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The Glazed Donut

byMoon Glade©

Women notice other women's clothes and I am no exception. The first time I saw a woman in a Glazed Donut tee shirt I noticed it for several reasons. My husband and I were on the walking street in Liege when a very attractive young blond woman walked by us with a tank top tee shirt that was really out of the ordinary. The top was a beautiful lavender color with "The Glazed Donut" embroidered across the top and an appliqué of a glazed donut with a woman's legs in thigh highs and high heels. I noticed that on the back of the tank top were the words, "Glazed the 19th of May 2002". My husband Daniel never ogles other women, at least not when he is with me, but he stared at her so long when she stopped to look in a store window that I was embarrassed and a little angry. When I mentioned it to him he apologized and said that he had been looking at the girls shirt and not her. When I commented to him that it was a really cute top and that I would like to have one he gave me a strange look of almost embarrassment and tried to change the subject. When I asked him what he thought the significance of "Glazed the 19th of May 2002" was he mumbled something to the effect of who knows why women wear what they wear and the subject was forgotten.

I met Daniel during my junior year of college. We married the last semester of his graduate studies. Daniel is the only man I had ever been intimate with and I don't think he had had too many girl friends before we met either. Although I use to turn a lot of heads on campus, we were both serious students and serious about what we wanted out of life. We had been married two years when Daniel got the transfer and promotion to Maastricht. We both were thrilled at the opportunity to live and travel in Europe and were glad that we had decided to wait to start a family. When Daniel had to entertain clients from the Far East (mostly Japanese) I was not bothered that he would sometimes get home quite late.

The second time I saw a "The Glazed Donut" tank top was one afternoon when my husband and I were sitting on the main square of Maastricht having coffee. This time an attractive brunette woman who I have to admit was stunning walked passed our table. Daniel's eyes were riveted to her until she disappeared. I did not say anything to him about it, but I did wonder why the only time that he ever ogled other women, at least while he was with me, was when they were wearing "The Glazed Donut" tank tops.

Three weeks later I was shopping on a Saturday with Tineke, my husband's assistant who I had become close friends with. We were walking into a shoe store when a girl walking out in a "The Glazed Donut" tank top walked past us. She smiled at Tineke and wished her a 'Tot Ziens' as she left the shop. I asked Tineke if she knew her and she told me yes that they were school girl friends and often saw each other at, "the club". When I asked what club was that she said, "The Glazed Donut Club in Lanaken". When I asked her to tell me about the club her answer she was astonished that I had not heard of it. When I asked her why she thought I should know that club she answered, "Hasn't Daniel told you about it?"

My response was, "Why would Daniel tell me about The Glazed Donut?"

Tineke answered, "Because that is where we always entertain out of town businessmen who come to The Netherlands".

At that point Tineke became quiet and I could tell that she did not want to tell me any more. I looked at her for a long time and with a shaking voice I asked her, "Is it a brothel?"

Tineke looked at me for a long time and then said, "You have nothing to worry about, your husband loves you very much".

"So it is a brothel", I replied.

"No it is not really a brothel, but it is a sex club and even though Daniel takes clients there he has never participated in any of the activities and I know that for a fact because I am always with him", she said.

"Why do you always go with him when he entertains and why hasn't he ever told me any of this?" I demanded.

"I am a lifetime member of The Glazed Donut and my guests are free. That is one reason why I always accompany Daniel. Unlike Daniel I do participate in the activities of the club and often with visiting businessmen who are important to the company. I am not a whore. I have sex only with clients I find attractive. If I am not interested in them and they want a girl I will find one for them. Dutch girls are not ashamed of having sex with whom they want when they want. I was glazed when I turned 19 two years ago and have been glazed twice since. Why your husband has not told you about The Glazed Donut is something you should discuss with him", she said defiantly.

"What does it mean to be glazed?" I asked with a shaking voice.

"It means that you take on all club members who want you and that you let them ejaculate either on you or in you until you are glazed in their cum", she said with a smile at having shocked me.

That evening Daniel admitted to me that he did not tell me where he took many of the clients he entertained because he was embarrassed about it and knew that I would not approve, but that he had only watched the activities and had never participated. When I asked if he knew the two different girls in the tank tops he said, "No, not really, but in order to get a tank top those girls had to be glazed and I have to admire them for being so totally uninhibited to get glazed in the first place and to wear the tops on the street with such self assurance."

"You admire them?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, Yes I do. The first time I saw a glazing I was shocked, but I got into a conversation with the girl's boyfriend who was also an onlooker and when he told me he was proud to have a girl friend who could be a totally uninhibited sex Goddess I understood his admiration. You know Tineke. I think you will agree that she is an intelligent, gifted and warm person who we are lucky to be acquainted with both professionally and personally and she has been glazed three times. Once after a few drinks at the club I asked her to explain to me why. She said the first time was because her boyfriend at the time wanted her to and that afterwards he was in awe of her. The next two times she did it for the pure sexual enjoyment of being the center of every man's attention and that it gave her a sense of self assurance and self confidence that she had never experienced before. Whenever I see a woman wearing a tank top with her glaze date on it I am in awe of them as well."

That conversation and other conversations I had with Tineke over the next few weeks convinced me that I wanted to be glazed. I wanted my husband to be in awe of me. I wanted him to consider me a sexual Goddess as well. I discussed those feelings with Tineke and my sexual fears and curiosities. She understood when I told her that I had only been with Daniel and often wondered what it would be like to be with other men or even several at once. Tineke told me that I should see a glazing and decide for myself. A week later I Tineke and I were suppose to go to a baby shower for a mutual friend. When I picked her up she asked me, "Shall we leave the baby shower early and have an adventure?"

