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The Grudge Fuck


Plain and simple, my sister-in-law is a bitch. Even from the days when my wife and I were high school sweethearts, she was a major bitch. Nobody would know that the 2 of them are sisters, other than the fact that they look very much alike. Even my wife Katie, can only take her crap in little doses. Krissy is 2 years younger than Katie and even now, at 41, she is still a major league bitch. I sure am glad I married the GOOD daughter.

I give her husband, John, a hard time. I ask him what he saw in her hat made him want to marry her. He usually just rolls his eyes and begins to think twice about it, trying to find the answer to that very question. Problem is, they have 3 kids and now he is stuck, just having to deal with her. Fortunately, they live in Florida, and I don't have to see them very much.

Many times over the years, Katie and I have moaned and groaned about our visits with Krissy. Usually the conversation ends up with me saying that Krissy just needs a good ole "nasty grudge fuck." Katie never really paid much attention to that and sometimes it even made her mad. Too bad her personality is shit, because her body is A-1 hot. Having given birth to 3 kids actually made her look her best. For years, I though she was a little too thin and unshapely. She had no real womanly curves to her hips and waist and these little A cup boobs. But she sure blossomed by the 3rd kid. Now, she was pure MILF, through and through, with curves in all the right places and nice full B cup slightly saggy mom tits.

Anyhow, I saw some sides of her that most people never knew about. When she drinks, she gets very wild. I had seen her in action several times, including once at club which hosted some male strippers. Once the alcohol started to flow, she was the Tasmanian Devil Woman. Even John knew she was wild, but I don't think he knew about all the extracurricular stuff that I knew about. Katie would usually fill me in on the stuff Krissy did. The stripper deal was something I saw in person, so I knew it was the truth, so I knew exactly who she could be.

Fast forward to this summer. Katie and the girls were planning to go to the club again, to see the male strip show. Somehow, Krissy found out and decided she needed a weekend away from the kids and decided to use this trip as an early birthday present for herself. So she planned to fly up and stay with us for the weekend. Katie and Krissy had a huge argument last time they were together, so Katie had no interest in having her stay at our house, but she allowed it anyhow.

Katie pranced around the house for a couple days, cussing under her breath. She REALLY did not want Krissy at our house and decided that she needed to pay the price.

"You've been talking the talk for a long time now; do you think you are ready to walk the walk?" She asked in a perturbed tone.

"What are you talking about dear?"

"This grudge fuck thing with my sister. If I gave you the green light, would you do it?"

"Sure, why not? How you gonna pull this off?

"I have no idea, but I have a week to come up with something."

She stomped away, and I realized pretty quickly that she was serious. Maybe this little charade would actually happen, I would love to tap that ass, for no other reason than...... just because. Of course I had good thoughts and dreams for the next few days. As the weekend approached, Katie informed me of her plan. It sounded pretty good and once Krissy got drinking, I figured she was as good as mine. It was devious little plan with some mean trickery and finishing in a nasty grudge fuck.

Friday night came and I picked up Krissy from the airport. She was actually a little pleasant to talk with for a change. I think she was so excited about the strippers that it blocked out the meanness in her. I thought it was kinda funny; maybe she was really trying to become a nicer person.......NAH probably not. We got back to the house and Katie did her best to put on a friendly face. Saturday night was here before you know it and the girls were busy primping.

Katie actually dressed a little more conservatively considering she was going clubbing. Krissy, on the other hand, pulled out an outfit from Sluts-R-Us. She put on some Daisy Duke jean shorts, that were so short, the pockets stuck out the bottoms. She put on a white tank top that had a deep V neck which showed very generous amounts of cleavage, which was created by a push up bra. She topped it off with some cowboy boots, rings on every finger and slutty looking jewelery.

My cock instantly began to stir, just by seeing her in that outfit and anticipating what will happen later. Katie came up and gave me a goodbye kiss. She gave my joint a little grab right through my shorts and gave me a wicked little smile.

"Just making sure you're UP for it still."

"I'm good to go, as long as you still want me too."

"Have a good time ladies, hope it will be a night to remember." I added.

