentle girl, I came in a burst. She was quite surprised. She kept stroking as I shot high and the camera flashed.

"MT Vesuvius!"

"Look how he is shrinking!"

I was still very sensitive, as they started pulling, poking and measuring again. I started to grow again.

They Hide his Manhood

"Lets make him really small. See if we can hide it."

They doused me with cold water, and I shrunk quickly.

"Lets see if we can make his crotch look like a girl."

"That will be hard, but we could get rid of the ridiculous red hair, he can be a shaved maiden."

Somebody produced a hand shaver and some soap. I had no choice but to submit while every last crotch hair was carefully shaved off.

"Lets see him explain this to his mother!"

Having got started with the razor, they also shaved my chest and under my arms.

"Girls do this all the time, Boys should know how much work we do to look beautiful."

They got some girl's brief underwear and put it on in such way that my small penis was folded back. Suzy posed a picture, which was supposed to make me look like a girl. They took me back to showers for a wash and again started to feel me up. I got hard again.

The Service Line

Peggy said, "While we have him, we should make use of him. Form two lines."

I was made to lie down on my back on a hard bench. Most of the girls had already stripped. One group lined up near my head. The first girl pushed her tush into face and said "Eat me!"

Another group formed near my legs. Peggy led the team to bounce up and down on my cock. Another girl took charge of making sure my cock was directed in the right place.

When they were all finished I was exhausted. They let me have a warm shower. As I lay down after the shower. The girls started marking my body with lipstick and marker pens. Some put their names, others rude messages. My breasts were outlined as bull's eyes and lots of arrows led to my cock.

Peggy was not entirely mean. Before sending me back with my tail between my legs, she again made me to lie on the bench. She sucked on my cock and gently licked my balls. The other girls began licking all the other parts of my body. I finally came, in a kind of exhausted delirium.

"OK twerp, Peggy said. "We are going to let you go now. You can climb naked back into the boys locker room. We will throw over your wet clothes later. Let this be a warning to you about treating girls right."

"We own your body now, with the photographs we have, you would be the laughing stock of the school and never get a date. Any time we feel like some amusement after hockey practice, we will call you in."

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