The Great Outdoors


The group beached the raft on a narrow sand bar and Jenna retreated into the brush. Becky whispered to Brian that Jenna shouldn't be left alone in the brush. Perplexed, Brian jogged off after her. Jenna had hoped to be followed and was excited to see that Brian was trailing her. She had wanted the thickness of his cock from the moment she saw it. It was not noticeably longer than her husbands, but it was thicker. She knew Brian had lusted after her watching from the bushes, but doubted he knew how much he desired the thickness of his shaft.

Brian caught up with her, spun her around and the locked lips in a furious and passionate kiss. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths. Brian grabbed her by her ass cheeks and lifted her into the air. Slowly he lowered her onto his throbbing pole. It parted her wetness easily and penetrated inch by inch stretching her pussy as it had never been stretched before. About 3/4s of the way down, where he was thickest, she stopped him for a moment giving her pussy time to recover, but with a gasp that was equal parts pleasure and pain, impaled herself onto its fullness.

Jenna had never felt this much pressure inside her before and it was both uncomfortable and erotic. Tears trailed down her face. Slowly she slid up and down on his massive rod, each stroke stretching her making the next one easier. His thickness touched different parts of her. Her first orgasm came quickly with no build up and was gone almost as soon as it started. Brian pulled out of her and slowly lowered her to the ground. Jenna objected, but he reminded her that this was only a short stop and the others would be waiting.

When they reached the water's edge the rest of the group saw the tell-tale sex flush across Jenna's chest and the pussy juice still glistening on Brian's shaft, but no one said a word and they all piled back into the raft floating further down the river.

Nick pulled Jenna into his lap. She used the tip of his cock to tease the opening of her wanton pussy, never quite letting it penetrate her wetness.

Becky gazed across the raft at Justin, opened her legs and began to gently massage her pussy. He responded quickly to her invitation and was pleased when she guided his head between her legs. She moaned the minute his tongue entered her wetness and her sounds only intensified the longer he worked.

Natalie started slowly sucking on Brian's monster cock, further aroused by the taste of Jenna's pussy. Brian's stamina was no match for Natalie's talented mouth, especially the way she looked at him when she took his entirety inside. Brian exploded into her mouth for a second time in 2 days, this time with his wife watching. Finished with him, Natalie playfully shoved him overboard then turned her attention to Jenna who was still teasing her pussy with her husband's cock.

On all fours Natalie crawled across the raft and licked Nick's shaft from ball sack to tip before swallowing it whole. Slowly she withdrew her mouth and guided the cock to the entrance of Jenna's quivering pussy and helped it slide inside. While Jenna slowly rocked on Nick's swollen cock, Natalie began kissing the inside of her thighs working closer to her wetness. Jenna was overwhelmed to see Natalie's auburn hair between her legs and moaned in approval when her tongue tasted her open pussy. Never before had Jenna felt a cock deep inside her and the tender lapping of warm tongue at her clit. Her climax was building when she felt the familiar warmth exploding inside her and heard Nick's grunts of pleasure. Nick's climax was the last stimulus needed to send her over the edge. As her orgasm subsided, Natalie eagerly yet gently lapped up Nick' sex which slowly drained from Jenna's pussy. Temporarily satisfied, Nick and Jenna both slipped into the cool waters.

Natalie was now alone in the raft with Becky and Justin and could see Becky's orgasm building. Becky's breathing had turned from labored and shallow almost non- existent, her tits were flushed, her hips were bucking against Justin's face and she was biting her lower lip. Well practiced, Justin was fingering Becky's pussy while his tongue was now concentrated on her throbbing clit. Becky's orgasm shook her body with small convulsions and she screamed in pleasure violently pulling Justin's hair. Exhausted, Becky lay against the side of the raft.