Off they went and I had the house to myself, for a while anyhow. Sure enough, Krissy began drinking as soon as they got there. She made a total slut of herself by giving blow jobs to 2 different guys and allowing others to fondle her whole body. Katie made sure that she didn't decide to fuck any of them as she was saving that for me. Krissy kept repeating herself over and over all night long.

"I want to take this one home with me. I want to take that one home with me. We could do some naughty things together." She said laughingly.

Little did she know, some naughty things were waiting for her at home. The whole ride home she kept telling Katie what she wanted to do to one of the strippers. Katie played along and finally told her there was a surprise waiting for her at the house. Krissy became all giddy and wanted Katie to driver faster. When the got home, Krissy came bolting through the door.

"What is it? Where is my surprise?"

"Well." Katie replied. "We decided to give you an early birthday present too. One of the strippers is going to be her in a few minutes. You will get your own private show."

Krissy's eyes glassed over as she though about the slutty things she could do to him. Little did she know, I was going to be the stripper and she was going to be wearing a blindfold as a part of HIS little game. She downed another drink and was getting quite drunk by this time. Sure enough, I walked out the back door, around to the front door and rang the bell.

"Hurry Krissy, put your blindfold on, that's what he said you had to do." Katie said.

Krissy wasted no time in tying it tight. Drunk as she was, she fell for it. She sat on a chair in the middle of the family room floor as the 'stripper had asked Katie to do.' Katie put on some dance music and then opened the door. She had a very devilish smile on her face and gave me quick deep french kiss.

I walked in and touched Krissy on the shoulder which made her almost jump out of her skin. I had to whisper so she did not recognize my voice. She was probably drunk enough, but I didn't want to chance it. I told her to sit back and relax and I would take good care of her. I wore a very loose pair of nylon shorts, tank top and a g-string.

First, I pulled her head back and gave her a little kiss. She wanted to reach out and grab me, but I smacked her hand away. I kissed her again, and we started to tongue each others open mouths. She was very aggressive, and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. She wanted it bad, and I knew she was mine. She would do whatever I wanted her to do. I broke the kiss and looked at Katie who was sitting on the couch. She just blew me a kiss and watched with eyes wide open.

I gently massaged all around Krissy's neck and shoulders while we kissed. She was a very good kisser and I was enjoying it as much as she was. I ran my hand down her cleavage, but not yet entering her shirt. I made sure to tease her as much as possible. I figured I would get as much fun from this as I could, before I actually tried to fuck her.

She was so slutty hot sitting there, I thought I would bust my nut right there, but I managed to hold off. As we kissed, I allowed my hands to roam down her sides to her waist. I slid them across her tummy and slowly ran them up her heaving boobs to her neck again. She lost her breath for a brief moment and sighed deeply. She was dying to touch me, but I pushed her hand away again. I whispered in her ear, that touching was off limits. I told her that if she tried, then the show was over and I would leave. It was obvious that she wasn't going to push her luck. She just made a very pouting little girl face and put here hands back down.

I began my routine by dancing around her, making sure to gently rub my rigid cock all over her shoulders and neck. I even sat on her lap and pushed it deeply into her cleavage. I told her I was taking my shorts and shirt off and I would just be wearing a shiny blue g-string. Her face showed excitement as she was thinking about the sight of it. Again, I rubbed my body all over hers and I could see she was really getting into it.

Katie made a nice fruity drink with plenty of booze, and I fed it to Krissy. She gulped it down very quickly. I got behind her again and pressed my cock tightly against her shoulder blades. I rubbed it back and forth as I allowed my hand to grab her boobs. She inhaled deeply and arched her back which pushed her boobs up higher for better access. I even put my hands under her shirt and massaged her tits very sensually.

I made eye contact with Katie and saw that she was breathing heavily too. We both smiled and then she blew me a little kiss and licked her lips. I went back to work, taking my g-string off and rubbing my naked cock on her shoulder blades again. I reached down and pulled off Krissy's tank top and then unclasped her bra. She threw it aside as if it had a disease or something. I rubbed my body all over her while she still sat in the chair.

