tagLesbian SexThe Governess Ch. 02

The Governess Ch. 02


It was Wednesday evening when Miss Pauline, after taking a leisurely stroll on the winding pathways of the Hawley estate, found herself passing the stables. Evening shadows were falling and it would soon be dark, but she couldn't resist paying a visit to her favorite of the Hawley's horses, a magnificent black stallion named Finn.

The stable was shadowy and cool. Miss Pauline breathed the air, rich with the odors of hay and horses. Finn was in his own stall well away from the mares, so their scent would not make him restive. Miss Pauline slid back the bolt and stepped carefully inside. She patted the stallion on his broad sides and whispered soothingly to him.

The smell of stables excited Miss Pauline. As she stood petting Finn, she thought of a fantasy she once had, after hearing the legend of Lady Godiva. While masturbating, she imagined herself undressing in a stable and mounting a stallion bareback, feeling his massive body between her thighs. This fantasy had given her a powerful orgasm and now, as she stood in the pungent stable, she wanted to make it come true.

Miss Pauline unbuttoned her dress and slid it over her head. She removed her undergarments and draped them with her dress over the stall. Now she was naked and alone with Finn. His closeness and the sense of intimacy she felt with this powerful creature made her shiver with excitement. The liberating sense of being naked in the open air made her nipples hard.

Her clitoris was standing fully erect and aching to be touched. She looked up at Finn, but she had no idea how to mount this huge horse. She would need a step of some kind.

In the hayloft above her, Jack the stable boy silently looked down on Miss Pauline. He wished the light were better so he could see more of her naked body. He tried to lean out further to get a better view. As he did so, his foot knocked a hay bale off the edge of the loft. It fell with a heavy swoosh into the stall beside Finn's.

Miss Pauline looked up and caught a glimpse of Jack's head disappearing.

"Boy!" Miss Pauline called, "I see you. Come down and help me and you will not be sorry!"

Jack had an urge to run and hide. Miss Pauline was on a different social plane than the servants at Hawley. She was second only to the Master and Mrs Hawley. But before he followed his impulse, he realized that it would be better to obey her now than to anger her further. Jack climbed down from his loft and shamefacedly entered Finn's stall. He kept his eyes down, but Miss Pauline made no attempt to hide her nakedness.

"What is your name?" Miss Pauline asked, although she knew his name.

"Jack Miss."

"What is your age?"

"I don't know Miss," Jack said.

Miss Pauline remembered that in rural England the birthdates of the poor were not recorded.

"Have you heard the legend of Lady Godiva Jack?" she asked him.

"No Miss," Jack murmured, keeping his eyes on the straw at his feet.

"You should know your history Jack. Lady Godiva was a noble lady who liked to ride her white horse naked. Tonight is the anniversary of Lady Godiva's ride and it is customary for women of a certain age to honor her example."

"Do you mean to ride Finn Miss?" Jack asked, astonished.

"Yes Jack, I will mount him, as Lady Godiva did, naked. But I need your help."

"Yes Miss," said Jack.

"Now Jack, if you are to help me keep Lady Godiva's anniversary, you must undress too," Miss Pauline said calmly, as though this condition were quite natural and self evident.

"Miss?" Jack looked very uncomfortable.

"Remove your shirt and breeches."

Jack complied and soon stood before her, naked. His pale, youthful body was well muscled and firm. Miss Pauline eyed the throbbing erection that he was trying to cover with his hands.

"Come closer Jack," Miss Pauline commanded him quietly, "let me see you properly."

Jack took a few paces forward and Miss Pauline stepped closer. She ran her hands down his shoulders and over his firm biceps. Her big breasts stood out firm and proud, and try as he might, he could not keep his eyes off them. Miss Pauline gripped Jack's erect cock and the young fellow groaned with shock and pleasure.

"This is a fine thing Jack, have you used it on a girl yet?"

"No ma'am," Jack whispered. He was trying to stop himself from discharging in the lady's hand as she gently squeezed and milked him.

"Does my touch excite you Jack?" Miss Pauline asked in her low, musical voice. She could feel drips of ejaculate on her fingers.

"Yes Miss," Jack groaned.

Miss Pauline knelt in the soft straw and stroked Jack's throbbing member. She licked the overflowing drops of ejaculate from his head, making him shiver and groan with ecstasy as her wet tongue bathed him. Then she slid his cock between her jutting breasts.

"Try it in here. How does that feel Jack?"

"Oh Miss," Jack moaned. The warm touch of Miss Pauline's firm breasts was driving him past the point of no return, "I can't hold it!"

"Then don't," Miss Pauline whispered, "Spill it on me Jack!"

Jack moaned aloud as his overflowing cock ejaculated freely between Miss Pauline's breasts, spraying her with thick semen.

