The Grudge Fuck


"No, not my ass. I don't even let my husband do that."

"It's ok, I'll take care of everything and it won't hurt a bit."

"No, please don't fuck my ass."

"Sorry baby, but you're getting it, so get ready."

I didn't even really give her a chance, I just went for it. Other than that little verbal protest, she did not try to stop me physically. It was almost if she wanted me to fuck her ass, but she wanted me to beg her to let me. But since she made no physical effort to stop, she was going to get it. I pulled my thumb from her ass and my dick from her sloppy wet cunt. I didn't even really need any lube as her pussy juice on my cock and my spit in her butt hole already seemed to help.

Katie was still getting herself off. She fingered herself at warp speed with two fingers in that beautiful cunt of hers. By now, she was almost laid out flat with her legs in the air going at it. She looked at me and mouthed the words. 'Go ahead, fuck my sister's ass.' She reached over and grabbed a little bottle of lube and tossed it over. I went ahead and added a few drops to the mess that was already coating my sister-in-law's sweet little butt hole.

I grabbed my aching tool and rubbed my knob all over her puckered anal ring. Her ring pulsed and looked like it was blowing me kisses. I pushed the knob in and her anal ring clamped it tightly.

"Ohhhhhh god, I can't believe your gonna fuck my ass".

"Believe it bitch, because her it comes."

I slid my cock into her a little at a time and she graciously took it. After a couple minutes, I was balls deep and she never even whimpered. I started to slide my full length in and out of her at a slow deliberate pace. She seemed more and more accustomed to it and was making plenty of slutty sounds. No denying it, she was liking it. I could feel her ass muscles constrict and grip my cock with some serious pressure. Her ass was trying to milk the life out of me. I finally grabbed her hips and started to thrust in and out of her a little harder.

"Go ahead, fuck my ass. Fuuuuckkkkkkkk, that feels good, just don't stop. Cum deep in my ass."

Then I really picked up the pace and fucked the bitch's ass furiously. I gave it to her as deep and hard as I could. My balls were tight as could be and I knew where I was going to deposit my load, deep in my hot and slutty sister-in-law's asshole. It was a beautiful sight seeing her sweet butt hole taking my cock and I knew I wouldn't last long. After a minute or two of giving her ass a good forceful reaming, it was going to happen.

"Here you go baby, I cumming deep in your ass. That's where it's going."

"Yeah, in my ass, put it all in there. I want all that cum deep in my ass. Give it to me now."

A couple more thrusts and I began to shoot the first load while my cock was deep. My balls were aching and wanted this release more than anything. Katie jumped up and came over for a closeup view. She was wide eyed with the excitement of see my cock up her sister's ass. She helped spread Krissy's butt cheeks and I pulled my cock out until just the knob was still in her. Her sphincter ring gripped my pulsing cock head and helped squeeze out the next shot. Katie wrapped her little hand around my tool and helped milk the jizz out. For the third shot, I removed my cock from her ass completely and drizzled some thick globs onto her pulsing sphincter ring and pussy. Of course, Katie jerked the last of my load onto her sister with a shit eatin grin on her face.

Krissy must have puckered her muscles as some cum was oozing out of her puckered butt hole. It combined with the other cum that I shot on her ass and bulging pussy. The whole mess was dribbling down the back of her thighs and legs. My cum loving slut wife actually licked the cum from her own sister's pussy and sucked it all off the back of her legs. When Katie's tongue hit Krissy's jizzed pussy, she just about jumped off the table, but she allowed it to happen and didn't say a word. Just seeing that, almost made my cock hard and cumming again. That was the icing on the cake.

I don't think it really sunk in for Krissy. Her own sister just licked and sucked the cum from her ass, pussy and legs, and she didn't even realize it. What a total slut. Either that or she just didn't care.

While everybody was still breathing heavy and still in position, Katie spoke up.

"What do you think honey? Think she like fucking her brother-in law?"

Krissy rolled over faster than a fat kid eats cake. The look on her face was priceless as she finally saw who just gave her the fuck of her life. AND, she saw that her own sister licked all the cum off her hot sweaty body. She seemed lost for a moment, trying to take it all in and make sense of it. She was just fucked into the next dimension by me......her brother-in law. Not once did she ever resist, not even the anal stuff. Hell, she even begged me to fuck her at several different times. Being the good brother-in-law that I am, I was more than glad to help. However, she turned into a raging bitch all over again. Screaming and yelling like her typical self.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two? How could you do this to me? Are you totally psycho letting your bastard husband fuck me? And you let him fuck my ass too! Oh god I can't believe it! And you just sat there and watched it. Oh shit, and then you licked his cum from my pussy. You people are really fucked up."

"Actually, I masturbated while I watched and that's the first time he's ever seen me do that. But you know, you might want to be a little more appreciative as you DID ask for it over and over you know. If you want, I can always replay the video and show you."

Krissy turned pale and looked over her shoulder where Katie was pointing. Our video camera was set on a tripod the whole time. Katie had the remote and zoomed in and out as necessary. The table was turned at the perfect angle and I manipulated Krissy as need to get the best penetration shots ever.

"You might want to start being a little nicer to us." I said. "You never know when this might come back to bite you in the ass."

Krissy got up and stormed out of the room. Katie and I sat on the couch totally spent. I will never really know why my devilish wife allowed me to fuck her sister, but it was her idea and her plan. So who was I to argue with the boss? We didn't see Krissy until early in the morning before she left for the airport. Nobody said anything at all regarding the events of last night.

However, she DID seem a little more at ease and not quite as mad. Maybe she believed that we would actually blackmail her with it. Or maybe she actually realized that she loved the nasty fucking that I gave her. Either way, she was just a little different from her regular self.

Katie had me drive Krissy to the airport by myself. She wanted to see if Krissy would give me shit about the event. Krissy was more worried that her husband was going to see her walking funny when she got home. I wore her out so bad, that she was sore as hell. Other than that, we did not speak anymore about it. Once at the airport, we hugged goodbye and then she shocked me. She pulled me close, grabbed my butt and gave me deep, wet French kiss.

And then the only words she spoke........

"Thanks for everything you did to me last night. And I DO MEAN EVERYTHING."

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