tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 07

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 07



Without a doubt, Ben and Cori had the most complex relationship of any of the group. To Chad, Cori was a fuck toy and, though they got along all right, she wouldn't consider themselves close friends —he had a girlfriend, for crying out loud. John was like a father figure Cori so desperately wanted to please and make proud. Ty was like a best friend who was fun to hang out with — she and Ty had almost as much not having sex as they did having it. Sure, he enjoyed his time fucking her and did it as often as he could, but he was also nice and fun-loving.

Ben, on the other hand, was a combination of a lot of things to Cori. He was like a big brother, but he was also a boss and the only guy in the group she would consider boyfriend material. As her employer and "big brother", she knew he felt a tremendous responsibility to protect her and make sure she was treated with respect. At the same time, he was a man with physical needs and desires. Further, he was a businessman who needed Cori to do certain things to maintain a high profit level.

Torn in all these directions, Ben could one night be kind, sweet and romantic, the next night be laid back , the next night fun-loving an the next night ready for more serious, intense sex. Fortunately, he had Cori three nights a week, so he could afford to go in cycles. Tonight, he was horny and rambunctious and, as a result, had employed Cori as his sex toy for the evening. No doubt, there would be some hard fucking as the night continued. But by Sunday night, he was liable to be mellowed out and ready for a nice quiet evening in with gentle lovemaking, almost like a married couple might do.

Since she understood him so well, Ben's moodiness never strained their relationship. She knew when he needed someone to be caring and loving and when he needed her to be a sex-crazed slut and she was happy to be both for him. It was a complex relationship, all right, but a good one and a fun one that Cori believed would last long past her days as a sex toy.

But a sex toy was all she was to Ben tonight and he was in a very horny, very naughty mood. He wanted to fuck her so many times, so many ways and he wanted to show her off some more. Since it was getting late — about 9 p.m. now — he suggested they go to Bailey's, a local bar and grill. By this time on a Friday night, it was sure to be crowded with people blowing off steam after a hard work week. What better treat for them than to an hour or two of Cori ogling? In her high heels and bobbi socks, tiny skirt with no panties and barely-there bikini top, she was perfectly attired and ready to be put on display.

When they pulled in, the parking lot was full and Ben had to park at the back end of the lot. They got out of the car and noticed that the wind had picked up and it was starting to rain lightly — the forecasters had been right about an impending storm after all. Instantly, the wind flipped up Cori's skirt, revealing her pussy and ass to anyone fortunate enough to be in view of her.

Cori knew better than to try to push the skirt down — Ben would have told her to leave it alone. So, she walked in completely on display and with Ben's hand firmly on her ass cheek, much to the delight of a crowd of men standing around a pickup truck, apparently preparing to leave and head off to their next bar or party. They whistled and cheered and made crude, drunken comments, none of which surprised or disturbed Cori. She had heard it all before. She knew Ben liked to see her on display in public like this and that he would protect her if anyone got out of hand. Of course, no one did and they entered the bar without incident.

They had been here many times before, so there wasn't a big shock reaction when they came in. But all heads still turned, anxious to check out Cori and her skimpy outfit of the day. The guy to girl ratio was about 3-to-1 in the bar, so at least 75 percent of the patrons were quite happy to see her. Most of the girls — who otherwise would have been considered scantily clad if not compared to Cori — were jealous of her and unhappy to see her. They came to this bar specifically to pick up men, knowing there were more men than women. They didn't like the guys to be distracted by Cori and hated it when they showed much more interest in her.

Two women who weren't disappointed to see Cori, however, were her dear friends Tammy (whose dad ran the diner) and Gina, who waved to Ben and Cori and motioned for them to join their table. Gina, Tammy and Cori had been best friends since high school and they were still close now. Tammy and Gina knew all about Cori's job and the many duties that came with it. Cori told them everything. They understood and supported her and defended her against those who called Cori a slut or a whore.

Tammy and Gina, who were roommates, were both fairly attractive girls in their own right. Gina was short and curvy with dark hair. She was only about 5-2, so her 34C breasts looked extra large on her small frame. She had an average face and she was carrying a few extra pounds on her hips and thighs, but most guys certainly found her attractive enough to date, if for no other reason than to get a shot at those tits.

