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This story would not have been written if it hadn't been for my dear friend Jordan. It is dedicated to him in thanks for being the best friend I could ever have and a damn good role-player! ;). Love You Jordan!

I'd also like to thank my friend Lance who helped with editing.


As usual this story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or republished without my express permission. Any resemblance to people living, dead or non-existent is merely a coincidence.


Molly was moving the last of her boxes into the elevator and had just pushed the button for her floor.

"Hold the elevator!" Someone called out as the door closed. A briefcase wedged itself between the door and frame.

A guy in a suit slipped in through the door, "Thanks!" He said with a smile.

"Uhm, I'm trying to move here. This elevator is on service." she said in a snarky tone.

"Oh! Sorry," the guy said but didn't make a move to leave.

Molly rolled her eyes. "What floor?"

"Sixteen please."

"You're lucky, that's my floor."

"Cool, so you must be moving into 1604. I'm Jordan, I'm in 1605. Did you need some help?"

"I coulda used your help four hours ago when my mom bailed to go in to work. Especially since the moving crew never showed, but even a little help would be nice. I'm Molly...Johnson." she said with a small smile.

The man smiled, "Nice to meet you Molly...Johnson. I'm Jordan...Roberts."

Jordan tried to check Molly out without being obvious. She was tall, probably around 5'10". Molly was slender, but had curves in all the right places. Her short dark hair highlighted her sharp blue eyes.

Molly felt his eyes on her, she blushed slightly. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He wasn't bad looking, she thought. For a suit. He had short, wavy blond hair. Looked to be fit, and was definitely taller than she was. She hated to admit it, but he had a great smile too.

When they got to their floor Jordan grabbed the hand-truck and pushed it down the hall. It was a lot heavier than he expected. His assessment of Molly went up another notch. Molly held the door for him and he wheeled the boxes in.

He looked around and saw that she didn't have much in the way of furniture and there were green and red packer boxes piled everywhere. Molly showed him where she wanted the boxes and sat on a chair.

"Thanks Jordan, I honestly don't know if I coulda made that last trip. Did you want something to drink?"

Jordan smiled, "Sure, that's be great."

Molly got up and went to the fridge, "We have Coke or beer."

"Coke is good."

"Great because I could use a beer and we only had one." she said chuckling.

Molly walked back into the living room and handed Jordan a can of Coke, "I'd offer you a glass but I don't know which box they're in yet."

Jordan laughed, popped the top and took a sip, "That's okay. What's with the green and red boxes?"

Molly opened her beer and took a long swig then belched, "Ooh, that's what momma needed. Green ones are the ones that come with us every time we move, red ones go into storage. I guess we'll be staying for a bit. I haven't seen the red ones in almost two years."

"Wow, move much?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

Molly shook her head, "Four times in the last year alone. I've lived in fourteen different countries since I was ten."

"Holy crap!" Jordan said in surprise. "Why so many moves? If you don't mind me asking."

"My mom travels a lot for work. I go where she goes."

"But what about school?"

"All online, so I don't have to worry about silly little things like boyfriends, sports teams, dances, proms or friends."

"Sorry." Jordan said. "That really sucks."

Molly smiled, and it lit up her face. "Ah it wasn't too bad. I finished high school in two and a half years. I'm already in to my second year of university."

"Seriously? How old are you?"

"I turned eighteen two days ago on a flight from Beijing. Technically I've had two birthdays this year because I crossed the international date line on my way here."

Jordan grinned, "Well happy belated birthdays! I would've gotten you something but..."

Molly smiled again, "Thanks Jordan. My mom forgot. Again."

"Ooh harsh."

"Ya, hey is there anything to do around here?" Molly asked.

Jordan was really getting to like Molly. She seemed a bit lost and flaked out but he figured it was jet-lag. He thought that Molly was fun to talk to, "Well there's a pool, sauna, exercise room and a rec room."

"No, I mean like malls, movie theatres, clubs. You know, fun stuff." she said with another bright smile.

Jordan laughed, "Robson Street is only a few minutes from here but I work so much I don't know about any clubs. I only moved to Vancouver a few months ago."

Molly gave Jordan a surprised look, "We're in Vancouver?"

"Uh yeah, you didn't know?"

"Sometimes I forget where we're going or where I am," Molly said with a sheepish grin.

