tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 06

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 06


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter includes group, lesbian, gay male, light bondage and vanilla sex.

In the previous chapters, a young newlywed was widowed and gang raped. She struggled to maintain her sanity and discover her sexuality. Her husband was secretly rich and left her a small fortune, including a beach house mansion in Bridgehampton she rents out seasonally. The woman, Marie, moved into a smaller house with her sister, Jenn. Marie was an Emergency Department RN and Jenn is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduate student majoring in Psychology. Jenn is engaged to a fellow student named Chloe, who lives with Jenn and Marie. Marie had identified all six of her assailants and survived two trials with a scar on her shoulder, from where she'd been shot, for her troubles. Unlike most rape victims who shut down after their assault, Marie's years of working as an ED nurse aided her in separating normal sex from her rape. She was able to explore the sexual desires she was feeling. Marie occasionally has flashbacks to the rape; they are not always sexually triggered. Jenn knows how to attend to Marie when she experiences a flashback. Marie is seeing a therapist on a monthly basis and has come a long way in coming to terms with her husband's murder and her assault. Marie and Chloe went on a shopping spree and purchased a hot tub and several other extravagant accessories for their deck and patio. They also purchased an engagement ring Chloe gave to Jenn. Several of Marie's assailants have died. There are three remaining. Two have settled into roles as bitches in prison. Marie has several rituals she observes. On her Saturdays off, she and her housemates visit her husband's grave at Calverton National Cemetery and she goes out on dates with a young doctor, Dharmesh. On Wednesdays, the housemates go to the movies at the Babylon theater. On Thursdays, the three give each other massages and hang out in the hot tub. On Fridays, they have Dinner and Board Game Night with Holly and John Sullivan, with whom Marie and Jenn have had sex. Chloe is very good at reading people's tone and body language and helped Marie's visiting brother-in-law, Frank get some digits before he went back to Florida. She also was able to tell the truth when Marie mentioned Dharmesh told her he was a virgin. Her confrontation, over the phone, revealed he was seeing three other nurses. Marie called those nurses immediately.

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After Marie told Kristina, Judy and Cindy that Dharmesh was not a virgin, they each knew there was only one way she could have known he had said that to them: He had said it to Marie as well. Each nurse promised to be at Marie's within twenty minutes. Jenn asked if she and Chloe should leave. Chloe was tidying up from a study session.

"Of course not," said Marie, "You're the reason the four of us know about Dharmesh. You've earned your seats at the table."

Kristina was the first to arrive. Jenn remembered her from Marie's wedding. After their arrival, Jenn would realize she'd met all three of the nurses at the wedding. Shortly after Kristina arrived, but before Judy and Cindy, Dharmesh called Marie's cell. He called several times but Marie hit ignore until they were all there. Marie said the event called for wine. They turned on the outdoor heaters, set up the chairs around the patio table and pulled a nice blush from the wine fridge.

When all the nurses were gathered, Chloe looked to see what they had in common. The obvious answer, she thought without a shred of jealousy, was that they all had great racks. Otherwise, the nurses all seemed different. Kristina, the tallest of the group, was, in Chloe's opinion, hot chocolate. Her dark skin and her long straight black hair were incredibly gorgeous, but it was definitely her tits that drew a person's gaze. Easily a D cup, Kristina looked as though she had been poured into an hourglass. Her booty was as compelling as her tits.

Judy had strawberry blonde hair and lovely breasts around the size of Marie's. In fact, thought Chloe, other than the hair the two nurses looked quite similar. Chloe could have spent many happy hours comparing Judy's body to Marie's, but there was another guest. Cindy was the shortest of the group. She had wavy golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her chest was roughly the size of Jenn's C/D cups, which seemed to look a lot larger on the smaller woman. All four nurses were between the ages of 25 and 35. Kristina was the oldest at thirty-five.

After the third bottle of blush was opened, Jenn and Chloe were allowed to stay at the patio table, once Marie revealed how she learned about Dharmesh's lie. As if on cue, Dharmesh called again. Marie answered this time and pressed a button on her phone.

"You're on speaker phone, Dharmesh," Marie said.

He ignored that greeting and asked, "Marie what do you mean you will be 'completely honest?'"

"Ladies," Marie asked, "when I say 'completely honest,' what do I mean?"

"It means you're busted big boy," shouted Kristina into the phone as the other five women there laughed.

"K-Kristina?" asked Dharmesh. "You are also there?"

"We all are," said Cindy in an icy voice.

