tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 07

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 07



Neither Cori nor Norm talked much about the rings or the sexy pictures that night. On the way home, Norm had simply said, "That was fun" and "You were fantastic" and those words of praise were enough for Cori. She was pleased he had controlled the situation in the tattoo parlor throughout, had saved her at the mall and, even though he hadn't asked her approval of certain acts, at least hadn't let things get out of hand – at least not by her standards. Handjobs and public displays had been part of Cori's daily life for a long time now.

In her mind, Norm had earned some trust today and she felt he now had more respect for her and was truly proud of her. She felt good that their relationship had taken some major strides.

Norm also thought the relationship had taken major strides. In his view, Cori had totally submitted to him. He had more control now than ever before and, with his confidence oozing, he was determined to take it another step further tomorrow. That's when he'd get his precious deck. Cori still didn't know and didn't need to. She'd find out soon enough, he chuckled to himself.

The next morning, Norm announced that, because Cori had been so good yesterday and because she had done so much already – paying bills, cleaning house, running errands – that he wanted her to just relax and enjoy a day off.

"Why don't you get some sun by the pool today?" Norm suggested. "You haven't really even enjoyed the San Diego weather yet."

"Well," Cori said. "I should do some work, but it would be nice to take a couple hours if you're sure you don't mind."

"Not at all," Norm said. "I insist. All I ask is that I select your attire."

"Of course," Cori said. "I do try to keep from getting any tan lines, though."

"I know," Norm said. "We'll have to choose carefully then, won't we?"

Norm's choice was a gold sling-style suit. She had several different variations of this sling suit and Cori told him that the guys at the Shop used to call them 95's.

"Why?" Norm asked.

'They figured they showed off at least 95 percent of my body," Cori laughed.

"Well, I'd say it will be more like 98," Norm said, once again impressed by the wardrobe assembled by his fellow Cori bangers.

The suit consisted of nothing more than a gold string about the thickness of a typical spaghetti strap. It went over the shoulders and across the breasts, veering together at the crotch where it joined into one string that went between her pussy lips and into her ass like a thong. From the ass, it went straight up the back, splitting in two just between the shoulder blades. At no point – not even over the breasts or the pussy – did the thickness increase. And, it was a couple sizes too small, so it was stretched across her body, only making contact at the pussy, ass, tits and shoulders. Everywhere else, it was pulled taut a few inches away from her skin.

"Amazing," Norm said when he saw her in it. "Absolutely amazing. No need to worry about tan lines with that."

"Nope," Cori agreed.

"Do you have any safety pins," Norm asked.

"Sure," Cori said. "With all the modifications the guys did to my outfits, I was using them all the time to hold things together." Cori went to her room and came back a moment later with a handful of safety pins.

"Now, I just want to change one thing," Norm said. Taking a pair of scissors, he snipped the two strings that forked out toward her breasts from just above her pussy and the single strand that ran below her pussy to her ass. Then, he trimmed about an inch off each end, making the suit that much smaller.

"What did you do that for?" Cori asked. She wasn't mad, just confused.

"You'll see. Clip three safety pins in your clit ring and two in each of your nipple rings," Norm directed. Cori did as told. She had small safety pins and the thin wires fit easily inside the rings. "Now, attach the strings to the safety pins.

"Really?" Cori asked. "Will they reach?"

"Oh yeah," Norm said. "Plenty of length"

Cori had to pull hard, feeling the thong dig into her ass, just to get the string to reach one of the safety pins. Nimbly, she clipped the pin through the string, the new strain of the taut strap pulling her clit down. When she connected the strings that went toward her breasts to the appropriate safety pins, there were now three strings, all pulling her clit in different directions. Norm cut and shortened the strings below and above her breasts as well, forcing her to attach them to the safety pins as well. The tug of the cords provided constant stimulation to her nipples, forcing them to remain fully erect.

"Hmm," Cori said, looking down at herself. The suit was so taut that it pulled the safety pins and rings away from her body, making her clit poke out from it's protective hood and her nipples stick out even more dramatically than normal. It was incredibly tight and ridiculously revealing, obscenely emphasizing and displaying her most private parts. She was more exposed this way, she realized, than she would be if she were completely nude.

