tagGroup SexThe Group Ch. 2

The Group Ch. 2


Chapter 2 - Meet the Group (some of them, anyway)

Note: This is a sequel to my story "The Initiation".

After my initiation, I drove Becky crazy with questions: Who are the members? Where do they meet? How did she ever manage to get involved? And many, many others. I wanted *more*!

Becky refused to answer many of my questions, and usually when she did, the answer was: "You'll find out soon enough." I was starting to get really pissed at her evasiveness.

Finally, though, one day she said, "There's a get-together for a few of the Group tonight. We're going. Keep in mind, you'll only be meeting a handful of the members. There are eight couples and three singles in the total group, and there will only be five, including us, there."

Beck and I got ready in plenty of time (the party was at 5:00, we were ready to go by 3), and I once again bombarded her with questions, which she refused to answer.

After what seemed an eternity, Becky said it was time to go. We walked out the back door, to the alley, and turned left into our next-door-neighbor's yard! I was astounded! The neighbors to this side of us were an older couple (older than my wife and me anyhow), both of them maybe in their late forties to early fifties, and although we got along well with them, I never would have put them down for the kind of thing that I'd experienced a week or so before.

My wife walked up to their back door and knocked. The door was answered by the man of the house, who I always referred to as Mr. Tate, but Becky threw her arms around him and kissed him on the lips in greeting.

While I was computing what was actually going on, Becky turned to me and said, "John, you already know Vernon. Vernon, you already know John. No more of this 'mister' and 'missus' stuff. Come on in."

I stepped toward the door, and Mr. Tate, I mean, *Vernon* threw open his arms and took me in a bear hug. I was glad he didn't try to kiss me, because at that point, I'm not sure how I'd have been able to take it. As you may have guessed, I was just the *slightest* bit thrown by all of this.

Eventually, Vern let go and said, "Come on, kids, everybody else is already here."

He led us into his living room, where the drapes were conspicuously pulled and the lighting was low, but still allowed a person to see everything that went on. Sitting on the couch was Vern's wife, Virginia, and the local veterinarian, Karen. Now, this shouldn't have been anything surprising, but these two women were both stark naked and kissing!

I'd never thought of either of these women as sex objects before: older women never held much appeal for me, and Karen was just enough overweight that I'd never given her a second glance. Now, though - Wow! Virginia was still a knockout at whatever the hell her age was, and Karen had some tits on her! I never thought about it, but big women often *do* have pretty big knockers, don't they?

Vern turned to us and laughed, "They never can get enough of one another. I'm surprised Karen doesn't ask to move in here. Either of you want to join them? I'm sure you'd be welcome."

I was still pretty stunned by all this, so I hesitated. "Um, I think I'll just watch for a while, okay?"

Becky scolded me, "Oh, come on, John, don't be such a party pooper. This little get together was intended for you in the first place." With that, she reached out with both hands and rubbed both Vernon's and my cocks.

Even though I was sort of mixed up at that point, I started to respond. My wife playing with my genitals always does that to me. I looked down and noticed that Vern was already hard, his pants tenting out from his crotch. When Becky knelt and freed his big cock, I found myself wishing that I'd been the one to discover his monster. I guess my free-for-all bi experience at the initiation awakened something in me I never knew existed. I thought I was just as homophobic as any of the folks I'd grown up with, or worked with, but here I was, getting turned on by the thought of sucking on another man's dick.

As if reading my mind, Becky turned and looked at me, saying quietly, but with intense lust, "You look like you'd enjoy some of this. Come on down, baby. He's delicious."

Was it me who, without a word, followed my wife's suggestion and knelt in front of my neighbor's cock and took him as deep as I possibly could down my throat? It must have been, because when I backed away from his spit-slick member, I looked around and discovered that all other activity had stopped in the room, and all eyes were on me and my exploration of my neighbor's cock.

Vern looked down at me with something like fatherly lust (?) in his eyes, and all three ladies were watching intently, even though Virginia still had her fingers in Karen's pussy. Sometime during all this, Becky had stripped, revealing her luscious body, newly shaven and smelling wonderful.

After long smiles of approval from everyone in the room, including me, Becky rose and joined the other women on the couch.

Now, from what Beck had told me after the initiation - or during it, I guess - *everyone* in the group was bisexual. Some little part of me had refused to believe that that included her. But here was the proof, right in front of my face, as my loving wife tongue kissed both our next-door neighbor lady and the town vet, then bent to each of them and sucked briefly on a nipple.

I wanted to watch the women get it on - my cock was so hard from Becky's little display that I could barely stand it - but Vernon had other ideas. He grabbed my head, turned it around and pulled it back into his crotch. My reluctance was waning, but I still hesitated a moment before I again took him in my mouth. Once he realized I was ready again, he held onto the back of my head and used my mouth like a pussy. A few times he pushed in too far and I gagged, but I recovered quickly, and it wasn't long before he was on the edge of a cum.