"Cindy?" asked Dharmesh in an angry sounding voice, "why did you tell Marie about us?"

"She didn't," answered Marie. "You didn't give me a chance to tell you how I found out."

"You said you did not learn from Judy I was seeing others and Cindy was the only other person who knew I had sex,"

"You knew," said Marie. "Ladies, I've already told Dharmesh I will no longer be seeing him socially. The three of you can have him."

"No thanks," said Judy. She looked at Cindy and Kristina. "You two can have fun."

"Yeah..." said Cindy. "He's all yours Krissy."

"Nah," said Kristina. "Bye, Dharmesh!" Kristina hung up on him and Marie shut off her phone. The nurses were howling with laughter.

Chloe nudged Jenn. They each picked up their wine glasses, wordlessly left the table and headed to the hot tub. Setting down the glasses on the side of the tub, they stripped completely and stepped into the soothing water. They were soon joined by four hot nurses. Chloe and Jenn watched as each nurse stripped. Chloe compared the landscaping on the gardens as they were revealed to her. Marie, having seen Jenn and Chloe often enough, had taken to shaving her pubes. Judy had a strawberry blonde landing strip and Cindy had a dark blonde, heart-shaped thatch of hair leading to her pussy. Kristina's pubic hair was thick but neatly trimmed. Chloe was always easy to arouse and the stunning nude nurses around her had her juices flowing. Chloe's mouth attacked Jenn's and her hands were soon mauling Jenn's tits the way Jenn liked it. The lovers moaned in each other's mouths, ignoring their enraptured audience.

"Shit, Marie," said Kristina, "this has got to be the best way I've ever found out the man I was seeing was sleeping around."

The bi-curious chocolate goddess moved closer to the lovers. She pressed her huge tits against Chloe's back and reached around to rub Jenn's shoulders. The lovers broke the kiss and Chloe turned to kiss Kristina. Jenn was not jealous. She pressed her chest against her fiance's back. The skilled fingers on her own shoulders told Jenn that Kristina was willing to share. Sure enough, when Kristina and Chloe broke for air, Kristina leaned in towards Jenn. Jenn moaned as she felt the tongue in her mouth.

Marie was the first to masturbate to the sight of the magnificent black nurse kissing and fondling Marie's housemates. Judy saw Marie and began frigging herself. Cindy moved closer to the action. Cindy tapped Jenn on the shoulder and looked at her with hungry eyes.

Jenn looked at Chloe and asked, "Is this ok with you, baby?"

"Of course, sweetie," said Chloe with a smile, "thank you for asking. I love you. Is this ok with you?" Chloe's head tilted towards Kristina.

"I'm fine," said Jenn. She showed off her engagement ring and said, "I know you're not going anywhere."

Marie was frigging herself hard. She watched her sister being roughly kissed by Cindy. She looked at the other pair. Chloe looked like a doll next to Kristina. Chloe was tongue wrestling with the tall nurse and seemed to be engulfed by her. Marie's fingertips were moving rapidly on her clit. She suddenly realized another hand was stroking her mound. It was Judy. Marie froze for a moment.

Judy smiled and said, "Relax, Marie." Judy cleared her throat extravagantly and, once she was certain she had everyone's attention, said, "Ladies, we have a lowlife asshole in common and we need to make sure he doesn't come between us when we're in the ED. So, what I propose is that the three of us, and our engaged friends if they are so inclined, thank Marie for saving us from Dharmesh by fucking the fuck out of her."

"Hear, hear!" said Kristina.

"I'm in," said Cindy. The three sensational nurses surrounded their sexy co-worker.

"Wait, wait, wait," said Marie. "No one cums in this hot tub. We can kiss, we can fondle, we can drink our wine. When it's time for fucking, we take this upstairs. Agreed?"

"Agreed," said the other nurses with big smiles.

Sometime over the past year, Marie came to the conclusion that her sex life was not normal and that she was ok with that. She felt safe. She knew she occasionally had flashbacks to her rape, but Jenn knew what to look for when they happened and knew how to snap her out of it. Marie was ok with ending her celibacy. This was a wonderful way to show solidarity against a dickhead doctor. Kristina was the first to kiss Marie and it was the most unique kiss Marie ever had. Kristina had captured her tongue and was sucking hard on it. Due to this, Marie needed to nod her head as she kissed is Kristina. As they kissed, Kristina moved her body up and down and rubbed her huge tits against Marie's very nice rack. This continued for several erotic minutes. Jenn and Chloe again kissed and fondled each other, to the exclusion of the others. Cindy and Judy sat at the far end of the hot tub, enjoyed the show and lazily rubbed each other's thighs Marie and Kristina picked up the pace; they looked in each other's eyes.

