The Good Son

byMr. Unsexy©

Already stripped completely himself, Evan ran his hand up her leg and lowered his face over her crotch. He rested his chin against her thigh and without warning grabbed it and rested it on his opposite shoulder, his face now right in front of her pussy.

He ran his hand up and down her suspended leg as he breathed on her vagina, and he kissed her inner thigh generously. Finally he was letting a little bit of his passion out, touching and kissing her in a less controlled manner than before.

"Oh my god..." she whispered, barely audible.

Evan could see her slit looking wetter than before, and when he parted the lips he could see her glistening entrance and her engorged clit. Satisfied with the suspense he'd kept her in, he went ahead and dove into her crotch.

Sara moaned loudly as he kissed her soaked lips hard and jammed his tongue up inside her. Evan wrapped one arm around her waist and rubbed up and down the small of her back while he took the other and started to rub her clit.

He felt her hips jerk as he touched it and began making little circles with his fingers, digging into her. He could hear Sara making little gasps, pants, and gulps, as though her throat was nearly paralyzed and could only permit one brief noise every minute or so.

Evan switched his mouth and fingers and began sucking on her clit as he slid his fingers up inside. Suddenly Sara let out a long broken gasp as her hips began bucking into him erratically; he took it as a cue to glide in further and suck harder. He felt her fingers clamping on his scalp nearly to the point of drawing blood and she shoved him away.

Evan looked her over, she was lying on the couch, nude, trying to catch her breath. She first gave him a startlingly satisfied look, then a lustful smile. He wiped his mouth and smiled back as he positioned himself over her. She opened her legs for him and slowly he entered her; they both moaned at the sensation of her warm and tight snatch swallowing his firm member. Gradually he pushed the rest inside and bent down to kiss her lips.

They kissed almost ferociously as their bodies moved into each other. Evan wasted no time in quickening his pace, fucking her harder as he felt her suck on his tongue. He loved how wet she was; he slid in and out with ease and with as warm and tight and soft as she felt, he was beginning to have difficulties putting off his orgasm.

It wasn't until he heard her finally cry out, without any vocal hindrence, that he lost it and began pumping into her as hard and as fast as his hips would allow. Her moans matched his thrusts and the time between them got shorter and shorter until she was wailing one long feminine howl. Sara's legs kicked into Evan's back much like one would spur on a horse and she held on to him tightly. Evan could feel himself about to start spurting inside her and he closed his eyes and felt her soaking warm hole squeeze on him.

It was the best orgasm he'd ever had, and he was sure it was her best at least for a good long while, being with his sour father for as long as she had. He sat up and faced her. "I hope we didn't wake him up."

Sara smiled almost dreamily. "Who cares?"

She looked up toward his bedroom. "Though it might not be that smart to do it out here..."

Evan grinned and sat up, grabbing her hand and pulling her with him. "My bed it is."

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