tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Greatest Night

The Greatest Night


A few weeks back I met a buddy at a local bar to watch a college football game. The place is a combination of a country bar with a dance floor and a sports bar off to the side with all of the televisions. The game was on the west coast so it had a late starting time and ended well after midnight. Being a Saturday, the bar had a big crowd with a lot of people getting quite drunk.

I had four or five beers and was feeling good but I was nowhere near shit-faced drunk. My buddy took off when the game was over and I headed to the restroom before heading home. The bar was pretty good sized and had bathrooms in a couple of different places. I headed to the one in the back corner because it usually didn't have much business.

When I got there, there was only this fat dude taking a piss. We exchanged nods and I finished my business just as he did. I was about to walk out the door when this tall guy walked in with a blonde women. He locked the latch on the door and then just gave us a big grin and a wink.

He started making out with the blonde who was obviously drunk off of her ass. When they came up for air, I recognized her as a woman I work with. I am the assistant principal at a local elementary school and she is one of the teachers. Her name is Debbie Shearer, and technically, I am her boss.

Debbie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She is blonde and blue-eyed with a perfect body. She is around 35 and has been divorced for several years. She is very professional but has a bit of a reputation for being a partier. I really like her and have had a secret thing for her ever since I started working at that school. She doesn't dress or act seductively at work, but you just can't hide something like that. She has it, she knows she has it, and she knows you know she has it. Debbie has held center position in my sexual fantasies for a couple of years now.

I didn't know what to do next. I was pretty sure they were going to do it right there, but I know her and am her boss. Should I intervene? Should I leave? Should I watch?

As I was going through my moral dilemmas when she looked up at me and Fat Guy and kind of smiled. She then turned her attention back to the other guy. She was so drunk that she kind of realized we were there, but not really. I was pretty sure she didn't recognize me. I just kind of stood there with Fat Guy while they started making out again. Debbie looked so hot. She was wearing a western shirt, the ones with the snaps for buttons, a short denim skirt and cowboy boots. She then told the guy she came in with, "I want you." He responded by ripping open the snaps on her shirt. The most perfect set of titties in the world rolled out. Round and firm with beautiful nipples. I almost fainted when he did that. She giggled when he exposed her and then he started pawing at her boobs.

I cannot adequately describe how it felt to have the girl of your dreams suddenly dropped in front of you like this. I was looking at Debbie Shearer's titties! The ones I wanted to see more than any others in the world. I was watching her get turned on as the other guy played with them. I was in heaven other than wanting to be that guy. She turned to him and got down on her knees and undid his jeans. She pulled down his pants and then his underwear and his cock popped up into her face. It was huge. Long and fat with heavy balls. It was the type of cock a woman like her fucks. She kind of gasped when she saw it and I realized that he had picked her up at the bar and this was her first look at it. She grabbed ahold of it and started slowly stroking it. I thought I would cum in my pants. She put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. Slow and long drafts on his big cock. She took him in deep into her mouth and throat. She knew how to suck cock.

At that point, I noticed Fat Guy had pulled out his own cock and was jacking off watching them. What a great idea! I took out my own and started enjoying the show even more. I was jacking off in front of the most beautiful girl in the world! Then Fat Guy got out his cell phone camera and started videotaping the show. The guy is a genius. I did the same thing.

The other guy then took off her shirt. God, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He then turned her around and leaned her against the long sink/counter in the restroom. He unzipped and pulled down her skirt and she was naked other than her sexy panties and boots. Then he pulled down her panties and threw them to me. Debbie was completely naked right in front of me. I was afraid I would cum right then and there. I wanted to hold out and enjoy this more.

Then I watched him stick his cock into my fantasy girl. I watched her grimace and then almost smile. He started pumping her good as I watched hypnotized. Those beautiful boobs bouncing to the pounding. That perfect ass pushing back at his cock. I would have paid any amount of money to see this. No porno was ever this good. No sex that I had ever had turned me on this much.

I was getting pretty close to cumming when she looked up at me and smiled. She pointed her finger at me and motioned for me to come closer to her. Then Debbie Shearer grabbed ahold of my cock and started stroking it. This was the greatest moment of my life and my life has been a good one. She played with it while the other guy fucked away at her. Then she pulled it closer and put it to her lips. She kissed my dick and put it in her mouth. She started sucking my cock. She sucked it hard and deep and I had never gotten a blowjob like this.

At this point, Fat Guy did the greatest favor any guy could do for another. He took my cell phone from me and started filming the action. She was sucking my dick and I started playing with her titties. I could have played with them forever but I started to cum. I came in Debbie's mouth and she swallowed. I think she liked it and tried to suck me dry. Then I felt her shudder as she started to cum on her own. The other guy had hit the mark. She eventually turned around and went down on him again to finish him off. He was half hard and Debbie was still wanting cock. Instead of going down on her knees to suck him, she bent down and kind of stuck her ass at me. My cock was starting get hard again and I couldn't resist. I put it in her pussy and went to it. My God, I was now fucking Debbie Shearer. I know the other guy's cum was in her with my dick but I didn't care. This was the most beautiful piece of ass I had ever seen and I couldn't stop. I fucked her hard and fast while she sucked his cock. Then I came a second time as hard as I ever have. Then she did too. I made Debbie cum! I was a god.

Things wound down quickly and they quietly put on their clothes. She didn't look back in my direction as she wobbled out the door. Fat Guy grinned and gave me a high five. He handed me her panties and said, "I think she left these for you." What a souvenir? He also gave me back my cell phone with the priceless video.

I went home and quickly uploaded the video to my computer. It was better than I could have hoped. I had video of Debbie Shearer naked and having sex with me. This was the greatest night of my life and I got to relive it. I jacked off three more times that night.

I was concerned about the following Monday at work. Would she remember what happened when she sobered up? Would it be tense? Would she press charges? I was really nervous when I drove to work that day. A couple of hours into the school day, she came by my office and asked about a student. It was all business as usual which relieved me greatly. I don't think she remembered a thing. I also wonder if she remembers the bathroom at all. She was three sheets into the wind.

It is almost the end of the year. My plan is to ask for a transfer to another school. If that happens, I am going to ask Debbie Shearer out. I would have lost my job if I did that while she worked for me. Once I am at a different location, it is not an issue.

I don't know if she will go out with me. I just have a bit more confidence now. I really shouldn't, but because of that one night in the restroom, who knows.

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