I moved in front of her and placed my knob at her lips. There was no hesitation at all as she opened her mouth and closed her lips tightly around my swollen head. She sucked it greedily and then took more of my length into her warm moist mouth. I reached down and lightly pinched one of her nipples which caused her to flinch a little. I told her she could use her hand to hold my cock if she wanted. She took the offer and began to stuff my meat further into her mouth.

"I want your cum." She said. "I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to swallow it. Please, cum in my mouth."

I looked at Katie and she gave me a nod of approval. She seemed to be enjoying the show, more than I thought. It looked like she was squirming around just a little, as she sat on the couch. So I allowed Krissy to pick up the pace and give me a blow job. This was good, because then I would not cum too soon when I was fucking her later. She was a pure slut. She sucked my cock like she was in a competition. She alternated short and long strokes, then light and firm grip. She stopped long enough to suck my swollen knob like sucking a lollipop. I went ahead and pulled up her other hand so she could fondle by balls at while she blew me.

I knew I wouldn't last long and sure enough I didn't. I shot load after load of cum deep into slutty Krissy's mouth as she sucked it all up. She never missed a drop and made sure to pump every last little bit from my tighten ball sack. I told her she did a great job and took a moment to see if the blindfold was still tight, which it was. Katie had placed several blankets on the rectangular coffee table in front of the couch. I told Krissy I was going to carry her over there and she agreed.

I lifted her up and placed her down on the table. She looked so hot in her Daisy Dukes and her boots. I knew I would leave the boots on her. I pulled her ass to the edge of the table and got down between her wide spread legs. I kissed all up and down her inner legs from the boot tops to the bottom of the fringes on her short shorts. She loved it as her body was in constant motion the whole time. She knew full well she was going to get fucked, but she didn't know by whom. Katie and I did though, and we were both having fun with it.

I pulled her knees up to her chest and had her hold them there. The crotch of the shorts rode way up into her slit which was now beginning it was squirting out from under the material. It was so tight around her pussy, that he pussy was trying to squeeze out the sides. It must have been very sensitive as Krissy let out a very deep gasp. I spend some time there licking all around and her ass wiggled non stop in response. I could see that she had no panties on and the material of the shorts tried to find its way deeper in her pussy slit.

"Take my shorts off and fuck me now." She demanded. She had begun to unbutton her shorts, but I stopped her again. She appeared very frustrated but this was part of the plan. I needed to get her to the point of no return. That way, no matter what, even if the blindfold fell off, she would still want me to fuck her. I put her hands above her head and told her to grab on to the table behind her head. This got her hands out of the way and arched her back even more, which pushed her succulent tits out further.

I began to unbutton her shorts and she wiggled and jiggled her ass and hips while I peeled them off. I was blown away as her pussy was almost the identical twin to Katie's pussy. Very plump smooth naturally bald vulva, nice bulgy upper mound and tiny little cunt flaps that stuck out just barely enough to see them. Actually, both their pussy's looked more like that of a 20 year old than 40+ year old. Now I beyond conscious thoughts myself, I was going on autopilot.

I leaned it for a little lick and her whole body jerked in reaction to my tongue touching her lips. I flicked my tongue across her little flaps and twirled it around her moistening slit. I kissed and sucked her pouting smooth vulva and she writhed around in response. She never did let go of the table, so I figured I was still safe. I got up a little higher and kissed little kisses all over her tight tummy. Again, you would never know that this woman had 3 kids. Her tummy was taught with muscle and her hips and waist were a wave of beautifully smooth skin that flowed so gorgeously around her curves. She lay there all sprawled out and was incredibly sexy. I spent some time around her belly button before moving to her tits.

I took my time, sucking and licking each of her hardening nipples. I looked up to Katie who was now rubbing her own pussy, ever so slightly. I gave her a nod and she smile back, not even blinking, she didn't want to miss anything. I got back to business and knelt back down between Krissy's legs. I took my cock and began to rub the bulbous head all over her smooth pussy. Her juice was beginning to flow which made lubed it all up nice and slick.

