tagGay MaleThe Greek Society Ch. 02

The Greek Society Ch. 02


I felt more than a little pissed off at this Scottish guy. Who the hell did he think he was? I asked my friend and he said that he wouldn't be here long; they were just waiting for a good excuse to get rid of him as everyone was tired of his attitude. However he was a great brawler, good looking and charming in a rogue's way, so it seemed to be buying him time here. I told my buddy I needed to use the bathroom and he said he would meet me at the entrance to the ring as he wanted to talk to one of the Elders about m my joining the club.

The bathroom was down a long corridor and as I made my way down, I couldn't shake the feeling I was being followed. I turned back a couple of times and nothing, just the shadows cast on the stone walls by the torch lights. Everything here was so authentic; it really transported you to another time and place. I was beginning to really like this place and I was feeling pretty turned on wearing this get up. The material was incredibly soft, I could feel it caressing my smooth balls, cock and ass as I walked and my cock was throbbing with delight. I wasn't sure how I was going to pee in this thing, so I just slipped my cock out the side of the tight undertunic and had a pee which was difficult with a semi-erect cock that felt like silk after Vito's delicate shaving and waxing. I shook and stroked my aching cock and looking around quickly, kept sliding my fingers up and down my silky shaft. Ahh man this felt good, these guys did an incredible job, it felt like velvet, silky, beautiful. I was a little uncomfortable doing this here, so I decided I had better get back to meet my friend. I tucked in my now fully erect cock and pulled my tunic up nice and tight against my balls and ass. Everyone seemed to wear theirs high, and as I looked in the mirror, I could see the outline of my smooth round balls hanging below the edge of the gold embossed tunic and it looked hot.

I left the bathroom and turned to go down the hallway when wham, someone locked me in a vice like hammer lock from behind, reached around between my legs and squeezed with a insanely powerful grip on my nuts. I gasped for breath and felt weak in the knees from the enormous pressure on my neck and balls.

"Better watch out eh sunshine. Who did you think you were talking to, one of your faggot friends."

The fucking Scottish prick had pearl harbored me and I couldn't move, I was already dizzy from the hammer lock and the paralyzing grip on my balls.

"You feel a little hard down here, where you enjoying yourself or where you thinking of me?"

The truth was I had been thinking of his beautiful round ass, thick powerful legs and meaty cock and balls. I nodded weakly, too powerless to resist him. His smell, was magnificent, powerful, aromatic and pushing my groin into his hand, I muttered,

"Squeeze me"

He laughed and squeezed hard, so hard I cried out in pain and enjoyment. I was turned on by this. He really locked tight and I gasped thrashing around in pain and pleasure in his powerful arms. Suddenly he released my balls and rubbed furiously against my swollen shaft with the palm of his hand.

"Would you like to cum all over this nice tunic, boy-o, what do you say?

I nodded again and laughing he spun me around and locked on to my balls again with his powerful grip yanking me towards him so I was inches from his face. With his other hand he grasped me at the nape of my neck and dug his fingers in behind my ears.

I had the strangest sensation, like I was floating and noticed that my arms were now hanging backward by my side. He was holding me up in this position, arms outstretched, my balls gripped tight and my groin thrust forward towards him, legs reeling, loose, rubbery but still standing, barely.

"Do you like my little hold; it numbs your arms, leaves you pretty much fucked while I hold you like that. But you like this feeling don't you."

I did and I nodded again, feeling shamed at my submissiveness, but powerless to fight it.

He squeezed hard again and I gasped arching backwards from pain and pleasure. He was pulling me towards him and as I looked in his eyes, I saw something I hadn't seen. He looked turned on and had a soft look there for a second, compassion towards me. He caught me looking and pulled me hard into his mouth. He kissed me deeply, strong. Parting my lips with his tongue, he drove his tongue aggressively into my mouth, crushing my balls at the same time. His tongue plowed against mine, twirling and sucking on it, like candy. He bit my lower lip and sucked hard on it, pulling me forward into him, deeply into his very being. We were both moaning now and I saw the softness again.