Closing my eyes, I waited for the gush that I knew was to come, and readied myself for the taste and texture of it, but suddenly, he pulled out.

At my questioning look, Vern said, "I'm not as young as I used to be. One or two orgasms and I'm shot. I want to enjoy this evening a little first. Don't worry, John, you can have my first load."

The homophobe in me screamed his disgust when I answered, "Thanks, Vern," but the bisexual in me was quickly gaining strength, and the closed-minded little phobic bastard was just going to have to find some other guy to drive insane.

Vernon then said, "Give me a hand, would you?" I reached for his cock again, but he meant help him undress. With a blush, I gave a tug to the legs of his trousers and pulled them off him (he wasn't wearing underpants). Then, he said, "Still want to watch the women?"

Nearly panting, I replied, "Oh, yeah." He pointed to a chair. "Get that in a position you want, and sit down. But get those clothes off first." I then realized that I was the only person in the room still fully clothed!

Frantically, I stripped, then arranged the chair Vern indicated, and sat. The sight before me was fucking amazing! Becky had gone down on Virginia, and Karen had crawled under Beck and was sucking on my wife's nipples. Karen was sitting on the floor with her spread legs in my direction. I zeroed in on her swollen, exposed cunt lips, and even noticed a small trickle of pussy juice leaking out.

I stroked my cock for a little bit, while watching the lezzie action in front of me, but then I decided I wanted to participate more than just watch. Getting up from my seat, I approached Karen's dripping cunt and buried my face in it.

Karen moaned into my wife's tits and spread her legs wider to give me better access. I lapped up the juices I saw earlier, and learned that the town vet had a delicious pussy! Karen's cunt wasn't quite as clean-shaven as my wife's was, but really all she had was a little tuft of hair just above her clit. I took some of that hair between my lips and tugged gently, eliciting a low moan from my eating partner. Slowly, I lowered my mouth nearly to the floor, then stuck out my tongue and started to lick.

First, my tongue came in contact with Karen's puckered asshole. I remembered how much I'd enjoyed the sensation of having a tongue dancing across my own rosebud, and determined that I could give at least that much pleasure. Flicking my tongue up and down and around Karen's tight little butthole, I was rewarded by moans of satisfied approval. Making a quick decision, I speared my tongue into her tight butt. I loved how Karen writhed around when I did that, and I also loved the feel of her sphincter grabbing onto the tip of my tongue. Back and forth I bobbed my head, keeping my tongue extended like a little penis. Karen's hips twitched and pulsed, and suddenly she was bouncing her ass and cunt all over my face while screaming her orgasm into my wife's tits.

When she stopped squirming, a post-orgasmic calm came over her. She never stopped sucking Beck's nipples the whole time she was cumming, but now, she simply kept her mouth pressed to Becky's tit, though she wasn't actually doing anything more.

After a few moments, she disengaged herself from Becky, looked my way and said, "I've never cum from having my asshole licked. That was fabulous. Thank you. But now, my pussy needs some attention." With that, she reached down to her cunt and spread the lips wide.

Well, I knew what that was an invitation for, so I knelt between her legs and guided my rock-hard dick into Karen's hungry pussy. I buried myself to the root in one thrust, Karen grunting as I slammed home. For almost a minute, I just stayed there, not moving, glorying in the feeling of cock in cunt.

While I soaked, Becky decided it was time to change positions. She straightened up from where she was licking Virginia's pussy, then threw a leg over Karen's head, straddling her face. Virginia got up and sank down on her husband's hard-on, both of them facing the show we were putting on.

I fucked Karen energetically, her body jolting from each thrust. From my front-row seat, I could see Karen giving my Becky an asshole licking, just like I'd just given her. Beck's cunt was open and available, so I leaned in and took my wife's clit in my mouth.

Never before had I heard a moan like the one that came out of Becky's mouth. Apparently, my wife liked having her clit and asshole licked at the same time. Karen evidently was enjoying my cock, too, because it didn't take long for her to build to another throbbing orgasm, followed closely by my darling Becky.

Becky dismounted Karen's face, then reached over to a table near the couch. With a smile, she handed me a bottle of lube. "Fuck her ass, baby. Karen loves hard cock in her butt."

Karen grinned and pulled her legs up higher and wider. "Yeah, John. Shove that big fucker up my tight little asshole. Fill my ass with your hot jizz."

Well, I certainly wasn't about to disappoint two beautiful ladies by refusing, now was I? A quick glance to our hosts showed they were as excited about the idea of my fucking Karen's ass as my wife and Karen were. It appeared that everybody in this group were avid voyeurs, too!

I couldn't have been happier, even though I regretted having to pull out of Karen's great cunt. Slathering lube all over my cock and Karen's puckered little butthole, I prepared us both for what was, for me, another first. Even during my initiation, I hadn't fucked anybody's ass. But I was sure ready for it now!