"Now do you see why you needed those piercings?" Norm asked. "That looks fantastic."

"Thank you," Cori said, moving gently to test the suit's pull on her most sensitive areas. She found it to be not at all painful and more than a little exciting as her nipples and clit were being exposed and pulled at the same time.

"Come on, I'll help you with your suntan lotion," Norm grinned. He wheeled out the back door behind her, watching her ass sway too and fro the whole time. She was wearing matching gold heels with little straps around the ankles. The straps were so tiny and her skin was already so tan that he was sure there wouldn't be a noticeable mark left. He wanted to put one of those collars on her, but that could wait.

Cori settled into a lounge chair, carefully adjusting the seat so that she could lay nearly flat on her back, her head only slightly elevated above the rest of her body. As she lay down, her body stretched to its full height, she felt a firm tug on the strings running between her nipples and her clit. She looked down and saw her fleshy button sticking out, the pink flesh looking engorged and raw. "It's going to bake in this sun," she thought, wondering what a sunburned clit would feel like. She imagined it wouldn't feel good.

Cori started to put some tanning lotion on her arms, but Norm stopped her. "That's my job."

"But I can reach some areas," Cori said.

"But I want to reach ALL areas," Norm grinned.

"OK, dirty old man," Cori teased. "But you have to use your right hand at least part of the time."

"You just don't let up, do you," Norm laughed. If complying with her silly rehab requests allowed Cori to feel like she was maintaining some sort of control, that was fine with Norm. Yesterday had clearly marked a turning point and today was going to be a complete change of pace for her. If he manipulated her enough to believe that this was all her idea and was her way of serving him, well so much the better. He was going to have his fun today one way or the other, but having her angry or hurt didn't really appeal to him. He just wanted her to be hot, exposed, displayed and played with. If she liked it – or at least didn't hate it – that was good enough for him.

"All right, you win," he sighed, gradually moving his right arm toward her. He was starting to feel quite a bit more strength in it, but he didn't let Cori know that. The sympathy/sense of duty angle was still a valuable ace in the hole in making sure she not only stuck around, but continued to satisfy his sexual desires as well. He wanted to be in control, but he wasn't above playing the feeble old man routine again if this attempt failed. To borrow a phrase, he was quickly learning that there was more than one way to this Kitten's skin.

Drawn in by that golden skin, so soft, pure and warm, Norm forgot about his psychological analysis of the situation and gave in to the pleasure of rubbing his hands on his step-daughter's perfect body. He started with the arms. In all the excitement over her tits, ass, pussy and legs, it was easy to overlook the other stunning parts of her, but he took note now of her long, slender yet toned arms. She had long, delicate fingers which he already knew were quite adept at stroking a cock.

He admired her slender neck, lean, model-pretty face and soft blonde hair. Her pretty red lips were so kissable – and fuckable. He spent several minutes covering and re-covering her tits, using his right hand to lift or move the spaghetti straps while his left hand rubbed down her breasts like a baker making up loaves of bread. He kneaded and caressed and rubbed until they were slick with lotion, glistening in the sun. Had the ring/safety pin combo not held the straps in place, the top of the suit surely would have slid right off her slippery breasts.

He would have been reluctant to move on, but her flat stomach was next and he enjoyed the feel of that soft skin wrapped around firm abs that were just barely outlined – not too defined, but enough to show just how fit she was. He imagined if he had full control of his hands that he could wrap them around that narrow little waist and have his fingers touch. He couldn't really, of course, but it sure looked like it. He flicked her gold naval piercing playfully, then moved on.

He looked up and saw that Cori had her eyes closed. She was awake, however, enjoying the slow, sensual massage. All sex and sex toy talk aside, Norm knew she really had earned some relaxation. She had been so good – so VERY good – since she got here. It had only been a few days and already he didn't know what he'd do without her. Well, let her relax now. If things went as planned, she would be very busy this afternoon.