As Justin's pulled his mouth from the sweet wetness, he felt someone grab his now aching cock. Turning, he saw Natalie. As he turned, so did she -- giving him full access from behind. The invitation was quickly accepted and Justin parted the wetness of her pussy and drove deep inside her. Justin fondled her clit while he drove in and out of her deeper and harder with each stroke. Natalie's orgasm snuck up on her quickly and she bucked against him when she came.

Natalie pulled away from Justin and slipped into the water leaving only Justin and Becky in the boat. Justin rolled to his back, still unsatisfied. Justin had brought Becky to orgasm twice on this trip and she felt a little guilty not having reciprocated the gesture, especially seeing his current state of frustration. Without saying a word she straddled him and guided his cock into her pussy. She mounted him slowly, her pussy still tight from her recent orgasm. Eyes closed she took him inside her, bit by bit until he had filled her. On top she was in control, each stroke was slow and deliberate, with a small roll at the end. She leaned over, giving him access to her small tits, tipped with excited nipples. She continued this deliberate fuck even after the others had returned to the side of the raft. They watched Becky in this slow erotic grind, but her eyes were locked with his. Her breathing began to quicken and intensify and she felt her muscles tensing. Her slow deliberate strokes began to increase in depth and intensity until she was at a furious pace, whimpering with pleasure, impaling her tiny body on his shaft over and over again until the waves of pleasure jolted across her body. Justin climaxed with her, their juices mixing inside her abused sex. She collapsed on top of him and laid there, his cock still deep inside, pulsing with pleasureful explosions. Their audience had never witnessed anything so erotic and throughout their friendship they would often refer to the moment as the perfect fuck.

Watching Becky enjoy her husband's cock had reminded Jenna of her own desire to be fucked hard by Brian. When they got back into the raft, she immediately straddled Brian who was lying in the bottom of the raft and eased onto his cock, which had regained its hardness watching Justin with his wife. Jenna's pussy craved fulfillment and once she had lowered herself onto his fullness, she rocked back and forth. Needing more she bent over into Nick's lap and sucked life back into his softened cock. Hard again, Nick pulled out of Jenna's mouth and moved behind her. Jenna arched her back giving him permission and access. Nick pressed his glistening cock against the opening to her ass and slowly slid it inside her. Jenna liked her ass played with, but had never had anal sex before and never felt the pressure of a cock in both her pussy and ass.

Natalie and Becky had turned their attentions away from the 3some and toward each other, fingers buried in each other's begging pussies, tongues dancing in their mouths. Justin's attention too was turned away from his wife and the 2 cocks inside her. Watching the 2 women together sprang life into his rod. Seeing his excitement Natalie sat reverse cowgirl on his cock and lowered her head between Becky's legs. She rocked back and forth, Justin's cock sliding in and out while her tongue tasted the combined sweetness of Becky and Justin's earlier fuck. Ironically, Becky and Justin climaxed together a second time, although this time Natalie joined them.

Nick was the first of the 3-some to climax, due, in part to the tightness of Jenna's ass. Feeling the warm explosion in her ass, Jenna followed soon after with a violent orgasm. At this point Brian was done laying down and forcefully rolled Jenna on her back. He shoved his throbbing cock deep inside her orgasm-tightened pussy. The force awakened Jenna, forceful moans of ecstasy escaping from her body as it rocked on the bottom of the raft. He fucked her with so much aggression and his thickness was too much for her to bear. Brian freed screams from Jenna's lips that Justin had never heard before and would never hear again. Harder, faster and deeper he fucked her until she came with such power it shook her whole body. Jenna's body went limp as Brian's lust exploded inside her filling every bit of her soul.

Brian looked around the raft at his wife and friends. Everyone was so peaceful.

Over the 3 day trip the couples had shared new experiences and unlocked amazing parts of each other. Their weekend intimacy extended into their friendship, strengthening it with an intense bond.

When the driver for the raft rental pulled onto the launch site to pick up the 3 couples and their gear he couldn't help but notice that they looked so much more relaxed and completely satisfied, a stark contrast to when he dropped them off a few days ago.

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