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The Gym


I live in an apartment complex that has a gym open twenty-four hours a day. I liked going at night because it was usually quiet and empty. However, tonight it isn't.

I climbed onto the treadmill, hoping that they might be leaving soon. I soon realize that isn't going to be the case. I can feel their eyes all over my ass, watching me hungrily. As horny as I am, I cannot even think about cheating on him. I am faithful after all and he is a good man, but the sex has become boring, almost to the point of nonexistence. I have almost forgotten what it means to make love.

I look to the side, glancing to the side. Are they still watching me? Then I see the package on one of them and my god is it fucking huge. It looks like it is about to burst free of his shorts. I quickly look away and try to focus on my routine, but my heart is pounding hard in my chest, my pussy throbs in sync with the beats and I can feel a little bit of wetness forming down there.

I begin to wonder if his friend is just as hung, then I quickly shake my head. I shouldn't have thoughts like this and if this keeps up I just may need to leave. But my body starts to betray me, my posture fails and I didn't know that I was putting on a show for them. I catch a look at them and they were looking over me like I was a piece of meat. Then they start to approach me.

The one with the huge cock grabs the back of my hair like he fucking owns me. My mind is in total conflict with my body as he pulls my head back and kisses me. My body trembles when his strong hands begin roaming my body, squeezing my breasts. His friend is behind me squeezing my ass. I can feel his hot breath on me.

I want to give in and though I know I shouldn't and I'd regret it, but my body craves it. I can't stop them as my pussy burns for it. I start giving in to it like an animal needing to be fucked and I don't care about anything else. They pull my clothes off together, stripping me naked before undressing themselves. I look at their cocks and compared to my husband they both are fucking hung.

My mind tries to find reason not to go through with this; disgust, wrongness, whatever it took, but my body won't listen. I take the first one's uncircumcised cock in my hand. I had never seen one nor touched one. It was strange at first, but after grasping it in my hand I kind of like it. I slide my hand up and down his shaft, watching the skin slide back and forth over his cockhead before taking it in my mouth. I swallow as much of it as I can, taking it to the back of my throat. I gag and pull back leaving a trail of saliva from my mouth to his cock.

Before I know it, his friend is shoving his uncircumcised cock in my face. I grasp it with my other hand and repeat the process of stroking him. I switch between their cocks, taking one into my mouth then the other.

They don't let me explore them much though. They are driven with a single minded purpose, to fuck me. It doesn't dawn on me until I see the first guy's huge cock poised between my legs, ready to slide in my married, cheating pussy that he is without a condom. He is beautiful and there is now way to stop him, not that I really want to. My hands rub along his chest as his massive cock pushes into my wet, hot pussy, stretching me past my normal limits.

He thrusts in, my body welcoming him and I push back against him. I feel shameless. His cock is like nothing I have ever felt. Each time he thrusts in and out I can feel his skin sliding over and off his cockhead. It makes my belly tingle and melt with surprise intensity. I hate to admit that he feels better than my own husband. I am sick with myself for enjoying every hard and forceful thrust. My body is screaming as this is just what I needed.

Even his kiss is rough and disarming and I cling to his magnificent body as he relentlessly plows through my orgasms, one after another. Somewhere along the line I should stop him, but my body is racked with pleasures that I have never felt before. He pounds me harder and I can feel his cock expanding, pushing my pussy to its limits. I know he is about to cum and even though I am afraid of getting pregnant, I really don't care. My husband will just have to accept it as him getting me pregnant, I'll find a way to make that happen.

My hands slip over his thighs to his ass and I pull him in closer to me as I thrust my hips into his groin. My body knowing what it wants. Then I feel it. All my worries disappears as soothing pulses of his cum fill my womb. He fills me with so much I can feel it escaping and slipping down my ass. He cums like he can't stop and his hot cum fills my sinful womb. He pulls out, leaving a stream of cum both inside and outside of my pussy and I don't have much rest as I see the stare of his friend waiting patiently.

He positions me until I am bent over the weight bench. His fingers slide up over my slit and I look back to see him stroking his massive uncircumcised cock. He rubs it along my pussy to my ass between strokes and then I feel a torrent of cum splashing against my pussy, mixing with his friend's. It makes my knees weak.

He is eager to continue and bury himself in my pussy. I feel his cockhead push against my pussy lips and he slides right in. My pussy conforms to his large cock, squeezing as it stretches. His friend's cum allows him to slip in and out easily and I am so turned on by the fact I have his friend's cum inside e and his on the outside, but I want his inside as well.

I can feel his breath on my hair and his strong muscular body pressing against my back. He is a goddamned animal. My body rocks and shakes with his every thrust. I am being spoiled and don't want it to end. Then I feel the swelling of his balls and his thrusts getting harder and stronger. His hips bang against my ass and then I feel it. He cums and my pussy is set on fire. As his cum sprays my womb, my body goes into another shuddering orgasm.

His cum is every bit as much as his friend's and it just keeps coming and I don't think it will ever stop. I am delirious with pleasure. He pulls out, leaving me breathing hard over the bench. When I finally do get up neither of them are in the gym. I gasp in shock and quickly get dressed.

I go back several times over the next few days, but I don't see the strangers there anymore. Eventually give up looking and strangely my sex life with my husband gets a boost. Now I'v got two on the way and I can't be happier.

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