"It's time for fucking," they said at the same time.

The other women looked up and followed dutifully as Marie and Kristina stepped out of the hot tub. Kristina looked around the back yard as she patted herself dry. The well-trimmed hedges were very tall and were a perfect screen from the rest of the world. There were no three story houses around. They were safe from prying eyes. As the group of alluring women ascended the stairs, Marie held Kristina's hand. She had no idea if this was a one night stand or not. Marie felt it would be better if it was. Working in the ED was already complicated and further complications, regardless of how enticing, were not a good thing. They reached the second floor and Marie noticed the group was splitting. Jenn and Chloe were heading to their room rather than Marie's.

"Marie asked, "Where are you two going? If I'm ending my celibacy, I'm going to do it right. Get your sexy asses over here."

They didn't need to be told twice. Chloe smiled and walked quickly up to Marie. Chloe French kissed Marie while she rubbed and play spanked her soft but firm ass. They broke the kiss and Chloe walked over to Jenn and held both of Jenn's hands.

"J," Chloe said, looking in Jenn's beautiful blue eyes, "I love you with my entire mind, with all of my heart and my whole being. Regardless of whomever I kiss, touch or fuck on the other side of that door, you are the only one I love, my pulchritudinous betrothed."

Jenn smiled and, looking in Chloe's eyes after squeezing her hands gently, said, "C, you are the woman of my dreams. I would be nothing without you. Whatever happens in that room will never change how I feel about you. I wear your ring on my hand as we will one day wear each other's bands. You and I are one in my heart and nothing can split us."

Marie witnessed this moment and had all the ladies stand in a circle and hold hands. Each woman swore to the others that the activities about to happen in Marie's bedroom would not change who they were and how they felt about each other. Marie told the other five women she considered them all to be her family.

"I love all of you," she said. You are all my friends; you are all my family. What we are about to do will not change that. I love you all and I will love you all even though this is the one and only time I will fuck any of you. We will enter as friends and family and will leave as friends and family. You are not my lovers. You are my Sisters with a capital S. It's time to fuck, my Sisters."

Marie opened her bedroom door and the six naked women entered as a group. Kristina was all business. She led Marie to the bed, lay down with her and kissed Marie passionately while groping all over her body. Jenn and Chloe moved to the upper end of the large bed and continued making out. They explored each other's bodies with their hands. Kristina was now on top of Marie. Cindy had, while snooping around, found the toy box. Cindy was admiring the purple double ended jelly dildo when Judy noticed it, grabbed a large tube of lube from the toy box and snatched the huge toy away from Cindy. Judy walked the items over to Kristina, whose body was rubbing against Marie's. Kristina kept grinding against Marie as she drizzled copious amounts of lube on both ends of the monster dong. She shifted herself and poured lube on Marie's labia and worked it in. Kristina roughly shoved one end of the purple beast into herself before she approached Marie with the other end. She entered Marie hard, as she thought a man would. Kristina thought this was very hot. Her fellow nurses must have agreed as they climbed on the bed and each sucked hard on Marie's breasts. Marie's eyes glassed over.

Marie felt a bloody knife on her cheek. She felt her gown and underwear being cut from her body. She saw and felt the men pawing her. She could smell their breath. She felt her virginity taken from her as she was forced down hard, bending over the back of the car.

Chloe recognized the signs and broke away from Jenn, and shouted, "NO!" Chloe took Kristina by the hips and carefully eased the purple monster out of Marie.

"Ree's not ready for that kind of play," explained Chloe, "but you're in luck. She has a nearly identical sister who loves to be stuffed with dildos. She's already wet, ladies."

Understanding what was going on, Jenn said, "Yes, ladies, come over here and fuck me hard."

Jenn knew Chloe was going to talk Ree down. She also knew that Chloe left it up to her, therefore, to entertain the surprisingly vag-friendly guests. Chloe scooted herself behind Marie; Chloe's relatively small breasts pressed to Marie's back. She wrapped her legs around her magnificent future sister-in-law. She slowly brushed Marie's long dark hair with her fingers.

