tagLoving WivesThe Happiest Day of My Life

The Happiest Day of My Life


My name is Peter and today is the greatest day of my life. My wife, Karen is out of town on business and I'm sitting here at home with the biggest smile on my face. Don't get me wrong; I love my wife with all of my heart. And now, I love her even more.

All evening I have waited for her to call and tell me that she made it to D.C. alright. She had left here early this morning; I drove her to the airport at five this morning. Kissed her goodbye at seven and watched the plane depart at seven-thirty.

I drove home with a smile on my face. I thought I'd go home, eat some breakfast and read a few good stories on Literotica, jack off, and get ready to go to work myself.

Buy ten o'clock, my dick was so hard I wasn't sure if I could get dressed. Finally I took a cold shower and rushed off to work.

I thought of Karen throughout the day and thought she'd call me at work. But I didn't hear from her by lunch and at six, when I finally drug myself away from the office, I still hadn't heard from her.

I knew she had a big meeting as soon as she arrived in D.C. But I thought she would find time to call and say that she had arrived safely.

Watching the evening news with my ears tuned to words like plane crash, I started getting a bit nervous. I called her cell phone and there was no answer. I was getting close to panic.

After the news, I took a hot shower to try to calm my nerves and clear my head of the scary thoughts that were running through it.

When I stepped out the phone was ringing. I ran to it but got there just as it stopped. "Shit!" I screamed at the damned thing and threw it across the room.

I dried myself off and headed for the kitchen. I need a drink badly. Scotch sounded good to me.

I poured myself a stiff one straight up. I sunk down into my favorite easy chair and let the warm, amber liquid flow slowly down my throat. I closed my eyes as I savored the relaxing feeling the alcohol gave me.

I started relaxing and suddenly the phone rang. I looked at the clock as I picked it up. It said, ten fifty-one. I snatched the headset off the cradle and said, "Karen?"

There was laughing and I knew it was her. "Yes, honey, it's me. Were you expecting someone else?"

"No, I was just worried! I thought you'd have called way before now. You've been gone since seven-thirty this morning; it's now almost eleven!" I said excitedly. "I watched for news of a plane crash and saw none; so I figured you made it there. But I had no evidence."

"I though for sure that you would call upon arrival. After all you expect me to do so when I go out of town." I nearly screamed in her ear.

"I'm sorry honey, I met someone on the plane and we decided to have dinner together and then we went to a meeting and are just getting back to the hotel. I didn't mean to worry you. But I do have good news."

"Oh, and what might that be?" I asked sarcastically.

"Well do you remember how many times you've told me you would love for me to have sex with another man because you wanted to watch me with someone else?"

My heart suddenly pounded in my chest. I could barely breathe and my dick stood fully erect. "Yes, of course I do, honey; why?"

"Well, you now have your wish. He is a colleague of mine. We've known one another for about five years and have always had good conversations and now wonderful sex. I just wanted you to know."

"Oh Karen, you just made me the happiest man in the world! I'm so hot just knowing that you are finally satisfied and had the kind of sex you deserve." I was so excited that I came. I could fee the wetness in my shorts.

"Well, Rex is waiting for me to suck him off and then he's going to fuck me again. Maybe I'll call you back afterwards and tell you all about it. So don't go to sleep for awhile." She commanded me.

"I promise I will be waiting for your call. When you call, can I masturbate while you tell me what happened?" I begged.

"Sure, why not!" she laughed. "You're certainly not going to get any of me for a while; he's much bigger than your puny six inches. And if you spill one drop of cum on the furniture, you had better lick it off until it is all gone!"

Hanging up the phone I stood up and pulled of my jeans. My tiny dick was pushing against the zipper and I had to jack-off or I would explode.

The acorn at my head was red with passion. It wanted to explode and I had to give it what it wanted.

I poured lubricant all over my palm and slid it up and down on my short shaft. Then I slowly ran the tip of my finger over the pee hole. A calming shiver ran down into my groin and I sighed and let out a deep breath as the warmth filled.

As I was working up the steam to spew my hot cum out of my cock the phone rang again. I quickly picked up the receiver and said "Hello!"

"Hey honey, it's me. Just wanted to tell you how good Rex's cum is! He has so much more than the thin spit that comes out of your cock. You should kiss this man's ass when you meet him. He's making me really happy!!"

I could hear the smile in her voice. It's going to be a long time before you get any of my good stuff again. I never realized how small you were until tonight... little boy!" she laughed.

"Opps! Time to go; stay up a while longer and I'll call you back and tell what we did and how it felt! Bye honey!"

Click, the phone went dead. My seed ran down my leg. I scooped it off my legs and licked it off my fingers. I told myself it was his cum and I was licking it out of Karen's pussy.

I could see her lying there on the bed with him. Her full breasts bouncing as he fucked her deeper and harder than I knew I ever could. I could imagine that her skin was scarlet with passion and heard her crying out; please don't stop! Give it all to me! I want to know how a real man can please me!"