He ran his left hand over the bare skin at the top of her pubic mound, slowly delving down into the small patch of thick blonde bush. He casually applied lotion to her inner thighs with his right hand while his left hand had the pleasure of coating her clit and pussy lips. He studied her exposed clit closely, noting the way the ring pierced the pink, puffy flesh and how it was pulled taut by the straps going in three different directions. He thought of it as a raw, exposed nerve, touching it gently, rubbing lotion on it, watching her squirm, knowing that just this slight touch was bringing unbearable pleasure to her.

Cori parted her legs just a little wider, making sure Norm had access to her clit and pussy, which he meticulously covered in lotion. They remained silent, except for an occasional "damn you're hot" grunt of appreciation from Norm or "that feels so good" moan from Cori, both lost in their own thoughts, enjoying this most intimate and sensual routine.

Norm stroked her sleek thighs, working his way down to her slender ankles. He undid the straps on her ankles and slid her shoes off long enough to rub her feet, taking note of her long toes before putting her heels back on, wrapping the straps back around her ankles.

'Turn over," he said softly, not wanting to break the mood. He lowered the chair back and Cori slowly, carefully rolled over, trying not to put too much additional strain on the strings pulling at her body. Pressing her breasts against the chair back gave them a little slack and she actually found laying on her stomach more comfortable.

Norm was instantly drawn to the sight of the string emerging from her ass, elevated from her body by several inches before it made contact again just below her neck. He plucked it and chuckled when the taut string actually made a light sound. He knew that had to send vibrations through her clit and nipples and her squirming told him it probably felt good. He plucked it a couple more times, musing that he needed just five more girls to have his own six-string.

He gave up the concert for the time being and focused once more on coating her body in glistening lotion, starting with the backs of her legs and moving up, giving extra attention to that ass that jutted out so nice and round, a firm base that served so many purposes – supporting those long legs, counter-balancing those big tits and framing her delectable fuck holes. Her ass cheeks were tan, smooth and perfectly shaped thanks to long hours of exercise and great genes; Norm remembered that her mom had an excellent ass as well.

He rubbed the small of her back and between her shoulder blades, the back of her neck and the backs of her arms. If he had been able, he wasn't sure he wouldn't have mounted her from behind right then and there for she was perfectly positioned for a good reaming, but he was liable to break something just getting out of the chair. When he got better, he told himself, no positions would be off limits.

"There, you're all set," Norm said.

"Mmm, that was great," Cori said, rolling back over onto her back, adjusting the chair back so that she was sitting up slightly. "I feel so relaxed now. You have great hands."

"Yeah, your hands are what I like about you too," Norm chuckled, lightly tapping her breasts. "I'd look at them all the time if you didn't have all this other stuff to look at."

Cori just laughed. She was relaxed, giggly and feeling good. Just what Norm wanted. "How about I fix you a drink?" Norm offered. "Do you like piña coladas?"

"Mmm-hmm," Cori said.

"Coming right up." Norm wheeled back into the house and looked at her through the glass in the back door. He looked around the yard, not sure whether to curse or be thankful for his privacy fence right now. As nice as the privacy was, how fun it would be for her to be on display for the whole neighborhood. There weren't a lot of two story homes in the neighborhood, either, but the lucky few would see a great show if they happened to look out their window.

Speaking of the show, this was the key to the whole thing. He mixed up her drink and added two – twice the recommended dosage – of the powerful, prescription sleeping pills. From experience, he knew just one would knock you out for a while. He figured two wouldn't be dangerous but would have her out for at least 5 or 6 hours. She would have to be out cold, too, because otherwise she'd never be able to sleep through what he had in mind. Oh, if this worked, things would be different when she woke up. Her reaction wouldn't change the outcome of today's events, but it would determine his next move in their relationship.

Norm rejoined her and they sipped their drinks slowly. An hour later, she was sound asleep. "Better make sure," Norm said, glancing at his watch and seeing that his guests should be arriving in about 20 minutes.

Norm carefully slid his hand under the spaghetti strap and squeezed her breast. Nothing. He pinched her nipple. Nothing. Harder. Still nothing. He twisted and pulled it using the strings attached to the nipple ring. No movement from his sleeping beauty.

