tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Good Morning Kiss

The Good Morning Kiss


For my sleeping lover:

Good morning, my love.

When you wake and find this letter, my side of the bed will be cool to the touch. There will still be a dent on the pillow were this letter lays from where I have lain in bed at the early hours of the morning staring at your sleeping face and enjoying the feel of my thigh over yours.

The mornings when I wake with you are the best mornings in my life. This letter could never describe the feelings I felt leaving you today and knowing that when you wake I’ll be halfway across the United States away from you. The only way it was possible was because I know that in two more months we will be together again, and this time it will be a permanent stay.

I wanted you to know how amazing you are, how completely wonderful that you are to me. There’s a restless part of my soul that is only soothed by your lips on my face, your hands on my body, your voice warm on my ear when we make love. My favorite times are with you in these wee morning hours, those first moments when the world is still unaware of who we are and we steal that moment to become one.

I love waking up with you. The feel of your long body pressed against my back, your breath on my ear when your face is pressed close to mine, and the solidness of your arms holding me close.

As I write this, I can close my eyes and feel every inch of you. I feel you stirring behind, your familiar hardness pressing against my backside. I love waking up this way. Your hips grinding against my ass in your sleep, arousing me, bringing me to life during this quiet time. I reach my hand back to touch your hip slipping down to stroke you, wonderfully hard, long and responsive. In my musings, I roll in your arms to my back, and draw you to cover me with your body before you fully open your eyes.

We make love as you are waking, you slide inside completely in one smooth stroke, holding for a moment until my own arousal buds making a slick passage. We kiss as you begin. Then you bury your head in my shoulder, thrusting your hips as my legs ride high to lock around you waist. I touch the straining muscles in your arms as you hold yourself from me. Your eyes are closed and you are focused on something I can’t see, but that I can feel. I feel it each time you move inside of me. I feel your pulse, your desire, your building need. I feel these things and I respond with my own desires.

The room is gray with early dawn when our breathing breaks the silence of the night. Gentle pants and sighs as the morning spell keeps us in our cocoon of love.

Your hands reached for mine, pulling them above us on the pillow. Palms pressed together, your body lowered to mine as we pick up the pace. The weight of you always arouses me, the feeling of you over me, and inside of me as I wrap my legs around you tight. My hips move with yours, a dance that has been rehearsed throughout time. We seem to do it so well. And I can’t help thinking that we were doing it much better than others were.

I smiled at my musing and you looked in my eyes. A window to your soul is shown and reflected in mine.

When we meet together in the final heightening passions of our love, I am always on fire. You never cease to amaze me with your power to make me completely free and open when you rest between my thighs. For that moment with my body shaking, I think I can fly. When your head falls to my chest and you hold me, I know that together we did fly if only for a moment.

Forgive me of my musing. I wanted to tell you that you are missed this morning. You are missed every morning that I wake up without you by my side. On the plane this morning, I will imagine you waking to find this letter in my place. Closing my eyes, I’ll see you there, reading, smiling, stroking.

I’ll be thinking of you, thinking of me. I’ll be thinking of you, and squirming in my seat. That should thrill the person next to me, eh?

I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my life, but I plan to let you know everyday.

Sixty days, my love, sixty days and we will be together for a lifetime. I will phone tonight to tell you of my travels. If you get lonely, then close your eyes, think of me and read this letter. It is the window to my soul that I have left for you on the pillow so that you may know how deep my love for you is.

And just in case you need to hear it again, there’s a few more letters lying around in places that only you will see.

So get up now, go take your shower to start you day. The coffee pot is on in the kitchen, and I took your favorite shirt with me for the flight. The soft feel of the cloth, the smell of you on my skin, helps me to leave out in the early morning light.

I will see you soon. I’m counting the days, and in every one of them, I will love you more.


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