Again, I sprayed myself with the useless cum from my sissy prick.

I licked the palm of my hand and stroked harder and faster. Again I spilled my weak seed on my legs.

I rubbed the sticky substance over my balls and jerked off once again. My body shook with passion and I cried out her name, "Karen, fuck him good! Give him that sweet cunt of yours. I'll clean you out I promise."

I jumped as the ringing of the phone brought me back to my easy hair.

All I heard was deep breathing on the other end of the line.

Then, "Oh yeah, fuck me good baby, I need a real man's cock. I don't know why I fought this for so long. That's it baby, harder, deeper, ram it in me; this is what I really need. Fuck it good then, I'll give you my ass to fuck. Just think how tight that's going to be!"

Click; the phone went dead. I stripped off all of my clothes and went to the shower. As the warm water drenched my body, I stroked my useless appendage until my knees became jelly and I fell to the tiled floor.

The water struck my face, stinging hot. I finally crawled out and lay on the cool ceramic tiles and I could see in my mind Karen sucking a nine-inch dick as she played with her hard clit.

I wanted to be the one sucking her clit while a man with a nine-inch cock fucked her in the ass. And when he was finished, I would lick his cum out of her butt and savor it.

Then I would allow him to stick his long dong in my tight ass and beg him to fuck me good and hard.

My seed spilled once again, this time on the floor. I went for a mop then changed my mind and licked it up. I knew that is what Karen would now make me do.

The phone was ringing again. I had to run to get it and picked it up just before the fourth ring. "Hello! I cried anxiously.

"What took you so long; you weren't masturbating were you?"

"No Ma'am, I was taking a shower. I'm sorry it took me so long. How are you doing, ma'am? Are you still enjoying your lover with a big dick?" I asked.

"Yes and a friend dropped by so now I have one for my mouth and one for my pussy. You should see them. One is a tall black man that looks like he's ten inches long. And four inches thick... Mmmmmm, I just tasted his cum. So thick and salty."

His balls are like jumbo eggs I like to suck them into my mouth and think of your little peas.

"I'm happy you're getting what you have always needed, my lady, I wish I could be there to clean you up!"

"When I get home, the day after tomorrow, you will be cleaning for two days!" she promised.

"I have to go, I have a black cock to swallow. Bye babe" she hung up the phone but I could swear that I heard her slurping that cock into her mouth as the earpiece connected with the cradle.

I picked myself off the cold floor and went to the bedroom and lay on the crisp cool sheets and tried to bend over far enough to suck in my puny dick, but I couldn't reach it; it wasn't long enough.

So I lay back and squeezed my tiny nuts with one hand as I played with the hole in my pricklett. It was an amazing feeling but not what I had hoped for. I didn't even spew any seed.

I lay there and continued to try to stimulate my body into a massive explosion but was interrupted by another phone call.

I heard Karen laughing in the background.

A man's voice said, "Man, you have the sexist wife I've ever seen; I'm so glad you let her come on this trip. We are having a ball! She has the sweetest mouth I have ever had suck me off. You're okay in my book man. And you should see her take it in the ass! Wow!"

There was silence for a while then "I love you Peter, I really do. You have given me new insight into what I want our marriage to be like. I love these big dicks and I don't think I can handle that little thing of yours anymore. So you will have to find me some real men to take care of me from now on."

Toward the end of her words, someone stuck his prick into her mouth because it was very garbled and sexy.

There was a click and she was gone again.

There were no more phone calls last night. I think they must have fucked until they fell asleep, exhausted. I know I played with my little weenie until I had nothing left to spew.

And when the last of my seed was exhausted, I fell quickly asleep and dreamed of Karen being fucked in all three of her pretty orifices at once. The big black cock in her mouth and down her throat; a white guy with an eight-inch prick in her pussy and a nine-inch cock in her ass. She had a smile on her face.

I fell asleep with my hand still stroking my useless meat and I had a smile on my face too.

Five days later after five nights of phone calls and descriptions of the wonderful sex she was having I drove to the airport to pick her up. When she came into the waiting area, Karen had he biggest smile on her face.

She ran up to me and tongue kissed me; the kiss tasted very salty. She smiled as we separated and said, "Did you enjoy that? It was compliment so the guy that I sat with on the trip home; eight inches... you'll never have me again. All you get to do is clean up and masturbate when I allow you to do so.

The following night, there was a knock on our door. I answered it and there stood a very nice looking man.

"Is Karen home?" he asked.

"Yes, come in please. Karen, someone here to see you." I called.

When she walked into the room, she smiled at the man.

"Hi Kenny, I didn't think you'd come by so soon, but I'm sure Peter will be glad that you're here.

Peter, go ready the bed; we have company tonight and you finely get to play. I hope you like large dicks, because I do.

I smiled, my dicklett got really hard and I said, "Thank you, I love you honey!"

Then followed her and her lover into the bedroom and sat on the floor watching as he took her.

~ Lady Dora

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