The Grocery Store


"Oh yeah, suck those fuckers." I massaged and pinched her other nipple.

Unknown to me until I realized that Bev had repositioned herself, Bev was fingering Karens' pussy as she was bent over me. Bev was making all kinds of sounds as she was pistoning her fingers in and out of Karens' pussy.

"Oh yeah babe, doesn't that feel good? Doesn't he suck good? Oh, your pussy's so wet!" Bev snorted out.

My mouth is getting a little tired from the constant sucking, and as I let up Karen rolls off of me, almost on top of Bev, and says,

"Please fuck me. Put your cock in me."

I roll over to my side, and look at these two luscious young women in front of me. My cock is now rock hard. Bev, a little under Karen is fingering her own pussy, and Karen is rubbing her hands all over her pussy and almost yelling,

"C'mon baby, shove that cock in my pussy."

I roll over on my knees, spread Karens legs wide. Her forest of black hair opens up to reveal her tight pink inner lips and her hole. I position myself and she reaches down, grabs my stiff cock and guides it to her hole and says,

"Fuck me now."

I push the head of my cock in her. She is hot, wet and tight. She grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me into her. I slip in up to my balls. She screams,

"Yes, yes, Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, shove it in me."

As I start to get a rhythm going, she wraps her legs around my back, and grunts,

"yeah. yeah, oh fuck, yeah, "

As I hold myself up with my hands on either side of her waist, I look down and watch my hard cock, nestled in my hairy pubic area, glistening with her wetness, pump in and out of her black hairy forest and into her pinkness, she cries out,

"Oh yeah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" and she tightens her grip on my back and

lunges into me with my cock buried deep in her pussy. Bev is chiding in with her own orgasm.

"Oh God, I'm cumming too. Here it comes."

That's all it takes for me, I let go of a strong shot of my cum, and a little after squirt, and keep my cock buried in her pussy. I fall on her chest to catch my breath. She too is panting. Bev has leaned back on the bed and is rubbing her pussy and scooping up her wetness and putting her fingers in her mouth. I feel Karens' soft kisses on my neck and the side of my face and she's squeezed her hand in between us, and is just fingering my now limp cock and her wet pussy. Summoning up a little effort, I roll off of Karen to the left side of the bed. There's barely room for all three of us. I'm out of steam. Apparently Bev and Karen are not. Bev repositions herself again, straddles Karens' face with her pussy in a 69 position and says,

"I want to taste the cum from both of you."

Karen doesn't say a word, but eagerly begins to slurp up Bevs' pussy juice. The smells of sex are permeating the air. The two girls are eating each other with great enthusiasm. As I'm watching this from a distance of 8-10" I see Karen using her hands to hold open Bev's ass cheeks, and using her tongue to run up and down Bev's pink, wet pussy. Even her little asshole is pink and Karen slips her finger in as she is sucking Bev's clit. Bev lets out a little grunt, and must have decided to do the same to Karen. Karen lets out a grunt and "ummm, ummm."

In one more minute Karen drags Bev's ass and pussy down to her mouth and face and is moving her head all around Bev's pussy and Bev must have cum because she is squirming all over Karen's face. Then, both girls relax their muscles and legs and move off of each others pussy's to get some air and catch their breath. There is no way my limp little cock is going to rise to the occasion again. But talk about a fantasy fulfilled.

Slowly, both girls extricate themselves from each other. Karen lays there on the bed. Bev slips down to the floor and sits up against the wall. I look at both girls who appear to be quite satiated and say, "Girls, you have made this man's year!"

They both chuckle and Karen says,

"You have no idea what you have done for us."

Bev says, "We've never been so turned on."

Karen says, "I used to love to suck her tits, but never thought we could do what we've done. And all because of you and your lovely cock."

"You mean to tell me you have never done that together before?" I inquired.

Bev said, "We used to talk about getting fucked, and she loved to suck my titties and masturbate in front of each other but never even thought of this."

I was really amazed. "Well what turned you on so much?"

Karen said, "Knowing Bev was watching you fuck me got me so hot, and watching her get her cum on her fingers and suck them took me over."

Bev said, "Watching your cock fuck her, knowing you had just fucked and eaten my cunt, made me want to eat her cunt. Karen babe, you taste so good"

Karen said, "Oh Bev so do you. I never knew what another pussy would taste like. But the best was getting my pussy fucked. I've never cum so hard in my life."

As I listened to these little sex pots talk, I thought 'is this really happening?' So, I asked.

"Girls are we going to be able to do this again?"

Both of them looked at each other and said, "Yep"

Bev said, "On one condition."

I said, "And what would that be?"

Karen said, "You have to fuck and suck us both each time, and you have to watch us eat each other."

I looked at both of these delectable young women and said, "What if I can't satisfy you both?"

In unison, they both said, "You will."

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