tagErotic HorrorThe Golden Thyrsus

The Golden Thyrsus


(A Thyrsus was a staff entwined with ivy and surmounted by a pine cone in the cleft at its end. It was used by those engaged in Bacchic rites.)

Part 1

A cry through the heat alerted Marie to the discovery of something of importance. She looked up and wiped the sweat from her forehead and moved carefully over the gritty dirt surface of the hill. She slipped and cursed as her butt slapped onto the surface and she slid into a stunted olive tree. After that she virtually crawled over the hill to the grotto where the cry had come.

Carefully she crossed the dry creek bed and the loose stones to the pile of larger rocks in the cliff. Steven looked up his dark sunglasses trained in her direction and he then looked at the rocks again as their two male Greek students shuffled aside the rocks over a cunningly concealed cave beneath them. Henry joined the others as she came up and he mopped his bald head before putting back on his hat. Henry looked and acted the perfect eccentric professor whilst Steven was perfectly at ease in the politics of academia. Both were firm friends and both loved the thrill of the field as well as being brilliant scholars.

"Is it...?"

Henry's excitement was as reserved as both his personality and English accent could make it, yet both of them knew that he had pieced together clues that had suggested that something had been placed here. Steven brushed the dirt from the lintels and surfaces about the rock that formed the doorway to the cave below. Once satisfied he signaled to Marie to come over and look, she still thrilled to this classically handsome man with the grey hair that peppered his hair. Yet he was a reserved as Henry with her and was like him the perfect gentleman. Looking at her you would have thought she was a youth being slim and small. She kept her hair short and severely tied back which did not show her face to the best advantage. Her nose was more a beak and the dark brown eyes that were behind thick glasses assaulted you more than seduced you.

Marie bent down and traced a couple of possible shapes. She straightened and looked at the two waiting men.

"There may be what could be an A in Linear B and I think there is a staff engraved into the rock. " She drawled out her answer.

Henry beamed and slapped his knee and danced a small jig remarking how he knew it was here. Even Steven who was so grave smiled. Seeing the happiness in the two men smiled as well though with puzzlement. They were here to learn about archaeological techniques and instead of a well-developed dig they had found themselves on a treasure hunt in the middle of Boeotia some forty miles west of Thebes. Dimitrios a dark-haired muscular Herakles looked at the trio and cleared his throat.

"Excuse me Professor Symons what is here? What have we found?" He spoke English well but with the strong accent his friend Theo nodded as though he had also spoken.

Henry looked up and smiling spoke,"Why my dears we may have found Agave's tomb."

Dimitrios looked shocked and then spoke again,"Agave Professor but she was a myth."

"No, no my dears she was no myth she was as real as you or me. The daughter of Cadmus and Harmony, the sister of Semele the mother of Pentheus and a Bacchante who in her Maenad rage slew her son thinking him a beast at their orgy to Dionysus. I found an old inscription that said she fled here and in her grief took her own life to be buried here by her servants. And my dear boys we have found the old woman!!"

The man beamed with the thought of what was here and you could see the hunger in his eyes. It was in fact Marie who told the two students to bring their tents and gear here as they tried to find the best way to open the tomb. Steven led the exultant Henry into the shade though he quickly came back and began to seek other signs on the doorway to Agave's tomb. As they searched Marie joined Dimitrios and Theo in going back to the camp and preparing for the move to the newly-found tomb. The two men conversed in low voices until Dimitrios spoke.

"Do you think it true that we have found the tomb of Agave Professor?"

Marie considered her answer and then gave it.

"Yes I think it true. Not the Agave of myths but the Agave of ancient history. If it is what we think it is we have the greatest discovery in the Greek world since the discovery of Troy. You know the legend of course?" Theo shook his head.

"Well Agave was the daughter of Cadmus and Harmony, Cadmus had founded Thebes after rescuing Zeus from the Typhon and sowing the dragon's teeth. He was given Ares and Aphrodite's daughter Harmony as wife. Well they had four daughters, Semele who gave birth to Dionysus whose father was Zeus and another called Agave who married Pentheus a very ambitious nobleman of Thebes. Well Agave exposed the shame of Semele who was thrown out of the city and died of exposure, Pentheus using her shame was able to become king of Thebes in place of Cadmus." Swallowing some water to wet her dry throat she waited and continued with her story.