"Mmm, Jack," Miss Pauline murmured approvingly. "You have a big member for a young man and you cum so copiously. That is very satisfactory. I will visit you again soon, and perhaps bring a friend, but first I want you to show me your sleeping quarters."

"What about Finn Miss?"

"Oh another time, let's lock him in his stall for tonight."

She wiped her breasts with a handful of straw and then, taking her clothes, but still naked, she followed Jack, who had dressed hurriedly, up some rough wooden stairs to the hayloft. The loft was stacked high with hay bales. Jack led her behind a wall of hay to where he kept his mattress and blankets.

"What a cozy place," Miss Pauline said approvingly.

On the wall, Miss Pauline noticed a rack on which were hung riding crops and whips.

"You have a fine collection of whips Jack, " said Miss Pauline. "And I know the perfect way to finish our evening."

She looked up at the high beams above her head.

"Throw a rope over that beam Jack and tie my wrists."

Jack obeyed her command and soon he had Miss Pauline tied so tightly that she was standing on her tiptoes.

"Now Sir, I have behaved in a very unladylike manner tonight. I need to be firmly corrected. Please take one of those whips Sir and punish my buttocks if you would be so kind."

Jack was bewildered at her request, but the sight of Miss Pauline bound to the roof beam, her breasts and buttocks presented so prettily and her tantalizing mound displayed to perfection, brought him back to full erectness.

Jack selected a horsewhip with a thin, sharp tongue and began to apply it to Miss Pauline's round white buttocks. The stinging lash brought gasps from Miss Pauline and her buttocks were soon striped with pale red lines. She strained and tugged at her bonds most provocatively under the whip and Jack was barely able to restrain his lust to possess her.

"Oh do not spare me Sir," she groaned, " I have behaved most appallingly. My breasts also deserve a punishment. Sir, I beg you, discipline my big breasts for being so sluttish."

Jack applied the stinging lash to Miss Pauline's large breasts, making her nipples stand out even harder as she gasped and tossed back her head at each stroke. Her pale breasts bounced and sweated under the whip strokes and soon they were marked with purple bruises and thin red cuts.

"Oh have mercy Sir," Miss Pauline begged as Jack's strokes grew harder. "There is one last place that needs punishing for it is the root of all my unladylike behavior. If it please you sir, feel between my legs and see how naughty I have become."

Jack felt quite masterly, with this exquisite creature so submissive to him. He arrogantly leaned over and slid his hand between Miss Pauline's thighs to touch her hot, wet slit. She was swollen and wide open. Her clit stood out red and throbbing for attention.

"You see how wicked I am?" Miss Pauline said. "Whip it Sir, punish my whorish slit."

Jack could smell Miss Pauline's delicious scent on his fingers and the bulge in his breeches grew larger. He longed to push his straining cock in her and pound her senseless. Instead, he spread her thighs and whipped her mound and lips with short sharp cuts as Miss Pauline jerked and moaned in pain and pleasure. Soon her mound and upper thighs were marked and bruised to her satisfaction.

"Please untie me now Sir. You have marked me well and now I am yours to command. What would you have me do?"

Jack untied her wrists and rubbed them carefully to restore the circulation. He led her to the mattress, where she knelt submissively. Spreading her bruised buttocks, he mounted her from behind and fucked her hard out of pure need. Miss Pauline was in ecstasy. This was how she liked to be used. She moaned and came on Jack's swollen cock and then, feeling him about to spend, she begged him to pull out and sodomize her. Jack lubricated her with his spit and soon ejaculated ecstatically in her tight passage.

"Now Jack," Miss Pauline said as she dressed, "this has been a most enjoyable evening. I will visit you again and have you show me what other tricks you can do with that wand of yours, but first, I must have your solemn promise that nothing of what happened here tonight will pass your lips ever. Not to the servants, not to your friends, not to your brothers and sisters, no-one must know our secrets. Do you promise me solemnly?"

Jack looked adoringly in Miss Pauline's eyes. He was deeply smitten. "I promise Miss, with all my heart. God take my life if I betray you."

Miss Pauline thrilled at the passion she heard in Jack's voice. What a sweet young man!

"I appreciate that noble promise Jack, and I give you my trust. A Lady's trust is a sacred thing to a true gentleman Jack. You are not nobly born, but I sense in you an honorable soul and I believe you are a gentleman at heart."

"Thank you Miss," Jack blushed. "May I kiss you?"

"You may Jack."

Miss Pauline full mouth met Jack's passionate lips. Then Jack led her to the path and she made her way back to Hawley Manor by the light of the moon. On the way, she savored the wild sensations of pain and pleasure with young Jack. Then her thoughts turned to Simone. It was time for the girl to seduce a male and Jack was the perfect candidate. He was handsome, well endowed, and almost a virgin. She felt sure that he was discreet also, so all that remained was to plan a rendezvous. Jack's hayloft might afford them the privacy they required, and what a romantic setting for a rustic tryst!

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