"I could get to like you, sunshine," he said, smiling. His eyes were grey blue, like a wolves and I felt my knees trembling with a desire I had never felt. I kissed him back in response, softly sucking on his beautiful mouth. He was still squeezing my balls and I leaned back supported by his power and said,

"I'll be whatever you want me to be, right now."

His look changed and he snarled,

"You'll be what I tell you."

He grabbed me hard by the back of my hair and pulled me down to my knees.

"Take a good look at what you'll be getting later."

I found myself looking straight up his tunic at a magnificent set of balls. Full, thick round and straining the tight cotton of his tunic that wrapped tight against his wonderful ass, a thin line of cotton, moving back up his crack away from his balls. He had his tunic pulled up really tight and it showed every inch of him. His cock was raging, long and thick, the veins strained against the thin material. I wanted it so bad, I was practically drooling. I wanted to suck on those big heavy balls and have that cock rammed down my throat.

"Listen, I think I might be able to like you but don't get carried away and all mushy with me, it makes me want to smash in your face."

I nodded and waited in hunger.

He spread my legs with his sandaled feet and brought me underneath his tunic. I was so close to him, I could smell his heavenly musk, emanating like a wolf in heat. It was pungent and sweet at the same time and I drank it in pressing my face against his balls.

He pulled out that wonderful cock and I had a glimpse for the first time. It was pink, long, and thick, with a small, button like head.

"Take me in your throat and drink my milk, drink me deep."

He arched my head back and I opened wide, as he slid his thick cock into my mouth, dragging it slowly across my moist lips. He grasped my throat with his free hand and began massaging it.

"Take me all the way down."

I gasped at the size of him as his cock nudged the back of my throat and then it popped in, down my throat, his hand massaging it forward.

I lay trapped, kneeling on the floor, dressed in a Greek Gladiator's tunic, with a strangers cock buried deep in my throat. It was magnificent. He pushed and pulled slowly and surely, that thick Scottish cock, deep down in me.

"Put your hands on my ass, and feel me, all over," he commanded.

I reached under his tunic and slid my hands under the tight, soft cotton, grasping his beautiful ass, round, smooth and firm. He had an amazing ass and I explored all over it, in the cracks under the recesses of his buttocks, sucking and drinking in his cock all at the same time, him reefing on my hair pulling me back and forth, massaging my willing throat into taking him all the way down to his soft, silky swirl of pubic hair.

I felt him shudder and moan and then he came deep into my throat, I gasped and he held me firm, as I drank it all slurping and swallowing deep in the back of my throat. His taste was strong, and my throat was sore, but I craved it even more as I licked his sweet shaft clean, dipping my tongue into the top of his cock and cleaning him all the way down to his balls. I couldn't stop, he was so hot.

"Your balls must be ready to burst by now, maybe I can help," and he laughed, helping me to my feet. Suddenly, he spun me around, and pushed me against the wall, coming in behind me like a jungle cat, his powerful grip on my balls again, I had my arms against the wall and my legs splayed wide as he reached around me and twisted my nipple hard, biting into my neck.

"I want to feel you soak this little outfit for me."

I moaned and said,

"Let me come for you."

He squeezed hard again, my aching balls shuddering under his powerful grasp. As he twisted my nipple hard with his fingers, he grasped my cock over my tunic and squeezing it started jacking me off, hard up and down my cock rubbing against the delicate cotton. I was panting and moaning out of control and I spread my legs wider and rode his mighty hand, coming all over myself. It was the greatest orgasm I had ever had. I leaned, spent against the wall as his strong arm encircled my waist, kissing my neck softly.

"That was amazing; you can take a lot can't you?"

"More than you know I said, feeling a little cocky."

"Really, would you like to try a little round in the ring with me? The good part is if you lose, I get this"

He jabbed his thumb against my hole through my soaked tunic and I shuddered at his touch.

"I'll take that challenge," I said without thinking.

"I'll make the arrangements, "he said with a serious look and he strode off down the hall, me quivering with lust, fear and anticipation.

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