"Dionysus was taken to Asia and waited and learnt there until a man he came back to Thebes using his gifts he seduced Agave and her daughters in into wild orgies with him. Pentheus heard about them of course and spied on the women as they practiced their Bacchanal, Dionysus driving them mad made them see an animal that they tore apart only finding out later that they had ripped apart their father and Agave's husband. There was even a hint of cannibalism, as it was the people of Thebes drove out Agave, Cadmus and Harmony as well as Agave's daughters. There the legend ends, what Henry found was a shard of pottery that talked of a coven of Maenads led by Agave in these hills."

"No matter what you think of Henry he is a brilliant Classical Scholar and combing all references he came to the conclusion that there had been a secret Dionysian sect that had sprouted her around 1800BC and that they had been hunted to extinction by the later invading Dorians. So we came looking and I think we have found the find of the century. So to work and lets find out more."

Finished the two Greeks stripped to their shorts and packed the four wheel drives with the camping gear. Marie admired their bare muscular chests and bodies Dimitrios muscled like the young Herakles and Theo a young Akilles with long dark hair tied in a ponytail. Her body tingled and she licked her lips. It was such a shame that Steven was Henry's lover, she shook her head it has been too long since I have had a man. Then she jumped into the Land-Rover and traveled to the start of the dry creek bed where with practiced ease they set up a camp. As the day grew dim Steven and Henry joined the others and told Marie of finding engravings on the door of grapes and bees both signs of the Maenads.

Around dinner they discussed what they would do the next day over glasses of ouzo. As the night drew on all of them turned in and slipped into their beds. Marie slipped into the sheets of her bedroll clothed in cotton panties and t-shirt. She tried to imagine what lay behind the door. She seemed to hear the sound of bees in the distance and then it seemed to deeply rumbling drums that came from the earth beneath her and interrupted her thoughts . The dull throbbing seemed to squeeze her and excite her, her cunt seemed to throb with the vibration that soaked into her body.

Marie's body ached with need and passion, she felt hot and bothered and she was sweating so much. Rising she found that her body was swaying to the rhythms in the air. Somehow her hands touched her body and she found them cupping her breasts and pinching her breasts. Shaking her head she stepped into the night air and was hit by the stifling scent of pine in the air.

Turning to Steven's tent she heard the sound of passion and could see framed by the lamp there shadows. Henry's shadow seemed to kneel before Steven and his head bobbed back and forth as he sucked on the cock before him. Again her hands cradled her breasts and she slipped her hand between her legs and felt the furnace that was her cunt. The cloth was wet with her juice and she groaned. The two men made such a noise that she felt their passion in the air as Steven came into Henry's mouth. Stumbling Marie moved to the edge of the camp only to be taken by surprise as two hands clutch her shoulders.

They turned her around and lips pressed to her, a tongue slipped between her lips and she felt it massage hers. The hands that turned her rips the cloth of her t-shirt exposing her breasts. Fingers massaged and pressed her breasts massaging them gently and then pinching the rising nipples. She grunted in pleasure and then surprise as another set of hands pulled her panties from her body. Still air touched her naked cunt and she shivered. Then it was shivers of delight as fingers stroked her ass and slipped below the crease to open her wet lips.

The man before her slipped down her body taking a breast between his lips and bit softly into the firm flesh. His hands joined the other man's at her cunt and he stroked the wet fur between her legs adding to the pressure she felt there. She needed something inside her lips, she craved a cock there. A cock rubbed back and forth over her ass and it was so tempting. She wrapped her hand about the hard flesh and she was bent forward till she dropped to her hands and knees. Her mouth open she breathed heavily until a cock touched her lips. She sucked the head into her mouth and caressed the balls that were so near her. A groan escaped the lips of the man she sucked on and he rocked his body back and forth allowing his cock to slip in and out of her mouth. It was a piston that she drew on, taking its energy into her mouth.