He put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. He plucked the strings holding her clit, watching the little bud vibrate back and forth like a little hummingbird's wings. He put one, then, two, then four fingers inside her, then finger-banged her hard for 15 seconds. She never stirred, though he was quite happy to find that her pussy certainly wasn't asleep on the job. It was as hot and wet and welcoming as ever. Yes, this was working out perfectly.

He wheeled into the house and came back moments later with the final pieces for his display. He had a set of five small gold chains. They were thin – about the thickness of a women's necklace – and meant to be decorative rather than binding. But they would also be symbolic. Norm didn't quite understand why he wanted them on her, but he did. He guessed it was to demonstrate to others his control and her willingness to be bound and naked for him if that's what he wanted. So, he attached one to the ankle strap of each stiletto, snapping the other ends to the legs on the chair. He did the same with her wrists, wrapping the gold chains around them loosely and attaching them to the arms on the chair. Finally, he placed the choker that said "Cum Slut" on her slender neck and attached one end of the extra long fifth and final chain to it and ran the chain through the slats in the chair back, bringing it up between her legs and attaching it to the safety pin below her clit, which was now the central connector piece for three spaghetti straps and a metal chain.

In each case, there was ample slack in the chains that Cori would have free range of motion. She would be able to sit up or even stand if she wanted. Norm had no desire to put her in pain or restrict her movements. These chains implied bondage more than actually supplying it. Image, in this case, was everything.

He checked the time and saw that he had about five more minutes. He took his digital camera and took about a dozen photos of Cori, getting tight shots of the rings protruding from her breasts and pussy as well as nice shots of his gorgeous step-daughter, tanning, nearly nude, her body all slick and glistening and tan in the warm sun. Yes, he could get used to looking at this scenery every day while sitting on his deck.

He just started back into the house when he the doorbell rang. He wheeled as quickly as he could to the door and opened it. The man at the doorway was tall with peppery gray hair that somehow didn't make him look old. Maybe that was because he looked like a younger man otherwise – steel gray eyes, tanned, taut skin with a shadow of beard, tall and lean but muscular. He looked every bit like the ex-Army sergeant he was. His name was Crisp. Norm wasn't sure if that was a first name or last name – it was the only name by which he had ever heard him referred to.

Norm didn't really know him. He had met him once at the restaurant. Crisp, who was actually 40 years old, was a friend of one of the regulars at the truck stop, which is how Norm had known to call him. After retiring from the Army, Crisp had started a deck and fencing company a few years ago and his company was renowned for its quality service and fine craftsmanship. True to his military background, Crisp ran a tight ship and his workers knew very well that to be late for an appointment, lazy on the job or shoddy in their work was unacceptable. For that reason, he kept his workforce small and was hands-on in the daily projects. They were more expensive than many of the other contractors, but much more highly regarded.

But one thing Norm knew about Crisp was that, as rigid and organized in his professional life as he was, he was completely the opposite on his own time. Ed, Crisp's buddy who was a regular at the truck stop, often told stories about he and Crisp and his work crew hitting the strip clubs after work. They would stay there for hours, Crisp buying drinks and lap dances for everyone before invariably leaving with one of the hotter pole dancers. Apparently, he had two or three favorites at each club and they just rotated from one night to the next. Crisp's parties were also legendary. He'd hire a dozen or more call girls or strippers and pay them well enough that they stayed all night, servicing and entertaining Crisp and his men on demand.

It was this kernel of information that sparked Norm's idea. He wanted to show Cori off. He wanted a new deck. When he told Crisp about his step-daughter and made his proposal, Crisp had been skeptical. Despite his love and appreciation for good pussy, he wasn't one to mix business with pleasure and he wasn't one to do jobs for free. Still, his imagination had been piqued by Norm's idea and he decided it was worth a shot.

"Hey Norm," Crisp said, extending his hand. Norm shrugged, indicating he couldn't use his right hand but extended his left. He thought Crisp probably let up, but it still felt like his hand was being crushed by the powerful man. "Good to see you again. Ed told me about your stroke. You doin' all right?"

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