The Good Deed


Megan looks down as she loosens her grip off Courtney's more cluttered hair. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." Megan tries to fix her hair, but stops when it doesn't help.

Courtney's kisses her clit before she looks up. "Don't be, that was hot. Anything else I can do for you Ms. Poland?" Courtney licks Megan's pussy lips.

Megan's body jolts again briefly. "Give me a'll take care of you next?"

Courtney laughs. "No worries, I have a party to go to."

Megan's eyes widen. "What now?"

She watches as Courtney gives her one more last kiss on the clit, then stands up, putting her shirt and bra in one swift motion. "I'm good." She walks to her gym bag, unzips it, and takes out a small bag of wipes. She wipes her mouth and fingers. "Here you go."

Megan watches as Courtney casually throws the wipes on the desk. "Um..."

Courtney looks around. "Where's your garage bin?"

Megan sits up and pulls her dress down, feeling she is about to make things weird. "I...don't have one. Um...what's happening?"

Courtney grins and then walks to her. "Oh, wanted these?" With one swift motion, she pops out her breasts. "Go ahead," she says encouragingly, leaning in close.

Megan finds it assuming that Courtney is offering her breasts as if they were warm, buttered bread to eat before the main course. But not wanting to be rude, she sucks on Courtney's tender breasts. She grabs them tightly from the excitement and thrill of the moment. Megan makes smacking sounds as she slurps her breasts, leaving a trail of her saliva.

"Oh God," Courtney says.

Megan is turns on by Courtney's sudden touch on her head, partially tugging at her hair and her hot breathe on her forehead. Megan grabs Courtney's ass and pulls her close with a sudden surge of want.

Courtney moans lightly. "You want me that badly huh?"

Megan hears Courtney's belt being undone, her hands immediately dips under Courtney jeans and squeezes her soft ass. They kiss long and hard.

"I could be late for the party..." Courtney begins to whisper before Megan immediately places Courtney on her back on the desk, Courtney giggles lightly. "Oh shit...ok then." Courtney continues to giggle until they continue to kiss.

There are several things that happen quickly in Megan's life: The time it took for the board to calculate her yearly budget for her, the time it took her to get hooked on coffee from teaching, and the time her knee met the dean's crotch.

None were faster than the time it takes Megan to remove Courtney's pants off her amazing body. Megan smiles quickly and kisses Courtney eagerly; she plans on giving Courtney some well deserved payback.

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