"Understandable," Jordan said with a chuckle. "Hey are you hungry? We could order in. Anything you want, my treat. Consider it my birthday gift to you."

Molly's cell phone rang. She checked the display, "It's my mom. Hi mom! Uh huh I got everything in...When will you be home?...You're kidding right?...But mom you promised!...Okay fine see you tomorrow...Love you too. Bye."

"Everything okay?" Jordan asked with concern.

Molly threw her cell at the wall where it smashed. "Yeah everything's just fucking peachy! There was a glitch and she has to work all night to fix it."

Jordan could see that Molly looked like she wanted to cry. He knelt in front of her and touched her shoulder. "Hey I'm sure your mom would rather be with you, but it sounds like whatever happened is pretty important."

"Yeah it's always 'important'," she said.

"What does your mom do Molly?"

Molly looked up into Jordan's eyes, "She designs and implements high-tech security systems. She did the Barj Dubai's system."

Jordan was impressed, "Wow, sounds like a cool job."

"Ya I guess so. I think I saw her three times in six months when she did that system."


"Ya, now you can understand why I finished high school so fast. I didn't have anything else to do." She said ruefully.

Jordan could really feel for Molly. He couldn't imagine travelling from country to country, never having time for friends or fun. Or making friends and having to leave them behind over and over.

"Hey, my offer still stands Molly. Anything you want, my treat."

Molly couldn't understand why Jordan was being so nice to her, considering how rude she'd been to him earlier. She felt really bad about that, she knew that sometimes she came across as abrasive. It was really just a defence mechanism. If she pushed people away then it wouldn't hurt so bad when she had to leave again.

"Sure, but you're going to laugh at me," she said with a shy smile.

Jordan grinned at her, "No I won't I promise."

"Could we get Chinese?" She asked.

Jordan couldn't help himself and laughed, "You just flew from China, and you want Chinese food? I thought pizza for sure, but Chinese? Okay!"

He pulled out his iPhone and started tapping away on it.

"I'm going to take a quick shower okay Jordan? I feel really grungy."

Jordan smiled at her, "Sure no problem."

He looked around her unit and saw that it was basically a mirror image of his own. Then he checked out the boxes, he didn't open any, but he noticed that they were all bar coded and had security seals on them. While Molly was still in the shower he got a message on his phone. 'Shit!' he thought to himself, 'an hour and a half for Chinese food?'

Molly came out of the washroom wearing a towel that barely covered her from boobs to butt, and was using another towel to dry her hair.

"How long 'til dinner gets here Jordan?"

He shrugged and looked apologetic, "An hour and a half?"

"You're kidding right?"

Jordan shook his head, "Sorry, they must be really busy."

Molly thought for a second then her bright smile reappeared, "Cancel it. Where's the Chinatown here?"

"Not far, why?"

"Give me a minute, you have a car right? Duh! Never mind! This is Canada, everyone has one!" She bounded back to her room, flashing Jordan a peek of bottom as she skipped away.

She returned before he'd finished cancelling the order wearing jeans with holes in them and the knees worn out, a baggy tee that hung off of one shoulder and flops.

Jordan stared for a second, "Don't you think you should put something else on Molly?"

"The kind of place I'm looking for the dress code will be very casual," Molly said with a grin.

She grabbed her keys and his hand and pulled Jordan out the door, locking it as they left.


Jordan drove over to Chinatown and they cruised around for a few blocks.

"Stop the car! This is perfect Jordan."

Jordan looked out the passenger window at the restaurant she had chosen. It was a dumpy little place that looked like it needed a power wash and a paint job. "Are you sure Molly? Looks kinda crappy to me."

Molly stared Jordan down, "Trust me, this place will have the best Chinese food in Vancouver."

Jordan parked and they walked back to the restaurant. They went in and the inside only reinforced Jordan's impression, although there were a number of Chinese people in the small restaurant.

They were greeted by a little old man who looked to be about eight hundred years old.

Molly bowed to him and fired off something in what Jordan could only assume was Chinese. The old man's eyes lit up and he ushered them to a booth. He called out to the kitchen and a woman of about the same vintage came out and chattered back and forth between the man and Molly. They both bowed then disappeared into the kitchen.

"You speak Chinese?" Jordan asked incredulously.