Tammy was much taller, with light brown hair. She was nearly 6 feet tall with long legs, which she liked to show off — though not nearly as brazenly as Cori would. She had a flat chest and a slightly oversized nose, but was again a better –than average looking girl.

Tammy was wearing low heels, a denim mini skirt (with regular panties underneath), and a silky red blouse (with a bra). Gina had on a pair of tight jeans, pumps, and a tight white cotton blouse (with a bra) that accentuated her large breasts. Both girls dressed to show off their best assets, but neither wore anything remotely slutty or excessively revealing.

They were sitting alone at a table, having drinks bough t for them by would-be suitors at the bar. They each jumped down off their stools to hug Cori and Ben, whom they were also friends with, then urged them to join them.

"Wow, Cori, you look great tonight," Gina said, admiring Cori's skimpy attire. Even though Gina didn't want to dress like Cori, she respected Cori's right to do so and admired her ability to do it without embarrassment or shame. "So, how many times have you fucked our dear friend tonight?" she asked Ben.

"Just once so far," he smiled. "But the night's still young."

"So what have you two been up to so far?" Tammy asked as they all climbed back up on their stools and sat down.

"We've been shopping," Cori said. "We went to the mall and bought a bunch of new outfits and shoes."

"Well, we didn't buy the shoes," Ben said. "Cori worked a special deal and got about $500 worth of shoes for free."

"Really?" Gina asked. "How'd you do that?"

"Oh, I gave the manager and his son blowjobs," Cori said nonchalantly. "I've swallowed so much cum today, I shouldn't even be hungry, but I'm starving!" They all laughed and Cori reflected on how thankful she was that her friends stuck by her and never judged her for her actions or attire. In fact, they often went shopping with her and helped her pick out news clothes for work. "I'm serious," she continued as they all laughed. "The son almost drowned me. I had cum shooting out of my nose!"

The waitress, who was always friendly to them — mostly because the owner told her to and Ben always tipped well —came by and took their order and then quickly returned with a fresh round of beers. They drank and ate and chatted for the next hour, just like any other group of friends might. Other patrons enjoyed the sight of Cori's bare thighs, completely exposed as she sat on the stool, and nearly bare breasts, but no one bothered them.

The food wasn't great, but edible and the company was fine. Ben and Cori always had a good time hanging out with Gina and Tammy. Cori told them all about her last couple of days, including the thong, the oil, the Sex Toy outfit and the extreme workout. They listened intently, always interested but never shocked by her stories any more. They liked living vicariously through her and hearing about her outrageous experiences.

More than once, Ben had wondered how difficult it would be to get these two girls into a four-way orgy, but he had never broached the subject. He was so happy with his relationship with Cori and she was so good at helping him bring all of his other fantasies to life that he hated to jeopardize the deal they had. Cori was easy to get along with and seldom got offended, but she was very protective of her great friends and Ben understood and respected that. He wouldn't rule out the possibility of bringing another girl or two in the mix at some time down the line, but he doubted that Tammy or Gina would ever be involved.

Still, the images of a three-way, of cum coming out of Cori's nose and his current view of Cori's amazing body were all conspiring to stoke the fire in his loins. Ben was getting hornier by the second, a feeling he enjoyed and liked to let build up until he couldn't contain himself any more. Yes, when the time came he would be fucking Miss Cori very hard and very often tonight. He didn't have to work tomorrow, so he intended to stay up all night. He'd let her sleep some, but wake her up every time he was ready to fuck again. He hoped to nail her at least five or six more times before he had to let her go to work in the morning. Two more times in each hole would be a good goal.

His fantasy was broken up when a large, muscular man with Italian features approached the table and, speaking in a New York accent, said, "Nice harem you got yourself here," he was speaking to Ben. It was obvious this guy wasn't from around here. "How much for the blonde bitch with the big tits?" he asked, nodding toward Cori.

"Oh, she's not a prostitute," Ben responded calmly despite the man's offensive approach. "None of these girls are. They're just friends of mine." This wasn't the first time someone had mistaken Cori for a prostitute and Ben had learned to deal with such matters calmly, avoiding conflict and sending the guys on there way. This guy was different. He was drunk, he was huge and he was obviously intent on fucking Cori one way or another.