My cock drooled as I brought it closer to Karen's darkest, tightest hole. At that moment, the only thing in my vision was the erotic sight of hot, sloshy pussy and the treasure that was Karen's asshole. I rubbed my cockhead slowly against her butt, making her wiggle her ass around in anticipation of what was to come. Finally, I zeroed in on my target and gave a gentle push.

Karen grunted a little as the head of my cock popped past her tight entrance, but that was the closest thing to a sound of protest I heard out of her. Once my cockhead was in, I just maintained a slow, light pressure, and let her ass swallow me in its own time.

Which happened not to be too long. When I first got in her butt, I first felt a slight grip as her sphincter tried to close back up against the invasion, but after a moment, it loosened considerably enough that my progress was slow, but steady.

After only a minute or so, I was balls-deep in Karen's glorious asshole. Becky leaned over to see what she could only feel at home, and gave a moan when she saw how wide Karen's asshole had to stretch to take my cock.

Now, I haven't done much ass-fucking, but have done enough to know that I truly wish I could do it on a more regular basis. Karen appeared to be a real assfuck lover, because it wasn't long after I sank deep into her butt that Karen started to beg, "Fuck me... C'mon John, pound my ass. I want to feel your cock fucking in and out of my butt. Jizz up my asshole. C'mon, baby. Butt fuck me."

I've always had a hard time refusing a reasonable request from a pretty lady. Besides, I wanted to do just what she was asking in the first place.

I pulled back until my cockhead nearly came out of Karen's ass - causing her to whimper in protest - then just as she thought I was going to pull completely out, I slammed back in, my balls slapping loudly against her butt. Karen screamed when I plunged into her, but she didn't tell me to stop, so I took that as a signal to continue. I slowly pulled back as before, but didn't tease her this time. I was ready to fuck.

If Karen thought I was going to give her a nice, leisurely fuck up the butt, then she was very mistaken. I was quickly building to a fabulous orgasm, what with all the goings on this evening, and to top it off, Karen's ass felt great!

Without any further ado, I pounded the town veterinarian's butt for all I was worth, and was rewarded with squeals of delight. While I buttfucked Karen, Virginia came up and placed her fuzzy cunt squarely on Karen's face. After a minute or so, Virginia leaned in and sucked Karen's clit into her mouth.

Well, just when I thought this couldn't get any wilder, Becky stood in front of me and placed herself so her pussy was just at the height of my mouth. As I began to eat my wife, I briefly wondered what had happened to Vern.

I should have guessed. Shortly, I felt something nudge my ass. It was a slicked-up cock. I leaned forward as much as I could and still suck pussy and fuck Karen's ass, then relaxed to allow Vern's big fucker into my little butthole.

After my initiation, I knew what I needed to do to make Vern's entry easier for both of us. It really helped that I was distracted by all the various sensations and sounds that were going on around me. Before I really had much time to think more than: 'Oh, he wants to fuck my ass,' he was in.

I'm sure we looked quite the amalgamation. Everybody was fucking and sucking or being fucked and sucked, or both. I know I'd never felt anything quite like having my dick inside a hot, gripping ass, while having my own ass stretched by a big ol' cock. Vern and Karen just stayed still (well, Karen *mostly* stayed still) and let me do most of the work. When I plunged forward into Karen's butt, Vern's cock slid out of my ass. When I pulled out of Karen, Vern's cock buried itself into my bowels.

While I fucked myself on Karen's ass and Vern's cock, everybody else was racing toward his or her own orgasm. Although I didn't want the feeling of my own cum to end things (for me, anyway), I reached the point of no return in only a few minutes of getting it at both ends.

It seemed like my orgasm brought on everybody else's. when I started to yell out my climax, Virginia's mouth and my cock got Karen off. Karen's mouth got Virginia off. My tonguing of Becky's clit got her over the edge, and Vern's hard-on swelled and spasmed as it pumped its load of hot jizz into my eager ass.

Eventually, after everybody had cum, the knot of bodies fell apart. Becky collapsed on the sofa, Virginia rolled off Karen and lay panting on the floor, Vern slid his cock out of my ass, and I slumped down over Karen's body.

The room was silent for several minutes, until I said, "That was one of the most amazing things I've ever done."

Virginia laughed a little and responded, "Welcome to the group."

Slowly, we all got up off the floor and found places to sit. For a little while, we all just sat around talking. Finally, though, it came time to go home. Those of us who needed to - for propriety's sake - got dressed. Vern and Virginia saw us all to the door. They both kissed both the ladies, but I kissed Virginia, and settled for another bear hug from my still-naked neighbor. I gave Karen a goodbye kiss, then she went to her car and left.

As Becky and I were making our way to the alley to our own yard, Vern called out, "Come again any time!"

Definitely no problem there!

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