Molly blushed. "That was Cantonese, but I speak Mandarin too."

"How many languages do you speak Molly?"

She blushed again, "Eight fluently."

Jordan laughed, "No seriously, be honest."

"I am being honest Jordan," Molly said with a frown. "I can speak, read and write in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese and Russian fluently. I can also fumble through about six more languages in a pinch."

"Holy shit! What are you taking in university?"

Molly giggled, "I'm majoring in Linguistics, and minoring in Psychology."

Their food came and Jordan wasn't sure what any of it was. It didn't look like any Chinese food he'd ever ordered. A lot of the ingredients were the same but they were combined differently. He looked questioningly at Molly.

"Just trust me Jordan, this is 'real' Cantonese food. You'll never want that Canadianized crap again!"

Molly served out Jordan's food then served herself. They picked up their chopsticks and began eating. The old woman came out with a small decanter and two ceramic cups, pouring a small amount of clear liquid into each cup. She smiled at Molly and said something to her that made Molly laugh and blush. Molly said something back which made the old woman laugh and smile knowingly.

Jordan smiled at Molly, "What? What's so funny?" he asked.

"She said you must be very proud to have such a beautiful and intelligent wife."

Now Jordan laughed and blushed, "You told her we're not married right?"

Molly laughed again, "No I told her that your parents were very thankful that I allowed you to marry me."

"God, you're a handful aren't you?"

Molly grinned brightly at him and continued eating.


After dinner Molly asked if they could stop at a phone store so she could get a new phone.

They stopped at a nearby store and she checked out all the phones then decided on a top of the line Android phone and accessories. She talked the salesman down to $300 and got him to set the phone up with her sim and memory cards.

When they got out to Jordan's car Molly got three texts. She checked them and went pale.

"Everything okay?" Jordan asked went he saw how she looked.

"My mom's home and she's wondering where I am."

"Are you in trouble? Text her and tell her we'll be home in a few minutes."

The rest of the ride home was made in silence. When they got in the elevator Molly turned to Jordan.

"Thanks Jordan, I had fun tonight. I don't usually have friends because I move around so much."

"I had fun too Molly, did you want me to come in as back-up?"

"Yes, it might not be a bad idea. Thanks."

When they got in to Molly's unit her mom was waiting impatiently. "Where have you been Molly? I was worried sick about you!"

Molly rolled her eyes, "That's a surprise."

"You should've at least called or texted me young lady."

"I couldn't, my phone broke. Jordan took me to get a new one, and he got me dinner."

Her mom crossed her arms over her chest, "That's the third phone you've broken this month!" She looked at Jordan, "I'm sure you could have let her use your phone so she could call me!"

Molly got a defiant look in her eyes, "Mom you know that first phone was stolen. Jordan helped me move stuff in. I'm sorry I didn't call you, I was tired and hungry. The last time we talked you weren't going to be home until morning."

Jordan stepped in and tried to take the heat off of Molly, "Mrs. Johnson it was my fault. Molly seemed really upset about breaking her phone, and she looked like she was going to pass out from hunger. I know I should have gotten her to call you first."

"How old are you Jordan?" Molly's mom asked.

"I'm twenty-seven ma'am."

"Well I'd think a twenty-seven year-old would have more sense than to take a seventeen year old girl out without checking with her parents first."

"Mom I turned eighteen two days ago remember?"

"Oh, yes well even so. Thank you for your help Jordan and for taking care of Molly. Good night."

Jordan left and could hear Molly and her mom arguing from across the hall. It lasted for about a half hour. The last thing he heard was Molly shouting 'Fine! Whatever! I'm going to bed!'

He felt so bad for Molly, this was all his fault. He should have made sure with her mom that it was okay before taking her out. Jordan waited a bit then went across the hall and knocked on the door.

Molly's mom opened the door and gave him a scowl, "Yes?"

"Mrs. Johnson I'm sorry about tonight. I realize that I should have made sure it was okay with you before I took Molly out. Believe me nothing happened. We went out to dinner then I took her to get a new phone, that's all. You shouldn't punish her for my mistake."


"Roberts." Jordan replied.

