The Glory Pole


Julie wanted sex, no, she needed it and the bit of playing on the phone with her husband the night before didn't help any. Yeah it was kind of exciting, but he had been traveling for over a week and she needed more than his voice to satisfy her. Even after she brought herself to orgasm running her fingers over her clit as he described how he wanted to eat her pussy, she still needed more, she needed to feel something warm and large inside her. She'd even tried warming her handy dildo first in hot water and then even in the microwave trying to get something more out of it, but no, she simply needed to fuck.

Dressing for work, she let her mind drift a bit, daydreaming of what she and David would do when he got back from his business trip in a few days. She could picture him clumsily undressing her as she worked his hand over his cock, squeezing him through his pants, watching as the pre-cum soaked into the fabric leaving a wet spot at the head of his cock. He'd kneel down to move his head between her legs, but she'd grab him and growl, "I want you to fuck me, I need to feel you inside me now."

He'd respond, "But it's been so long, I'll come too quickly for you."

"Try me and just she how quick I'll be," she'd plead, gripping him under his arms and pulling him up on top of her. Oh then, then she would guide his cock into herself, feeling it plunge deeper and deeper into her, filling her completely.

Looking into the mirror she watched herself run her hand down over her breasts, over the slight mound of her stomach and into her panties. Letting her fingertips slip over her clit, she spotted the digital clock shining in the mirror and turned, "Damn, I'm gonna be late." Just as she felt David's cock plunge to the hilt, her daydream suddenly evaporated and she reached for her bra.

Forcing herself to focus, she quickly finished getting ready for work, rushed into the kitchen but decided she didn't have time for breakfast, so she grabbed her purse and briefcase and headed out to toward the Metro. Slipping her hand into her purse, she pulled out her ticket and confirmed she had enough fare remaining for her trip into work. After riding the long escalator down to the train level she walked past the fare machines, slid her ticket in to the slot and then stepped forward through the turnstile, grabbing her ticket as she passed.

As she waited for the train to arrive a considerable amount of people were around her, all moving about, stealthily jockeying for position. Julie realized the train was going to be very full but if she chose to wait for the next train she would be late for work, so she began inching toward the edge of the platform trying to be nonchalant about it all. By the time the lights in the floor began flashing announcing the arrival of her train, she was ready to elbow her way on.

The train screeched to a stop and fortunately the door ended up almost directly in front of her, but as the people quickly moved to get on, she had to jostle and fight just to get on board. Seeing that the seats were all taken she moved to a nearby vertical pole so she could at least be able to hold on without having to hang from the high bars running the length of the train. The other passengers continued squeezing in around her until she felt herself pressed tightly against the pole.

In a few moments the doors closed and the train began moving and Julie immediately felt an odd vibration in the pole. Normally the chrome support poles were firmly fastened to the floor and didn't move or vibrate, but today she could feel the vibration against her body. As tightly as she was squeezed against the people she couldn't move much, but as she tried to position herself so the pole wouldn't start hurting her she suddenly began to feel the vibration tingling between her legs.

By moving just slightly again and nonchalantly wrapping her leg just a bit around the support she suddenly could feel the vibration in her clit. Holding tight she began to feel the waves of pleasure emanating from her clit and moving all over her. Just as she really began to enjoy the sensation, the train stopped and the people jostled past her getting off and then others got back on the train.

During the entire stop, Julie held herself firmly attached to the pole and as the train began moving again, she could feel the vibrations begin again. The feeling was delightful and she felt her face begin to flush some as the continued moving. She glanced about her but no one seemed to notice what was happening to her. Fighting the urge to begin moving her hips and grinding herself against the pole she let the pleasure continue to build.

The train stopped again, but she held firm, not about to give up her position. She knew the next stop would take longer since the train was going to dip down under the river. The train began moving again and the sensation began to build, vibrating her clit as she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Again fighting the urge to begin humping the pole she looked around. One lady seemed to look at her and smile knowingly, but as she looking at everyone else they seemed oblivious to what was happening.

Suddenly she felt a hand brush against her ass, and where she would normally have slapped at it and tried to find the assailant, she just breathed a bit harder, wishing he would squeeze her ass. She was disappointed as the hand slipped away, but she became more aware of the people around her, the man's arm brushed against hers, another's hip would occasionally bump into her ass, adding a new dimension to the pleasure.

Amid the whispered, "Excuse me,"s and apologies she could feel her body begin to tense up and her hand begin to tremble a bit. The train continued moving as she now felt the vibrations moving over her clit and down deep into her pussy. She fought hard to keep her breath steady and to hold her body perfectly still as the pleasure built and built until finally, just as she could feel the train begin to head back up from the depth of its dive beneath the river she felt the release as she came.

Holding herself as still as possible she felt her pussy pulsating and she heard the slightest of a moan escape from her. By the time the train pulled to a stop she had recovered from the waves of pleasure but was still in the midst of the warm afterglow. Her knees felt a bit weak but fortunately enough people climbed off the train so she could sit down.

"It was quite a ride wasn't it?" Julie heard the woman sitting next to her say just as the train began moving again.

"Excuse me?"

"I call it the glory pole," she said, nodding toward the pole that Julie had squeezed against for most of the train ride.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"Oh no, I have almost as much fun watching as the people do holding it."

"This happens a lot?"

"Occasionally, it's when the train is really crowded that people get pressed against the poles when it happens. And this particular pole seems to do it more than most of the others. I always try to catch car #552, it's usually the fifth car on the 7 am Redline, though occasionally it changes."

"The car has a number?"

"Yeah, printed up at the front, just below the window. You have to watch hard for it. Sometimes when I get on it's already crowed enough for me to use the pole, otherwise I sit down and watch as people discover it. I saw a guy do it once, talk about an embarrassing mess, holding his briefcase up in front of his crotch as he ran toward the nearest restroom. It's much more subtle when the ladies do it."

"What stop is this coming up?" Julie asked.

"Metro Center,"

"Oh damn I missed my stop," she said grabbing her things.

"You don't want to try another ride on the glory pole?" the lady asked.

"Not today, but I'll have to remember what you said," Julie replied as the train pulled to a stop, "I enjoyed talking to you."

"And I enjoyed watching you," she replied, smiling.

Julie stepped off the train and crossed over the platform to watch for a return train to take her back to her stop. She could still feel the dampness in her panties and when she thought of the woman watching her, she felt a strange tingling sensation in her body. She whispered, "Car 552," to herself, committing the number to memory.

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