When I asked her what she meant she told me that a girlfriend of hers had decided to get glazed tonight and that she wanted to take me to her glazing. When I agreed to go with her to The Glazed Donut I could feel my heart thudding in my chest. After less than an hour at the baby shower we made our excuses and left for Lanaken and The Glazed Donut. When we arrived Tineke pulled off her sweater to reveal her The Glazed Donut tank top. She smiled and said, "This will get us free admission and free drinks."

The club was a pleasant surprise. No one in the club was smoking and all the members were pleasant and friendly. Tineke knew almost everyone. After a few drinks Tineke's friend arrived and we had a few more drinks together while Tineke joked with Djuike about what was ahead of her and if she was up to it. Djuike laughed and said, "Watch me!" and walked toward one of the rooms at the back of the club.

After we finished our drinks Tineke and I walked to the back of the club. Djuike was lying nude on a king size mattress with two men kissing her erect nipples and a third licking her vagina. Even though I knew what to expect I was shocked at the sight. I watched in fascination as three men licked and caressed her body, when the man between her legs lifted himself to his knees I exclaimed, "Oh my God!" when I saw the size of his penis. I watched Djuike squirm as he slid the head of the biggest penis I had ever seen into her. Then, as he filled her completely, Djuike groaned something in Dutch and her legs came up around his back. One of the men kissing her breasts was kissing her mouth now and murmuring something to her in Dutch. A few seconds later he scooted to his knees beside her face and she reached out and brought his penis to her mouth. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs as I watched the third man also move his penis up to her mouth. Djuike began to alternate between the two of them. Sucking on one while stroking the other and then moving back to the one she had been stroking. When the man between her legs came he pulled out of her gapping glistening vagina and another man quickly took his place. I then noticed that about ten men had removed their clothes and were waiting for their turn. I stood transfixed watching her debauchment and imagining myself in her place. When Tineke asked me what I thought I did not know how to answer her. I had been scared at the thought of what being glazed meant. Now I was fascinated at the possibilities and was wondering if I could ever manage to take a penis so large. I thought about what it would be like to suck two strange cocks at once while a third was inside me and I was so turned on that I could hardly breathe. On the way home I told Tineke that the next time they entertained a client at The Glazed Donut that I wanted to arrange a surprise for Daniel.

A week later Tineke called me and told me that next Tuesday they were taking a client to The Glazed Donut. On Monday when Daniel said he would be late getting home Tuesday I said very little. Tineke told me that they would be arriving at the club at about seven. At six I arrived at the club and had about three stiff drinks to give me the courage to take off my clothes and walk to the back of the room and lay down on the king-size mattress. I closed my eyes in fear and embarrassment and waited. It seemed like an eternity before I felt the first tongue licking between my legs. I kept my eyes closed tightly and concentrated on the tongue teasing me between my legs. A few seconds later I felt a tongue licking my left nipple and then another licking my right nipple. My hands came up and held the back of two strange men's head as the each licked a nipple. By this time I was thoroughly wet, but when I felt a massive penis trying to enter me I opened my eyes for the first time and realized that the man between my legs was the same man who had impaled Djuike two weeks before.

For the first time I was fearful, but as the head of his penis penetrated me my fear was replaced with lust and I began to totally surrender to that lust. Because of the size of the penis in me and the situation I felt like I was losing my virginity for the second time. Slowly he began to increase the depth of his penetration into me and the amount of the withdrawal until finally he was entering me completely and then withdrawing from me until just the very tip of that wonderful penis was still in the clasping lips of my vagina. Then he withdrew from me almost entirely and began to tease me with no more than the head of his penis. He began to penetrate me up to just beyond his glans in a much more rapid tempo then before. I stared up into his eyes with the realization that he was totally in control of both the situation and of me. When I began to thrust my pelvis up into him to get deeper penetration he smiled at me and said, "Are you ready?"

I answered, "Yes, oh God yes, please give it to me, give it all to me." As I was finishing my declaration of complete surrender to him and the situation the man who had been licking and kissing my left nipple and breast guided his penis into my mouth. My hand came up and took hold of the cock in my mouth and I began to make love to it with my mouth. Then I could feel another cock rubbing against my cheek and neck insistently. A minute or two later the man on the other side of my head put his hand under my chin and gently pulled my face and mouth to the right and his huge throbbing erection. My mouth made a slight popping sound as the first penis came out of my mouth. I took a deep breath, grasped the new penis in my hand and then enveloped it completely with my oh so willing mouth. Then I felt my legs being lifted up onto the shoulders of the man inside as I was penetrated even more deeply and I began to climax. It swept over me in several waves as I felt, for the first time in my life, another man ejaculating into me again and again. A few seconds later I felt sperm spraying my breasts and then the cock in my mouth started to cum and without even a second's hesitation I began to swallow every drop. Something I had never even done for my husband!

By the time my husband and his client arrived I was well on the way to being totally glazed. Three men had come in my vagina. I had swallowed the cum of two men and another three had cum on my face and body and I was surrounded by a crowd of naked men waiting their turn. I was also so totally out of control that I had even stopped thinking about my husband's arrival, but I will never forget the look of shock and astonishment on Daniel's face when he recognized his wife on the mattress. As I watched him watching me I feared that my glazing might be the end of our marriage, but I could only thing about the next cock to enter my mouth or pussy because at that point all I wanted was more cock.

I closed my eyes in fear and embarrassment at what I was doing in front of Daniel and wondered how I could have been so stupid. And then I heard a voice murmuring into my ear, "You are so beautiful, I have never loved you or wanted you more than I do now."

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It was the product of

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