A shudder passed through her body as the man behind her thrust his cock into her cunt. Violently he thrust, this was no gentle love-making but a harsh ripping need to take and feel pleasure. He pounded her cunt with deep hard thrusts that tripped her into orgasm. As he punished her cunt with delightful pleasure Marie sucked on the cock in her mouth and it slid deeper into her mouth until it went down her throat. The hair tickled her nose as it was buried in it. He allowed her to suck and torment his cock until unable to cope he moved out and now stabbed into her mouth again and again. Marie realised that she was being fucked in mouth and cunt at the same time and she ground her cunt back along the cock that pierced her as she sucked and licked harder at the cock in her mouth.

Crowing broke the air as she felt the harsh spasming cum of the man behind her. He filled her with his cum and pumped it deep into her as he came, cum flooded into her mouth and though bitter she swallowed it. The liquor slid down her throat and she wanted it all. She cried in frustration as the softening cocks slipped from her body. Hands lifted her to her feet and she felt lips again press to hers. As they did so she caressed the softened cocks near her.

About her it seemed the air was full of the rhythmic throbbing that goaded her onwards. Her body swayed to the noise that seemed to catch and hold her. In the dim moonlight she saw the man's body lying on the dust and the cock probing into the air as she squatted above it and guided her cum stained cunt so that she felt the fleshy spear slide deep into her body. She felt hands stroke her breasts and pinch her nipples. Kneeling above the man she felt the cock slip in and out of her lips as she rocked back and forth on the flesh. Behind her she felt hands part her ass cheeks and a cock press between them, lips kissed her earlobes and her neck.

Her body shivered as she felt the cock press against her hole and she relaxed the muscles about it. Pain shot through her body as fingers pulled at her nipples and the cock pushed into her virginal ass. She squealed as the cock thrust into her ass, it seemed she could feel the cocks rub each other through the thin skin that separated cunt and ass. The cock in her ass felt huge and it felt deliciously dirty as it stretched her tight rear passage open.

Throwing her head back she screamed again this time with pleasure and felt the cocks thrust into her filling her. Lips kissed her on the lips and her face. Her nipples tingled as fingers pinched and pulled at them but above all she came. Each orgasm was stronger than the other and she felt herself slip between the intense sensations that flooded her body. Her screams were joined by guttural grunts of pleasure.

"Yes, harderrrrr I need it harderrrr!!!!"

Cum flooded her cunt and then she felt the shooting of cum into her ass. They thrust hard into her and emptied themselves. She was a receptacle for their pleasure, yet she was not just that but a willing participant of this fucking. They slowed much to her displeasure and then softened. Her ass farted as the cock slipped from it and she felt the dribbling of cum from her cunt and ass. Covered in dust and cum she crawled between the two men and bent towards the soft cocks with her mouth...

Part 2

Marie woke with the sun shining in her face and the clammy contact of flesh to hers. At first she did not know where she was and then realised that last night was no dream as she gazed into Dimitrios' sleeping face. He was naked as she was, turning she looked into Theo's face.

This was horrific but she remembered that she had been a very willing participant of these games. Slowly unwilling to wake them she unhooked the encircling arms and made her way to her tent. She washed herself thoroughly with the water bucket she had and dressed, through the canvas walls she heard the others rise and make their way around the camp.

What could she do, she wanted to run away from this but she was professional enough to realise that she could not do that. Taking two deep breaths she opened the flap and stepped out into the camp. Henry smiled at her sheepishly and swallowed coffee. He offered her a cup and she took it eagerly.

"Had a restless night my dear?"

Marie blushed and looked away but answered,"Just a little, you look tired also."

Henry merely smiled. As she looked up Dimitrios and Theo had a quick smile for her and ducked their heads. As they did so Marie realised that there would be strained conversation but no one would discuss what happened last night. Steven stepped to the spent fire and looked at the others. Grunting angrily he threw his coffee onto the ashes and looked at the others.

"Up we get ladies time to open a tomb." As he spoke he walked to the truck and opened the doors. With something constructive to do the others rushed to the trucks.

It took time to get the simple A-frame crane into position since the trucks could not be brought to the site. The men worked at setting up the device as Marie and Henry studied the rock seal noting it carefully. Finally they were ready and the two Greeks drilled holes where they were able to thread chains to lift the heavy stone. As she looked at it Marie felt a deep unease about their actions, each time she had touched the stone there was a tingle against her skin and she felt aroused again, her blood seemed to beat a tune in her ears. Her revery was broken as the engine was started and the chains contracted pulling at the stone. At first it seemed to resist the pressure but then with a dull groan eased from the cave.