"Friends,huh?" he grunted. "Bitches are for fucking, not being friends with. Now, she sure looks like a cheap call-girl slut to me, so just give me the price and let's do this deal. And don't give me no bullshit about extra for anal sex either. I want a straight rate for one hour of fucking. And yes, I want to fuck her more than once."

"Sir, I'm sorry," Ben said, standing up now to position himself between the man and the girls, "but you're mistaken. Yeah, she might be dressed kind of slut, but none of these girls are available to have sex with you or anyone else for any price. Got it?"

"Well, I think you misunderstand me, buddy," the man said, glaring at Ben now, clearly angry. "I intend to get laid and that slut right there is going to be my bitch. I'm willing to pay a fair price, so stop fucking around and name your price before I get angry."

"Listen friend," Ben said, "either you walk away now or you get thrown out of this bar. Which is going to be?"

The man took a couple steps as if to walk away, then wheeled around and grabbed Cori's arm, pulling her off the stool. She fell on the floor and he reached down and pulled her by her tits back up to her feet, ripping her top clean off. He fondled her naked breasts as he started dragging her toward the door. "Come on bitch," he growled. "I'll give you $10 for an hour, how about that? Pretty good money for a whore like you."

Ben dove at the guy, pushing him off Cori and driving him to the floor. A few of Ben's friends joined the fray, helping corral the larger man, dragging him to the door and throwing him out. They watched until the man got in his car and drove away.

"Are you all right, Cori?" Ben asked, genuinely concerned for her well-being. "Did he hurt you?"

"Oh, my tits hurt a little," Cori said, carefully putting her top back on with Gina's help. "I'm all right. What an asshole!"

"I'll say," Ben said. "Sorry about that. I thought he was leaving. I should have never let him touch you."

"No problem," Cori said. "Thanks for stopping him."

"You were great," Tammy said to Ben. "That guy was huge. I'm so glad Cori has you to protect her. Can you imagine what a guy like that would do if he could."

"Probably a lot of the same things I'm going to do," Ben smiled, feeling the mood lighten a bit, "but he probably wouldn't be quite as nice about it. What do you say, Cori, want to have one more drink and then go fuck for about 8 hours straight?"

"Sure," Cori smiled, rubbing her chest but feeling better already. The violent grab and pull on her top had snapped a couple of the fishnet strings and forced the mesh material to dig into her sensitive tit flesh. It was the sort of sting that stayed for a little while, but would wear off in the next hour or so. She was just glad he didn't seriously injure her.

The waitress brought over a round of beers, compliments of the house, and they slowly wound down from the excitement of the brief attack and skirmish. The girls got Cori laughing again, talking about her other "near-death" experience of the day — her virtual drowning at the feet of Gerald. Cori relaxed and Ben's anger quickly turned back to building lust, his balls churning as he again pictured Cori with cum leaking out of her nose.

At the risk of insighting another unwanted attack, Ben told Cori to get up and walk around a bit — flaunt her stuff. He wanted to watch her being watched, being ogled and lusted after. He wanted to see the other guys stare and drool, wanting her so badly but know ing she belonged to Ben. Cori knew exactly what Ben wanted her to do and hopped off the stool.

She began by walking over the bar. She leaned over the counter — displaying her ass and pussy to everyone in the bar — practically sticking her tits in the bartender's face.

"Can I get some nuts for our table, please?"

"Of course you can, Miss Cori," he said, smiling and resisting the urge to bury his face in her cleavage. "Hold on just a second. Don't move, I'll be right back."

"Yeah, don't move," Cori heard a voice behind her. It was the man sitting on the stool to her right, who was now unabashedly leaning over, his face inches from her ass. He was staring intently between her thighs, studying her tender pussy lips. "On second thought, you could back up just a bit and spread your thighs a few more inches if you'd like. Hey Bud, don't hurry back with those nuts!"

Cori actually obliged the man, arching her back a bit more, thrusting her ass closer to the man's face. She also widened her stance, given an even less obstructed view of her twat. The man sitting to her left also leaned over to take in the show, and several others crowded around to take a good long look at her perfect back side.