"Mr. Roberts, Jordan right? I appreciate your honesty. Please understand that Molly is a very impulsive girl, and very often doesn't think before she does things. When she was ten we were in India for two months. She got it into her head that she would go to the market without telling me. After two hours of searching we found her at the home of one of the local merchants, eating fruit with his children. That was just one of her many escapades."

"Mrs. Johnson I understand your concerns," Jordan said. "From the little bit I've talked with Molly she seems to be very lonely. It sounds like she hasn't had many friends growing up, and the few she has made she's had to leave behind."

Molly's mom smiled and Jordan saw where Molly got her smile from. "Jordan why don't you come in, I have a feeling we'll be talking for a bit. Please have a seat."

Jordan found a chair and Molly's mom sat on another one. "Jordan, Molly is an exceptionally smart girl, and her affinity for languages is phenomenal. Unfortunately for Molly, the nature of my work causes us to move far too frequently, even for my liking."

"That's kind of the impression I got from Molly too," Jordan replied.

"In just about every country we've been Molly's made a friend. Every time we leave she's devastated. With it just being the two of us you can understand that I'm very protective of her."

"I can understand that Mrs. Johnson..."

"Please, call me Olivia."

Jordan smiled, "I came from a single parent family as well Olivia, I know what it's like to have a protective parent. Dad was like a drill instructor with us after my mom died. You know at some point Molly's going to have to be able to make her own decisions."

Olivia shook her head, "I know Jordan. I don't know if you heard us arguing but I'd be surprised if you didn't. Molly and I were arguing about you. You may not realize this but Molly's already latched on to you. As far as she's concerned you're her best friend. I was worried that she barely knew you and I'm still not thrilled about how quickly she's attached herself to you. Jordan I'm only going to say this once. If you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have hell to pay. You're a lot older than her and I won't allow you to take advantage of that."

"Don't worry Olivia, I'll be careful with Molly. I know me being older than her is a legitimate concern for you, but I'll make sure that nothing serious happens." Jordan replied. Just knowing that he'd been able to defuse the situation between Molly and her mom made him feel good. Having Olivia's conditional blessing to see Molly again made him feel good too. In the few hours he'd known Molly she'd somehow insinuated herself into his life.

"Molly? You can come out from around the corner now sweetie," Olivia said with a smile at Jordan.

Molly slipped around the corner and leaned up against the wall with her hands behind her back. "So it's okay if I hang out with Jordan mom?" She asked somewhat nervously.

Olivia smiled at Molly, "Yes honey you can. It appears that you've already made a good impression on him in the short time you've known each other. But I'm warning you Missy, you'd better let me know what you're doing and where you'll be. I'll not have another Hyderabad incident again."


When Jordan got home from work the next day Molly was sitting on the floor outside his apartment.

When she saw him she jumped up and stuffed her hands into her jeans pockets, grinning shyly. "Hi Jordan, how was your day?"

Jordan looked at his new friend and smiled. He had to admit she was very pretty. She was highly intelligent and her bubbly personality made her very likable.

"Hey Molly! It was terribly exciting! But being a lawyer can be like that." he said with a laugh.

Molly looked down at the floor and giggled, "You're just teasing me Jordan."

Jordan laughed, "No seriously, if the meeting I was in today had gotten any more exciting I would've had to wake up! So what did you do today?"

"I did some unpacking, studied a bit and waited for you. Nothing much really."

"Judging from the number of red boxes you guys have I guess you'll be here for a bit?"

"God I hope so! I don't mind travelling to new cities and exploring, but I just want to stay somewhere long enough to call it home ya know?"

"Is your mom working late again?" Jordan asked with a grin.

"Yeah but only a bit late. Why, did you have something in mind?" Molly grinned back.

"Find out what time she should be home and let her know I'm taking you to Stanley Park. Tell her we'll bring back dinner."

Molly texted her mom and smiled when she read her response, "She said thanks for letting her know and she should be home at seven."

They headed out and when they got there Jordan showed her some of the sights around the park. Molly was quite impressed. She really liked feeding the swans. They even saw some artists painting and drawing.

Molly really liked the fact that Jordan was taking the time to show her around, she thought he was very sweet for spending so much time with her. They explored the park a little more then went to pick up dinner.

"You know we can go back any time you want Molly." Jordan said as they drove back to their condo.

Molly grinned at him with excitement in her eyes, "Really? That would be so cool!"

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