"Stop, get that seal down and put away." Henry cried as he rushed to the entrance. He held a hand to his face as old air rushed past him.

Henry called for torches and Steven brought them to the frustrated members of the team. Then with the torches on the team led by Henry crawled through the dark passage until it opened out. Henry's cries of delight hurried them to the cavern and they found they could stand. The torches circled the chiseled niches and wall showing jars and sculptures. At the centre of the cavern was a magnificent marble altar topped by a mummified body. Moving as though in a trance all six of them gathered about the body.

"She's beautiful," Henry muttered in awe.

Marie agreed that this woman was remarkably well preserved, her face was withered but her hair was there and still shone a lustrous gold. Her breasts though withered were exposed above her yellowed linen tunic. He legs were exposed and what was amazing her cunt seemed fresh, her lips fleshy and almost waiting for a cock to thrust into her. She seemed to radiate a sensuality that affected each of them.

Across her breast lay a staff topped by a V that held a pine cone in it, wrapped about it was dead vines, a Thyrsus the sign of a Maenad and worshiper of Dionysus. It almost shone a deep gold and Marie reached for it. Her fingers wrapped about the smoothly polished wood and felt a deep warmth spread through her as she touched it. A groan escaped her lips as it seemed that her body was wrapped in an orgasm. Then her mood evaporated as Henry spoke.

"Well my lads and lass time to make an inventory of what is here. Stephen get the camera we need to make a photographic record of everything here."

At his words the spell was broken and the others moved around the cavern carefully noting each piece and when Steven arrived with the video and camera they recorded the goods. Even though Marie moved to the pottery goods and sought inscriptions on them her thoughts were centered on the Thyrsus and it seemed to call her. It must have been noticed for Henry came over to her and questioned her.

"Marie are you all right? You seem to be distracted. God knows we have the right to be happy with all we have found but we must do this right."

Her cheeks burning she threw herself into her work and noted the inscriptions before her. With a sharp intake of breath she called to Henry who hurried over from the altar and the mummified body on it.


"The inscription on the plate says ' For the Lord Cadmus of Thebes.' "

Henry's face lit up at the news and he clapped his hands,"Wonderful keep looking we have proof that this tomb was for the write time. My God Marie she is magnificent."

He looked to mummified woman and smiled again. As Marie followed his gaze she felt dull throbbing roar run through her body and beat inside her head. Perhaps she screamed for suddenly she saw Henry and the others looking down on her before the beating of drums in her head took her into the darkness.

Part 3

She saw the flickering of flames and heard the pounding of the drums before her. She was naked and walked mesmerized to the lights. Suddenly she saw before figures almost animal-like leaping and dancing about the flames and before the figure on the stone throne. He looked at her his smile perfect upon perfect lips, his face unblemished and yet inhumanly cruel, his brown eyes devoured the dancers below him and he whispered a word to her. Come!

The pounding of the drums throbbed in her body, her nipples ached with excitement and she leaked sweet juice from her cunt as she watched.

A figure came to her and a beautiful woman her hair of spun gold pulled her into the circle. The woman carried the Golden Thyrsus and she guided Marie in her moves until Marie howled to the man watching her. She danced and leapt offering her body, her passion and her love to the man above her. He smiled more and signaled to her. The Thyrsus touched her and the woman her eyes a bright sapphire blue took her to him. Naked her feet barely touched the warm sand and behind her she heard and felt the others dance harder and with greater passion. As she approached him he uncovered his groin and exposed to her the most wonderful cock she had ever seen.

It seemed to be carved of the smoothest golden sandstone. She ached to touch it and her clit ached being so hard, she knew that she would cum just touching his sceptre for he needed no other to show his kingship. He touched her hand and she slid to her knees before him. Opening his legs she crawled between them and reached to the cock before her. Yet he took her hand and caressed it with his, her body convulsed with the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. The smile on his face held her and she felt his hand touch her face. Now she knew what she had to do and she bent to his cock her lips open and ready.

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