I used her fuck juice and smeared it all over her smoothness with my cock. I was using it like a spatula, getting her all primed up and excited. Her body was squirming all around trying to maximize the contact. However, I never let her reach her goal. The anticipation was killing her and that was my angle, to make her wait long enough so she would beg for it. So cruel, but that's what this grudge fuck was all about anyhow.

I gently pushed my cock head against her slit. She squirmed a little in an attempt to help get it in. I did not allow her to do that and again, it made her mad. She did not really protest though, as she did not want me to stop. I then pushed hard enough to enter her with just the knob. I slid in an out in very short strokes which drove her crazy. She tried to push her pelvis down for more penetration, but I just pulled back a little not allowing it. After a few minutes of giving her the short dick, she seemed to accept it. I decided it was time to catch her off guard. I jammed my full length into her, balls deep, in one forceful thrust.

She gasped deeply and then let out a loud yell.

"Oh fuuuuuuckkkkk, that feels so good. Fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me hard and fast NOW." And that's exactly what I did.

I reached under her thighs and grabbed her hips and pulled her tight onto my cock. Her legs were draped over my arms and hanging down like limp noodles. She looked extra slutty since she was still wearing the cowboy boots. She was totally mine now, and I knew I could do anything I wanted. I pounded her tight pussy relentlessly and made sure to go as deep as I could as hard as I could. I could feel my balls slap her ass with each thrust. He jiggly boobs bounced up and down in unison with my pounding thrusts.

I fucked her hard for a few minutes as I knew I could last a little while, since I already came once earlier. However, I decided I needed to give her the ultimate grudge, which meant rolling her over doggy style. I abruptly stopped which again made her mad, but she did nothing. I grabbed her and rolled her over on all fours which she happily allowed me to do. I pushed her knees and feet together and placed my hand on her upper back, forcing her face and tits down to the table top.

Her meaty pussy was now squishing out the back of her inner thighs. I got down on my knees and gave that pussy a good licking. She pushed her hips hard against my face, which I allowed her to do this time. The sweet taste of her cunt drove me crazy and she was so slick with juice, which was now running down her legs.

I laid my cock in her pussy crack and kinda laid down on top of her. I rubbed her upper shoulders and her hair and I even gently untied the blindfold, which she didn't even notice. At this point, even if she saw ME fucking her, I don't think she would have cared.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah, that's right, fuck me doggy style. No matter what, fuck me fast and hard. I want your cum deep inside me."

Once again, I grabbed her hips and pounded her with all my power. I felt her hand go between her legs as she was rubbing her clit to help herself get off. Every so often, she would lay her fingers on her pussy lips right where my cock was sliding in and out, which gave me an incredible sensation. I looked at Katie, who now had her shorts off and legs spread wide. I have never seen her masturbate before and it really turned me on. She was going to town, rubbing herself and sticking her fingers in and out of her bald meaty pussy. What a sight. Again, she didn't even blink, but gave me a dirty little smile.

I returned my attention to Krissy and noticed that her little asshole was all puckered out and was pulsing. What the fuck, this is what its all about. I spit a little glob on her anal sphincter and began to rub it with my thumb. That sent a chill up her spine and she gave a little shudder. I rubbed with enough pressure to indicate that I wanted to insert it in her ass. After a minute, I stuck my thumb up her ass to the first knuckle and her cute little butt hole easily accepted it. Now I knew I would finish her off by fucking her ass. At this point, I really doubted that she would stop me.

I eased more and more of my thumb in her ass, while I really wasn't even really fucking her anymore. My dick was still inside her sweet cunt, but I was not doing any thrusting. Seemed as though she was doing a little rocking back and forth, but not so much on my cock as it was on my thumb. Her anal tunnel loosened up enough, that I knew fucking it would be no problem at all. I increased the speed of my thumb in her ass and she was cooing and moaning like crazy. By this point, there was no turning back. When I spoke to her, I did not even whisper any more. What was she going to do, actually stop me? Seriously doubt it....

"What do you think Krissy, ready for me to fuck you in the ass? I know you want it. Just look how good if feels with my thumb up there. Your hot little butt is loving it, isn't it?"

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