"Tranquil, Ree, tranquil; everything around you is tranquil. You are loved, Ree. No one is assaulting you. You are surrounded by women who love you. Tranquil; you are loved. Peaceful; you are safe. Gentle; you are in my loving embrace. We love you, Ree. You are our Sister and we love you," said Chloe softly in Marie's ear as her fingers glided soothingly through Marie's raven hair.

Marie blinked a few times. There were legs wrapped around her waist; a warm body pressed to hers. Soft fingers combed her long hair; a soothing voice spoke to her. That was not Jenn's voice; it was Chloe's. Jenn must have taught her how to do this. That hand that Chloe was not using to brush Marie's hair was resting lovingly on Marie's shoulder. Marie, wondering where Jenn was, looked around. Jenn was in the center of the large bed, on all fours, while Kristina was fucking Jenn's cunt doggy style with the monster jelly dildo. Cindy and Judy were on their backs, under Jenn, sucking on her large breasts; both Cindy and Judy were frigging themselves with one hand and Jenn with the other.

"She's doing that - taking their attention - for me, isn't she?" asked Marie.

"Welcome back," said Chloe with a smile Marie could hear before she kissed Marie's cheek. "No, she's doing that for me. I asked our guests to keep J occupied. Tonight is about freedom from a douchebag and these women are obviously free. How are you?"

"I'm better," said Marie, "thank you."

"There's no need to thank me," said Chloe; she kissed the other cheek. "You are my hero. You are so brave and so selfless. I would do anything for you; anything."

Chloe kissed that spot where the neck becomes the spine. She kissed behind Marie's ears and sucked on her earlobes. Chloe was slow, gentle, loving and methodical. Chloe gingerly massaged Marie's tits as she slowly, ever so slowly, kissed a line from the back of one shoulder to the other. With a deliberate lack of urgency, Chloe kissed her way down inch by inch.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh," was all Jenn was able to say as the three RNs assaulted her clit and her cunt. Jenn looked over to her fiancé and to her sister. Marie looked better; much better. Chloe was obviously being very gentle with her. Jenn loved them both. Kristina was thrusting harder and faster; she knocked Jenn right out of her thoughts. Jenn pushed back against the hard thrusting. Kristina rammed Jenn harder and harder. Kristina did not have as much experience with the massive dildo as Jenn; Kristina came hard before she could get Jenn off. As Kristina convulsed orgasmically, the huge toy pistoned against Jenn's G-spot and made her cum so hard she squirted for the third time in her life. Both women were panting as they came down from their orgiastic high.

Jenn asked Kristina, "Are you ready to be gentle with my sister?"

"Not really, no," said Kristina. "I still have some emotions I need to release."

Cindy, after she and Judy recovered from getting themselves off, searched the toy box again. She happily discovered three strap-on harnesses and a wide array of dildos to attach to the harnesses. Judy helped Chloe walk Marie to her makeup chair and turned the chair to face the bed. Chloe and Judy took turns eating Marie out.

Cindy, Jenn and Kristina did the strap-on version of a conga line. Cindy fucked Jenn doggy style as Kristina fucked Cindy. After about five to seven minutes of this, Jenn pulled away from Cindy. Cindy and Kristina scooted forward on the bed and Jenn got in the back of the line to fuck Kristina. Roughly six minutes later, Cindy came around to fuck Jenn again and the game continued. The dildo Jenn fucked Kristina with was humungous.

Marie enjoyed the show her friends and her sister put on as the two remaining women tag teamed her cunt. Chloe was essentially taking the lead in pleasuring Marie, but Judy was a quick study. Chloe had a fairly long tongue and used it to her advantage. Judy was full of enthusiasm and showed definite promise as a rug muncher. After nearly ten minutes of tag teaming, Judy and Chloe worked together. Judy concentrated on the clit, as it revealed itself, and Chloe zeroed in on Marie's wet cunt. Marie moaned loudly and massaged her own nipples; she pinched them occasionally.

The fourth time Jenn came around to fuck Kristina, she had a plan. Jenn shoved in hard then pulled out. She removed Kristina's harness and then shoved hard inside her again. She enlisted Cindy's help as Jenn pulled Kristina into a reverse cowgirl and then spun her into cowgirl position. Cindy lubed up her plastic cock and got back on the bed. Jenn pulled Kristina down for a kiss and Cindy fucked Kristina's ass.

"Aw, shit," shouted Kristina, "that's right! Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard. Both of you fuck me hard. Oh, fuck! Ungh, ungh, ungh, harder, oh shit, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh sweet Jesus, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh God, ungh ungh, ungh, ungh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

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