The guys were so close behind her she could actually feel their breath on her ass. One of the guys blew out a big breath and she felt the warm air tickling the hairs of her pussy.

"Her pussy smells almost as good as it looks," one of the guys said.

"I bet it tastes even better," the other man responded.

"Well stick out your tongue and find out!" one of the men in the crowd behind her shouted. Cori half expected the guy to do it, and he might have, but Bud reappeared with a bowl of nuts, which he slid across the bar to Cori. She stood back up and turned to go back to her table.

"Damn you, Bud!" one of the guys said, only half-jokingly. "When did you get so fast?"

"Sorry fellas," Bud replied, chuckling. "Just doing my job."

Cori weaved her way through the crowd of horny guys, who openly ogled her body and commented on its magnificence. Cori returned to the table with the nuts, pleased to see Ben's broad smile, then asked him for a quarter for the juke box. He handed her one, and she purposely dropped it, giving her an excuse to bend over at the waist — slowly — and pick it up.

Cori strode to the juke box, putting as much bounce in her stop and sway in her hips as she could. She again made a show of bending over to look through the song titles and drew a large crowd of gawkers before finally settling on one — "Cherry Pie" by Warrant. It wasn't a great song, but it was a sexy one. As soon as it came on, Cori began dancing, kicking her legs and grinding her ass, moving her body with grace and sensuality. It was a dirty dance, to say the least, as she shook her hips like Shakira, gyrated like Britney,Spears swung her ass like Kylie Minogue, posed liked Mariah Carey and dressed like Christina Aguilera. What a fantastic music video her dance would have made. Of course, with her bare ass and pussy frequently visible under her skirt, not even MTV would have dared shown it.

By the time the song was over, she was covered in a light sheen of sweat that somehow made her all the more alluring. Roughly two dozen men were standing around her, watching what amounted to a free striptease. They cheered and whistled when she was done, and she responded with a flamboyant bow, once again bending over to expose her ass and pussy.

She once again squeezed through the crowd, heading back to the table. This time, more than a few hands "accidentally" brushed against her breasts or ass or flipped up her skirt. She didn't mind because she knew Ben liked this part of the show. When she got back to the table, Ben was standing up. She noticed a bulge in his pants and knew he was ready to go.

"Ladies," Ben said, talking to Gina and Tammy, "it's been great seeing you tonight. I wish we could stay, but I have a lot of things I have to do ... to Cori. So, we're going to head out. You two have fun and don't get in any trouble."

"OK, Ben, see ya," Tammy said. "Be good to her, now."

"Will we see you Sunday, Cori?" Gina asked. They often got together on Sundays, which were Cori's day off. She was generally free from around 8 a.m. Sunday morning, when Ty's time ended, to around 8 p.m. Sunday night, when Ben's time started. She used this time to get some much needed alone time or hang out with her friends.

"Probably. Can I call you Sunday morning?"

"Sure. See you then," Cori said with a wave.

Ben and Cori walked out with all eyes following them and most eyes focused on Cori's swaying ass cheeks, one of which Ben cupped firmly, his hand under her skirt.

As soon as they got in the car, Ben instructed her to take off her top and to begin sucking his cock. Cori quickly removed her top, not at all concerned that anyone could see her tits at night, and began unbuttoning his pants as he drove out of the parking lot. His cock was about halfway erect when she pulled it out and quickly stiffened to full size once she began licking and sucking on it.

"You looked so fucking hot in there," Ben told her. "You should see how the other guys look at you. They want to fuck you so bad and they are so jealous because they know I get to do all the things they can only dream of while they're jacking off. Damn, you're so good at that. Yeah, suck it real hard, like a big popsicle. I'm going to fuck you so hard when we get home. I don't have to work tomorrow, so we can go all night. Yeah, just keep sucking just like that. We're almost home babe. When we get there, I'll fuck you real good."

Ben kept the commentary going and Cori maintained her place, lips firmly wrapped around his cock. She kept this up for the full 20 minutes until they reached Ben's house, a nice two-story home built on a 5-acre lot on the outskirts of town. He had a fenced-in backyard and an in-ground swimming pool and hot tub.

As soon as they pulled in the driveway, they jumped out of the car and ran inside, Cori's bare tits and Ben's exposed cock getting soaked by the driving rain.

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